~ I heart Diwali ~

Imagine a world where all the people burn candles  together to celebrate the triumph of good over evil…where they welcome the goddess Lakshmi into their homes, bringing love, prosperity, and peace. Where for one glorious night, a whole continent puts aside their differences and glows together in harmonious light.Now THAT is freakin’ awesome.



I could float in the pool for hours…just letting the water carry me. 

Jill Scott <3 

(photograph of a floating leave and shadow in a Nola pool 5/2014 by Christine Armand heartsinature

A ship sails

and I stand watching til she fades on the horizon

and someone at my side says, “She is gone.”

Gone where?

Gone from my sight, that is all.

She is just as large now as when I last saw her.

Her diminished size and total loss from my sight is in me, not in her.

And just at that moment

when someone at my side says she is gone…

there are others who are watching her coming over their horizon.

And other voices take up a glad shout…

“There she comes!”

The Angel, Damiel hears the Dying Man’s thoughts: The Far East. The Great North. The Wild West. The Great Bear Lake. Tristan da Cunha. The Mississippi Delta. Stromboli. The old houses of Charlottenburg. Albert Camus. The morning light. The child’s eyes. The swim in the waterfall. The spots of the first drops of rain. The sun. The bread and wine. Hopping. Easter. The veins of leaves. The blowing grass. The color of stones. The pebbles on the stream’s bed. The white tablecloth outdoors. The dream of the house in the house. The dear one asleep in the next room. The peaceful Sundays. The horizon. The light from the room in the garden. The night flight. Riding a bicycle with no hands. The beautiful stranger. My father. My mother. My wife. My child. 

~ from Wim Wender’s Wings of Desire