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Thank you guys for being an inspiration. :D

In no specific order. :)

Who is heartsatellites ?

Who is heartsatellites?

My name’s Kyle Marie. I’m 13 years old. She has a lot of dreams. She loves to take photographs, making artworks and blogging. She spends most of her time on the internet, her family and friends. One of her big dreams is to visit beautiful different places and take a lot of photographs. 

Describe your blog:

My blog is like a photo diary. It consists of my random shots.

When did you find out your passion in photography?

I saw so many great photographers on Tumblr and I was so amazed by their talents. So I was inspired by them to try photography. 

Who are your inspirations?

God, my family, my friends, my followers and favorite bloggers on Tumblr they inspire me a lot. They are all awesome and I love them.

Advice on how to take good photos?

Always bring your camera with you. Learn how to appreciate the things around you. Always believe in yourself. Love your works and be proud of it. Just enjoy what you are doing and practice more it makes everything perfect. 

What is your dream job and why?

A photographer because I like to inspire many people, improve more and discover new things about photography. I would like to have photoshoots too.

5 interesting facts about you:

  • My dream is to travel around the world. 
  • I love pandas.
  • I am not good in sports.
  • I like making people smile.
  • I eat a lot but I don’t get fat.

Message to your readers:

My followers, Thank you for everything.The friends I’ve made here on Tumblr. Thank you for all the messages.You don’t how much it makes me so happy. Especially for those who reads my blog, Thank you so much. I love you all. ♥

Else where..

So Kyle (My super great cousin that takes pictures so well. Go follow her.) is like really talented, and I admire her so much, because she has so much potential and I just stand here watching her bask in her glory.

Then I realize that she probably knows more about me than most of my cousins because of my Tumblr. That isn’t really a good thing, considering how much of a creep I am.

She probably knows even more than my sisters.