Earth CS2: Too many twins (and one robot)

*They travel by way of Lockjaw - the dog serves the royal family of the Inhumans, and Pietro is currently counted as one of them* *yeah, Pietro is technically royalty right now*

*it only takes a moment for them to travel - they are in the Wundagore mountains one instant, and then the next they are back in America, in a suburb filled with nice little houses with nice little fences and carefully sculpted lawns*

*it is midmorning, and many of the driveways are empty of cars, most people at work* *thankfully, no one is outside when they arrive - a giant dog, two mutants, and one robot makes for a pretty interesting group*

*Pietro glances at his sister and her possibly future husband - if her timeline plays out the same way - and then looks to one of the houses* You two stay here. I’m going to go and see if the boys are around. We don’t want to startle them too much. *he darts off towards the house, though not at super speed. Just a normal human walking fairly quickly down the street, definitely not a mutant with superspeed*

*this leaves Wanda and Vision all alone. Well, save for Lockjaw, who settles down on the grass beneath a tree and looks very put out about this whole thing*

Earth CS2: Siege

*When the Avengers arrive at Asgard, where it now exists in Broxton, Oklahoma, there is already chaos. This city still stands, but there is fighting in ever quarter. Even as they look on, there is a dull booming sound and a tower falls, something streaking through the air*

*Jan’s gone small, hovering in the air, taking in the scene* Vision, you’re the best here at analyzing the situation. I need you relaying information. We’ve got to know who’s here and where the -

*there is a loud cracking noise and a plume of dust and debris thrown up into the air* *the figure pauses long enough for Jan to get a good look in, even from a distance*

Never mind. Found him.

Earth CS2: Long and Winding Road

*after a lot of arguing - which went something along the lines of “no, you can’t go meet your future self, and no you can’t bring Vision with you” followed by some very pointed rebuttals - Pietro agrees to take them to this timeline’s Wanda* *in a flash, they arrive, Lockjaw none too pleased to be escorting them again* *Crystal is starting to get suspicious about why Pietro has been taking the dog so much lately*

*They arrive in the ruins of a city. The shells of crumbling builds rise around them, and the streets are strewn with rubble. It looks like a grave*

*Pietro turns to Wanda* Well. This is where you wanted to go.