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@luminis-infinite continues to enable me…although I guess I did this one myself. I was asked for Queenie/Graves feels, and this monstrosity was the result. It’s still formatted largely as it appeared, written over the course of a whooooole bunch of messages in IM.

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Queenie…is a YouTuber.

And she has a decently well-known channel. Her kind of gimmick is that she’s, like, a “psychic hotline” (although she’s really clear that it’s just a game), and she also does regular vlogs and some makeup tutorials and…anything that strikes her fancy.

It’s kind of an eclectic channel but it’s developed a dedicated following.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t know Graves yet.

He’s a stressed and overworked cop, abruptly shoved into a desk job after one too many missions that leave him off-balance.

So one night

He’s just staring at the Internet, as you do, and happens to see one of Queenie’s vlogs as he’s wandering around Youtube.

Despite the fact that he’s literally sitting there watching her talk about a bullet journal for fifteen minutes, he’s…captivated.

 And he goes right down the rabbit hole, watching her videos, feeling vaguely odd because she’s a twenty-something woman with a nice smile and a fairly carefree millennial life, and he’s…him.

He also ends up following her on Twitter. And he NEVER comments or thinks about her the wrong way, even though he’s 100% got a crush, because it would just be…wrong

 One day on Twitter he notices that she’s put out the call for people to submit profiles of themselves so that she can do a tarot reading for them on her channel. Obviously, when she has several hundred thousand subscribers, there is a VERY small chance that your profile gets randomly drawn.

And he’s like…why would I do that?

And he thinks about it all day at work, miserable, and when he gets home he impulsively submits a profile.

A week later, the video drops, and he’s one of the people whose future she reads.

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So I still don’t know how art works entirely… but I drew the captain of my heart and figured I’d share so that if I ever do improve down the line, I can look back on this, smoking a pipe in a rocking chair, and muse, “We’ve come an awful long way, friend.” Ahem. But anyway…

I’m in love with Sawamura Daichi.

It’s painful to say goodbye to someone you don’t want to let go, but more painful to ask someone to stay when you know they want to leave.
—  Wordsbymymind

“I’m grateful to have Taehyung as my friend”

Isn’t it weird how you can actually feel the pain in your chest and stomach when something really hurts your feelings.
—  wordsbymymind

“I miss you, but not the type of missing where you crave to be close to someone, the type of missing where you’d do anything to hear their voice.”

- Excerpt from a book I’ll never write (excerptsfromstories)


-excerpt from a book i’ll never write #28