hearts warming eve

Fire of Friendship

Though the winter brings all its cold and storm
The glow in our hearts keeps us warm
The friends we now call our family
Will always see us through

–MLP:FIM “The Heart Carol”

To all my friends and followers: have a wonderful holiday season. Thank you for all your comments, notes and up-votes this year. See you in 2016!

Love /)

Happy Holidays to everyone and all.

Sorry about the blog going dead again, been tough months and once again I have to focus on commissions over free entertainment providing. I promise I’m not letting the blog die just yet, things are coming, but both December and January will be a bit of a pickle to get things done.

Have a cute holiday image as an apology and may you all have very merry happy holidays.


Merry Christmas from me!

Here are some presents for my friends :3

Some of them don’t even have Tumblr or barely use it… But I just felt the need to do something for those people I love to spend my time with. Thanks, guys.