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anonymous asked:

Any updates on Mini?? How is my baby doing? :)

hiiiiiii ;—;;

she’s doing alright, actually. like i said, having her mom with her has been a huge blessing and has helped her tremendously. of course, she still misses rei and sends him an occasional text. and she just finished writing a letter in hopes that he’ll come back ;aaa;;
other than that though, she’s good. she’s been hanging out with more people recently (which has been good for her!!) and she’s trying to be more adventurous/take more risks. like she took an unplanned trip to san francisco this past weekend (mikni 2017 was reunited xoxoxo ruining lives one weekend at a time) and she enjoyed herself. she has finals this week, so her plate is pretty full in terms of that.. and that’s all i can think of right now!

thank you for caring about my little plant babu though ;—;; ‘preciate cha!

Kiss the girl

Summary: Your best friend Sebastian Stan takes you to a party, but it’s not only the music that mesmerizes you.

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader

Word count: 1.385

Warnings: nope

A/N: My inbox is empty. Send some requests guys!

Originally posted by closer-to-the-edge-of-glory

Cursing you looked at your watch and sped up your pace. You were already 10 minutes late but fortunately the little cafe where you wanted to meet Sebastian already appeared in front of you.

Hurriedly you stepped inside and looked for your friend, only to spot him sitting in a far corner already waving at you. He wore a bright smile and you felt yourself mirroring his. Seb’s cheerful attitude always instantly brightened up your mood, one of the reasons why you loved spending time with him.

Unfortunately he was almost always away for his Job and since your own Job required a lot of travelling too, you two didn’t see each other as often as you would like to.

You quickly made your way over to the table he was sitting at, where he jumped out of his seat and engulfed you in a heart-warming hug.                                     “(Y/N), it’s so good to see you! I missed you so much over the last months! “, he whispered and squeezed you even tighter.

“Me too, Sebby. “, you smiled and after minutes of hugging and laughing you two finally sat down opposite of each other.

“I already ordered something to drink and some cupcakes for us; I hope you don’t mind.”, Sebastian said and you smiled up at him. “No, not at all. After all I’m the one who was late. But thank you.”                                                     “You’re welcome. Anyway, I actually want to steal you away for tonight, if that’s okay? I want you to meet someone.”, he grinned and you groaned.

“So that’s what you were up to! And I thought you actually care for me as your best friend. But no, you just want to play matchmaker again!”, you answered in a mock hurt voice.

Seb grined wickedly and siped on his drink, before yelping and sticking out his tongue with a hurt look.                                                                                “What?”, alarmed you looked at him, confused about his sudden mood change.

He whimpered, still with his tongue stuck out of his mouth. “Be careful it’s hot.”, the man whineed and you laughed out loud about his dorkiness.

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