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aberryphoto: Icaught this photo of Colin Farrell supporting @Gatepath for their “Power of Possibilities” Event last night in San Francisco. Colin shared his heart-warming experiences of raising a son with special needs. This was a beautiful event by a Great organization, bringing attention to those of us who deserve inclusion and respect. It was refreshing to see that someone with such a powerful platform such as Colin’s can be such a empathic, generous and socially responsible person.. Our world needs more of Mr. Farrell and more of Gatepath! #POP2017 #colinfarrell

selcouth (fluff)

TITLE: selcouth (adj.) unfamiliar, rare, strange, and yet marvelous 

MEMBER/GROUP: Jeon Jungkook // BTS

GENRE: fluff

INSPIRATION(S): Have to credit 5SOS today! Specifically, “Long Way Home”, “Never Be”, “Jet Black Heart” and most importantly, “San Francisco”. There isn’t a single song I don’t like in both albums. 

SUMMARY: “We agreed,” he laughed, “that we would never work out. I know we did. We both want our dreams more than anything else.” He leaned in once again. “But now I want you too. A lot more than I did when I was thirteen.” 

MENTION(S): @missikowoman Hello! I hope you like this, I’m sorry I took so long! 

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“JEON JUNGKOOK,” you yelled, glaring at your best friend. “If we arrive late, I’m going to kick your ass to next Tuesday!” 

“Relax,” he grinned. “We’ll make it.” His foot fell hard on the accelerator, forcing the car to lurch forward as you screamed. You zoomed past the flashing light just as it flicked upwards to red, your heart rising to your throat. It was only when he pulled in to park that you smacked him on the arm, hard

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🎀Thank you all for coming at our Angelic Pretty San Francisco/ Harajuku Hearts Valentine’s Day Tea Party!!! ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪ 🎀
It was so much fun and we’re glad to see new faces joining us today! Looking forward to the next event!!! ☕️💖💖💖

I’ll Try Anything Once : The Stokes - Heart In A Cage 7″

“When I said ‘I can see me in your eyes.’
You said ‘I can see you in my bed,’
That’s not just friendship that’s romance too.
You like music we can dance to..”


Inside Choices is a weekly behind-the-scenes blog from the Pixelberry team. Got any suggestions for future blog posts? Let us know!

Bundle up and grab some hot cocoa, because the party’s still on with the Holiday of Choices! Soon, we’ll be releasing our next book: #LoveHacks! With #LoveHacks, we’re introducing a fun, laugh-out-loud adventure set in the heart of San Francisco, alongside even more new features. To tell you all about #LoveHacks, we handed the mic over to #LoveHacks’s story lead:

First off, what is #LoveHacks all about? What was the inspiration behind it?

#LoveHacks is a sitcom-style story about a writer making viral, clickbait articles about love and dating in San Francisco. Social media and viral content are a part of the way we think about everything nowadays, so we wanted to do something that felt very “now”. It’s a story about dating, of course, but one that pokes some fun at modern culture. It’s romantic comedy for the #meme generation.

Judging by the title, I’m guessing there’ll be romance. What’s in store for the readers?

Our main character is going to have to go on a LOT of dates for work research, so expect some fun and some drama there. But, just like any good sitcom, we also have a colorful core cast of characters, and you’ll play as each of them throughout the book, helping them find love, success, or just an apartment with reasonable rent in San Francisco.

There’s a new feature appearing in #LoveHacks. Can you talk a bit about the Closet?

The Closet lets you open a menu and browse through all the outfits you’ve unlocked so far, and change your look right then, in the middle of the story! It also opens up a bigger view of your character, thus answering the age-old question of “Do Choices characters have legs?” (We’re so excited to show off long dresses, fiiinally!)

What IS a #LoveHack? Got one for us?

#Lifehacks are shareable tips and tricks to make your life easier. LoveHacks do the same for your love life! For example: In a rush? Break up with bae via text to save precious time!

…I’m kidding, don’t ever do that. But seriously though, the characters in #LoveHacks are WAY more savvy about dating than I am. Check them out in CHOICES!

Check back later this week to play #LoveHacks! And don’t forget, we’ve got one more new book on the way after that: The Haunting of Braidwood Manor. Let us know what you think of the new books!