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Harry Styles - Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart Live (San Francisco)


2 YEARS OF SOUNDS GOOD FEELS GOOD - 23.10.2015 - 23.10.2017

1. Money
2. She’s Kinda Hot
3. Hey Everybody!
4. Permanent Vacation
5. Jet Black Heart
6. Catch Fire
7. Safety Pin
8. Waste The Night
9. Vapor
10. Castaway
11. The Girl Who Cried Wolf
12. Broken Home
13. Fly Away
14. Invisible
15. Airplanes
16. San Francisco
17. Outer Space / Carry On



The twenty first installment of The Live On Tour Series:


That’s an emotion Harry knows he’s feeling,it’s an emotion that he’s been dealing with for the past few days since he last messaged Y/N.

He doesn’t know why she isn’t upfront about her feelings,he doesn’t why she doesn’t tell him when she has a problem with something he says or does, he doesn’t know why she runs away everytime she’s confronted with something,whether it be a fact or assumption.

He doesn’t know why she says she loves him but continues to run from him.

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He’s got Harry’s schedule memorized, more because the guy keeps following him around than anything, so he doesn’t bother looking around before climbing behind the wheel and setting his bag on the passenger seat. It’s a Monday, which means that Harry doesn’t even get out of bed before noon unless he’s planning on harassing Louis.

a college AU set in San Francisco where two lost boys who seemingly have nothing in common find inspiration, each other, and themselves in the process.

Louis Tomlinson hates Harry Styles and wants absolutely nothing to do with him. Too bad fate has other plans.

[AU where Louis does ballet and Harry is the epitome of everything Louis’ friends want him to stay away from]

Few can handle Louis Tomlinson on the dance floor, much less match him in skill and fervor. Louis has obviously met his soul mate; he just never expected him to be wearing a red snapback and to chew gum like an entitled Mercedes owner.

Harry’s a frat boy who is head over heels for Louis and Louis wants nothing to do with him.

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Harry Styles’ First Tour Concert

It happened yesterday in San Francisco the first concert out of Harry Styles’ Tour promoting his first solo record. He performed some of his new songs, as well as a few songs from One Direction and covers from Arianna Grande and Fleetwood Mac.

The stage was adorned by teddy bears and flowers, as Styles cheer the audience with his rock jams and undeniable charisma. People went crazy when Harry grabbed a rainbow flag and danced with it. 

Checkout the setlist just below as you enjoy the full concert: