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Send Nude Pics of Your Heart to Me

James Potter to Mrs. Wife: lily can we have another baby?

Lily Potter to Wears Socks to Bed: R u going to text me that every time Harry does something cute?

James Potter: yes

Lily Potter: U know if we got one every time u asked we’d have like 35 babies by now??

James Potter: i’d be okay with that

James Potter: they might give us our own tv programme

James Potter: lil and jim and their kin 

Lily Potter: Ur right what’s the point of having children if not to pimp them out for reality television

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hear that? that’s the sound of my whole soul burning into pieces along with my heart breaking and my eyes becoming an eternal waterfall.

Padfoot’s patronus

Sirius x reader

For the anon who wanted patronus fluff, hope you enjoy!


“You’re late, (Y/N).” Mcgonagall commented, taking in my flushed cheeks and windblown hair as I arrived at the classroom door.

I blushed, shifting the strap of the bag on my shoulder. “Sorry Professor.”

She looked at me for a moment as if trying to work out why I looked so disgruntled before brushing away my apology, deciding it wasn’t worth her time. “It’s alright. Take a seat.”

I did as she said and made my way to the back of the classroom where the Marauders, Lily and Marlene sat. Lily frowned as she saw the blush on my cheeks; it wasn’t often I got embarrassed. “You alright?” she asked as I took a seat at the desk behind her, besides Sirius.

“Yeah. Just got stopped by Greenwood. He said my essay on the lunar cycle of Jupiter was ‘unsatisfactory’.”

They all groaned; everyone hated the new astronomy teacher, but for some reason he always appeared to have it out for me in particular.

“He’s just a greasy-haired git, (Y/N). I bet he’ll be gone soon- even old  McGonny can’t stand him.” James stated. “Besides, I bet your essay was better than all of ours.”

I rolled my eyes, but his comment had made me smile. “You know that’s not true James.”

“Well, barr Remus, maybe.” Peter replied with a grin. “He knows all about the lunar cycles.”

I could have throttled him, but settled with throwing him a death glare, seeing out of the corner of my eye that Sirius was doing the same. When the two of us had officially become a couple at the start of last year, he’d enlightened me to Remus’s ‘furry little problem’. Not that I hadn’t had my suspicions before- the boys were far more conspicuous than they thought they were.

McGonagall snapped at us to focus, and the others turned back around to face the front. She was taking over our DADA classes after the most recent teacher had taken a leave of absence- this one had only lasted two months, six months less than the teacher before that.

“James is right, you know.” Sirius muttered lowly, taking my hand under the desk. His breath brushed my ear and I felt my heart rate pick up, sending tingles down my spine. “He’s a right nob, that Greenwood.” His eyes didn’t leave my face; how was it he always knew when something had got to me?

“I know.” I replied with a sigh. “I just hate how he gets under my skin. I always end up feeling mad or stupid after a five minute conversation with him.”

Sirius squeezed my hand. “You are far from stupid.” he promised, before his face spread into a smirk. “Besides, plans are already being put in place to stop the prick’s reign of terror.”

I narrowed my eyes. “Sirius…”

“Shh, (Y/N)!” Mcgonagall snapped. I tore my eyes away from my conniving boyfriend and back to the front.

McGonagall trained her beady eyes on me. “As I was saying… today we will be practicing patronus charms. Now after all the fuss with Mrs Peter’s swift departure, I thought it was about time you got a practical lesson.” She looked deliberately at Sirius and James. “Don’t make me regret it.”

The two boys smirked. “Cross my heart, Professor.” James replied, gracing her with his boyish grin. “We’ll be on our best behaviour.”

“I should hope so.” Her expression was stern, but her eyes twinkled; everyone knew she had a soft spot for the troublemaking boys. “Now, stand up and move the tables to the sides of the room, and we shall begin.”

Twenty minutes later, we were well underway. James was the only one to have summoned a corporeal patronus, much to Lily’s irritation; on his fifth try, Prongs, (surprise, surprise), had exploded from the tip of his wand and galloped around the room, causing students to gasp at the beauty of the creature. James had simply smirked and patted the head of the stag, not in the least surprised by his patronus, whilst McGonagall congratulated him; to produce a patronus so quickly was remarkable for a sixth year student. Sirius, Remus and I had all produced wisps of smoke, but we were nowhere near James’s level, and Marlene and Lily were struggling to make anything appear.

“Patience, Lily.” McGonagall said, as the red-head angrily cursed herself after trying or the upteenth time. “A patronus requires patience. The more frustrated you get, the harder it will be to summon a clear, happy memory. James, don’t just loiter. Come and help Miss Evans.”

James flashed a grin from where he was perched on one of the tables, chatting to Marlene with his shirt untucked and his wand hanging loosely in his hand.  “Certainly, Professor.”

Lily glared at him. “Professor, I can assure you that having that doofus around will definitely not help my mood.”

McGonagall’s eyes twinkled. “You might be surprised, Lily.”

I glanced at Marlene, who was smirking, and bit back my own smile. You had to admire McGonagall- she knew exactly what she was doing.

Suddenly, an arm wrapped around my waist, making me jump, and I turned in Sirius arms so I was facing him. “How’s it going, (Y/N)?”

“Alright.” I entwined my hands around his neck, breathing him in. In this close proximity, I could admire the laughter lines sprinkled around his deep grey eyes, the light stubble that dusted his jaw, and the softness of those lips. If I hadn’t been in the middle of the classroom, I might have kissed him. I wished I could.

“Mhmm.” he nuzzled into my neck and I curled into him, closing my eyes and listening to the beat of our heartbeats thumping against each other. I couldn’t put into words what I felt for this boy- but it was bigger than anything I’d ever felt before.

“PDA, guys, PDA.” A smiling Remus had his eyebrows raised accusatively as I swivelled around, pulling away from Sirius. My arms ached for his warmth already.

“Har-har, Remus.” I replied, rolling my eyes.

“Well I don’t see you casting your patronus, (Y/N).”

I grinned. “So you’ve cast yours then?” As soon as I said it, I regretted it.  An emotion flashed in Remus’s eyes, and then it was gone- hidden behind some wall. His patronus would be a wolf- a werewolf maybe. Of course he’d be terrified that someone would see.

“Remus, I’m sorry.” I muttered. “I didn’t think.”

“It’s okay.” he waved away my apology, but I still felt like I’d been punched in the gut. “I’m just gonna speak to Miss about the homework assignment.” He turned away and I groaned, spinning back around to face Sirius.

He lounged against one of the desks, watching me. “It doesn’t matter, (Y/N).”

“It does. I’m an idiot.”

“You’re not.” He pulled me towards him, tugging my gaze away from where Remus was talking with McGonagall. “And Remus doesn’t mind. He’s used to his condition after living with it for so many years.”

I looked into his eyes. “You really believe that?”

He sighed. “No. But he won’t mind, really. He adores you.”

I smiled. “Now you’re lying.”

“I’m not.” he grinned. “Who wouldn’t adore you?”

“You two make me sick.” commented Marlene, her nose wrinkled and her arms folded across her chest, but I could see the flicker of amusement in her eyes. “Now do some work, lovebirds.”

“I can’t do it.” I complained, twenty five minutes later. It was nearing the end of the lesson, and only I was yet to produce a patronus of some sort- most of the class, including Lily, had been able to produce some form incorporeal patronus, but I had nothing, I felt hot, bothered and frustrated at myself.

“Keep your back straighter and elongate your arm.” James said. He was looking pleased with himself- which probably had to do with the fact that he’d managed to talk to Lily for ten minutes without her biting his head off, and was actually able to help her produce an incorporeal patronus.

‘Expecto Patronum!” I called, but it was no use. Only a white puff came out my wand; was it possible I was getting worse?

“What are you thinking of?” asked Lily with a frown.

I blushed. “The first time I ate strawberry ice cream.” It had been summer of second year, and I’d never tried the stuff before. Heavenly.

“No wonder you’re not producing anything.” Remus commented, his eyebrows raised. “That’s not strong enough. You underestimate yourself”

“And you underestimate my love for strawberry ice cream.”

He grinned at that. “Come on, you can do it. Think of something really, truly happy.”

“Like me.” Peter piped up. “I’m happy.”

Marlene rolled her yes.”Not like Peter. Like… the first time you rode a broom.” She looked wistful.

“I hate quidditch.” I reminded her, tugging her from the daydream.

“Oh. Right.” She looked thoughtful for a moment before an idea struck and she grinned. I had reason to be suspicious of that look. “The first time you rode a boy?”

I blushed scarlet. “Marlene!”

She cackled, as Sirius snuck up on me again. “I can help with that.” he muttered, winking at me.

Still Scarlet, I rolled my eyes at him as he covered his hand over own, holding the wand. “Close your eyes”. he muttered.

“I can do it myself.” I grumbled, but did as he said, aware of his body pressed against mine, the smell of his musky scent in my nose. “Now take a deep breath.” He nudged closer to me, and my heart skipped a beat. “Remember that day by the black lake?” he whispered. “Where I dared you to go in and then swam out to save you when you nearly drowned?”

“I pretended to drown.” I reminded, him, smiling at the memory. “I wanted to get you back.”

“Remember how it felt when we were nose to nose in the water? You were soaking wet, your hair all plastered to your head and mascara running down your cheeks, but you’d never looked more beautiful to me.” He paused. “I think that was the day I fell in love with you.”

My eyes flew open to find him grinning. My throat felt dry. “You did? You are?”

“Of course I am.” he whispered back, keeping his hand on my extended wrist. “How could I not be?”

I swallowed. “Sirius…”

“Ssh. Don’t say anything.” He guided my hand out just a little bit further. “Close your eyes and just remember that day.”

I thought of it all- the water, the sun, the sight of him in front of me- all soaked hair and sparkling grey eyes, his hair dripping soppily. He’d looked so handsome. I thought of how I’d felt- laughing and splashing him in the water, and then the way he’d held me- as if I was the most precious thing in the world.

“Expecto Patronum.” I said gently.

And we both watched as Padfoot leaped from my wand and raced across the floor- an overexcited puppy waggling his tail. James and Peter stared open mouthed, whilst Remus smiled knowingly and Lily and Marlene admired what a nice patrous it was- not knowing just how much it meant.

I turned to Sirius, whose eyes were wide open with disbelief, happiness, and boundless, heart-felt love.

I laughed, filled with euphoria. “I guess this means I love you too.” I whispered, before pressing my lips to his, and melting into him.



1. “I’m not a person you should fall in love with.”

2. “I don’t mind you breaking my heart.”

3. “Just admit it, you wanna kiss me.” “Maybe you wanna kiss me and you think that using reverse psychology would make me kiss you.”

4. “Do you know how it feels when the person you love most tells you that you shouldn’t love them?”

5. “Bite that lip one more fucking time and you won’t be able to walk next morning.”

6. “I never thought I would say this, but damn babe, you look hotter in my clothes than I do.”

7. “Oh really? Make me.”

8. “Did you just push that guy off the couch just so you can cuddle with me?”

9. “Is there any reason you’re half naked in my room?”

10. “I’m not complaining, though. I like the view from here.”

11. “Oh, looks like there is no place to sit other than my lap.”

12. “Do you mind if we share that blanket? I’m cold.”

13. “Why are you so jealous?”

14. “You know, I purposely suggest scary movies just so I can hold you in my arms.”

15. “What’s the matter, love?” “Huh? Nothing, I’m just a little sad, that’s all.” “Come here.”

16. “I know I’m supposed to be mad at you, but I miss you so damn much.”

17. “You piece of shit, that’s not how you treat a woman.”

18. “What did I ever do to you?”

19. “I’m just scared that you’ll leave me one day.“

20. “You know what? I’m sick of this, I’m leaving.”

21. “No, no. You can yell or punch me, but don’t cry, please don’t cry. I can’t stand seeing you heart broken.“

22. “I wanna kiss you so bad right now.”

23. “I can’t have a proper conversation if you’re shirtless.”

24. “I can’t sleep. I had a nightmare again.”

25. “Holding you in my arms is the best feeling in the world.”

26. “I know I’m always the big spoon, but can I be the little one tonight?”

27. “You know I’d never leave you. I love you too much and I’m too selfish to walk away.”

28. “Did you just… shit, that was smooth.”

29. “You’re better than my favourite fictional character, and that means something.”

30. “Are you fucking crazy?” “Only for you, babe.”

31. “Excuse me? I’d appreciate if you wouldn’t be that attractive, thank you very much.“

32. “No one has ever treated me as good as you do.”

33. “You don’t talk much, but when you do, angelic words escape your mouth.” “Fucking shit.” “Well, I take that back.”

34. “You may not be my first girlfriend, but you are the only one that matters.“

35. “Out of all the things I like to eat, you’re my favourite.”

36. “I thought you hated me?” “Yeah… I thought that too.”

37. “I’m not a man-whore! I just love women!”

38. “I always joke around because it makes you smile and I love seeing you smile.”

39. “You’re the most adorable thing in the world.”

40. “You don’t fucking know how to have eyes for only one person! You always go around with a girl while looking at another!”

41. “You fell asleep on me, but it’s fine, I made sure you’re warm and comfortable.”

42. “Could you hold this for me?” “You only did that just so you could hold my hand!” “Oops?”

43. “Why are you so quiet around me?“ “Because I’m afraid I’d say something stupid and scare you away.”

44. “Oh shit, I’m so sorry.”

45. “Don’t joke about that.“

46. ”If I could I’d rip my heart out just so I can show you how hard it beats when I’m around you.“

47. ”I shouldn’t be doing this.“

48. ”Stop looking at me like that!“ “I’m sorry to break it to you, but that’s what eyes do.”

49. “My Mum would love you.“

50. “I’ll always be here.”

James, to Lily: Do you know what disappears when you walk in?

Lily: What Potter?

James: My woes along with my tears.


Remus: *Eyes on the pages of a book* My precious me-time along with silence.

Remus: *Mumbles* And my control over my heart and body…

Prompt List.

1. “I’m not a person you should fall in love with.”
2. “I don’t mind you breaking my heart.”
3. “Just admit it, you wanna kiss me.” “Maybe you wanna kiss me and you think that using reverse psychology would make me kiss you.”
4. “Do you know how it feels when the person you love most tells you that you shouldn’t love them?”
5. “Bite that lip one more fucking time and you won’t be able to walk next morning.”
6. “I never thought I would say this, but damn babe, you look hotter in my clothes than I do.”
7. “Oh really? Make me.”
8. “Did you just push that guy off the couch just so you can cuddle with me?”
9. “Is there any reason you’re half naked in my room?”
10. “I’m not complaining, though. I like the view from here.”
11. “Oh, looks like there is no place to sit other than my lap.”
12. “Do you mind if we share that blanket? I’m cold.”
13. “Why are you so jealous?”
14. “You know, I purposely suggest scary movies just so I can hold you in my arms.”
15. “What’s the matter, love?” “Huh? Nothing, I’m just a little sad, that’s all.” “Come here.”
16. “I know I’m supposed to be mad at you, but I miss you so damn much.”
17. “You piece of shit, that’s not how you treat a woman.”
18. “What did I ever do to you?”
19. “I’m just scared that you’ll leave me one day.“
20. “You know what? I’m sick of this, I’m leaving.”
21. “No, no. You can yell or punch me, but don’t cry, please don’t cry. I can’t stand seeing you heart broken.“
22. “I wanna kiss you so bad right now.”
23. “I can’t have a proper conversation if you’re shirtless.”
24. “I can’t sleep. I had a nightmare again.”
25. “Holding you in my arms is the best feeling in the world.”
26. “I know I’m always the big spoon, but can I be the little one tonight?”
27. “You know I’d never leave you. I love you too much and I’m too selfish to walk away.”
28. “Did you just… shit, that was smooth.”
29. “You’re better than my favourite fictional character, and that means something.”
30. “Are you fucking crazy?” “Only for you, babe.”
31. “Excuse me? I’d appreciate if you wouldn’t be that attractive, thank you very much.“
32. “No one has ever treated me as good as you do.”
33. “You don’t talk much, but when you do, angelic words escape your mouth.” “Fucking shit.” “Well, I take that back.”
34. “You may not be my first girlfriend, but you are the only one that matters.“
35. “Out of all the things I like to eat, you’re my favourite.”
36. “I thought you hated me?” “Yeah… I thought that too.”
37. “I’m not a man-whore! I just love women!”
38. “I always joke around because it makes you smile and I love seeing you smile.”
39. “You’re the most adorable thing in the world.”
40. “You don’t fucking know how to have eyes for only one person! You always go around with a girl while looking at another!”
41. “You fell asleep on me, but it’s fine, I made sure you’re warm and comfortable.”
42. “Could you hold this for me?” “You only did that just so you could hold my hand!” “Oops?”
43. “Why are you so quiet around me?“ “Because I’m afraid I’d say something stupid and scare you away.”
44. “Oh shit, I’m so sorry.”
45. “Don’t joke about that.“
46. ”If I could I’d rip my heart out just so I can show you how hard it beats when I’m around you.“
47. ”I shouldn’t be doing this.“
48. ”Stop looking at me like that!“ “I’m sorry to break it to you, but that’s what eyes do.”
49. “My Mum would love you.“
50. “I’ll always be here.”

  • Harry: Hello Draco,
  • my friend
  • My boy
  • Light of my life
  • Fire of my heart
  • Draco: What
  • Harry: get the fuck out of my house
JRSL (James/Remus/Sirius/Lily) Headcanons

Or: How They Finally Started Dating

* James really had always liked Lily, but he spent years using his crush on her to ignore his feelings for Sirius, who was just so /obviously/ in love with Remus.
* Of course, Sirius loved him too the whole time, but James had always been clueless about people liking /him/.
* So he got in the habit of blurting, “Hey, Evans, go out with me,” or some variation thereof whenever Lily walked in the room. For years, she refused.
* Lily thought James was an arrogant toerag, but she liked Remus. He was sweet and funny and smart and self conscious.
* But unfortunately (or so she thought), he started dating Sirius before she could make any kind of move. She sulked for a few days and hung around with Peter (the only one of her friends who wasn’t in a damn relationship).
* However, Lily wasn’t about to lose one of her best friends to his way-too-hot-for-his-own-good boyfriend, so she adapted. She hung out with both of them, and neither seemed to mind. If anything, they all got closer.
* The only problem was, James was usually around too. Except he wasn’t quite his loud, arrogant self. Maybe sixth year was changing him, Lily considered, and that was partly true. But he was also spending a lot of time surreptitiously watching Sirius and Remus over the top of a book with the same glint of jealousy in his eyes that she felt in her heart, or gazing at the pair with a goofy, affectionate smile on his face when they did dumb, dorky things. Lily liked that smile.
* He still flirted with her, but in a more relaxed way, and she started flirting back. They never noticed Remus and Sirius watching.
* Throughout all this, Peter watched, feeling more and more exasperated with every passing day, until one morning he snapped. “For Merlin’s sake, you lot! You’re all in love with each other, so sort out your feelings, start dating, and stop moping and pining all over the place! It’s really annoying!”
* That was the last thing they ever expected to hear out of Peter’s mouth for several reasons, so obviously they took his words to heart. He never again had to complain about pining again, though now and then the entirety of Gryffindor House was woken by horrified shrieks of, “Oh mERLIN, I LIVE IN THIS DORM TOO YOU KNOW! OH MY GOD, MY EYES ARE BURNING!”

I would give the shirt off my back just to know how you’d look in it.

Anonymous requested : “Is that my shirt?” for a Jily prompt but I mistakenly deleted the ask when I was cleaning out my inbox of some years-old THG-fandom asks, sorry.
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She is seated at the Gryffindor table eating a hearty serving of fried eggs and toast and talking to her friend Marlene when they come traipsing into the Great Hall like a scene from a Muggle film. Judging by the dark circles under all of their eyes, none of them got any sleep last night. It doesn’t make them any less picturesque.

Sirius, with his long, sleek, shimmery black hair and a careless smirk set on his handsome face, has always been one of the most beautiful people she has ever seen; even when they were eleven and weren’t exactly on the best terms there was no denying his ethereal beauty. Remus, all rugged and scarred and managing to look somehow both seventeen and eighty at the same time – it’s that haunted look in his eyes, she thinks – comes alive with the grin that his friends bring to his face. Peter, who has always been nothing but eager smiles and quick, witty one-liners and blue eyes in a boyishly charming face, is shorter and far less impressive to look at than his friends, but manages to fit in seamlessly all the same. Finally, there’s James Potter, the tallest of the bunch, arguably less handsome than Sirius but still with his fair share of admirers thanks to the easy grin, the effortless humor, the contagious laughter, the eager, open, friendliness that he exudes, the perpetually messy hair and deep, soft, charming hazel eyes that draw focus to a pleasant face.

Her heart skitters when she looks at him, finds him already watching her, heading straight for her. The playful grin turns boyish and eager when their eyes meet and she has to look away before she bites her lip and gives it all away. He is wedged between Sirius and Peter, an arm draped over each of them, but he wrenches himself away from them and drops into the empty seat on her left, tossing an arm over her shoulders.

“Morning, Lily. Marlene,” he says with a nod for the blonde to her right.

“Morning, James.” Marlene smirks at him as Sirius, Remus, and Peter take up three spots across the table from them. “Boys.”

“McKinnon, may I say, you’re looking quite fit today,” Sirius says, eyeing her over the table even as he loads up his plate with bacon and eggs.

“Yes, you may,” Marlene says loftily.

With her silky, wavy blonde hair, vibrant blue eyes, and curvy build, she is no stranger to boys like Sirius Black hitting on her. Still, Sirius is one of the few boys who manages to makes those comments and walk away unscathed. She claims it’s because their respective best friends are dating and it would be awkward to face him day after day knowing that she had all but hexed his balls off, but Lily suspects it’s more than that.

Carelessly flicking her hair over her shoulder, Marlene turns her attention away from Sirius, fixes a charming smile on her face, and leans toward Remus across the table. When she speaks, her voice is high-pitched and just slightly breathy. “Hey, did you finish that Defense essay yet?”

Lily wants to laugh, knowing that Marlene’s efforts are lost on Remus, who is not just oblivious to female interest, but actively tries to avoid it and therefore will not be seduced into helping Marlene with anything.

“Just about,” Remus says, watching suspiciously as she takes his plate from him and fixes him a heaping serving of the sausages sitting in front of her. “You want my notes, don’t you?”

“Please, I’m in completely over my head here,” Marlene drops the seductive tone and hands his loaded plate back.

“Sorry, I don’t actually take notes in Defense.” He cracks a rueful smile when she groans.

“Defense Against the Dark Arts genius over here,” Sirius says, nudging Remus with his shoulder.

“You don’t take notes in anything,” Lily points out, doing her best to ignore James’s wandering fingers on her leg.

“My genius is not limited to any one subject,” Sirius insists.

“Funny your grades don’t reflect your genius, then,” Marlene says.

Next to her, James laughs. Lily bites her lip to keep from joining in. She can’t help but to crack a smile when Sirius tosses a chunk of bacon at James, who catches it and throws it back at him.

“You can use my notes if you let me copy your History of Magic notes,” Peter offers hopefully.

“No offense, Peter, but you’re not exactly the top Defense student,” Marlene points out with a sigh.

“Maybe not,” Peter says. “But I stole Remus’s essay yesterday and took notes on it.”

“I knew I didn’t leave it unrolled!” Remus exclaims.

“You’ve got a deal, Peter.” Marlene grins and shakes Peter’s hand across the table, both of them happily ignoring Remus’s scowl.

“Catch this, Potter.” Sirius lifts a spoonful of jam and makes to fling it at James.

“If you hit me, Black, you’re a dead man,” Lily says darkly. He eyes her for a moment, takes note of her wand sitting next to her hand on the table, and wisely drops the jam.

“My hero,” James places a hand dramatically over his heart and leans over to kiss her.

He catches her chin instead of her lips when she turns her head at the last second. He sighs and lets his arm fall from around her shoulders. “You’re not still cross with me, are you?”

“Why ever should I be cross with you?” Lily says.

“Exactly, you shouldn’t!” James insists.

“Good thing I’m not, then!” she snaps, and turns her back on him to speak to Marlene, who is now watching them with wide eyes. He may be her boyfriend, and she may be the only person in the world who finds him more attractive than Sirius Black, and her heart may skip several beats whenever their eyes meet, but she’ll be damned if she doesn’t make him pay for his indiscretions.

“I’ve had a cross girlfriend or two in my day,” Sirius stage-whispers to the rest of them, “and she’s definitely cross.”  

Lily just barely resists the urge to stick out her tongue at him or maybe glue his tongue to the roof of his mouth.

He doesn’t make a sound or touch her or anything of the sort, but Lily is as aware as ever that James is staring at her. It’s a bit difficult to ignore someone staring at you when said person is sitting barely two inches away, but she gives it her best effort, chatting with Marlene, Remus, and Peter in between bites of her breakfast. Next to Remus, Sirius is clearly taking advantage of James’s inattention, doing something with his wand under the table. She has a brief moment of pity for her boyfriend before she remembers that he definitely probably deserves whatever Sirius has in mind.

“Is that my shirt?” James asks suddenly.

Lily freezes, a forkful of egg halfway to her mouth, and looks at him. “No.”

It’s a silly thing to lie about. It’s his favorite shirt in the world. He’s worn it just about daily since his parents gave it to him for Christmas three years ago and he would know it anywhere. There’s a telltale stain just below her left breast where Sirius spilled Doxy venom on him back in fifth year – he still has the scar on his chest to prove it – and a hole the size of a knut where the too-long sleeve bunches up at her right wrist.

“Yes, it is. That’s my Puddlemere United shirt.” He reaches towards her as if he wants to rip it off of her but seems to think better of it and merely brushes the back of his bruised hand along the navy blue material covering her arm. If it were one of the boys caught wearing his shirt, she is sure he wouldn’t hesitate to rip it off them regardless of the number of onlookers.

Her breath hitches in her chest when he leans in close, his chest against her shoulder and his mouth at her ear. “It looks really fucking good on you.”

She turns her face towards him, undeniably affected by his hot breath on her and his gravelly tone in her ear. Still, when he leans in to kiss her, she places a hand on his chest to still him less than an inch from her lips. “I missed you last night.”

“I’m sorry,” he says, and tries to kiss her again.

“We had plans. You ditched me,” she reminds him.

“I… It was Sirius’s fault!”

“Beg pardon?” Sirius says around a mouthful of bacon.

“If you hadn’t got tickets to see the Chudley Cannons play Lancashire!” James exclaims. “They’re both shit teams anyway!”

“If they’re such shit teams, why did you ditch your girlfriend to watch them?” Remus asks slyly.

“And why did you cheer harder than anyone else there when Rookwell made that goal?” Peter adds with a soft, amused snort. 

“Traitors.” James brandishes his empty fork across the table at his friends.

“Don’t blame Sirius,” Lily says sternly as she scoops another bite of egg onto her fork. “He didn’t force you to do anything.”

James watches with a pathetic pout on his face as she pretends to concentrate all of her attention on her breakfast.

“Yeah, don’t blame me,” Sirius says.

Without looking away from Lily, James throws a greasy sausage at Sirius, hitting him on the nose and ignoring his protests.

“It’s Quidditch! I have poor impulse control when presented with Quidditch! You knew that and decided to love me anyway!”

“So you admit it’s your fault,” Lily prompts.

“It’s all my fault. I’m stupid and I chose Quidditch over you and it wasn’t even worth it, even if Rookwell did make that spectacular goal. Anyway, not important. Still not better than spending an evening with you.” He leans in close again, presses a quick kiss to her neck before she can stop him. One hand tangles in her hair and the other creeps slowly up her thigh beneath the table. “Or a morning, an hour, a few minutes.”

“A few minutes? You need to work on that, mate,” Sirius laughs.

“Or perhaps he has, and a few minutes is all they need,” Marlene counters, sparing Sirius an unimpressed glance as she reaches across the table for a strip of bacon. “Something you should work on, maybe.”

Sirius gapes at her. Before he has a chance to get his thoughts in order enough to retort, Lily’s wand is in her hand and pointing at him. He chokes, grabs his mouth, and glares at her with his tongue firmly plastered to the roof of his mouth. She smiles at him and turns her attention back to her boyfriend, who only looks ever more turned on now that she has hexed his best friend.

His heated gaze is her undoing, but she tries to hide it with a lofty sigh as she studies him thoughtfully. “You do look rather pitiful.”

It’s not entirely true. What he looks is desperate with his wet, pink lips and dark, round, wide eyes. It makes her feel desperate.

She leans in close to him, feels him take a deep breath, either steadying himself or breathing her in, she’s never too certain. His fingers drum a tattoo high on her thigh under the fabric of her skirt. She hums in delight.

“Perhaps you can make it up to me.” She is sure to keep her tone husky, a bit raspy, the way she knows he can’t resist.

Across from her, Sirius watches with one arched brow, a knowing smirk playing on his lips, all insult and injury forgotten. Remus rolls his eyes and looks away pointedly, the corners of his moth upturned just slightly while Peter laughs openly at the wide-eyed stare James is giving her. Marlene just grins at them, not that either of them notice what any of their friends are up to.  

Lily rises from the bench and drapes herself over James, her chest against his back, arms hanging over his shoulders, hands trailing down his firm chest to his abs, her mouth hovering just next to his ear. “I think I’ll keep the shirt on this time.”  

His jaw is slack when he turns his head and tries to kiss her, but she backs away quickly, and turns to walk from the Great Hall without looking back. He trips over shoelaces suddenly tied together – Sirius’s sneaky doing earlier, no doubt – and she hears him hit the ground cursing unreservedly, followed by the laughter of several nearby students.

It never does take much teasing to get him going. When he catches up to her seconds later, a blazing look in his eye, and takes her hand to pull her along at a faster pace, she knows she’s in for a real treat.

but your eyes will lead me straight back home;


“we’re both youtubers and you sent me an email asking me to do a duet cover with you but you don’t realise i’m having a heart attack bc your my fave youtuber au“ for jily. 

james potter to sirius black: sirius 

james potter: sir 

james potter: pads

james potter: paddy

james potter: paddington 

sirius black: wtf what do u wa n t 

james potter: what should i cover next 

sirius black: u mean song right 

james potter: ya 

sirius black: arctic monkeys

james potter: dude 

james potter: how many songs is that now 

sirius black:does it matter 

sirius black: am is life my man 

james potter: ur an idiot 

sirius black: jim bob i’m offended 

james potter: jim bob? 

sirius black: better than jimmy fleamont 


sirius black: 🤷🏻‍♂️

sirius black: fine 

sirius black: ed sheeran potentially 

sirius black: might finally get you some girls 

james potter: stfu black 

james potter: just cuz i don’t have macdonald in the palm of my hand

sirius black: ur just jealous 

james potter: anyway 

 james potter: which song 

 sirius black: idk 

 sirius black: listen to him and pick one

 @prongspotter_: what ed sheeran cover do u guys wanna hear next? let me know in the replies! 

 – @petepettigrew: is there one abt sleep 

 – @padfoot_: r u mine by arctic monkeys 

 – @remuslupine: for real because i’m the only mature one, sing is a jam

 –@prongspotter_: @petepettigrew @padfoot_ @remuslupine i hate u all except remus — 

–@remuslupine: hAh suck shit sirius 

—@padfoot_ jim bob HOW DARE U 

–@lilyflowers: id love to do a cover w u, ill email u the details if u want? 

—@prongspotter_: @lilyflowers ya ofc 

remus lupin to james potter: are you ok 

james potter: never been better y 

remus lupin: your favourite youtuber and musician 

remus lupin: who you also think is really hot and who you stalk everyday

remus lupin: just tweeted at you and asked to collaborate with her 

james potter: u right

james potter: i’m ded. 

remus lupin: right 

remus lupin: so now isn’t the right time to say i’ve been talking to her for a while about booktube huh 

james potter: MOONY I FEEL BETRAYED !!! 

To: jimmypotter@gmail.com 

From: lilyevans_@gmail.com 

Subject: Collab 

hey james, 

if you’re still willing to do a collab, we could do a ed sheeran song still. i’d be happy to come round and record with you for a little bit, i’m not fussed on which song. do you need me to bring my keyboard? also, your music is pretty good. i see your original content going somewhere. shame you’re egotistical and think taylor swift is overrated though. 

best, lily.

To: lilyevans_@gmail.com 

From: jimmypotter@gmail.com 

Subject: Re: Collab 

thanks evans. 

my number is 035828381 if you want to text me any extra details, and i’ll send the address of my flat from there. i was thinking of thinking out loud or perfect, so if you could learn both of them just in case that’d be cool. also bringing your keyboard would be good. also, i’m right. taylor swift is overrated. she’s repetitive as fuck. also i’m not egotistical. 

best, james. 

james potter to assholes with feelings: IM GOING TO DIE 

peter pettigrew: what now 

sirius black: apparently she’s hella sassy 

remus lupin: yea, she told me she thinks james comes off as a little egotistical


peter pettigrew: jim she’s kinda right 

james potter: PETE 

james potter: TRAITOR 

remus lupin: yea, you literally tweeted to all your followers about your cover of toxic being better than the original 

peter pettigrew: and repeatedly argued when ppl said u were wrong

james potter: IM RIGHT 


peter pettigrew: r u just mad bc the girl you’ve had a celeb crush on for years isn’t falling for ur act 

james potter: ……. 

james potter: YES 

remus lupin to james potter: so are you still gonna collab with her

james potter: OFC

james potter to peter pettigrew: can u pls get some food on the way home 

james potter: she’s coming over at noon tomorrow 

james potter: we need cookies 

peter pettigrew: on it 

peter pettigrew: choc chip? 

james potter: always

remus lupin to sirius black: he does know about the fact she has over 1mil subscribers 

remus lupin: and somehow manages to be a book/beauty/music/vlog channel 

sirius black: ya

sirius black: but like u said

sirius black: he an egomaniac 

remus lupin: hypocrite

sirius black: M O O N Y 

james potter to sirius black: be nice

sirius black: ur an asshole 

sirius black: she already knows this 

sirius black: we’ll get on gr8 

sirius black: it’s u i’m worried abt 

james potter: stfu

lily evans to james potter: i’m here 

lily evans: why does it sound like a stadium is in ur flat 

james potter: ….. sirius is watching the football 

james potter: come up 

lily evans to remus lupin: don’t tell him i said this 

lily evans: but i had a lot of fun today 

lily evans: we harmonise together really well 

remus lupin: my lips are sealed 

remus lupin: so you don’t think he’s egotistical 

lily evans: no i still think he’s egotistical 

lily evans: but he’s a nice egotist 

lily evans: and he has nice hair 

remus lupin: oh my god 

lily evans: u tell him any of this and i will burn ur copy of oliver twist 

remus lupin: …. 

remus lupin: got it 

lily evans to james potter: i left my keyboard pedal at urs 

lily evans: also can u upload perfect and ill upload thinking out loud 

lily evans: also did chelsea win 

james potter: ok come get it tomorrow if ur free

james potter: and yes ill send u the footage  

james potter: and yes unfortunately

lily evans: damn 

lily evans: also tell pete those cookies were good

james potter: will do 

lily evans: see u tomorrow

james potter:

peter pettigrew to remus lupin: he’s smitten w her isn’t he 

remus lupin: always has been 

peter pettigrew: but even more now 

remus lupin: yea

remus lupin: god help us all 

james potter to Ladz™: did she rlly think that pete made those cookies 

peter pettigrew: i did make those cookies

james potter: uh huh 

james potter: sure 

remus lupin: no he actually did make them 

sirius black: that’s the only reason we keep him around 

peter pettigrew: STFU 

james potter changed the group name to peter thinks he can bake cookies 

peter pettigrew changed the group name to I ACTUALLY CAN BAKE 

sirius black changed the group name to why do even keep peter around these days honestly

remus lupin: i’m done 

remus lupin has left the chat. 

sirius black: M O O N Y

remus lupin added lily evans to musicians w gr8 hair and pete 

peter pettigrew: why is it called that honestly

lily evans: i was thinkin the same thing 


sirius black: U COME INTO MY HOME 

lily evans: oh shut it black

sirius black: M O O N Y 

sirius black: TAKE HER BACK 

remus lupin: nope

lily evans has changed the group name to the egomaniacs and the decent human beings

james potter: WHICH ONES WHICH

lily evans: have fun figuring that out  

sirius black: one of the egomaniacs is u 

james potter: LIES 

lily evans: oh btw i’m outside ur flat 

sirius black: W O T 

lily evans: ….. 

lily evans: i need my keyboard pedal back

james potter to lily evans: u were only supposed to be here for five mins

james potter: hoW did u end up staying the night

lily evans: 🤷🏻‍♂️ 

lily evans: i woke up on ur floor idk

lily evans: did u hand me a beer some point during the night 

james potter: probs 

lily evans: ya that’s y 

james potter: … 

james potter: my followers won’t stop talkin about that collab we did 

lily evans: mine too 

lily evans: but they’re cute 

james potter: question 

james potter: what is shipping? 

lily evans: oh no

james potter to YOUTUBE IS A REAL JOB OK: guys 

james potter: what is shipping 

james potter: lily won’t tell me  

sirius black: moony imma let u deal w this one  

remus lupin: nah pete all yours 

peter pettigrew: a thing ur subscribers used to do w u and pads 

sirius black: U S E D T O O ???? 

lily evans: guys don’t tell him 

james potter: EVANS WHY

lily evans: bc watching u tryna figure it out is hilarious 

james potter: WAIT 

james potter: I GOOGLED IT 

james potter: THOSE PERVS

[drafted message] lily evans to james potter: i ship us too. 

lily evans to james potter: jsmea 

lily evans: jim l

lily evans: jim jams 

lily evans: jimmmyfleaamint 

james potter: HE TOLD U 

james potter: THAT ASS

james potter: wait r u drunk 

lily evans: eys 

lily evans: n smad 

lily evans: csn u cime ovr 

james potter: ok 

james potter: over in 10

@lilyflowers: @prongspotter_ isn’t a total ass

–@padfoot_: did he hack ur phone

–@lilyflowers: @padfoot_ surprisingly no

–@randomfan90210: u should date him !!! ur hella cute !!! 

–@remuslupine: @prongspotter_ what did u do 

@prongspotter_: @remuslupine IDK 

[drafted message] james potter to lily evans: i hope u know the sun shines for u and that i’ll always be there when ur drunk and sad. but i want the next time we kiss to be when ur sober. pls.

lily evans to james potter: thank u for last night 

lily evans: i never said that before 

james potter: don’t mention it 

james potter: … 

lily evans: wanna come over again 

lily evans: i think i like how ur lips tasted 

james potter: sure 

[instagram caption:] @prongspotter​: hey guess who has the best gf in the world? me. look at how hoT she is!

[comments:]  @lilyflowers: suck up 

@prongspotter: @lilyflowers u know it 

@p_pettigrew: WELL THIS IS NEW 

@remuslupin: called it 


@siriusly: @remuslupin U KNEW?????? 

@remuslupin: @siriusly it wasn’t exactly hard 

@lilyflowers: @sirusly stfu 

@prongspotter: @lilyflowers i may be a suck up but taylor swift is still overrated

@lilyflowers: ur wrong.

hope you enjoyed. 

i made a thing of remus and sirius being all cute

Sirius Black/ Female-Reader

It is Sickening

Originally posted by nellaey

For Anon

Imagine you and Lily sleeping over in the boys dormitory…

James and Sirius returned triumphantly from the kitchens with more Butterbeer and even some Firewhiskey. The party was in full swing celebrating the end of the school year and, for the seventh years, the ending of their school career.

Remus was drunk and having the time of his life, dancing with a handsome sixth year lad in the centre of the room. You and Lily were dancing together laughing. Dumping the bottles of drinks he carried on a tipsy Peter Pettigrew, James went straight over to Lily and kissed her full on the lips.

“Waaayy, Prongs,” Sirius cried, coming over to you. You were laughing and clapping: when James and Lily had finally got together earlier that year you had been over the moon.

“Firewhiskey?” Sirius offered you some of his drink. You nodded and took a large swig before grabbing his hands and pulling him away to dance.

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Harmless Joke (Young Sirius Black x reader-- drabble)

A/N: thank god for study halls lmao also my smol wolfstar heart played a v tiny part in this 🌚

#4: “I’m too sober for this.”
#28: “How drunk was I?”

word count: 493 (i had way too much fun w this)
warnings: underaged drinking

Sirius says that he can hold his liquor, but everyone knows that he can’t. He has no idea what his limit is and it seems like he goes from completely sober to absolutely shitfaced in the blink of an eye. He never listens to you when you try to cut him off.

There was a big quidditch celebration happening in the Gryffindor common room, as always. You and Remus are talking about a book that you just finished at his recommendation. You thoroughly enjoyed it and so The two of you were deep in conversation, revolving around something Padfoot cared nothing for. “I’m too sober for this,” he sighs as he takes his hand off your thigh to go find an alcoholic beverage of some sort. You roll your eyes at him and continue your chat.

So, Sirius is on his third bottle of fire whiskey, which is where you usually tell him to stop. You give him a scolding look as he reaches for his fourth. He merely scoffs and shrugs you off.

Your jaw locks as you make eye contact with James from across the room. He chuckles and mouths the word, “Padfoot?” and you nod. Prongs motions you over.

“My boyfriend is a real asshole, you know that?” you sigh as you approach.

He laughs, “Oh yes, I’m well aware. I was thinking, why don’t we play a harmless joke on our, soon to be, incredibly intoxicated friend?”

“What did you have in mind?” you grin.

The next morning, you wake up, far earlier than Sirius. He’s quite the heavy sleeper, so you seamlessly slip out of his arms and give Remus a tap. You let him in on the joke, as well. Moony slips off his shirt and shimmies his way into Padfoot’s grip where you had just been. The three of you that are awake are trying not to burst out into laughter.

“Okay, okay. Be asleep,” James shushes you as he pulls you into his bed and wraps his arms around you. “That’s your cue, Rem.”

You feign sleeping whilst Remus swipes hair out of your boyfriend’s face. “Good morning, sleepyhead.”

“Morning- oh my- oh my god! Oh my-” Sirius’s face fills with panic and horror. “How drunk was I?! Moony, what are you- why are you-” He’s jumped out of bed. “JAMES POTTER- GET THE HELL AWAY FROM MY GIRLFRIEND!!!!”

“Wha- oh,” James’s grip loosens around you; your head is still buried in his chest, hiding your smile. “Well, you were with Remus. I just figured that Y/N was free for the night.”

You can no longer stifle your laughter and you flip over to face your boyfriend. “Listen to me when I tell you to stop drinking!” you demand between your giggles.

“So, I didn’t- and you didn’t..?” he trails off, the gears in his brain spinning.

“No, you dumbass.” You get off of James. “Now, go take a shower. You reek of booze.”

Shower- Sirius Black

Originally posted by marauderseraimagines

Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

Characters: Sirius Black, James Potter

Warnings: Swearing

Request: Anon-  Could you do a Imagine that Reader and Sirius like each other, and he is always teasing her and once she says that she is going take a shower and he asks if she needs help (😂)??? You can choose the end. Thank you!!!

Word Count: 529

Author: Charlotte

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The Party

Sirius Black x Reader

My heart was beating faster and faster as we walked into the family home of the Blacks. I glanced nervously at the crowd .


I hated these pureblood parties that my parents dragged me to. They were excrutiatingly boring, and so dull. The pureblood families got together every now and then to brag about their riches and accomplishments. Boring stuff. And it was another excuse for parents to find suitable brides and grooms for their children.

My eyes went through the crowd of people, searching for just one face.

Eventhough I shouldnt be doing that.

Its been over a month since I last saw him, and we had had an awful fight  before vacation began. He didnt even write to me. And his silence just drove me mad.

I found myself in the huge dining room. The long table was laid out with lots of food, and people were already sitting around it, talking and eating.

Thats when I saw him.

Sitting at the table, with a bored expression. Leaning back lazily on his chair. He saw me and sat up straight, running his fingers through his silky black hair.

“Y/N ! Come on now !”

My mother’s sudden appearence startled me. I stood staring at her with a hand against my chest.

“What is it, dear ? ” she asked, seeing my expression.

“You scared me, Mum !” I said, as she took my hand and led me towards the table.

Most of the seats were taken, except for one where my mother sat, and two others on either sides of Him.

Sirius Black had that smirk on his face now. He knew I will have to sit next to him.

“Sit !” Mum urged me, as I hesitated.

This is going to be a long night, I thought as I walked up to the empty seat and sat. He looked at me, and I just gave a nod of acknowledgment.

Sirius and I were pretty close. We were very much inseparable. We have been together for 3 years now, and he still gave me butterflies in my stomach.

We had quite a nasty fight about a month before school closed for summer. I happened to see a Ravenclaw girl pushing him against a wall like she owned him, and trying to kiss him. I was way beyond jealous, and we got into a fight. I knew it wasnt him who did anything. But I  didnt see him pushing her away either. I was just too heartbroken to reason with anything. And we havent spoken since. He tried while at school. But I didnt give in.

I tried my best, but I just couldnt resist sneaking glances at him. Both of us played with our food. I took ocassional bites to satisfy my mother, who was eyeing me from across the table.

Just as I was about to put the spoon to my mouth, I felt his hand on my knee. I dropped my spoon and it hit the plate with a loud clang. Several guests looked up at me, and Mum was glowering.

“Alright there, sweetheart ?” she asked in a sickly sweet tone.

I nodded, and I felt his fingers tighten around my knee. I bit my lip, not knowing what to do. I grabbed my goblet and took a big sip of water.

His hand slid up.

Thank god for the elaborate and frilly table cloth !

“Sirius, dont you dare !” I hissed at him, swatting his hand away.

He smirked again.

An old wizard sitting next to Sirius’ father Orion Black, asked him something. Sirius turned to face him, and spoke. His fingers were still stroking my thigh, and it was sending shivers down my spine. I put a hand over his, and squeezed it, to stop his fingers from moving. He continued talking with the man, as his fingers slowly intertwined with mine.

I missed this boy. I missed the way he touched me, and said my name. I missed everything about him.

As I felt a heaviness in my heart, he moved his hand again. My stomach did flips at that. I knew this wont go well here.I held his hand again, and moved it away from my leg.

I got up.

Excusing myself, I almost ran out of the dining room.

It was my first time in his house, so I didnt know where to go. I just went up the stairs, and found a door that opened into a small balcony. I stood, with my hands on the railings, breathing heavily.

I didnt know how I managed without him for this long. I couldnt do it anymore. I needed him. I needed Sirius Black.

Just as tears began to sting my eyes, I felt a pair of arms around my waist, and Sirius’ scent filled my nostrils. He pulled me against his firm chest, kissing the back of my neck. I just held his hands to me tightly, not wanting him to let go.

“You’re bad Sirius Black” I said.
“You’re so bad”

“Im sorry, Princess” he said, and turned me around to face him.

“Forgive me”

He leaned forward to kiss me, and he lifted me off the floor. I pulled away, hearing some footsteps.

“Someone will see us ” I said, looking over his shoulder.

“Come on” Sirius said, taking my hand.

We ran up the stairs. And he opened a door, pulling me in with him. And I immediately knew it was his room.
Before I could actually take a look at it, he pushed me against his door, and kissed me again.

“Owww” I said against his lips, making him laugh. He moved his lips down to my neck.

“Sirius ! Our parents are downstairs !” I said, pushing him away.

“So what ?!” he said, grabbing me again.

“No !!” I said as he came forward again.

He stopped, and pouted.

“Where have you been ? Did you even bother to write to me ?!” I asked.

“Im sorry Y/N!” Sirius said, looking defeated. “I didnt know what to do ! You wouldnt even look at me ! Besides, homes been hell -”

I knew what it was like for him, and I felt bad for being so hard on him.

“Please, Y/N?” Sirius said, takng my hand in his, and kissing it.

“I missed you, idiot” I said, hugging him.

Sirius smiled and pressed his lips to mine again. His hands arms came around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

“I love you, baby” he said, kissing my nose.
“I love you too ” I said, smiling.

                               * * *

I stood in front of his mirror, fixing my hair, as he sat, watching me.

He strolled towards me slowly, with a sad look on his face.

“ I dont want you to leave” he said, standing behind me, with his hands on my waist. “Lets run away”

I turned around and kissed his cheek,laughing.

“We might have to” I said, and put on my shoes.

“Just a month more till school starts” I said, and went to the door. “Love you, Black”

                                * * *

“Where have you been, Y/N !” Mum hissed as she saw me.

“Umm…bathroom” I said, shrugging.

“Come here ! There is something important” said Mum, grabbing my arm and leading me into the dining area.

“Found her, have you ?” Walburga Black was speaking to my Mum.

“This is her” Mum said, giving me a little push.

“Hmm” Walburga said, as she touched my cheek, trying to bring out a smile. “She is perfect !”

I stood staring at Sirius’ mother.

“Ah ! There ! SIRIUS !” she bellowed, making me jump. I turned to see Sirius looking at us with wide eyes.

I was sweating now. Shit, have they found out about us ?!, I thought, my heart racing.

Sirius came to us slowly. He looked at me cautiously.

“Mary, I hope you’ve met my son before, Sirius ” Walburga said, and Mum nodded, smiling at Sirius.

I felt another hand on my shoulder, and turned to find my Dad, smiling down at me. Why were they all so happy ?

“I think its time to tell them, Orion.” He said. Sirius’ father nodded and looked at his wife.

“Well, we have decided to join the Y/L/N and the Black family ” Walburga began. “And as the two of you are so well suited for eachother…”

Sirius and I stood frozen.

Is this for real ?!

“The wedding will be soon after your education at Hogwarts is complete !” Mum added happily, smiling at Walburga.

Sirius and I exchanged glances, still unable to react.

Walburga came forward to hug me.

“Welcome to the family, Y/N” she said, struggling to bring about a smile.

Sirius finally smiled as my parents embraced him.

“I think this is great !” Mum exclaimed. “We have so much to do now !!”

Just as our parents began their own conversations, Sirius looked at me.

“I cant believe it ” I said.

He laughed.

I had to join in. Sirius put his arm aound me, kissing my forhead.

Maybe this wasnt such a bad party, after all.

You’re the Cutest

request: hello i was wondering if you could write a sirius x reader where they’re still in hogwarts and its their 3 year anniversary and its just fluff and cuteness ???

thanks so much for requesting!!! hope u like it! xx

You placed your Divination textbook next to you on the Gryffindor common room couch and ran your hand over your face, relieved that you had finally finished your homework. Yes, learning about looking into the future and astrology was a lot more fun than sedimentary rocks and geometry in muggle school, it was still as stressful.

You had zoned out, staring into the crackling fire and admired it. Everything was peaceful until the door swung open and tons of loud noises erupted in the room. You didn’t even have to turn your head to know who it was, nobody did in fact. You three best friends and your boyfriend sat on the couch with you or the near by chairs.

“How was your day m’lady?” Sirius, your boyfriend, asked you while wrapping his arm around our shoulder. You laid your head on his shoulder and took a deep breath.

“Good. School is annoying but what else is new.” You answered, closing your eyes and taking in his wonderful scent, you were meaning to ask him what cologne he uses.

With his free hand, he grabbed yours and started playing with your fingers, intertwining them and such. He ran his hand across your soft smaller ones and lifted it up and brought a kiss to the top of your hand before finishing those kisses on your cheeks and forehead and nose, and wherever else he could put them easily.

“Why are you so touchy-feely today?” You asked him, giggling a little and scrunching your nose up a bit in delight.

“Trust me (Y/N), it wasn’t just you. He started copping up a feel on me in the middle of Defense!” Remus exclaimed, acting serious. Sirius gave him a slight glare before laughing and throwing a pillow his way. “You better sleep with one eye open tonight, Black.”

“Shove off.” Sirius answered, rolling his eyes and flipping him off. “I need time alone with my girl.” In which your heart fluttered when he said “my girl”.

You buried your face in his shoulder and smiled against his neck.

“You’re the cutest. I’m so lucky to have you.” Sirius spoke into your hair after he laid his head on top of yours. You blushed furiously and smiled even bigger.

“Look who’s talking. Perfect hair, perfect face, perfect everything.” You responded.  

“We’ll leave you two love bird alone so I can go upstairs and tell Moony and Wormtail how luscious their hair is and how hot their bodies are. So good night!” James joked, walking upstairs and the two other boys laughing behind him but following.

“Just alone time.” Sirius commented, winking at you. You laughing and shook your head.

“Every other Gryffindor is bound to come in at some point and plus, I was enjoying the cuddling.” You said, snuggling more into his side. You felt his body vibrate, indicating that he was laughing.

“Ugh, I love you. Happy three year anniversary babe.” And along with that he pulled out a small necklace with a sterling silver paw print. You smiled and held it carefully in your hand, examining it.

“This is so beautiful Sirius, thank you so much. I love you too.” You responded graciously and handed him your present which was a new watch, which he loved.

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could you write Sirius' hogwarst years through boggarts? Like first year, his boggart is being called a Black or something. And second year, when he realizes he has friends that don't care he is a Black, the boggart will have changed to like dead marauders or something.

I could dearie but do you really want it?

First year

“You are a disgrace Sirius” hissed Walburga. “Do you know who’s going to suffer for your incompetence?” she asked.

“You know it: Regulus” she replied the question herself. “Now that the actual Heir of Black house is no longer available, Regulus will take your place. But I didn’t raise him to be an heir, well now I’ll have to”

“Do you remember the things I taught you Sirius, how I taught them?” she said, Sirius flinched.

“Oh so you do, you do remember. I do take pride in being unforgettable” she took her wand out, Sirius took a few steps back without thinking.

“Now that you are gone boy, Regulus will pay for your mistakes. Didn’t think about him when you got yourself sorted into that disgusting blood traitor’s house now, did you?” she continued, Sirius was trembling under his mother’s giant figure.

“You’ll come back to this house Sirius and when you do I’ll make sure you pay for your mistake, I’ll make sure you suffer for disgracing our family name. I will-”


“Mr. Black!” said McGonagall alarmingly after she sent the Boggart where it came from. Sirius was crying uncontrollably. “There there, it was just a Boggart Mr. Black”

“Can you come with me to my office with me, please?”

“Yes, ma’am” said Sirius with a trembling voice, she sounded very calm and more motherly than Walburga ever did.

Second year

“Now that Regulus is a Slytherin, we don’t need you anymore Sirius” said Walburga. “You have those blood traitor friends to look out for you don’t you?”

“What you fail to understand is that your family would have been always there for you. You are a Black, boy. Once they realised that your blood is who you are they will leave you, too” She twirled her wand in her hand.

“Did you really believe that you would live happily ever after with your new friends and forget where you come from?” asked Walburga challengingly. “Did you really think that people would forget that you are a Black deep down?”

“They will never trust you completely Sirius, one small mistake you are bound to make and they are g–”


“Mom made me learn that spell when I was 10″ said James grinning but it faded once he was Sirius’ face. “Mate, I hope you don’t believe a word that woman–”

“That is my mother Jamie”

“I don’t give a damn who she is. I won’t ever leave you, we won’t ever leave. You can take my surname if you want to” assured James.

“Are you asking me to marry you James Potter?!” teased Sirius, suddenly he felt better.

“You git!” replied James with a wide grin on his face. “I was asking you to be my brother but I mean if you want to..”

Third Year

“This hurts so much Pads, why does it hurt so much?” said Remus curled up on the floor. He had his usual full moon scars but this time he looked worse than he usually did.

“Make it stop” begged Remus, his amber eyes burned less than they usually do, he tried to reach to Sirius but he couldn’t.

“Sirius, do something, please. Put me out of my misery” said Remus, the pain apparent in his voice. Sirius wanted to help but the more he moved, the more Remus bleed.

“Sirius–” whispered Remus, using whatever left was in his body to say his name.

“No, no Remus no. I love you no don’t leave–”


“You love me?” said Remus, gaping at Sirius.

“Uh, yes” replied Sirius, his eyes wet with tears that couldn’t escape. “You– you don’t have to say anything, don’t worry”

“You are an idiot” replied Remus as he pulled Sirius into a hug and kissed his forehead. “You really are” he smiled.

Fourth Year

“Why deny who you are Sirius?” said Sirius in the mirror standing in front of Sirius. “Why deny what you are?”

“Just because you are a Gryffindor and have friends that are not Pureblood, did you think you would become one of them?” he continued. It was a different feeling, Sirius saw himself in the mirror but the Sirius in the mirror had a mind of his own.

“Look at me Sirius, look at how different I am because I am your other half of you that knows what you are doing is ridiculous” he said. “You know deep down inside, that family is all you have. I have money, I have reputation and all you have is those three boys. A werewolf, a blood traitor and a miserable boy–”

“Peter is not miserable” shouted Sirius to the mirror.

“You keep telling yourself that. Why do you keep yourself from reaching your full potential Black? All that anger in you that you can release, why keep it to yourself? Why settle with being in a pack, when you can be a leader? Why be regular when you can be a Black?” he kept talking.

“You’ll end up alone, Sirius” he concluded. Sirius never said a word. “Alone as always, outcast as always, a menace to everyone you ever touch–”


“You bloody asshole” Sirius muttered to himself as the glass shattered and became a wind of glitter. 

Fifth Year

after the infamous prank

“Why did I trust you, Sirius?” said Remus coldly. “It took you just a few words to reveal my deepest, darkest secret”. Remus put his hand to his mouth as he did when he was thinking, he then pointed at Sirius, “I will never forgive you, I will never ever look at you the same way I did before” he said.

“You know what the worst part is? I knew this would happen long before it did. Black blood in you, you were born for this. I can’t believe I could be this daft” Remus continued, each word creating a new wound in Sirius’ skin, Sirius wanted to bleed out.

“You ruined my life when I tried so hard to make yours better. I loved you” he said condescendingly. “Don’t look at me so surprised Sirius, I loved you, in the past tense. How could you think I would ever love you again after this?”

Sirius felt his knees give away, he took his head between his hands, he wanted to rip his own skin off.

“Now you cry. Now you know what you did. Now that it’s too late Sirius. Now that I don’t care for you anymore, as you didn’t care for me. Now that–”


“Sirius! Sirius get up!” Remus shouted. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m-” pleaded Sirius.

“Sirius, it’s alright. It was just a boggart” said Remus, he was trying to get Sirius to walk, the boy wouldn’t budge.

“I don’t deserve this Remus, I don’t deserve you to be good to me”

“I’m a sucker for pain Pads, I keep coming back for more. Now get up” ordered Remus, so Sirius did.

Sixth Year

“You are so selfish Sirius” said Regulus, blood dripping from a gash on his left cheek. “How could you leave me?”

“Look at me. I SAID LOOK AT ME YOU COWARD” yelled Regulus.

Sirius was looking down, he raised his head at the last word. “I’m not a coward” he mumbled he couldn’t even convince himself. Regulus was holding he left arm in front of him, Sirius saw a dark tattoo with a snake twirling around a skull, the Dark Mark.

“Do you understand what you did to me?” asked Regulus, Sirius could hear fear in his voice. “Do you understand if I die at the hands of a Death Eater or an Auror, the blood is on your hands?”

“I never wanted this Siri, I only wanted you to stay with me. A simple request. What did you do? You left me. You selfish son of a bitch, YOU LEFT ME TO ROT” cried Regulus.

A new gash appeared on Regulus’ chest, another one on his leg, another one on his collar bone, he was bleeding severely but he wouldn’t look away from Sirius.

“No, no–” begged Sirius as he reached for his wand.

“R-riddikulus! DAMN IT! I’m sorry Reg, I’m so sorry” his hands were trembling.


Seventh Year

“Did you hear, Sirius Black betrayed the Order” whispered someone Sirius didn’t know. “The Death Eaters ambushed the Order members, there are many dead and wounded”

“Well it was bound to happen, wasn’t it? He’s a Black, after all. Isn’t his family biggest You-Know-Who supporter?” asked another person.

“Traitor” said Lily, her hands the same colour as her hair.

“You betrayed us Sirius” said Peter, he looked scared.

“We saved you, I saved you!” apparently it was James’ blood on Lily’s hands, blood was dripping from James’ stomach.

“I gave you everything I had Sirius, why? Why would you do this?” said Remus, wand pointed at Sirius’ heart.

“I- I would never.. I–” begged Sirius.


“Pads! Pads? SIRIUS!” yelled Peter with a stark white face. “It took me some time to realise that was a Boggart mate, I’m sorry”

“I- I couldn’t do anything. I froze” explained Sirius, avoiding eye contact with Peter.

“Come on, let’s get out of here Pads. You will never betray us, not you, it wouldn’t even cross my mind” said Peter with warmth in his voice as he patted Sirius on the back.

Forever and Always

Requested: Yes by the lovely @sexcness

Warnings: Cursing, minor violence, drinking, ANGST.

Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

Summary: Just because you broke up with Sirius doesn’t mean you stopped caring about him. When he starts making bad decisions you show your feelings by being there for him, because you will always be there for him whether he wants you there or not. Your actions only cause his questioning. Why had you left him? 

Prompt 61- “You broke up with me! Remember?”

Prompt 88- “I’m going to kill them!”

Authors Note: Thanks for your request! Hope you like it!

Originally posted by marauderseraimagines

Mist rolled into the cold, black night as you sat in the Hogwarts courtyard. You couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe. Your heart hurt unlike ever before, but you had to do it. 

You had to put on a brave face and prove to be the strong person he knew you as. You had to do it, because not doing meant you were holding him back. You had to break his heart in order for him to have a better life, even if that meant crushing your own in the process. 

He was better without you. 

“(Y/N), Love? What are you doing out here?”

You quickly wiped the tears that made their way into your eyes and stood. You walked towards him and he pulled you into a hug which only made you feel worse because it was going to be your last. Pulling away from him you spoke softly. 

“Sirius. I need to talk to you.”

“Alright. What’s wrong?”

“I-i can’t do this anymore. We need to break up.”

As the words left your mouth, pieces or your heart followed. Seeing the hurt that clouded in his dark irises killed you. 

“Why? I thought we were doing good (y/n).”

“No we weren’t. I wasn’t happy. I’m sorry Sirius but it’s over.”

Lies. All lies. You were happy, you loved him but you couldn’t hold him down anymore. A dark cloud of pain and loss seemed to follow you around and you couldn’t bring that into Sirius’s life, not when he was doing so good. Not when he was finally happy. At the end of the day the little pain he feels now would be nothing compared to the pain if he stayed with you.

“So you lied to me? You led me on? I didn’t think you were that type of person but I guess I never really knew you.”

Sirius glared at you, you could see the pain in his stare and feel the sadness in his voice. He left in quick strides away from you, leaving you stuck in pain. You wanted to hug him, hold him and tell him everything will be okay but you couldn’t. 

The days rolled by fast and even on the sunniest days you still saw clouds. They followed you around everywhere you went. Held you down until you were ready to break but you didn’t. You stayed strong. 

Walking along the quidditch field you took in the fresh air. The faintly cold breeze brushed against your cheeks and caused a red tint to flush in them. Pushing your head down further into your over sized scarf, you held yourself with your gloved hands trying to provide more heat to your body as you walked further along the field. 

“James let me go! I’m going to kill him!”

“NO! Sirius calm down.”

“Not after what he said about (y/n)!”

Hearing your name sparked your curiosity and you walked towards the voices that interrupted your internal thoughts. You saw a very angry Sirius being held back by James and a smug looking Gryffindor male you didn’t recognize standing in front of the other boys. 

“Remind me Sirius, what was it I said again?”

“You damn well know.”

Sirius growled and struggled against James a bit more.

“Oh right. I was reminding you of how much a slut (y/n) was. One minute after your break up and I had them in my bed.”

Sirius only fought against James harder. You could feel the pure rage radiating off of him. It destroyed you to know you broke his heart but he was still trying to defend you. 

Before Sirius could break free you approached the three boys and before you had even known what you were doing your fist laughed on the unknown boys face. A small amount of blood fell from his lip and you held your hand, pain suddenly very apparent. 

“Lets get one thing straight you pervert. I have never and will never sleep with you. So don’t go around and tell people I did. Maybe you should start working on your personality problems so you can actually get laid instead of lying about it.”


You opened your mouth to respond but Sirius cut you off with a growl. You looked at him, his dark eyes locking with yours. They held a storm of emotion. Sadness, hurt, rage, and deep down you still saw the love he had for you and it hurt. He was supposed to hate you. 

You turned your attention back to the male on the ground and lower yourself so he could hear you better.

“I am a bitch. If you tell people we slept together again or that we have ever had any contact at all I will do a lot worse than a punch in the face.”

“Is that a threat?”

“No. It’s a promise. I don’t deal with prats like you.”

You stood up and looked at Sirius once again. James had now let go and he stood calmly next to him, but you could still see the scowl on his face. He looked at you with an unknown emotion and left with a shake of the head before you could say anything to him. 

You started to walk away as well. Tears found their way back to your eyes but you pushed them away. You were almost off the field when you heard your name and heavy breathing behind you.

“(Y/N). Wait.”

You turned to see James. His hair was a mess and sweat ran down his forehead.

“Why did you do it?”

“Do what James?”

“Break up with him. I know you loved him and he loved you!”

“James please.”

“Is there something wrong? I can help you (y/n).”

“Enough James! I don’t want your help! Sirius and I are over.”

The words burned. The realization that it was true hurt even more. The tears you held back now ran freely down your cheeks. Hot, heavy tears that held all your built up emotion. James noticed and opened his mouth to say something but you ran before he could. You didn’t want comfort, didn’t want to hear his apologies. You didn’t deserve it, deep down you knew you were horrible. 

You ran as fast as you could, the stone felt heavy underneath your feet but you proceeded on. You kept running until you couldn’t anymore, only stopping when your breath was raged, and your hair stuck to your forehead from the sweat that built up on your brow. You leaned against one of the window arches that ran along the Hogwarts bridge. Ripping off your gloves, and scarf you tried to catch your breath but it was more difficult than you had wanted. Not just from the run but from your heart. Everything hurt, all the time and it wouldn’t stop. More hot tears rolled down your pink tinted cheeks and you breathed deeply and slowly. 

“Well look who it is! (Y/N) (Y/L/N)! The one that broke my heart!”

Your head snapped quickly to see Sirius on the other end of the bridge. A bottle of fire whiskey was in one hand while a cigarette was in the other. He sat on the ground leaning up against the stone wall. He looked like a mess. Black hair messed up and sticking out in different directions. His dark eyes sunk in compared to the dark circles under them, his skin was paler than normal and as you approached him you saw the dried tears on his pink cheeks. 


You bent down so you were at his eyes level and you could smell the whiskey that radiated off him just like his heart break.

“Hello (Y/N). Hows the hand? Oh and the single life.”

He stumbled out the words and you let out a sigh. He was drunk and you hated seeing him like this.

“Sirius. What are you doing? First you almost get into a fight and now your drinking?”

He placed the bottle back to his oink lips and took another drink. You watched the brown liquid slide out of the bottle and his throat gulp bringing it into his system. He pulled the bottle away and looked at you. 

“Why do you care? You broke up with me! Remember?”

“Sirius. I’ll always care about you.”

“Then why did you leave me?!”

His voice boomed and filled the long bridge you two occupied before he stood quickly dropping the cigarette and placing his boot over it while throwing the bottle of whiskey against the opposite wall. Tears filled your eyes as he paced back and forth, his strong hand tugging at his dark hair.

“W-why did you leave me (y/n)?”

His voice was quiet this time and he looked into your irises once you stood. Tears brimmed his eyes as hurt flooded them. You had never seen Sirius so distraught and it killed you. Burned you to the very core because you caused this. You loved Sirius more than anything and you had hurt him. At the time you told yourself it was to protect him but now you were thinking maybe you just wanted to protect yourself. You knew he deserved better, you knew you would hold him back but a part of you was also scared. You had never had anything real until you met Sirius and that terrified you so you did what you do best and ran.

“Let’s just get you back to your dorm Sirius.”

“(Y/N), please.”

“Your drunk. Sober up and you can ask me.”

Sirius nodded and began to walk away. You noticed the way he stumbled and knew he wasn’t making it far by himself. Quickly you collected your scarf and gloves and went to Sirius’s aid putting your arm around his torso as he put one around your shoulders leaning onto you slightly. You struggled slightly to get him to his dorm but at least you made it. With a deep breath you knocked on the door and moments after it was opened by a tired James.


“He’s drunk. I didn’t want to just leave him.”

James nodded and took Sirius from you, helping him to his bed. You waited in the hall, unable to move as you watched Sirius fall onto his bed and instantly fall asleep. You smiled slightly seeing his sleeping face. He looked so peaceful and for Sirius Black that said a lot.  James walked back to you and you gave him a shy smile. 

“Thank you (Y/N).”

You nodded. “Of Course.”

James gave you a small smile and closed the door. You waited for a minute before you walked back to your dorm with a heavy heart and an exhausted mind. Sleep came easy that night but your dreams were plagued with Sirius. His laugh, smile, hair, the smell of gasoline and cigarettes that seemed to followed him everywhere. Of course you didn’t know that Sirius was having the same dreams about you. 

The night had ended all to quickly and soon the bright rays of the sun pushed in to your dorm, burning against your tired eyelids. The heat that followed felt good on your exposed skin, it caused a great contrast against the cold air that filled the room. With a sigh you got up and threw on a sweater and jeans before walking out of your dorm and to the courtyard. You didn’t have class today so you thought a walk might clear your clouded mind. 

You shivered at the contact of the cold air on your skin and you could feel the pink tint resurface to your cheeks and nose from the cold. You ignored it and walked peacefully until you felt a hand grab your upper arm. Turning around you turned to see Sirius. He was cleaner than last night. His hair was brushed back slightly and he looked like he had bathed, the smell of whiskey was gone and now replaced with the smell of gasoline and cigarettes than you would hate on anyone but him. His eyes held a look of  hurt and determination in them. 

“Tell me.”


“You told me last night to sober up and ask you. I’m asking you now. Why did you leave me?”

“I didn’t think you would remember that.”

“(Y/N). Please. I need to know why.”

You moved your arm from his grip and progressed forward, now away from the other students that littered the courtyard. Sirius followed closely, determined to find out why. You stopped on a grass hill and ran your hands through your hair while Sirius looked at you again with intensity in his eyes.

“Tell me why (Y/N).”

“Sirius it doesn’t matter why.”

“Yes it does! Of course it does! For once just tell me the truth!”

His voice was loud and you could hear him falling apart. You could feel how he felt, like he did something wrong. You hated it because he was perfect, always had been. It was you who was the problem. 

“I’m not good enough for you.”

The words dripped off your lips softly and you saw a look wash over his face. You couldn’t tell what it was. Relief? Hurt? It was a mystery to you.

“I never have been.”

You added with a soft  voice before sitting on the plush green grass as you tried to steady your shaky breath. Sirius lowered to his knees and looked at you while simultaneously grabbing your hand. 

“How could you even say that (Y/N)?”

“Because it’s true Sirius!”

You stood once again trying to get away from his touch. 

“I mess things up! I always have and you are just so amazing. I left you because I didn’t deserve you!”

“That’s not true (y/n)!”

“Yes it is! I’m a screw up and you were finally happy, I couldn’t hold you back. Breaking up with you was the most painful thing I have ever done but I had to let you go. I’m not funny, not as pretty as the other girl who look at you, I’m nothing Sirius. That isn’t going to change! I will always be there for you, always care about you but I can’t be with you because you deserve better.”

Hot tears ran down your cheeks and you let out a small sob. Sirius stood and put his hands softly on your face making you look at him through your blurred vision. His thumb ran over your cheek taking some stray tears with it. 

“You are not a screw up. You are hilarious and breath taking. You are everything I have ever wanted. The only person I want. Without you I am nothing.”

You ripped you face from his hands and looked down again. You didn’t believe his words and he knew that he needed to be more stern. You always had been stubborn. 

“Look at me (y/n).”

You shook your head in response moving away from him slightly, trying to fight the urge to run.

“(Y/N). Look at me!”

You lifted your head to met his gaze as his volume rose. He took steps towards you again and you stayed glued to the floor.

“I love you. I always have and I always will. You are it for me and even if you can’t see how utterly amazing you are that’s fine I’ll do it for you. You are the best thing in my life and whether you want to believe it or not, it doesn’t matter. I adore you, you make me see the light even on my darkest days. Every small smile you crack or laugh you let out has me dying inside because I can’t believe you are real. I love you so much it actually hurts. Please don’t give up on me. Don’t give up on us. I need you and I always will.”

The air left your lunges and you looked at him with a curios look. No one had ever said anything like that to you before. No one had told you they needed you. You had never felt as needed as you had with him which made you feel guilty for leaving him. Taking steps forward you put your arms around his torso and held him close. Tears left your eyes and sobs shock your body.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

He pet your back as you cried in his chest and waited for you to calm down before he spoke again.

“Don’t apologize for being human (y/n). We all feel like that sometimes. But I do need you to do one thing.”

You looked in his eyes and titled your head. He brought down a hand and cupped your cheek.

“Be mine again.”

You nodded slightly and smiled lovingly at him. 

“Of course.”

He smiled and out his other hand on your other cheek before leaning in and pressing his lips to yours. Sparks ignited like any other time you kissed only this time it was different. There was so much love, so much passion. You had an unspeakable bond and you both understood how you felt. The kiss came to a stop when you pulled away to speak.

“I love you Sirius Black.”

“And I love you (y/n) (y/l/n).”

You pressed your lips back to his and felt a wave of relief pass over you. You had him back and that was all that mattered. 

You were at piece for he was your forever and you were his always. 

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Red Dress-Sirius Black Imagine

Request: Could you write a marauders era Sirius black X reader kinda a song imagine and the song is RED DRESS by magic! 

Warnings: none

Hope you all enjoy! xo

“What about this one?” Y/N asked for the hundredth time that night, emerging from her closet with a sigh. She wore a black dress that hugged her waist, flowing out to hang loosely around her knees. Lily looked up from her book, crinkling her nose.

“No, it’s too…plain,” she replied. 

“This is the only one I have left! I should’ve been ready half an hour ago!” Y/N huffed, stomping her foot and leaning her head back against the wall dramatically.

“Don’t mess up your hair!” Lily scolded, standing from the bed and walking over to the closet. “I’m sure you have something else.”

“I’ve practically torn my whole wardrobe apart, Lil. It’s hopeless.” Y/N sighed, angrily kicking away a few dresses that she had strewn across her bedroom floor. Lily sifted through the closet, shifting hangers to the side until she reached the very end. Her eyes lit up, and she grabbed a hanger with a red gown on it.

“How about this one?” she asked eagerly.

“I bought that a while ago, but I just haven’t found the right occasion for it,” Y/N replied. 

“This is the perfect time, go put it on!” Lily exclaimed, shoving the dress into Y/N’s arms and pushing her back into the closet. When she stepped out a few minutes later, Lily’s jaw dropped. The dress had a plunging neckline, and the shiny silk hugged her curves in all the right places. The gown draped elegantly to the floor, a slit running down her leg displaying her new silver stilettos.

“How do I look?” Y/N asked sheepishly, twirling slightly.

“You look gorgeous! Sirius is going to go crazy!” Lily yelled, squealing excitedly.

“You really think so?” Y/N replied, her cheeks flushing.

“I know so! Go get him,” Lily said, winking at her best friend before pushing her towards the door. 

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