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hear that? that’s the sound of my whole soul burning into pieces along with my heart breaking and my eyes becoming an eternal waterfall.

Puppy Love

The Great Hall - Hogwarts, 1975

Remus: You haven’t been in classes all morning.

Sirius: Look, unless I can convince both my parents and the rest of the pureblood wizarding community I’m a raging homosexual, this arranged marriage is going ahead as soon as I turn 17.

Sirius: …than have to marry Bellatrix -

Sirius: Half the school already think we have heart eyes for each other. It won’t be that hard to convince them we’re getting funky -

Remus: …no more than a month. Maximum.

Remus: There’s going to be tragic break-up scene. In public. Where I slap you.

Remus: I could never take that title from you, Padfoot.

Remus: When, exactly, does this “relationship” of ours kick off?

To be continued…

Remus played by the wonderful @lupinaesthetic <3

Harmless Joke (Young Sirius Black x reader-- drabble)

A/N: thank god for study halls lmao also my smol wolfstar heart played a v tiny part in this 🌚

#4: “I’m too sober for this.”
#28: “How drunk was I?”

word count: 493 (i had way too much fun w this)
warnings: underaged drinking

Sirius says that he can hold his liquor, but everyone knows that he can’t. He has no idea what his limit is and it seems like he goes from completely sober to absolutely shitfaced in the blink of an eye. He never listens to you when you try to cut him off.

There was a big quidditch celebration happening in the Gryffindor common room, as always. You and Remus are talking about a book that you just finished at his recommendation. You thoroughly enjoyed it and so The two of you were deep in conversation, revolving around something Padfoot cared nothing for. “I’m too sober for this,” he sighs as he takes his hand off your thigh to go find an alcoholic beverage of some sort. You roll your eyes at him and continue your chat.

So, Sirius is on his third bottle of fire whiskey, which is where you usually tell him to stop. You give him a scolding look as he reaches for his fourth. He merely scoffs and shrugs you off.

Your jaw locks as you make eye contact with James from across the room. He chuckles and mouths the word, “Padfoot?” and you nod. Prongs motions you over.

“My boyfriend is a real asshole, you know that?” you sigh as you approach.

He laughs, “Oh yes, I’m well aware. I was thinking, why don’t we play a harmless joke on our, soon to be, incredibly intoxicated friend?”

“What did you have in mind?” you grin.

The next morning, you wake up, far earlier than Sirius. He’s quite the heavy sleeper, so you seamlessly slip out of his arms and give Remus a tap. You let him in on the joke, as well. Moony slips off his shirt and shimmies his way into Padfoot’s grip where you had just been. The three of you that are awake are trying not to burst out into laughter.

“Okay, okay. Be asleep,” James shushes you as he pulls you into his bed and wraps his arms around you. “That’s your cue, Rem.”

You feign sleeping whilst Remus swipes hair out of your boyfriend’s face. “Good morning, sleepyhead.”

“Morning- oh my- oh my god! Oh my-” Sirius’s face fills with panic and horror. “How drunk was I?! Moony, what are you- why are you-” He’s jumped out of bed. “JAMES POTTER- GET THE HELL AWAY FROM MY GIRLFRIEND!!!!”

“Wha- oh,” James’s grip loosens around you; your head is still buried in his chest, hiding your smile. “Well, you were with Remus. I just figured that Y/N was free for the night.”

You can no longer stifle your laughter and you flip over to face your boyfriend. “Listen to me when I tell you to stop drinking!” you demand between your giggles.

“So, I didn’t- and you didn’t..?” he trails off, the gears in his brain spinning.

“No, you dumbass.” You get off of James. “Now, go take a shower. You reek of booze.”

i made a thing of remus and sirius being all cute

okay but sirius would have done anything to get remus’ attention and sometimes he’d pretend to get hurt in the most ridiculous ways like

“that’s ketchup padfoot”

“MOO NY LOOK at this black eye james punched me in the fACE”
sirius lily will kill you if you keep using her eyeshadow”

“rem look, someone ATTACKED ME my shirt is torn and so is my hEART”
“oh you poor baby i didnt know you had a heart”

“madam pomfrey told me i only had three weeks to live”
“thank merlin i’ll be free of you soon”

“oh shit-” *trips* “moony you were supposed to cATCH ME”
“oops my bad”

(but obvs when sirius actually did get hurt remus would coddle and pamper the shit out of him tbh yup)

Wolfstar AU where Remus is a big film director and he’s working on a film, and Sirius is a film star who is starring in Remus’ film

And Remus can’t take his eyes off him while they’re shooting because god, he’s so beautiful, and so talented, and he wants nothing more than to yell cut and have his wicked way with him off set

But he can’t (because “God, Remus, you’re supposed to be a professional”), so he instead ends up unable to focus on anything but Sirius Black’s lips while they’re rolling, and almost always forgets to say cut at the end of a take because he’s in a daydream

But enough is enough, because if this movie goes well, it could do loads for Remus’ career, and he’s not going to let some pretty boy ruin that for him with his chiseled features and shiny hair! 

So instead he starts to criticise every little thing Sirius does, because its better than before, and if he’s constantly shouting at him, there is no time for inappropriate thoughts

“Louder, Black. This film is intended for humans.”

“I’ve seen more emotion in my sandwich at lunch!”

“Sirius, you’re supposed to be sad, not constipated.”

And it’s all a lie, because everything Sirius damn Black does is so fucking perfect, but it does help Remus a little

Sirius however, is fuming, and most days end with Sirius and Remus having shouting matches after almost everyone else has gone home

And Remus is like “Oh yeah, well if you’re so pissed then why don’t you just leave?”

And Remus is always terrified of his response because on one hand, Sirius leaving would be fantastic because Remus could actually focus on the film rather than his arse, but on the other, he really does not want Sirius to leave the film

But as always, Sirius merely glares at him and scowls before storming off the set and going home (because Sirius feels the same way about pernickety director who won’t shut up and has no real intentions of leaving)

And then one day, where Remus is extremely tired and nothing seems to be going right, and his female lead is even more annoying than usual, they film the kiss scene

And no matter how many takes they do (every one more painful than the last), the chemistry just isn’t right and no amount of shouting from Remus does anything at all

So something snaps inside him, and he goes “Oh for fuck’s sake” and gets up off his seat and grabs a fistful of Sirius’ shirt and kisses him

And its even better than anything Remus has been imagining for weeks

And when he pulls away, he says “More like that next time”, and walks back and sits back down in his seat

And everyone is speechless for a moment, including Sirius whose face is unreadable

But Remus shouts again and they’re back to filming, and he can’t focus on the scene any more because oh god, he’s ruined the film and he was going to have to look for another job, because you CAN’T JUST KISS ATTRACTIVE FILM STARS REMUS

And there is absolutely no way they’re getting the scene shot that day, because on top of everything else, Sirius has now forgotten all of his lines and blocking and every take is awful

So Remus sends them all home for the day and he puts his face in his hands because he is an idiot, a total idiot

And Sirius waits behind, no doubt to shout at Remus again because just what did he think he was doing kissing him and it was so unprofessional and honestly what even makes him think he’d want to kiss him anyway

But instead, when Remus gets up, he’s met with Sirius’ lips on his, and oh god, its even better the second time round, and Remus is too caught up in it to care whats happening

And finally Sirius pulls away with a grin on his face, and Remus almost swoons, and Sirius goes “like that?”

And Remus smiles back and shrugs “you could use a bit more practice”

And Sirius chuckles and kisses him again

And Remus is finally able to concentrate on his film, which goes on to be highly successful and win lots of awards and they end up living in a massive mansion with lots of babies and they live happily ever after the end

I forget that people think Sirius Black is straight… 

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*causally moves arm from around boyfriend*

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*stands at the door like the two gay uncles who have invited you over for their christmas celebration*

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*insert campy ‘reunited and it feels so good’ lyrics*

Like, how can you look at Sirius “You know the man you truly are, Remus! This heart is where you truly live! This heart! Here! This flesh is only flesh!” Black and think ‘yes. that is one straight heterosexual male my friends. Straight as an arrow, that one. Nothin’ gay here guys. Only the straightest of the straight can clutch the heart of their not-boyfriend and look into his eyes while begging him to remain human for a moment longer”…..

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So a thought came to mind when I read this post I saw on Facebook obviously transferred from tumblr. When the dementor comes in as Remus is sleeping he is no doubt blasted with memories from his youth, what if for a second when he opened his eyes and saw James face staring back at him he thought it had all been a horrible dream. That his best friends weren’t dead or in prison. That the war hadn’t started and they were just headed back to hogwarts for another year. The hope he would have felt at that moment would have been astronomical, till he saw lily’s eyes staring out at him from James face. Using that hope to expell the dementor even though his heart was likely sinking as the hope faded from him and he realized it hadn’t been a dream at all.

My Heart I Surrender ||| Lucius Malfoy

‘And I can’t count the times.
I stayed awake pretending you were mine.
Now I’m left here with this emptiness inside,
Why can’t I make you mine?’

Lucius x Reader, Remus x Reader


Lucius sat in front of you with the rest of the blood purists, sending stinging hexes to muggleborns as they walked past. You narrowed your eyes, pulling out your wand and hitting him with a stingng hex yourself. You bit back a smirk as he yelped in pain, swerving around in his chair. He glared at Sirius Black, who sat in the seat beside you, anger radiating off of him.

“Watch your back Sirius,” he growled, pointing his want threateningly at him.

Sirius barked a laugh, turning to look at you, “can you believe this slimeball?”

“I know, you’d think he thought it impossible for someone in his house to be the one to hit him,” you giggled innocently, sending a small glance at the blonde before you.

“He even threatened me and all, we can’t let that slide right Prongs?” Sirius smirked, turning to his left and raising an eyebrow at James Potter.

“Of course not Pads,” James replied, his smirk matching his adopted brother. They both turned to look at Lucius, their eyes glinting with mischief.

“You both think you’re untouchable,” he scoffed, rolling his eyes before turning his attention to you. “We will talk about your behavior later.”

“I’m shaking in my skirt,” you snorted, motioning for him to turn around. “Bye bye now.”

“You gonna be okay later?” Sirius whispered into your ear when Lucius turned around, his hand on your shoulder soothingly.

“I’ll be fine, and if not well,” you trailed off, shrugging carelessly. “Besides, you have a big date with Mr. Lupin tonight do you not?”

“You know Rem would understand if it meant helping out our little sister,” Sirius waved you off, a small smile on his lips.

“I’m only a few minutes younger than James!” You protested, shoving his shoulder gently.

“Yes, but I’m still the older more attractive twin,” James smirked, leaning across Sirius to boop your nose.

“And I’m the hottest of us three, so you both lose,” Sirius boasted, puffing up his chest.

“Shut up you poof,” James snickered, receiving a scolding from McGonagall.

“Back to the lesson,” you muttered, picking your abandoned quill back up.

You walked into the Slytherin common room, your face schooled into a look of indifference. You barely made it ten steps in before Lucius was invading your personal space. He backed you against the wall, everyone else pretending they didn’t see what was going on. You rolled your eyes, looking up at him dangerously.

“Why do you insist on making this so hard on yourself?” He whispered, his words surprising you. You blinked, trying to figure out why he wasn’t yelling, or hexing you. “I don’t enjoy having to punish you, you realize that don’t you?”
“What are you playing at?” You spoke slowly, narrowing your eyes in suspicion.

He let out a huff of annoyance, gripping your wrist gently and tugging you behind him. You fought him at first before he tightened his grip, essentially dragging you up the stairs to his room. You turned on him, glaring daggers as he pushed you into the room, slamming the door behind him.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” You snapped, clenching your fists tightly as you felt your rage bubbling up inside of you.

“You! You’re so good all the time, and it fucks me up!” He roared, stepping into your personal space. “You always stand up for the mudbloods and I hate it! Why can’t you hate them? It would be so much easier if you would just-”

“If I just what? Be like you?” You growled, poking his chest roughly. “Bow down to some Dark Lord and hurt innocent people that are twice the wizard you are? I think I’ll pass.”

“Why the hell did it have to be you?” He sighed, his voice sounding defeated, broken. He stepped away from you, running a hand through his short blonde hair.

“Excuse me?” You asked, taken aback by the sudden mood change.

“Why did I have to fall in love with you?”
 You stared at him, your words dying in your throat. You searched for something to say, anything other than gaping at him. You winced inwardly as he scoffed, biting his lower lip and looking up at his ceiling. “Forget it, get the fuck out.”

“You can’t just say something like that after everything you’ve done and expect me to know what to say,” you tried to defend yourself, still trying to process exactly what he said. Lucius clenched his jaw in frustration, exhaling deeply through his nose.

“We can’t all have families that let us be whoever we want to,” his voice was emotionless, but you knew it was hurting him to admit it. You stepped forward, taking his hand in yours gently.

“Sirius’ family didn’t accept him either, but his friends did,” you began rubbing your thumb across the top of his hand, keeping your voice soft as you spoke. “He found James, who let him move in with him just last year after Walburga finally pushed him too far, you can still change Lucius. You wouldn’t be alone.”

“And have my family hate me? Have a hit on my head for the rest of my life? You’re fucking insane Y/N,” he scoffed, pulling his hand from yours. “I didn’t want to be part of this in the start, but now I do.”

“To think that I used to be in love with you,“  you shook your head, hot tears beginning to roll down your cheeks as you laughed. "You fucked all of that up with this pureblood shit, and now you’ve finally done it. I’m don’t with you Lucius Malfoy.” With that you turned on your heel, leaving his dorm room.

- twelve years later, Platform 9 ¾ -

You laced your fingers through Remus’, giving his hand a soft squeeze. Harry walked in front of you, pushing his trolley while he spoke excitedly to one of the Weasley twins.

“James and Lily would have loved this, seeing him off,” you whispered, smiling sadly.

“They’re watching somehow, they wouldn’t miss this, and you know James nothings going to stop him,” Remus chuckled fondly, brushing his thumb across the top of your hand. “Add in Lily’s brain and they’ll find a way.”

You laughed quietly, leaning your head on his shoulder as the boys came to a stop in front of you. You heard Molly yelling for her children to board the train, watching multiple mops of red hair stop for a hug from her. You smiled down at Harry as he turned to the two of you, pulling him in for a quick hug. As you pulled away, you felt a pair of eyes burning into your back. Chancing a look over your shoulder, you saw him.

Lucius’ eyes met yours, something flickering in them before he regained his composure and sent you a soft glare. You rolled your eyes, turning back to watch the train pull off. Remus moved his arm around your shoulder, pulling you closer to him.

“I love you, did you know that?” He whispered against the side of your head, pressing a light kiss to your temple.

“Why else would you have married me?” You teased, smirking up at him.
Remus pursed his lips, glaring down at you playfully. “I love you too.”

“You better,” he said, tilting your chin up with his finger. He leant down, pressing a loving kiss to your lips. You smiled against his lips, returning the kiss.

You were happy. Remus may not have been your first love, but he was the only one that held your heart now. You had Harry, who reminded both of you so much of James and Lily, and even a bit of Sirius, he made you happy. You may have lost three best friends that night, but you gained so much too.

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fnsjdk okay favourite fictional characters umm well tonks (lmao) (obviously) // chandler bing (urghghh my soulmate) (from friends btw) // gansey the third (who is my secret love affair) ~ i'm on my computer so i can't use emojis but my fav would either be the double hearts or the cat with hearts for eyes, i can't decide, i love them both too much :)

Thank you!

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want one?

Kiss Me // Ed Sheeran ~ Falling In Love With The Boy

And my heart’s against your chest, your lips pressed to my neck

I’m falling for your eyes, but they don’t know me yet

And with a feeling I’ll forget, I’m in love now

Y/N s view

I opened the Daily Prophet and gasped. This eyes. I hadn’t seen them in a while. My heart started to race automatically. There hasn’t past a day when I hadn’t thought about that boy, no now he was a man. I never forgot him. “What’s that sis?”, Remus asked looking over my shoulder “Padfoot escaped?”, he asked and started to read while the lines of the newspaper started to blur in my view. I remembered that day like it had been yesterday when they hat imprisoned Sirius. Like Remus I was still sure about Sirius not telling Voldemort where his best friends were and not killing Peter but the evidence showed another view. “Can’t believe he really made it out.”, Remus said and fell to the chair next to me. “Me neither.”, I answered. My eyes still fixing the photo of Sirius. He looked nothing like the boy that nearly laid half the girls of Hogwarts. I smiled when I remembered all the time we had spent together.

“Hey sweetie.”, Sirius laughed when he came around the corner. I smiled back but as always couldn’t say a word when he was just close to me. This boy was making my brain stop working. “Not very talkative today huh?”, he laughed, his fingers stroking my cheek. “Hey Padfoot better get your hand off my sister.”, Remus said laying his arm around my waist. We all knew what Sirius did with all the girls and Remus, as my older brother, just wanted to protect me. “Everything’s fine Moony. I was just saying hello. Right sweetie?”, I simple nodded. “But I got to go now. Cindy is waiting for me.”, a big smile on his face, but my heart breaking into pieces since I fell for Sirius the day when Remus had all his friends over at our house and we went swimming at the lake. Sirius was all gentle and protecting when the boys from the neighborhood started to pick on me again. “Come on Y/N let us go.”, Remus said pushing me down the hallway.

The Christmas ball was coming and I still hoped for Sirius to ask me out. The last weeks we had spent much time together because Remus took me with him and his friends. We were at Hogsmead, I was sitting with them at the common room and got them out of some serious problems when they plaid tricks on Filch. When I was around Sirius wasn’t watching any other girl and I felt like he might like me. I came to the common room witnessing Sirius being surrounded by at least five girls. I fell to the couch next to Remus and Peter both watching their friend talk to all these girls. “So do you got a date?”, Remus asked, I looked up and shook my head “You?” “Yeah Amy Miller.”, he said and I started to smile “That’s good!” “So we need to find someone for you.” “I can deal with that on my own.”, I laughed when Sirius came over “Miss Turner said yes.”, he smiled brightly. Breaking my heart again.

In the end I went with some boy from Hufflepuff who only wanted to make his ex-girlfriend jealous. It worked. So I sat alone at the stairs, feeling badly about myself when I felt a hand on my shoulder. “Hey sweetie. Why so sad?”, Sirius asked sitting next to me. And again my brain stopped working. “Did your date drop you?”, he asked and saw the boy going off with his ex-girlfriend. “What an idiot.”, he said “Where is Missy?”, I asked being surprised I could talk to him. “You can talk.”, he laughed and then looked at me “I should have asked someone else.”, he smiled and draw out his hand towards me “Want to dance sweetie?” “Yeah.”, I smiled.

I would never forget that night. But now I had nothing more than the memory of it and a picture of us two smiling. I sighed. It had been quite too long since I last saw him. That night I couldn’t sleep that well. I had to think about Sirius. I felt how much I missed him. He was the best man I ever met and no other ever got into my heart. My heart was always with Sirius.

Sirius view
I smiled when I pulled out the picture. It had been with me since the day it was made. Smilingly I was standing next to the girl I never got over. She was one of the girls I never slept with because I respected her and of course Remus too much. Y/N. She had been the smartest, funniest and most beautiful girl I ever met. I sighed. We haven’t met in such a long time. I nearly forgot how she looked. If I havn’t had the photo I would probably had. Now that I was searching for Peter I thought about her so much. Maybe I could see her again one day.

I heard a soft sobbing when I came back from my very special date with Tina. “Is somebody here?”, I asked looking through the dark common room. Again a sobbing. I went towards it and saw Y/N sitting at the ground, her knees pulled to her chest. “Hey sweetie. What happened?”, I sat next to her but she pushed me away. Questioningly I looked at her “Just leave me Black got that?”, she snarled. “What did I do sweetheart? Did I hurt you?” “Just leave.”, she said tears running down from her beautiful eyes “But sweetie talk to me!” “Don’t call me like you call all your bitches.”, she groaned, than stood up and left. I sat there for quite a while. What did I do that she hated me so much? I really liked Y/N but she still was Remus younger sister and I didn’t want to hurt her in anyway. But somehow I did without me noticing. But I swore something to myself. That day I stopped dating girls.

There were only two weeks of school left and still Y/N wasn’t talking to me. So I made up my mind and tried to find her. She was sitting next to Remus in the library. “Hey Y/N. Can we talk?”, I asked. She looked up glaring at me. “What?”, she said “Alone.”, I added. She stood up and followed me. “So again, what?” “I… I just wanted you to know I stopped dating all these girls. I just wanted you to know.”, I saw her face lightning up. She was cute. She had always been even if she was kind of awkward sometimes. She really seemed to like me but she would never tell me. Sometimes she wouldn’t even talk when I was around. “Ok sweetie? And by the way you are the only girl I call sweetie.”, I softly touched her face before leaving.

The order of Phoenix was fighting but my eyes were all on Y/N. She was fighting with us and no doubt she was one of the mightiest witches of our time but I was scared about her. I was scared she could get hurt. I ran over to her, protecting her, fighting at her side. “Are you alright sweetie?”, I asked through all the noise “Sure. Are you getting sleepy Padfoot?”, she smiled while making some death eaters explode. “You are good.” “I know.”, she became more self confident since we left school and she showed how well she was fighting against all these death eaters. It seemed she only needed something to boost it.

And than horror started to chase me. James and Lily were killed and everyone thought it was me how made Voldemort find them. But I knew who truly did it. Peter! When I went to talk to him he played his own death and brought me to Azkaban. Little rat! I never had the chance to explain or to tell Y/N a last goodbye before the horror of my life started.

Y/N’s view

Two years had past since Sirius escaped from Azkaban and still not a word from him. I thought he would at least come and visit me but I didn’t not even get a letter of him. “Hey Y/N I’ve got some news for you. Pack your things. The order is coming back to life.”, he smiled. My heart started racing. The order had been the breaking point of my life. When I was in the order I became someone. I was good at fighting death eaters. Now getting back to it made me pretty nervous.
We reached an old dark house. “Where are we?”, I asked “You will see.”, he said mysteriously. Dumbledore let us in “Remus we need to talk. Y/N take your time, look through the house. We need to know what is in here. You are as talented with the dark arts as your brother so maybe you can see what you can do.”, I nodded and left my bag in the hall. I decided to start in the room that was at the highest floor. So I walked up many stairs until I reached the room. “Sirius” was written on the plate pinned to the door. I smiled. This must have been the old Black House. My hands started to shake when I opened the door.

My heart started to race. Everything smelt like Sirius and it brought tears to my eyes. I sat down on his bed looking at all these photos pinned to the wall. “I miss you so much.”, I whispered looking at the pictures. “I missed you too sweetie.”, a dark voice answered. I jumped around just to see Sirius standing in his room. He smiled at me. “Padfoot!”, I gasped jumping from the bed. But then I didn’t know what to say. My brain stopped working like the old days. But I didn’t need to do anything. Sirius pulled me into his arms. “I forgot how beautiful you are.”, he said, pushing my chin up.

Sirius changed a lot. He became much older. His hair had many grey  parts and his eyes weren’t as shiny as they were back in the old days but to me he still was the most beautiful man. I ran my fingers over his cheek.

Sirius view

She was more beautiful than I remembered. No she was not only beautiful but stunning! I pulled her closer and felt my heart racing. My hand stroked through her hair. “ You know what? There is something I always wanted to do.”, I said lifting her chin again. And then after fifteen long years I placed my lips on hers. Softly and caring, trying to put all my feelings in this kiss. I had waited much too long for this moment.  And as it seemed she waited for it as well. She pushed herself towards me. Kissing me with passion. She bit my lip and made me moan a little bit. It made me want more of here. Yes she was still Remus younger sister and she was still the girl I wouldn’t want to hurt. But she wasn’t a little girl anymore. She could decide on her own if she wanted to do it or not.

I pulled her with me to my bed. She made me forget all the things laying in my past. She was the reason to life for. She was the reason why I made it through Azkaban. She wrapped her legs around my waist when I laid her on the sheets of my bed. She pulled me closer, making me moan again. Her body was perfection and now I was finally allowed to run my hands over it. “You are perfect you know that?”, I asked between the kisses looking at her. She smiled. My lips made their way down her neck. I couldn’t wait any longer. I started to pull off her clothes. Her hands pulled my hair softly while I left kiss marks all over her soft skin.

My lips found her bottom lips and I started to slowly kiss her. Now it was her part to moan. “Sirius.”, was the only word coming over her lips now. My hands lay soft on her hips, pushing her down to the bed while making her feel all the love I felt for her. “Sirius.”, my name dropped from her lips like the most beautiful thing in the world. “I want you.”, she snarled. And I looked up to her. Her look was filled with lust and passion. She wanted me and I wanted her. I pulled myself up on her. “You really want that?”, I asked and she nodded “I never wanted anything more than this.”, she answered.

Slowly I pushed myself into her making us both moan in pleasure. She felt amazing. “Oh god Y/N!”, I groaned. Pushing me deeper into her. I slowly made my pace become faster while her fingernails were running all over my back. The scratch marks would make a nice memory of this perfect moment with this perfect woman. I started to take her harder until I couldn’t take that feeling any longer. I was so close to my climax looking deep into her eyes. “You are beautiful.”, I said pushing me inside her. She seemed to be pretty close to her end as well when she just looked back at me. I felt the climax coming and there was only one thing I wanted to say. “I love you Y/N.”, I said moaning. She was laying underneath me. She even looked more beautiful when she climaxes. Her body was aching and that was all because of me.

“What did you say?”, she asked. Curling herself up next to me under the blanket “I love you.”, I said smiling, kissing her forehead. When suddenly the door of my room opened. “Y/N? Wow! Couldn’t you put a sock to your door knob like you used to back in the old days?”, Remus said “And hey break my sisters heart and I’m going to break your bones.”, he said winking at Y/N. “I won’t hurt my sweetie.”, I answered smiling.   

I hope you like it anon :)