hearts in my eyes because their relationship is just beautiful

It’s come to my attention that some people have yet to see Firefly. I feel the need to spell out precisely why this is something that needs to be fixed as soon as possible (in short, it’s the characters. Because of course it’s the characters). With pictures. Which are not mine, but gathered from all over the internets. Okay? K.

1. If you don’t ship these two, I’m pretty sure it’s just because you haven’t seen them yet. Really. Look at these heart eyes and tell me you don’t ship this. I dare you.

2. Awesome female friendships

3. The best sibling relationship other than Oliver and Thea that I’ve ever seen on television. I swear, I hope my kids grow up, they love each other like Simon and River love each other or like Oliver and Thea do. 

4. Dinosaurs (or more specifically, Wash and his dinosaurs. Or just Wash. And his dry, dry beautiful sense of humor)

5. Arguably the most badass person on the show is a wife in a happy marriage and a veteran and second in command (to someone she’s not) married to and none of this is at all contradictory at all and hell yes to that

6. There’s an optimistic, colorful, young engineering genius who is a bit socially awkward but insanely loveable and if you don’t think she and Felicity would be BFFs inside of 5 minutes, I genuinely don’t understand

7. This jackass. He’s horrible. Literally, horrible. You shouldn’t like him, but god damn it he’s just so funny you can’t help it. The hat helps, too.

And… I rest my case. In summary… watching Firefly would be an excellent life choice for those of you who have not yet done so (and not a bad life choice to rewatch for those of you who have). 

But the thing is, I do have a chance with you. It isn’t like liking someone that is out of my league or is so horribly wrong for me. You are just right for me, and maybe you feel it to. I try not to dwell on that. Because if I do it makes me want to tell you, and if I tell you I would ruin the whole thing. Because the other thing is I have to wait for you. And I just know that you’re worth the wait.
—  (animoslty
Teach me to feel. Teach me what it feels like to have electricity underneath my skin. That it’s okay that my heart changes its rhythm every time you touch me. Look at me. Blush because of me.
Teach me to forget. Teach me how to forget that I ever learned to talk or walk without losing balance. Forget that I am clumsily put back together and might collapse if you put too much weight on me. That “I want you” and “I need you” are different than “I love you,” but sometimes they run together and sound the same.
Teach me how to count, using those freckles I’m dying to find. Teach me that strong arms can squeeze gently and hold lovingly. That losing my breath feels different than someone stealing my breath.
Teach me how to feel. Teach me how to kiss and forget. Forget what it feels like to not have you against me. Forget where my legs went. Teach me how.
—  Teach me how 1 plus 1 can equal 1.