hearts in my eyes and butterflies in my stomach about you

I promise you this, when you find your person you’ll know. Because you find them in every little thing you do and you picture doing everything with that one person. Every song becomes about them, every movie or tv show ends up being relatable to them. You start to feel more than just butterflies in your stomach but you get a feeling in your heart that makes everything feel as if it’ll all be okay. They’re voice is your new favorite sound and they’re eyes are your new favorite color. You can’t get enough of them in a day and you can’t picture anyone else by your side. Whether it’s miles or minutes apart you just know deep down that they are your person. And if you ever find that person, you’d be damned if you ever let them go.
—  Some personal shit

It was a few months after you left when my friend asked me.

“How did you know?”

“How did I know what?”

“That you loved him”

When she said that every single thing about you rushed back into my brain. It was like I was feeling all the pain for the first time again. But I answered anyway.

“It was the way the sound of his name made my stomach fill with butterflies. When he looked at me the whole world stood still. God those green eyes made it feel like we were the only people on earth. His touch electrified me. Lightning coursed throughout my veins filling every part of me with warmth. He made my heart feel like it was going to burst out of my chest. But it’s the pain he caused that makes me certain.”


“Because it wouldn’t hurt this much if I didn’t.”

—  excerpts from a book i’ll never write
I wonder if I ever cross your mind.
or if you stop to think about me.
or the number of times I pop into your head.
do you feel anything when I look at you right in the eyes?
how about butterflies in your stomach when my arm briefly brushes up yours?
does your heart ever skip a beat when I smile at you?
do you like it when I joke around with you?
have you ever wanted me wrapped tightly in your arms,
with your chin resting on my head,
and our fingers intertwined?
have you ever imagined us kissing in the darkness, alone in your car, with music softly playing in the background?
do you play scenarios of us in your head over and over again?
do I take up your thoughts before you fall asleep?
are you worried about us being miles and miles apart when school starts again?
I wish you knew how much I wanted to see you everyday.
I wish you knew how much I just wanted to kiss you every time we were alone together.
I wish you knew all the crazy thoughts passing through my mind whenever our eyes met.
I sure do wish you knew how madly I fell in love with you this summer.
—  i don’t have much time to see you anymore and I fucking miss you
Every time I see you, I start to smile, my heart beats faster and my stomach fills with butterflies. I can’t resist the way that I look into your eyes. I try to hide my feelings, but there’s no way to deny that you’re all I think about.

anonymous asked:

Hey, so.. I always knew I'm gay but I never fell in Love. The Problem is.. I have this Teacher and I started to like her very much. Everytime I see her,I feel my heart melting and it's so crazy! I sometimes dream about her and it's so difficult seeing her and knowing that i could never ever tell her my Feelings. Everytime i look into her eyes I feel butterflies in my stomach and this warm fuzzy Feeling. What should I do? I'm so hopelessly in love w/ her. :-( (sorry 4 my english,I'm german btw)

Your english is ok, don’t worry, i understood every your word and mine is not perfect either. Do you have a huge age difference? There’s no way to become friends with her or smth? If no, you should understand that even if you’ll try hard you won’t get any results. You should move on and you can’t spend your whole life thinking about her. Remember that theres a lot of people in this world and you’ll definitely find someone else. Everything around you is moving and changing and you should do it too. Also crushes are often fading with time so some time ago you’ll forget about her 

Little Sunshine | Naruto

prompt: You said you wanted some fluff. What about Naruto communicating with the baby in Hinata’s stomach? Like reading or talking to it? [Submitted by Anonymous]

prompt2: Sunshine - NaruHina Week Prompt.

pairing: Naruto ◊ Hinata

notes: This makes my heart so warm and full of butterflies. I love this prompt. :3 But I’m also going to turn this into my Day 1 NaruHina week prompt as well, so there’s that. 





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I remember the nights of sitting in my bed with the biggest smile on my face. I would shake with anticipation for the next text you would send me. I had butterflies in my stomach and a mind full of hope. Thinking about the first day I set my eyes on you still sends my heart racing. I would give anything to experience those nights again.
—  Letters for Her to Never Read // d.k
love is not about butterflies in your stomach,
it is about you
searching for my arms with pure reliance,
because you know i will fight them on a summer day
and see gold in your eyes
when you thank me.
love is not about kissing you under the starry night sky,
it is about you
being one of them, shining and singing
while i kiss your ribs, looking for ancient constellations
showing me my way home.
love is not about flowers without any occasion,
it is about seeing you in every sunflower
because your smile feels like yellow soft petals
covering my heart softly
when i cannot see colors and my cheeks taste like stormy sea.
love is not about me making you happy
it is about us
and thanking we found light in ourselves
dancing through the darkness while holding hands
and never letting go.

love is not me falling for you; love is me knowing that i am safe with you after the fall

(for my girl, my sun, my best friend @rhabbyv)

You had a charming smile that danced on your face,
And smooth words that flowed out of your mouth, and tricked me into believing that you loved me.
I was mesmerized by the brown curls that fell into your eyes
And the freckles that were sprinkled on your cheeks.
I never thought that someone so beautiful
Could be that deadly.

Without realizing it,
I fell for the guy that my mother always warned me about.
The guy that drinks and gets high to escape an all too harsh reality.
The guy that gets tattoos for the hell of it.
The guy that lets me choose the markings he gets etched into his skin.

I’m sorry, but I can’t help that whenever I think of him I get butterflies in my stomach that fly all the way up to my heart.
I’m sorry, but I can’t help that when he smiles I swear to god it lights me up from the inside out.
I’m sorry, but I can’t help that when I look into his hazel eyes and see hints of this sad, broken boy all I want to do is make him feel whole again and it breaks my heart because I know I never will.

After you spit your detrimental saliva down my throat your little sister came crying to you about how that boy broke her heart and although you were enraged, you continued to weaken every vein in my body with your venomous touch and I pleaded through my eyes to make you stop but I scratched your back instead. I guess we weren’t as beautiful as I thought we were and I suppose nothing about us was poetic, and I feel the ache that your little sister felt with every breath that I inhale and my heart bleeds a little more than it used to and I feel you screaming inside the pit of my stomach trying to escape but you turn into butterflies all over again every time I think of your eyes.
—  Our love was nothing less than catastrophic

“if he loves you, then why did he leave you?” i’ve been asked multiple times about this until i figured out on my own the same answer i’ve been wanting to hear

“i can still remember how he made me feel. the first time how he made my heart beats faster whenever he calls my name. i can still remember how he can easily make me feel the butterflies in my stomach whenever he’s around. his voice whenever he’s telling me how much he loves me, God knows how happy i am and feel so loved because of that… and i can still remember those gloomy eyes, those pair of eyes that one morning before he left without bidding his goodbye. i assume he didn’t mean it, he doesn’t want to leave. he didn’t even tell me the reason, i don’t know why and how it happened. i told myself, i can’t keep someone if he’s no longer happy with me. i’m not that selfish, maybe he’s no longer happy with me. i also thought that i’m not enough and he already found someone new. I waited in vain, i waited for an explanation, i waited for him to tell me his reasons, but all that’s left in me were scars and heartaches he caused. I am enough, i know, i am always enough and i hate how he made me feel that i’m not. i did everything but maybe, he just need to leave. maybe, he’s not meant to stay. maybe, i just need to accept the fact that people are like seasons, they’ll come whenever they have to and leave when they want to. they’re free to go anyway, it’s their choice. i will not stop them and i will not ask them to take me with them. i’ll open the door for them and wish them luck on their new journey and wish them happiness. that’s how you accept when someone left you and that’s how you set yourself free.

When I see you, I feel something’s strange inside of me. I always try to hide it but I just can’t pretend. You make my mind lose control and tremble. You make my heart beat faster and faster as you go near me. You give me a crazy and fluttery feeling.. which I love to feel. When you smile, I always melt. And the butterflies inside my stomach starts to glide. When I think about you, I always have a sudden rush on my face and shudder. And I can’t help myself from smiling. Whenever I’m with you, I can’t think and act straight, I always stutter and I feel a sensation inside of me. I constantly avoid to have an eye-to-eye contact with you. Because, I don’t want you to see how much you mean to me through my eyes. And whenever you’re around, you give me the feeling like I’m on the top of the clouds. No one ever made me feel like this before.. No one ever made me feel like I’m floating, so much excited and unable to breathe properly.. Maybe, I’m.. I’m in love with you.

it’s pretty fucking pathetic how much you still twist my stomach

you reach in with your eyes and lay you eggs which in turn become butterflies

and time after time I give into looking back at you

waiting for you to come to me, but I know it won’t happen

I’m not dumb, well not entirely, but I’m aware of my surroundings

I’m aware that the trees are starting to die
and so are my insides

I’m aware that it’s getting darker sooner
just like the bags under my eyes

I’m aware it’s getting colder outside
and so is my heart

I’m aware there are other ‘fish in the sea’
but fishing is something I never really enjoyed

the only thing I like about the sea anyways is how your eyes resemble it

I’m aware about spiders mating habits
but I’m not a fucking spider

I’m a human, and I loved you
but I guess you’ve found a new mate, but hopefully something evolves quick so the same doesn’t happen to them

—  me (on my ex)