hearts in art


Lay your hands on me again and I’ll show you exactly what happened to the last old man who touched my Sora’s body.” 

@destiny-islanders​ and I were discussing many headcanons. One of those headcanons being that Vanitas is still with Sora while he’s on Eos.This is what i consider Ardyn’s first warning. He doesn’t heed it, because Sora’s been pretty light weight so far, so the next few times he tries to mess with the guy Vanitas is instantly in control and absolutely lays waste to Ardyn fucking Izunia. He knows he cant kill him, but damn if he isn’t going to try.

Okay I’m on a roll with OCs today!! These are Andy’s moms (albeit a bit younger)! (●´ᆺ`●)

Enid, the one Andy takes after in terms of hair and skin color (as well as tenacity), is an enthusiastic space witch who meets the sort of goddess who unleashes the night sky in her dark hair and falls in love! (I uh,, haven’t really decided on a name for god mom) She eventually revokes her status as immortal and settles down with Enid to eventually raise Andy!