hearts for haiti

I hope you’ll tell her about me.

Whoever she ends up being, wherever you end up meeting her, I hope I am still important enough to be part of your backstory. I hope when she asks about your past, you do not think of who came before me.

I hope you immediately think of the petite blonde girl, smiling from ear to ear in your passenger seat, singing her favorite Taylor Swift songs to you. I hope you think about how she’s the reason you still have a few of them on your playlist.

I hope the girl who comes to mind is the one who wrote you letters for each day when you left on your mission trip. I hope you remember the way your heart ached because Haiti was so far away from her and your cell service didn’t work internationally. But those letters got you through the week and straight back into her arms.

When she says, “Did you love her?” I hope you remember the girl who had asked you that same question, and how you told her you did, but that she had reinvented the way you saw love. I hope you remember the girl that, in your mind, you saw as your first real love.

I hope you think of the girl with big, blue eyes who gleamed up at you as if you had stars in your own. I hope you remember how much she loved you.

Because that girl was me. And even if I am not the girl you spend your future with, I hope I am important enough to be part of your past.

—  excerpt from an unfinished book #76 // Letter I’ll never send - I hope you tell her about me

My stim toys that save my life:
From left to right
-super soft peep toy
-purple stress ball from school
-carpet samples (free!)
-slinky from school
-blue marble
-mood ring
-nyan cat and cylinder clay charms I made
-purple metallic tangle Jr.
-heart rock from Haiti
-snake puzzle
I really want to get some chewable sand stuff from stimtastic as well!