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It looks like they’re watching a horror movie, but it’s actually food network

I /almost/ missed @milasaraweek!!! Here’s day 1: Domestic/Future

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how u draw genji ??? He's so hard for me to draw i cry

This reply is late as heck, I was gonna draw something for it but I’m lazy as hell. But!

The key is to simplify!

I’ve never ever drawn Genji with all his details, and frankly I would probably throw myself into the sun if I did, because there are so many (which is one of the things that irks me about these character designs, but I digress).

You don’t draw every bit and piece of detail. You draw only what you need, which is the basic shape, and move on.

You don’t even have to put in a lot of effort, because all you’re basically doing is taking his existing model, and doing the bare minimum of drawing by removing details. And drawing him actually becomes really easy when you do that!! 

How much you simply is up to you, so you can make it closer on-model by including details, keeping the same shapes, and making proportions more realistic, or throw the details out the window for even more simplicity.

I hope that helps???

Also, bonus picture I made in Source Filmmaker that I was going to use as a reference but, again, l a z y

(You can use Source Filmmaker to make yourself references too!! Folks have added a bunch of Overwatch heroes.)

I haven’t played mystic messenger for some time now, but this game, these characters will forever hold a special place in my heart.

It may sound silly, but this game, and the unconditional love and support I got from these characters really got me through some tough times. I am forever grateful to Cheritz for creating such a wonderful game, and wonderful characters.

항상 사랑
Love always :)


HAPPY 15TH ANNIVERSARY! A couple days early, but wow KH is ready for its own quinceañera. I don’t think I could properly express how much in love I am with this franchise or I’d start crying. I’ve been in love with this series since I was in middle school, and I’m my third year of college, so I practically grew up with these questionably weird fun games. I’m proud of what I made since I was working on this and three other art class projects at the same time, and it still came out beautiful!

Interested in buying this, Wicked, or a commission? Please message me for details ^u^