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I lost someone in Manchester, and now seeing events unfold in London is hitting me hard. I am a true, hardcore Corbynista - the person I lost was the son if immigrants - and like, I'm devastated not only for victims/families but also because this will undoubtedly affect how people will vote and the support the us vs. them narrative in terms of immigration etc. My heart is breaking - I thought with Le Pen getting defeated the world was learning, but now I'm not sure.

I’m so sorry for your loss, anon. I (Mod H) live not too far away from Manchester myself, and I know that everyone around here was absolutely devastated when the attack happened. We live in a scary, fucked up world - but it’s important to see these tragedies as just that, not the vile xenophobic propaganda that some people have been spreading.

Stay safe, followers. Take care of yourselves, and each other.

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Why do you even keep watching and blogging about the show if you hate it so much??

See that’s the thing though. I don’t hate the show. I love it fiercely. I love Emma Swan and I love Killian Jones and I love their love story and I love this small town and magic and fairytales and Snow and Charming and Henry and adventures and sweeping romance and all the stories I loved growing up coming to life. I love this world. I love it so much.

Which is why seeing the show dip in quality has been so heartbreaking for me. And which is why, now, when they’re talking about a show recreation, I’m a bit more heartbroken. Because, yes, it could be something wonderful. But I’m in a bit of mourning for the show that could have been. In my mind, they’ve left so many stories untold. So many details we haven’t gotten to see. Why couldn’t we have had an actual arc where the biggest problem was where to get enough apple carts for the fall festival? Or a holiday episode where Elsa stuck around and used her magic to make an ice skating rink and Killian and Charming had a town wide, overly dramatic snowball fight? Why couldn’t we see family dinners or grocery shopping? Helping with homework and failed science experiments?

This show has always been special because it’s about something extraordinary in the ordinary. Fairy tale characters in our world. I think they lost sight of that, and it’s devastating for me.

I have loved this show so much, so please don’t think I hate it and all my posts come from a dark place within my heart. I’m just sad.

A Midnight Conversation


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I havent actually read it on here so i hope its alright

Kitty – Post Council meeting of around a week

All characters and setting belong to Cassandra Clare’s The Dark Artifices trilogy 

Kit took a shuddering breath. He had been careful not to leave his room in the house the Blackthorns, Emma, Cristina and himself had been assigned to in Idris unless absolutely necessary, and even if so to do quickly and when he was certain no one was around. 

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Ok, I’ll put the prologue of my fic of the Beauty and the Beast here, this in a test, english is not my language, so here will be many grammatical errors, I hope, however, that it will be understood and that can be enjoy it, If this have acceptance I will proceed to translate the rest of the chapters… 

Beauty and the Beast


“How else could a Beast prove his love?”

Let me tell you a story … But not a simple love story, a story about love, where beauty is something more than the physical … And love is the necessary cure, even for the coldest and most corrupt heart.

Once upon a time in a kingdom, in a castle, lived a King and his Queen, they had four children, three girls and one boy.

Kings named their son James Buchanan and educated him by teaching him the power of love and kindness.

 James had two friends, his best friend Steve Rogers and his other friend Alexander Pierce, the latter was like a rotten apple.

You see, Pierce longed for the kingdom, longed for the riches of the crown, was a manipulator and mostly manipulated the young prince at his whim, the young prince learned from this that the physicist was the most important and the lucky that he was for have a good looks, he learned that his selfish pride was a good thing.

Rogers was the opposite, he tried to advise the prince in a good way, to teach him kindness, that love was not just to notice a person because of his physical, which was much more…

And between these two, it was a constant war to become the “conscience” of the prince, until the tragedy…

There was a neighboring kingdom, a dark kingdom with a cruel King, it was a kingdom that envied their peaceful and kind neighbors, because their had fertile lands, good economy and a very prosperous kingdom.

For this reason, the tyrant king declared war on his peaceful neighbors.

King Barnes had no choice but to prepare his troops in defense of his lands and his people.

It was a war that lasted a few years, until a betrayal ended.

And that traitor was a young adolescent with longings of greatness and also friend of the young prince.

Alexander Pierce.

He, being a friend of the prince, had access to the whole castle, to every small passage, and as he had grown up in the castle thanks to his mother being the royal housekeeper until his death, Alexander knew the castle how he knew the back of his hand.

And for the riches and power offered him by the neighboring kingdom, he sold his own.

He taught the enemy the secret passages, like entering and leaving without being seen and he in change would have riches and a place of honor in court.

And it was one night, when the neighboring kingdom attacked the kings directly.

It was a massacre that kingdom would not forget.

The castle burned with flames, the good and kind kings were brutally murdered along with two of their daughters, the youngest daughter was barely saved by the speed of the royal guards and that her room was the furthest from the fire, her only son, Prince James, was taken prisoner by the enemy…

The young prince could not be saved from the clutches of the enemy, that day he not only lost his family, his kingdom, his life, he had lost his arm too, for when the castle was on fire, a beam fell from the ceiling catching his left arm, the enemy got it that way, trapped by the beam and saw his chance to have it.

However, the enemy made him a new arm, for it was a kingdom that had some scientists at his disposal, mostly to build lethal weapons, but this time they used his wits to build a new arm, for Pierce, now a future heir to that tyrannical kingdom, wanted his new toy complete.

And there began the constant torture.

Now the prince had a metal arm and this was only the beginning of the torture, he was tested so that he learned to endure all sorts of pain, he was physically and psychologically tortured, beaten, forced to see frightening things and he only wanted the pain stopped, he could not take it anymore.

Not to mention the emotional wound to learn that someone who thought he was his friend was the one who betrayed him, humiliated and killed his family, one of the people his family appreciated and let live in the castle under royal protection, was the causing so much pain and the devastation of his kingdom.

Thus passed five bitter years…

He had been a prisoner until he have 20 years old, enduring the tortures and the pain that caused him, having to perform the horrible things that were forced, five bitter years where the prince turned cold and indifferent, without feelings, his heart had become stone.

However, when he thought that everything was lost, the person who was his true best friend, his brother, rescued him from that hell.

Steve Rogers, had spent five years planning the fall of the traitorous kingdom from that cruel kingdom and planning the rescue of his best friend, could not leave him alone, and prayed to the gods every day that his friend was alive.

But when he found it, there was only the shell of what was once his friend.

When Prince James returned to his kingdom he discovered that the castle had been restored, those parts that had been burned had been “rebuilt,” but it was not as before, James knew, nothing was as before.

The little joy that he felt was to see his little sister Rebecca alive and without a single wound, the young princess was happy to see her brother, was happy to see someone in his family alive, but it hurt to see what had happened, that arm, the scars, his cold attitude, it hurt to see what his brother had become.

After the rescue of the prince and fall of that tyrannical kingdom along with the murder of the traitor, everything returned to a relative tranquility in the kingdom.

But the things in the castle were tense, the prince locked himself in his room and did not leave unless it was strictly necessary, he had not accepted the crown as King, because he did not feel dignified, his sister still was so young and she could not carry with him the weight of being Queen, was a kingdom without kings now, and that made it a weak kingdom.

And so the days passed and the months passed, an important date was approaching in the life of the castle, the day of the birthday of the prince.

Rebeca, the young princess of 15 years, had planned that day was a special day, it was the first birthday of her Bucky from what had happened, she wanted her brother to regain his happiness, missed listening to his brother’s laughter, missed seeing her smile … For that reason, she had planned a perfect day, everyone in the castle being agreed, they wanted to see their prince happy.

But it was not like that…

Between Rebeca and Steve managed to get Bucky out of their self-confinement, they tried to make the day come out as planned, only James barely grimaced, at least it was the most they could get out of him, however, they did not let that this would ruin the day, everyone in the castle tried to make the prince enjoy his day, but he really did not, he just seemed ridiculous to celebrate something like that.

And it only got worse…

In the middle of the night the castle gates rang, the prince went to see who had dared to interrupt his celebration, and found a gawky old lady dressed in old dirty rags.

The old woman told the prince her dilemma, it was a cold night and she has nowhere to sleep, and in exchange for a haven she offered a beautiful red rose like blood.

The prince did not care about the old woman or what happened to her, she did not want anyone else in her castle, she did not trust anyone else, and the old woman’s appearance gave much to be desired. Old habits was hard to dying.

The old lady warned him not to be carried away by appearances, which not everyone wanted to hurt him.

When he rejected her again, a blinding light enveloped the old woman revealing a beautiful young sorceress who called herself as Enchantress.

The sorceress with courage speak “Young prince let yourself be manipulated by the darkness of your heart, you have lost faith in people and you do not care what others do for you, you are blind to see true beauty, even your parents would be disappointed to see in the dark and vile that you have become, so you think, if the appearance is important then that reflects in your appearance the darkness of your heart, I Enchantress I curse you and your castle and all the people in it, only when someone truly loved you despite your appearance the spell will break, but only until the last petal of this rose falls on your 25th birthday, until then, I condemn you to be the Beast that you keep in your heart and forced you to be”

She had seen that there was no love in her heart and by punishment turned him into a beast and cursed anyone who was in the castle, while at the same time erased the memories of the people in the village, who would not remember that once belonged to the kingdom.

After these words the sorceress disappeared, the prince was frightened by his words and suddenly felt a pain coming from his chest and cry agonizing, the words of the sorceress were repeated in his mind as he felt his body change, until suddenly everything It became dark…

Now Or Never (Part 8)

Pairing: Arthur (Mr.) Ketch x Reader
Word Count: 1,494
Warnings: Little bit of violence. Slight mention of blood.
Sequel: Part 8/12 of Now Or Never

Thank you @lucis-unicorn for listening to all the ideas. And thank you Junebug for helping come up with this awesome twist :) 

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So, I take back everything I said. Season 9 of the acclaimed RuPaul’s Drag Race may have started with a whimper, but it certainly ended with a bang. To make things clear, I did not hate this season. I just felt it was rather lackluster compared to dynamic seasons like Season 2 (Bitch, I’m from Chicago!) and Season 4 (Go back to Party City where you belong!). However, after we got rid of a series of “filler queens” things picked up for me and I became a fan of this season. When Ru named Peppermint, Sasha Velour, Shea Coulee and Trinity Taylor as Top 4, I was thrilled. Honestly, I felt she could have done this Season 8 (Bob, Kim, Naomi and Chi Chi were amazing queens) but now was the time for RuPaul to flip the script. Last night, the Finale aired and while Drag Race Recap Podcast’s Joe Betance warned me it was going to be the ultimate RuPaul’s Drag Race finale, my mind, my body and my soul was not ready. Not ready at all.

Another season has ended and another queen has been crowned as the Next Drag Superstar. Per my own tradition I will share my seven thoughts in regards to this epic finale. For those of you who have not watched the finale there will be a copious amount of spoilers! You have been warned…

  1. My heart goes out to Shea Coulee and her family. Cancer is an ugly, ugly thing and I pray I see the day where we get rid of all cancer for good. To lose a parent and a sibling within days of each each other is devastating. In many ways, this season has been all about loss, i.e. Sasha Velour losing her mother and the death of Trinity Taylor’s grandmother.  However, Shea managed to turn that tragedy into triumph. I was thrilled to see Shea’s mother in the audience. How far have we come. I remember the late Sahara Davenport from Season 2 talking about how her minister mother had come around to accept her as a drag queen and gay man and seven seasons later we have an actual minister in attendance at the finale! Shea, while you did not snatch the crown, I am so thoroughly proud of you. You turned it out time and time again and if you had to lose, I’m glad it was to Sasha Velour whom I was also rooting for. I look forward to seeing what you do next!
  2. LET’S TALK FASHION! Every single queen to grace the finale stage looked sickening! My favorite look of the night was Sasha Velour’s first lip sync look. It was Myrtle Snow from American Horror Story meets Poison Ivy meets Veronica Lake and she looked gorgeous!  I thought Bob the Drag Queen’s African-inspired look was beautiful and something I have never really seen on the show. Oh, and we cannot forget Ru. I know there was a bit of controversy surrounding RuPaul’s wigs and makeup this season but Raven and Delta Work stepped it up and she looked amazing in her finale look.
  3. I’m so glad they separated the reunion from the finale. The reunion was all about petty drama between the queens and I think having that take place in the same show as the finale, would tainted the magic of the finale.
  4. Speaking of the finale, having the four remaining queens lip sync for the crown was sheer genius and it helped to keep the show fresh. When Shea mentioned during her interview with Ru that she would love to lip sync against Sasha, I figured the two of them would be pitted against each other. Now I will be the first to admit, while I had expected Peppermint to beat Trinity Taylor, I had not counted on Sasha Velour besting Shea Coulee. Neither Shea nor Trinity were bad at their respective lip syncs. Let that be said. The passion, the hunger…it was all there. However, what they both brought to the table paled in comparison to what Peppermint (wig and outfit reveal!) and Sasha (rose petals abound!) brought to lip sync. In the end it was Peppermint versus Sasha and while Peppermint gave it all she got, Sasha owned that lip sync, hands down. All in all, the lip sync for the crown was a pleasant addition to the finale and I look forward to whatever other tricks Ru has up her sleeves for future seasons.
  5. Peppermint, Shea and Trinity did not win but I would love to see all three of them returning for All Stars 3. Prior to last week’s reunion, I did want to see Valentina return but I think she has garnered enough fame. I feel like there are more deserving queens who should be cast in the third installment. Other queens I would like to see return: Jessica Wild, Trinity K. Bonet, Joslyn Fox, Darienne Lake, Pearl, Trixie Mattel, Chi Chi Devayne, Kim Chi, Naomi and Thorgy Thor.
  6. While Peppermint did not take home the crown last night, she still went home a winner. Seeing Peppermint on the finale stage was yet another reminder of how far we have come in such a short time. When Monica Beverly Hillz came out as trans during Season 5 I remember there being online debates about if whether or not a trans person could be a drag queen. A lot of transphobia emerged as a result. Even the show and RuPaul herself have been accused of being transphobic in the past. Last night, Peppermint reminded us that trans people have been drag queens since the beginning of time. The march towards equality has been a collaborated effort by not just gay men and women but also trans men and women, bisexual men and women, queer individuals, and drag queens. It is important we remember this as we continue to march forward. With that said, Peppermint, I am so grateful for you and your presence on this show. I wish you nothing but success and happiness as you navigate your post-Drag Race fame.
  7. Sasha Velour is our queen. Hate if you must but you can’t deny the bitch turned it out. I won’t sit here and quote facts and figure or deliver a PowerPoint presentation because at the end of the day it all came down to lip syncs.SASHA VELOUR LIP SYNCED HER ASS OFF AND DESERVED TO SNATCH THE CROWN. Now I totally get it! We all have our faves when it comes to reality show competitions and sometimes our faves do not win. However, that does not mean we should attack the other competitors. With each season, the fandom around RuPaul’s Drag Race increases - which is a truly amazing thing - but as the numbers increase so does the ugliness. For a community that is supposed to promote equality and inclusion, I am amazed at how ugly we can be to each other. As RuPaul says at the end of every episode, if we - The LGBT community - can’t love ourselves how the hell can we love someone else (or expect them to love us)? With that said, Sasha is our winner and I am happy. She will do amazing things with the platform and let’s be honest, a lot of the queens we stan for have not made the most of their drag race victories. So I support you Sasha and look forward to seeing what you do next! CONDRAGULATIONS!

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The War’s End || Chen

Father!Chen x Mother!Reader (War AU) 

No Plagiarizing my story please.

Summary: You, along with your son and baby daughter, have been waiting for a very special someone’s arrival back home from a war that seemed like ages to you.

This is another story take from my Wattpad as well… Hope you like it <3

(y/n) means your name, (s/n) means your son’s name and (d/n) means your daughter’s name.

“Eomma….” (s/n) said as he tugged on your dress and looked up at you with wide, (e/c) eyes. “When’s appa coming home?”

You smiled down at your son as you ruffled his black hair that was so similar to his father’s. “He’ll be here soon (s/n). We just have to be patient and hope your appa hasn’t fallen asleep anytime sooner or fell down a hole….” You said in your gentle motherly voice with a chuckle. 

Your three year old giggled and nodded, running off and began playing in the grass, ripping up handfuls and then tossing them in the air like pieces of confetti.

You smiled softly and stood guard, making sure your son didn’t do anything silly that could hurt himself as your arms were being weighed down slightly by a small two month old baby in your arms. Looking down at your daughter, you smiled at seeing her peaceful sleeping face and rock her gently back and forth.

“Eomma!” You turned to face back at your son to see him running up to you. “Lower your voice please (s/n), your sister might wake up.” You said nicely as you bent down carefully while trying not to wake up your baby and gave (s/n) a kiss on his forehead.

 He smiled apologetically and then his smile came back on his face. “Look what I found!” He said with his huge grin as he held out his hand to show you what he found. You leaned in to take a closer look, and to your dismay, it was a beetle.

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Irrespective of what you think of his movies, do not gloat on how it is good for the franchise that Zack Snyder has stepped back from the DCEU. It takes very little to show some sympathy. Personally, i am not a huge fan of his vision. But he and his family have my deepest condolences. No parent should have to go through that. I only just heard that his 20 year old daughter committed suicide in March and I am so sorry. He thought he could work through all of that, he had good intentions and a heart of steel and it makes me very very sad that something so terrible has befallen him. I hope he and his family muster the strength to will through this storm together, to heal together.
My heart goes out to them, my thoughts are with them. I can’t imagine what its like, having to outlive your own children, it’s a parent’s worst nightmare. Please don’t be a dick to them. The circumstances are so very devastating. A movie isn’t, in any way, more significant than the catastrophies of actual human lives. So please respect their need for privacy and if you are celebrating Zack Snyder’s decision to step back, you are a vile human being who needs to reevaluate their understanding of the basic courtesy of humanity, you troglodyte.

As You Fade From View

Authors Note: Based on this prompt from @h0lyheadharpies about Sirius falling through the veil into a parallel universe. Don’t really have any other notes. Hope you all enjoy!
Word Count: 3200
Links: ff.net, ao3

Bellatrix sent a jet of red light at Sirius head and he ducked, laughing. He knew it would infuriate her, his dear cousin had always hated being mocked. Sirius also knew that while fury fired Bellatrix up for a fight, it also made her erratic, and if he could just throw her off balance…

“Come on, you can do better than that!” he taunted, loud enough for everyone to hear.

Bellatrix growled in response, and Sirius smiled, he was so close, any minute now she would lose it and start fighting more like a rabid animal than an intellectual dueler. Sirius opened his mouth again, another taunt bubbling on his lips, but another jet of red light hit him squarely in the chest before the words could spill forth. He felt himself lose control of his body as the stunning spell took effect and he fell backwards. He passed through something very warm, like a curtain of steam, and then hit the ground hard.

Sirius felt pain spread through his tailbone, and instinctively rubbed his hand over it as he sat up. It took a few seconds for him to realize that he should not be able to run his hands over anything. He had been stunned, he shouldn’t be able to move. Alarmed, Sirius looked at his surroundings, even more surprised to find that he was no longer in the Department of Mysteries. He recognized his new surroundings immediately, and they sent a pang of sorrow through his heart. It was Godric’s Hollow, the fountain in the center square to be precise.

Sirius looked around in confusion. How had he gotten here? Perhaps something in the Department of Mysteries had been a portkey. But then how had the stunning spell been lifted? A portkey would not do that. Sirius pushed himself to his feet and stepped closer to the fountain, staring at his reflection in the water. His face looked younger, with fewer lines and softer edges, as though the weight of grief and sorrow had been lifted from his body.

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Umm I am sorry for disturbing you, if it's okay, Jumin and MC playing 20 questions, and like they get to know each other's insecurities, reassuring each other and all (Same anon who requested hide and seek game XD sorry if I am annoying you)

You are never disturbing me, don’t worry! I love getting asks and requests and you’ve been very sweet. I’m happy to write this for you!

Also I had like no idea what 20 questions was before I researched it I thought I was hip with the crowd


“Love?” Your husband approached you, curiosity painting his face. “Have you heard of a game called twenty questions?” 

“Yeah, what about it?”

“I’ve heard about it multiple times, and I’d like to play it.” He exclaimed, sitting down across from you. “Would you like to join me?” 

“Sure!” You chuckled. “What type of category do you want to do?” 

“Favorites and least favorites?” 

“Alright,” You tapped your chin, trying to come up with ideas. “How about you think of your least favorite thing, and I’ll try to guess it?” 

Jumin nodded, his mind processing through all the sorts of things before he finally spoke up. 

“Okay, I’ve got something.” He folded his lips. “It’s something that’s alive.” 

“Is it something I know about?” 


“Is it an animal?” 


You frowned. “A person?” 

“That’s right.” 

You had narrowed your eyes in confusion.

There was only person who came to her head straight away.

“Is it…her?”

There was an uneasy feeling that crept into your heart at the mention of his mother. 

You knew how her actions distorted his views when he was younger, and it left you a bit unsettled at the thought of her. 

He glanced away, his body tensing. “…No. She’s very close, however” 

His mother had nearly drained the family of their income, instead spending her time on reckless shopping sprees. 

She hadn’t meant any harm, you knew that much, but the affect she had was devastating. 

And it never quite clicked in her head that her actions were wrong. 

You sighed, taking his hand and squeezing it comfortingly. “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have-” 

“It’s okay darling, I’ve told you about her. It only makes sense that she’d be a possibility. I know you had the best intention.” 

You still could never quite bring yourself to let go of his hand. 

Yet the questions still spilled.

“Is it someone I know?” 


“Am I on bad terms with them?” 


One question after another, as though being read off of a list. 

Until, you reached the end.

You couldn’t wrap your head around him despising someone. 

He hadn’t told you that was the case at least. 

“I give up.” You scrunched up your nose, furrowing your brow. “Who is it?”

“I think I’m a bit glad you didn’t figure it out. It would’ve left me…a bit sad in a way.” He frowned. “It’s…me.” 

You froze.


He hated himself?


“I know…” He sighed, as though it was leaving his throat dry and voice hoarse. “I know to many I seem like the perfect person…but before I met you I was hiding behind a mask of sorts.” He tightened his grip on your hand, rubbing a thumb over your knuckles. “I hid all of my rampant emotions and knotted strings so that the world wouldn’t see what a disaster I actually was. I didn’t think they’d understand…I didn’t think they’d accept me. People prefer the seemingly perfect, cool and collected businessman, not the confused and withheld person that may be hidden beneath.” 

You soaked in his words, and crept closer to him, shifting to sit in his lap. You laid your head on his shoulder, your fingers weaving through his hair tenderly. “Well, if it means anything, I think you’re a wonderful person.” 

He warmly grinned. “You’re the first person I’ve ever opened up to, did you know?” He continued, his words soft. “You make me feel as though I could be seen for who I am by the rest of the world. It may sound odd but…you make me feel human, instead of the statue, I pretend to be. You make me feel truly loved.” 

You swore tears pricked at your eyes, your breath hitching as you sat up and gently pressed your lips against his. 

“You are truly loved.” 

He closed his eyes, truly content.

“As are you. Don’t ever forget that.” 

He wound his arms around you protectively, as if you may disappear with the next passing breeze. 

You sat in silence for a moment, simply enjoying the other’s presence until you spoke. 

“Okay, I’ve got something.” 


“It’s my favorite thing.” 

“Any free hints?” 

“No, I think it’s pretty clear.” 

And so, he began to ask.

“Is it alive?” 


“Do I know of it?”


“Is it Elizabeth 3rd?” 

“As fantastic as she is, it’s not.” You said through laughter.

“Is it an animal at all?” 


“So it’s someone?” 


“Is it someone I know?” 


And as surprised as you were, he didn’t figure it out.

He stared, perplexion glimmering in his eyes as he looked at you. “Who is it then?” He asked. “I’ve thought of nearly every possible person.” 

You smiled. “It’s you!” 

He didn’t even appear to realize at first. “Are you sure?” 

“I’m positive!” 

“I’m…your favorite thing…” He laughed lightly. “I never thought I’d be someone’s favorite.” 

“Well, you’re mine.” You huffed. “You made me feel wanted and cared for. I always worry if I’m saying the wrong thing, or if someone dislikes me. Being abandoned is one of my biggest fears, to be…forgotten.” A chill ran up your spine. “But I don’t have to worry about that with you. I know that no matter what you’ll always stay by my side.” 

However, your chills were replaced with a loving warmth as your husband kissed your temple gently. “Personally, if you asked me, I don’t understand how others can’t see what a blessing it is that you’re in their lives.” 

“You always say such kind things.” You hummed. 

“Kind…” He smirked. “I must have gotten that kind of influence from my favorite thing.” 

“And what’s your favorite thing?”

“You of course.” 

“Believe me, kiddo, I don’t want to leave for tour…” Tyler sighs, staring at the rising sun with remorse. He knew he would have to leave his little sister for half a year, and his heart shattered at the thought of it. Y/N started tearing up; she didn’t want her brother to leave her. They were the closest pair of siblings in the world, and the thought of her soulmate leaving her for 6 months devastated her. Tyler gave her hand one last squeeze before leaning over to whisper in her ear:

“I won’t be gone for long, sis. We can all be back together soon. You, me, mom and dad, Jay, Zack, Maddie, Jenna, Josh…all of us. We’ll be a family again. Stay strong for me, yeah? I love you, dork.”

Lost Girl (Possible Triggers!!)

Quick Info - This one is dark. This is not a cutesy little story. You will not have warm fuzzies…
No Pairings
Word Count - 2573
Warnings - LOTS OF THEM!!! Language, angst, sexual content, triggers…female called whore and slut, abuse, self loathing/doubt. This isn’t a happy story. At all.

@supernaturallyfantastic @mojowoho @winchester11 @mojochester11 @tankcupcakes @frenchybell @wildtendermythologia @p-b-and-cas @babydanixox @charliebradbury1104 @samwinchesterondemonblood @imnotalosechester @mamaredd123 @nichelle-my-belle @spnfanficpond @smoothdogsgirl @butiaintgonnaloveem @tree-of-blue-squirrel  @sdavid09 @ivonstiel

Thank you @nichelle-my-belle for encouraging me to post this one.

I have no idea if I’ll turn this into a series later. There’s potential for that, but I do have a lot of stories going on. I won’t say yes or no. I want to see what you all think and then see how I feel.


Lost Girl

The warnings are listed above. This is not a cute love story…

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Many drivers past and present paid their respects as Jules was laid to rest, after succumbing to his injuries on Friday. I can’t even begin to imagine how devastated they must be, and my heart goes out to the family and all the drivers - those who never thought they would have to experience the passing of one of their own, and those who hoped and worked to try and ensure the horrors of Imola would remain in the past. And this weekend they will have to race.

Lotus driver Romain Grosjean, who was a close friend of Bianchi’s, greeted Felipe Massa, Nico Hulkenberg and Daniil Kvyat, as they arrived at the funeral service.

Jenson Button, Sebastian Vettel, Nico Rosberg and four-times champion Alain Prost were also there.

Bianchi’s coffin was carried into the cathedral, with Vettel, Massa and Grosjean among the pallbearers, while his helmet was also taken into the service. Two large portraits of the driver hung outside.

Bianchi was the first F1 driver to have died as a result of injuries sustained at a grand prix weekend since Ayrton Senna in 1994.

The FIA, motorsport’s governing body, said the number 17 that Bianchi carried on his car would be retired.

Asking for some thoughts and prayer’s for my family today. My Uncle owns a Bed and Breakfast on Macinac Island in MI. Every summer my mom takes two weeks out to go to this beautiful island to help him out. She left Tuesday morning. This morning she found him dead from a heart attack at 57. This will be devastating for her when she has a chance to sit down and let it sink in. Extra love, thoughts and prayer’s for my mom. Thanks. Hug your loved ones and tell them you love them you never know when it may be your last. Tomorrow is never promised…..

{{Leonard Snart leaves his ass of a cat with Barry Allen while he’s off traveling through time. –I saw an idea like this a few weeks (months?) ago and I don’t know who posted it, but the inspiration for this drabble goes to them!}}

Even now Barry couldn’t quite remember how he had come to be responsible for the pint-sized, devil’s spawn that sat curled on his favourite chair in the living room. A few month’s ago Leonard Snart had appeared at his doorstep, much to the resident’s dismay, with the grey cat perched on his shoulder and a bag of supplies tucked under his arm. “Hey Scarlet, I’m calling in a favour.”

“I think we’re even, Snart.”

“Yeah, well, let’s just settle a future score then.” Barry hadn’t bothered to argue- He knew better than to waste his breath. However, looking back, he wished he had put up some sort of fight. As soon as Leonard left, after a few instructions that seemed comical coming from him of all people, the damned cat had lost it’s mind.

It was, not appropriately named, Angel. She was missing an eye, her tail was chopped in half, and she had a rather long list of medical problems.

And she hated Barry with a passion he hadn’t even encountered from the meta-humans locked away in STAR Labs. 

Although, to be fair, Angel didn’t care much for Joe, Wally or Iris, either.
She spent her days spitting and hissing at anyone who got too close, and hiding around the house. Her favourite pastime seemed to be sitting under the couch, waiting for Barry to walk by, and then darting out and nipping his ankles.

Another favourite hobby of hers was to stare at Barry for a disconcerting amount of time, eye wide and fur shaking, and then, without word, hiss and take-off running.

Barry had to feed her wet food at least twice a week or she would go on a hunger strike. She would position herself in front of her filled-to-the-brim food dish and yowl as loud as she could, parading through the house with a dramatic flair that seemed befitting to her.

She also had long, grey fur, which required a biweekly brushing. All Barry had to say on that matter was thank goodness he healed quickly.

Once Angel had taken residence on Barry’s bed when he was out, and when he went to lie down she had jumped up hissing, fur raising. The young superhero decided to sleep on the couch that night- He’d already dealt with King Shark, no need to bother himself with Queen Bitch.

She required a daily dose of medicine for all the things that riddled her. Most days she inhaled her breakfast with out noticing the pill buried within, but occasionally she nosed it off to the side and Barry had to chase her around the house- He thought being the Flash would make catching an angry cat and force-feeding it a pill a bit easier. He had never been more wrong in his life.

He hated the cat in return, and found himself wishing Snart would just come back for it. If they were trying to stop an evil tyrant from taking over the world, they might as well have one on their side.

He’d considered trying to shove it off on someone else a few times, but knew no one would be stupid enough to go for it. He was jealous of Caitlin, who’d promised to take care of Mick’s pet, a red beta fish named Mr. Bubble. She taught the thing to swim through a hoop, and brought it to work with her five times now. It was a damn fish but it and Caitlin got along far better than Barry and this four-legged demon ever would.

Or so he thought.

The day came when Zoom was back, bartering Wally’s life for the Flash’s speed. And he had consented. Wally was his brother, in some weird way, and Barry’s family would be devastated if something happened to him. Better to lose a superpower than to lose a life, Barry told himself, his legs burning as he ran on the treadmill.

The world was silent after Zoom rushed out with Caitlin in tow. Barry had run to the door, heart, legs, mind screaming at him. But there was nothing he could do. He was just human. He was back to being just Barry Allen.

Joe had taken Wally home, and Barry walked with Iris, saying nothing. When they stepped through the threshold Joe was waiting for them, asking a thousand questions, both West’s trying to make Barry feel better, get him to talk about it. He didn’t even know what to say.

He ran to his room as quickly as he could, which seemed painfully slow.
Barry sat on the edge of his bed, having closed and locked the door behind him, and put his head in his hands. The tears came, his body wracking with the sobs he forced to be silent. He felt fur against his head, and a tongue as rough as sandpaper against his brow.

He opened his eyes to see the blue one of Angel’s starring back at him.
Tentatively he lowered a hand to scratch behind her ears, and she started purring. She rubbed against Barry’s cheek, his tears dampening her fur slightly, though she didn’t seem to care in the least. She just continued her purring, kneading Barry’s lap and tickling his cheeks with her stump of a tail.

“You’re a weird cat, Angel.” He said through the tears, running his fingers through her fur. She meowed in turn, stretching up and rubbing her back against the underside of Barry’s chin.


R. I. P. Alan Rickman

“There are no words to express how shocked and devastated I am to hear of Alan Rickman’s death. My thoughts are with Rima and the rest of Alan’s family. We have all lost a great talent. They have lost part of their hearts.” — JK Rowling

“Rickman was undoubtedly one of the greatest actors I will ever work with” — Daniel Radcliffe

For several years now, Linkin Park has been my favorite band. Always my go to band when I’m down. I’m beyond devastated to hear of Chester Bennington’s passing today. My heart hurts and I’m in complete shock. My thoughts go out to the band and to his friends and family. His voice is something that will forever be cherished and can never be replicated.

Anton was such a beautiful , gentle soul . He sought out new life experience with an unabated passion . He was edgy , incredibly talented and beautifully knowledge . His smile was radiant and mischievous . Truly an old soul in a young mans body . He was a loving son . My heart , thoughts and prayers are with Antons family. Im devastated. Godspeed you gorgeous man. 

Karl’s latest instagram post. </3

Green, coffee-stained eyes - Requested (Ashton)

@5sosaresquirrels requested: Hey so I have this idea. So maybe after her sister or best friend dies after giving birth to her baby, Y/N is listed as the legal guardian. Since she is only 18 or 19 at the time the family was iffy on it, but she refused to let the baby go anywhere else, so she takes the baby in? And maybe 1-2 years later, she is very protective and reserved of her life because of her “kid”, so she doesn’t date that much until she meets ashton or luke, and everything changes :)) 

 Note: so this might not be what you imagined when you requested it, but hope it’s ok nonetheless. Also: My stories really do concern coffee a whole lot… Not the worst thing I hope? So my stories here tend to be a little ‘heavy’.. Is that fitting for this kind of platform? What do you think? Should it be more light? Anyway THIS one is about loss and finding yourself. Hope you like it. :) 

Everything had been a blur since then. Life had passed by so fast, like you were falling down a hole, and you couldn’t stop the fall.
Since she passed away, everything had been tears, stress, life and joy. It’d been a big wave, a tsunami, flooding your comfortable life. It had been a wave of horror and the reconstruction-work had been the hardest you’d ever experienced. Having to pull yourself back together with the big responsibility that came with it for you, was crazy, and you were no way near ready for it at 18, but you grew accustomed to the job. And even despite all the loss, you’d been given the biggest gift in the world: A kid, and a piece of her heart, everywhere you went. And you were incredibly happy now, that you hadn’t listened to every single advice you’d been given. The only drive back then, was the desperate, completely disconsolate, beating broken-heart, that thought that that kid, was the only solution.

Your still broken heart, thought so too, to this day. Even though everything still seemed not quite alright.
Losing your sister, was devastating and horrible and everything that is bad in the world combined. She was beautiful and you missed her every day. She’d not been able to make it through the birth, because of her sickness. They were barely even able to save the kid.
Your family told you, probably to prevent you getting it, that you’d blame the kid. That it would never be truly yours. That’d you’d never be able to love it. And you were scared that they’d be right.

But little Ella was the most happy thing in your life. Your light and all your stars. She, without trying or doing anything, made you want to rediscover life again, after isolating yourself for the last few years.
You’d spend all your time with the little girl with your sister’s eyes and smile.
You had become blind to the world with responsibilities, and a set of eyes, that you never thought you’d ever see again.
And one day, you had realized, that you’d put life away. Put it away on a shelf along with all the other things you refused to think about.

Ella had made you realize that you needed to start living again. And so you did.
You were adjusting slowly. Taking long walks in the parks, going to the movies - by yourself and with your friends, whom were loving, understanding and kind and let you in to their lives again without hesitation.
You’d returned to your old work, instead of working at home. But doing all of this, you felt like you were losing a little piece of Ella; a little piece of your sister.

People would talk about the balance of life. The beauty of it.
You didn’t share that view, ‘cause the balance of life had never done you much good: A life was born, one was taken away. You started living again, you lost a little piece of Ella. You lived, you died, it was so simple, yet so frightening. You had forgot, and Ella had reminded you; you started living again.

And not in the way, that you’d never go outside, because you obviously would. You would just never BE. You wouldn’t isolate yourself to other people, you isolate yourself from the world, and going deep into a trance of schedules, stress, sorrow, little happy moments, a pair of green eyes with brown specks and clinging onto the little light that shone down on you.

You were now opening yourself up to the world. It felt raw, tender and wonderful.
You started doing the things you used to love. You had a hard time remembering how to do these things, and finding the ones you still enjoyed doing. You’d discovered that your love of sitting in warm, dusty coffeeshops were still the same. So you’d go sit there quite often.


Walking out of daycare at 8AM, on a day off of work (you still didn’t work full-time) you felt yourself longing the world. Your apetite for all it had to offer you was immense.

You entered a little, dusty coffeeshop, you’d found walking around town. The smell of coffee and the heat and the noise was like a warm embrace. You ordered your cup and found a little round table with two chairs by the window to sit at.
You watched people walking by outside, and listened to the noise of the espresso machines and chatter and newspaper pages being flipped. Everything felt calm and right in the little, old coffeshop.

You took a sip of your big coffee mug and sighed, closing your eyes.

“Hey, um, excuse me? Is this seat taken?” A male voice interrupts your trail of thoughts.
You open your eyes and meet a pair of green eyes. You feel a sudden sting in your gut. Her eyes.
You pulled yourself out of your trance, shaking your head lightly. He took that as a no, and smiled, sitting down.
You looked at his eyes, they were scanning the coffeeshop before landing on the mug in front of him,and he blew away the steam before taking a sip. He looked back up at you, catching you staring, and you looked down quickly. You could hear him chuckle lightly from his seat.

You decided to start a conversation, instead of sitting in this mildly awkward silence;
“Hi, I’m (Y/N). Sorry, I was staring. You just reminded me of someone I haven’t seen in a really long time.”
He smiled a big smile, which was a smile that could melt hearts. You couldn’t help but smile yourself.
“Oh, hey. I’m Ashton. Someone good, I hope?” His smile grew as he spoke.
You turned your head down towards the table, smiling. A few strands of hair fell down in front of your eyes. “Someone amazing.” You nodded assuringly, looking back up at Ashton.
“Wow, I want to know who it is now!” He laughed wholeheartedly.
Your smile faltered slightly. You didn’t mind talking about your sister. You had had bigger challenges since her passing, and you’d quite quickly learned how to deal with it. You just never really had had to talk to a stranger about it. It felt weird and wrong.
When you looked up, to change the topic or brush it off, your eyes met hers. Her green sparkeling eyes. You felt something thightening in your throat, while at the same time, it felt like you could finally let something go.
“My big sister.” You smiled sadly, nodding.
Ashton being confused shifted uncomfortably in his seat. He took a swig of his drink. “You haven’t seen her in a long time?..”
He started talking again before you could answer: “-you don’t have to tell me anything. We have litteraly just met. You shouldn’t feel obligated to sharing your family drama, or whatever it is.” He rambled, throwing his hand wildly about, almost hitting the elderly woman sitting next to you. You both started laughing.

You’d told him the story about your sisters passing. He told you how sorry he was, to hear about your loss. You told him about Ella. He said she sounded like the sweetest child in history.
“So what reminds you of her? In me i mean? The beard?” He tried to lighten the mood. You appreciated it and laughed along with him.
“Yeah, the scruff is exactly like hers.” You grinned at him.
“Scruff? What are you talking about? This is as good as it gets!” He pointed at the stubbles on his chin. You chuckled again.
“No, but really? It’s the eyes. She had these green eyes with brown pecks. I used to call them coffee-stained eyes, because she would drink so much coffee, that i assumed that’s how they came about.” You smile at Ashton, memories of the two of you laughing together, over the steam of a coffeepot.
He smiled back at you. “That’s beautiful.” His eyes were full of compassion and love.
You looked him in the eyes. “When Ella’s dad left her, when he found out she was pregnant, she used to sing me a song she’d written. About how her coffee eyes would cry coffee tears and burn lines down her cheeks. That’s when she started to get sick. She stopped drinking coffee then too.”

You two stayed at the café for hours. Talking about your sister. Ashton’s family and his father. About life and isolation. About his band and his dreams. About Ella and all the love in the world that could be found in the depths of her eyes. And as you two sat and talked all day, you started opening up, finally. You let go, as you were sitting listening to a story of Ashton’s, a smile spread across your face as you listened. You, after knowing the man for a few hours, found yourself falling in love in the depths of his eyes. His tousled curls that fell down in front of his eyes as he talked warmly about the experiences he had had on the road, warmed your soul. His green coffee-stained orbs flickered around the room, seemingly not being able to find the right place to land, then landed on yours and stayed there.

The two of you, finding yourself folded neatly in the small space in the dusty coffeeshop, finding yourselves in the eyes of one another.

And deep, deep down, you knew that life would be alright.

- Tessa x