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After a freshly fallen rain

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Okay, I get most of the fandom is not happy with Heroes of Olympus, and a lot of people like to pretend that saga never happened, but here is a fact: with all its flaws, most of the main characters of Heroes of Olympus are POC. A lot of people saw their representation on this saga, so please, let’s stop saying “let’s pretend this saga never existed” because it’s here and it’s giving representation. 4 out the seven main characters are POC. Reyna, who also had a huge part on the saga, is also a POC and Nico is gay. I understand people are not happy with this saga, but please don’t wish it never existed.

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How do you study?

Hey hello there! (ok I hope I understood your question) This one is a bit old, but it’s basically like this that I proceed. I try to see the geometric shapes and simplify them. I use the head to measure the proportions. Drawing a subject from different angles helps to understand volumes.

Here is a really good tutorial~~http://prrb.tumblr.com/post/30177790499/shrimp-method

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Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to the (unofficial) keyblades of the Sides!

After seeing @thatsthat24 talk about Kingdom Hearts, I wanted to draw keyblades immediately! And this was the result! May have taken more time than I thought it would, but it’s finally done!

Anxiety as an Organization XIII member will be next, I promise you that.

From left to right: Roman & Day Dream, Logan & Clockwork, Patton & Merry Weather, and Anxiety & Nightshade

Oreo Outfit/Cosplay Collection! 

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TGIF! 😁🎉 Now that I’m in chill-mode after my first day at Roma Cartoon Festival, 😎 I wanted to show you this cutie I finished before I left for Rome! 😘 I call him “Professor Love”, and he’s got a prescription for all the best dreams!😌🌠 I’m bringing this petite painting to San Diego Comic Con as part of my Surreal Safari collection, so if you’re coming to the show, you’ll get a chance to see him in person! 😄For now I’m off to dream of cuddly pandas 🐼💗and what waits at the end of the next rainbow. 💖🌈💖Night night!🌙🌟

Nintendo for most Zelda games:
We want to keep Link’s possible love interests ambiguous and to a minimum because that’s not the point of our game

Nintendo for Breath of the Wild:
Everyone is wildly attracted to this young man. Princess Zelda? Yes she definitely loves Link in this game and we have 409 NPCs to inform you of this. The current Zora Princess of this period is keeping up the Ruto Tradition™ of wanting to marry him. Also, that Paya chick descended from Impa? She has a whole diary dedicated to pining for Link. And don’t forget the completely random Zora NPC named Kodah who nicknamed him “Linny” and admitted to yelling at him to choose between her and Mipha 100 years ago. Even when he’s cross dressing in Gerudo Town that weird running creep hits on him. You may as well add Sidon to this list. There is no escape. He captures the hearts of All. Run