hearts and lungs

At every single moment of every single day, oxygen is constantly diffusing into your blood stream. The SA Node in your heart is continuously pumping. You are alive. At every second, you body is fighting to take care of you. Show it kindness in return. Nurture it. Love it, for you wouldn’t be able to function without it.

So I’ve rewatched this episode a few times at this point, and each time I noticed new things about this scene. As more pieces fell together, we get a clear picture as to just how brutal Lars’ death was.

And this specific screenshot says it all.

Why? Because LARS IS CLEARLY STILL ALIVE AT THIS MOMENT. (Look at how tense his facial features are. There is no way that Lars could make this face if he was dead right now.)

Why is that important? Look at what happened seconds before, and what happens shortly after.

1) The explosion.
The robanoid had just exploded, and Lars was physically on top of it when it happened. At this point-blank range, and without any sort of protection, Lars was exposed to the full force of the blast. Just imagine being blown up at point-blank. All the fire, all the force, and whatever shrapnel would have been flying around, that’s what Lars was exposed to. AND HE WAS STILL ALIVE TO FEEL ALL OF IT.

2) The impact.
This happens a fraction of a second after this screenshot, but is still well worth noting. When Lars hit the wall, we could clearly hear a definite ‘crack’ noise. Judging by how he hit the wall, he most likely broke not just his neck, but probably his spine and skull, as well as several other bones, like his ribs or his arms. Along with this, there’s also a good chance that some of his organs may have been ruptured, such as his heart or his lungs. (Especially since the edge of the gem hole would likely have somewhat impaled him on impact.)

This is definitely the moment Lars died, as shown by how his face and body goes completely limp afterwards. But it’s still very likely he felt the agony of the impact for the split second before his death.

3) Lars’ scar.
This is probably the most brutal part of all of this.
As first said by the lovely @bedknees , the fact that Lars’ scarred eye was specifically covered by his hair before resurrection makes it very likely that his head was split open in that spot.

And I completely agree with this.

But how could this have happened? Shrapnel.

One of the reasons bombs are so deadly is not just because of the explosion, but also the resulting shrapnel that would be launched in all directions at anything in range. With Lars being at point-blank range of the explosion, he could’ve easily been exposed to this. And that’s exactly what I think happened.

Why? Because Lars’ scar doesn’t just slice through his cheek and forehead like skimming across a rocky surface may do. Lars’ scar also goes over his eyelid, which is shown whenever he blinks after his resurrection.

So how would’ve this gone down?

I think that a piece of the robanoid’s outer layer, probably sheetlike in shape, was shot through Lars’ head in a fraction of a second, cutting through this eye, skull, and brain, and launching out the other side. AND HE WAS STILL ALIVE TO FEEL THIS.(His hair deliberately covers his eye in this screenshot, in this moment where he is still alive, which probably proves this.)

And you can clearly see Lars’ face twisted in AGONY in the fraction of a second prior to his death.

Lars’ death was not a long, drawn out one, but was still a torturous one. To see just how violent and brutal his death was, it shows just how tragic this moment really is.

Bonus: Other possible scenarios

1) The shrapnel could’ve stopped partway into Lars’ skull, ultimately altering his brain function. (Steven’s magic likely wouldn’t be able to heal where the shrapnel would still be in)
(Although I think this is incredibly unlikely, since Lars is shown to act and function in the same way both before and after death. The areas of the brain that would’ve been affected would impair his speech, his perception of the environment, his motor abilities, his judgement, his emotional reactions, and his sense of self. This would result in a vastly different Lars than the one we know.)
(A similar injury has happened in real life; Phineas Gage. I suggest Googling him)
2) If the shrapnel had been much bigger, it would’ve cleanly cut off a large chunk of Lars’ head in a Mortal Kombat style death.

honestly?? team five was the definition of wholesome

post-emoji movie Trauma

WARNING: the following text contains spoilers and can be considered disturbing to some readers. especially my brain, because itโ€™s leaking out my ears after typing this.

This is the first movie ever Iโ€™ve gone to see on opening night. And let me just say that, for the record, Iโ€™m glad I went to watch with friends. Without them, I would have most likely calmly exited the room, climbed up to the roof, and dived straight off.

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The torture and abuse of 23-year-old mother, Fan Man-yee, lasted one long and traumatic month before her death. On the 17th of March, 1999, she was dragged from her apartment by Leung Shing-cho. She was then taken to Chan Man-lok’s apartment on Granville Road in Hong Kong. Chan was a loan shark that manufactured drugs. Fan had been involved in a robbery in which a wallet containing $4,000 HKD was stolen from Chan. However, she paid it back plus $10,000 in interest but that still wasn’t enough. Chan demanded she pay back an extra $16,000 in interest. She currently couldn’t afford that amount of money.

The plan was to hold her in the apartment until her social security payment came through or until she could earn enough money by selling her body. However, almost as soon as she was through the apartment door, the inhumane torture began from Leung, Chan and another accomplice, Leung Wai-lun. She was beat with fists and water pipes. Fan was burnt with melting plastic as well as a direct flames. The men urinated in her mouth and forced her to eat human excrement. On several occasions, she was strung up by the hands and beaten with a table leg or iron bar until her fingers were completely smashed and her face was bloody. Chilli oil would frequently been poured into her wounds to cause excruciating pain. After a month of torture, Fan unsurprisingly perished from her horrific wounds. She was dismembered in the bathtub and her flesh was stripped from her body and she was disembowelled. Her head was boiled and then shoved into a Hello Kitty doll thus the case was grimly known as “The Hello Kitty Murder.”

A month later, a 13-year-old girl handed herself into the police. She was the girlfriend of one of the killers. She told police that she had assisted in the torture but now she was being haunted by Fan’s ghost. Fan wouldn’t allow her to sleep and when she did, she had terrifying nightmares. She directed them to the apartment of horrors where they discovered Fan’s decomposed heart, lungs, liver and intestines were discovered in a bag on a first-floor canopy over Granville Road. The girlfriend testified for immunity and the trio were sentenced to life in prison.

He does this thing with people he loves. The way he lets you in, just a little bit at a time, and you don’t even really notice it until suddenly you know everything about him, every scar on his body and mind. It stops being a question of whether or not you’d follow him off a cliff and it becomes just a fact of life, that you’d hold his hand on the way down. All of a sudden, you’re a part of him, like another limb, and you don’t think to question it until you realize that you treat him the same way, like he’s your heart and your lungs and your blood would freeze in your veins without him. You stop being two distinct beings with two separate minds. You’re still different people, but it stops being a ‘you-and-him’ and it becomes a 'we’. And then he’s gone, and you’ve heard of phantom limbs, when amputees feel agonizing pain in limbs that aren’t there anymore, and maybe that’s what this is, but you’re walking around like a zombie and you can’t think and you can’t even fucking breathe, because he isn’t here and you’ve forgotten how to live without him.
—  from an unfinished story #818