hearts and love and such


                              You said you’d come back.
                                      I know.
                                           So why didn’t you?

I didn’t realize the truth of how I felt about you until I looked back. The photos, the words, the memories, they all came crashing down on me. Piece by piece. Smile by smile. And then I felt the tear run down my cheek. A surprise. But maybe it wasn’t. I was too blind then. Too young. Too afraid. I regret not seeing what I had. I regret not listening to my heart and listening to the words of others. I’m sorry, for the pain I caused your heart. You deserved better anyway. And next time I hope not to be the young fool who didn’t know her own heart.
—  my thoughts, my realizations, my regrets, my truths

By all means, go out into the world and explore. Kiss strangers, kiss friends, fall in and out of love until your hands and heart are libraries of all the people they have touched. Before long we learn, right down to our bones, that some people are hotels and others homes.

Mark is that a finger ❤️️?