Surface anchor with a rose gold paisley w/ruby, septum with rose gold pave texture front moody w/5x swarovski cz both by @bodyvisionlosangeles and philtrum with 6mm/2g chrysoprase plug by @heartonsleevejewelry all pierced/stretched by me and about 2.5yrs *healed* 🙌


Very happy to present the next collaboration for 2016.

HOS/GG weights, first run limited to three sets.

The weights are forest green Ovids in the large size.  Made by Gorilla Glass, hand carved by heart on sleeve.  

The carvings are freehand drawn on with marker, carved and polished with diamond tools from there.  Carvings go across the face, and over enough to break the edge.  The super transparent glass has a different magnified look when worn backwards.

Already shipped and landed at their new happy home. The other two sets are still available for preorder (small Eclipse and small Ovid), designs all ready to go.  Please email- heartonsleeve@live.com with any inquiries on those sets.


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Hello and welcome to the growing Heart on Sleeve appreciation society.
I HAD MAIL AND IT WAS WONDERFUL. Cannot stop staring at this rutilated quartz, so freaking shiny.

Amboyna burl and labradorite, rutilated quartz, banded calcite, ancient kauri, bloodwood, atlantisite.