instead of sobbing uncontrollably over the prospect of this holiday, enjoy a collection of sweet and spooky Halloween fics full of costumes, pranking, pumpkins, vampires, and trick-or-treating.

(contains pwps so check all tags and warnings before delving in)

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Monsters in the Box
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author - heartofspells
Rating - Explicit
Word Count - 36,383
Type - NonMagic!AU, Modern!AU

Sirius has never settled, and has never had any desire to do so. Travelling around the world, he’s always been relatively happy. When he returns home after a long absence, however, Sirius if forced to reconsider his choices and to choose which is more important to him: love or family?

So I read a lot of fiction, published or otherwise, and I can count on one hand the number of times the plot has actually surprised me. This is number four on the list of stories. 

Remus is Sirius’ best friend’s boyfriend and he feels a magnetic pull towards him that neither of them can explain. I loved the way it’s written, how it goes back and forth in the story’s timeline and you can’t really tell what’s present and what’s past/future. You just. Basically have no idea where the plot is leading and all of a sudden, it wraps up and you’re like..omg, did that just happen? Is that it? It’s raunchy and cute. I don’t know how that works, don’t ask me.