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Once again I apologize for taking so long. Really I don’t know whats wrong with me… I’m just tired all the time and all I want is to lay in bed. (it’s annoying). Anyways I hope you like this one. I can totally relate ‘cause I can get jealous pretty quickly if it involves what’s mine hahaha. I don’t show it but I certainly do feel it. I haven’t proofread it yet so try to overlook the annoying mistakes. I will change it soon. (I’m lazy.)  


You couldn’t believe it! You just could not believe it. It was the freaking fifth time, a lady tried to chat your boyfriend up. The flirty gazes and the little touches had your blood boiling. That was it. You were freaking done.

Slamming the drinks on the counter, you took quick steps towards them. Once you were near you muttered a ‘excuse me’ to the blond and swooped between them. Curling your hand in his shirt, you yanked him down and smashed your lips on his. Your hands now traveled towards the back of his neck as you put more pressure on his lips. 

At first Seokjin was shocked, trying to back away but once he fell into the kiss, his hands glided down to your waist as he pulled you closer not caring anymore if you were in public. 

When you heard the loud clicking of heels fading away, you pulled away from him and stepped back. Smoothing down your clothes and his, you turned around to get your coffee you abandoned. 

You couldn’t help but smirk when you heard Seokjin stuttering as he strolled after you. 

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Well you were pretty the chill and calm s/o and you knew that if other woman tried to hit on your man that at the end of the day he was coming home with you and not them however this woman right here didn’t know how to stop. She just stayed by his side as if he had some sweet honey stuck to his butt. 

You couldn’t help but laugh as you heard her complimenting Yoongi over and over again. Yeah he was handsome and he had that kind of aura around him that you just had to respect that man but this girl was just downright annoying you plus he wasn’t even planning to leave as he kept talking to the saleswoman.

Putting back the tshirt you were holding, you faced Yoongi as you crossed your arms over your chest and stared at him, waiting until he noticed your eyes burning on his skin and boy he did absolutely feel your stare.

When his eyes locked with yours, you raised your eyebrow and clicked your tongue. Yoongi shot you a nervous smile, quickly cutting of the conversation with the female and made his way over to you. 

‘‘We were just talking.’‘ He said when he stood before you. You just scoffed at that. ‘‘Yeah right. Than why are you mentioning this. I didn’t even say anything. Gosh I can’t believe you like that cheesy stuff. Do you want me to say that to you? I don’t know if I can be that cheesy without getting the chills though.’‘ 

Yoongi hung his head low and you could feel the embarassment radiating from his body. Chuckling, you swung your arm around his waist and lay down your head against his shoulder. ‘’It’s okay sweets. I just don’t like seeing other women trying to steal you away from me.’’ you muttered the last part. your heart clenched at the thought of Yoongi leaving you. 

It seemed he felt your insecurity as he placed his lips against your forehead before pulling you closer.

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Oh heck no! You would be shooting this girl looks every second until she couldn’t bare it anymore and leave. You know the J-nope? Well the looks you give are quite similiar to his. The nerve of this girl who just started right out touching your boyfriend while you were standing right next to him had your blood boiling. The other members who were also standing near you, could definitely feel the irritation oozing from you and the eye twitch didn’t really help to calm you down.

‘’Yah!’’ you yelled when the touchy-feely became to much. Hoseok who had been trying to let down that girl gently, jumped when he heard your loud voice. Before he decided to turn his head to you, he gulped knowning already how you were feeling. The grip you had on his arm tightened every time she touched him and well he knew she saw your hand curled around his upper arm but this girl clearly had the nerve to flirt with him right in front of you and his friends.

‘‘Please if you turn around now, I will forget what you just did so you can leave with your dignity still intact. I must say, you’rd one daring woman I will give you that however. Dont. ever. touch. my. man. again.’‘ you finished. stepping closer with every word that left your mouth as you were now standing face to face with her. 

‘‘Oh really? A person can’t belong to another person.’‘ she shot back at you. 

‘‘Ýou’re right. but I’m still the one who is going home with him. And guess what? I have to make sure your traces on his body will be replaced with mine and the only thing that will drip from his lips is my name.’‘ you smirked when you saw the shock in her eyes and couldn’t help but scoff when she dramatically threw her hair over her left shoulder and walked away. 

The others had their mouths hanging open in shock. The cute and innocent y/n… just said that? Well you weren’t one to fight with people but they shouldn’t mess with him. and Hoseok? Hoseok couldn’t be more proud plus the words that you just spat at that girl had him feeling very very excited. Biting his lip, he grabbed your hand and pulled you with him out of the building, ready to put those words into action.

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He is a handsome man, Of course there will be women falling for his feet where ever he goes. What can you do about it? That’s right not much. You could show them he is with you but that won’t stop them. So you did what you do best and that was sulking as you sadly sipped your milkshake, watching how the girls behind the counter all had their attention on him. 

You rolled your eyes when you heard them squealing, almost sure Namjoon had just thrown the english into the conversation. 

‘‘Namjoon-ah!’‘ you called his name, having enough with them oggling him. You were alright with a bit of flirting, it’s human nature and well he was great with his words. That’s how he got you. You weren’t really proud how easily you fell for his words but you were glad you did ‘cause he was amazing. He respected you. 

Turning around at the sound of your voice, he send you one of his heartmelting smiles. ‘’I’m coming babe!’’ He responded as he turned around again to say his goodbye’s to the ‘very friendly’ workers. 

Once he slid down next to you in the booth and slung his arm around your shoulders, you shrugged him off, still a bit hurt by his actions. 

‘‘y/n?’‘ he questioned. 

‘‘Could you tone it down a bit next time? I.. I don’t really like you showing of your charms to other women.’‘ you softly confessed while you played with the straw. 

Namjoon eyes widened at that, a slight pain entered his heart. He hit himself on the forehead for being so insensitive towards you. He forgot how it must have looked to you when he was talking to that girl. Quickly grabbing your shoulders he made you face him. 

‘‘I love you and I’m sorry. I would never replace you sweetheart. You’re really really the best that has ever happened to me. I can’t imagine a better girlfriend than you. Your love, your patience, your soft heart… it’s so rare, those girls don’t even come close to you. Can you forgive me? And please don’t hold back. If you don’t like something, just tell me okay?’’

He gazed in your eyes, waiting for an answer.

‘‘Okay.’‘ you nodded and soflty agreed with his words. He just smiled. Gently holding your cheeks, he pecked your lips and pulled you closer to him. 

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The cold wind didn’t help to cool you down as you were fuming, stomping your way to the car. He went too far. It wasn’t innocent fanservice anymore. How could Jimin let her do that blew your mind. Hand around her waist? You didn’t mind that but her hand on his butt? Woooaaaa that was… woaaaa. 

Unlocking the car, you threw open the door, jumped in and slammed it close. Sticking the keys into the ignition, you brought the car alive.  Before you could back up and drive away, the door was thrown open. 

‘‘Jimin, fuck off’‘ you said as you tried to close the door again but he didn’t let go.

‘‘No I wont fuck off y/n…. Please it isn’t what you think it is’‘ he sounded desperate but right now you did not care and you couldn’t help but laugh at what he said. ‘‘Come on Jimin. Are we going to play like this?’‘ you finally looked up at him while turning the engine off. ‘‘You let her touch your butt Jimin! It is exactly what it looked like!’‘ 

‘‘No it’s not! Well yes she did but you already walked away when I slapped her hand away! I didn’t like it y/n! I did not!’‘ Jimin pleaded. He fell down on his knee before you, grabbing your hands and held them against his chest. 

You bit your lip when you felt how his heart was beating fast and how his beautiful brown orbs shined with tears. Swallowing your pride, you pried away your hands which caused him to grab them again in panic. ‘’Y/n..’’ his voice cracked and a tear escaped their prison. 

‘‘Jimin, sweety…’‘ you sighed. Climbing out of the car, you also crouched down, now facing him on the same height as you once again took back your hands but before he could snatch them again, you pulled him in your arms, rubbing his back and shushing sweetnothings in his hair. ‘‘I’m sorry.. It’s just that.. It hurts to know that so many people would do everything to just be by your side and I am afraid they will succeed one day thus leaving me behind, shattering my heart. I don’t want to get jealous everytime a fan or a woman walks up to you eventhough I know you’re with me. I mean not all fans are like that, most of them are really sweet and kind but what just happened, I just can’t help the green monster that growls from within. I’m sorry too for reacting so quickly. If I just had waited a couple of seconds.. I can’t say I forgive you since you didn’t do anything wrong so I believe you Jimin. I believe you.’‘

‘‘I love you so, so much y/n. I really really do. I couldn’t even look at another woman, ‘cause you’re the only woman I see. You have my heart.’‘

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‘‘It’s for the music video, It’s for the music video’‘ is what you repeated over and over again, looking at the girl and your boyfriend hugging eachother passionately. ‘‘But they aren’t freaking shooting so why are they hugging eachother huh?!’‘ 

‘‘y/n. please calm down. They’re practicing since the director said they had to because it didn’t look real. ‘‘ Jungkook explained while patting your back. ‘‘Ha! well do they have to hug eachother every second. Look! she pulls him in again!’‘ you wheezed, seeing them in a hug once again. 

‘‘Well we all know how handsome Tae is and… he turns heads everywhere he goes, so I guess this girl is taking her opportunity to be this close to him since she wouldn’t have a reason otherwise. Plus she is confident. She knows she is beautiful’‘ Jungkook told you casually while playing a game on his phone. 

You looked at him shocked. Not believing he told you this so easily. ‘‘Well fuck you Kook. You are really helping, thank you for your opinion. Not!’‘ annoyed you walked away, not wanting to see any skinship with those two and so you shuffeled towards the food table, ready to stuff your mouth. That was one thing you absolutely hated. You always seemed to find comfort in food. Well in every circumstances you always went to food. Stress? Eat. Sad? Eat. Bored? Eat. Annoyed? Eat.

You spat out your food when you suddenly was pushed forward, arms squeezing your tummy tightly. ‘’Baby!’’ Taehyung’s cheerful voice greeted you as he snuggeled you while you were still coughing up bits of food from the sudden shock. Once you calmed down, you turned around and gave him the look. 

‘‘It’s kind of cute you’re jealous. But.. you don’t have to be. It’s just for the music video. I mean yeah she went kind of overboard with the practicing it was getting uncomfortable but it needs to look real on screen ya know. Anyways, you know I like you very very very very much. Besides you’re the one that gets unlimited hugs from me. Not her. This is all for you, I keep it healthy and nice for you.’‘ he finished, wiggling his eyebrows and smirked. Rolling your eyes, you took a muffin from the table and stuffed it into his mouth.

‘‘Now hush. Who even said I was jealous?’‘ you huffed and walked away, trying to hide a smile because hotdamn he was cute. It was hard to stay mad at him.

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You weren’t really the type to fight and you never imagined being in a fight but here you were, rolling over the floor with the b*tch who managed to unlock the demon inside of you.

It all started when you were standing with Jungkook at the front door waiting for the other guys to come out, ready to grab some food when suddenly the door near you opened and she walked out. Already feeling irritated you tried to ignore her as she began to talk to Jungkook but once those words slipped from her filfhty mouth you just couldn’t let it slide past you. 

‘‘Say that again. I dare you?’‘ you spoke up, pushing your boyfriend gentle aside so you could see her clearly. She laughed. ‘‘You heard me. I said. Why don’t you dump that whore and come inside.’‘ and she took a step closer. 

‘‘Y/n.. please ignore her.’‘ Jungkook tried to get between you two. 

‘‘Tsssk. You really think you are a whole lot, don’t you? Why don’t you get you a man for yourself and leave mine alone.’‘ you pushed him aside once again, hands itching to show her for once and all she needed to stop. For several weeks she has been trying to get Jungkook in bed with her which was dumb, cause Jungkook is a faithful man with standards. ‘‘Psssshhh I think I can show him a good time since he is getting bored with you. Once he get a taste of me, he wouldn’t leave.’‘ the girl laughed, walking past you, slamming her shoulder into yours and gripped onto Jungkook’s shirt. 

It was done. She has done it. The only thing you saw right now was rage so you balled your fists and smacked her right on her left cheek. She screamed, stumbled backwards and ended up the ground. ‘’Why are you such a b*tch. You don’t take what’s someone else. Didn’t they teach you that? Should I teach you? I really don’t mind teaching you, you don’t fuck with other people relationships.’’ 

‘‘Y/n. Please stop. You know I would never.’‘ Jungkook told you as his hand tried to get yours but the woman on the ground jumped at you, causing you both to fall on the ground. After that everything was a daze. The screaming, the pulling, the other guys who came to see what was happening when they heard the commotion and tried to pry you of off eachother. 

‘‘I can’t believe you fought. For me at that.’‘ Jungkook sat down next to you on the bed, placing the ice pack gently onto your eye. ‘‘I have to admit it was pretty hot. You looked so badass.’‘ you saw him biting your lip and felt his hands fumbling with the clasp of you bra. 

‘‘Not now Jungkook. My eye hurts.’‘ you pouted, letting yourself fall down on the bed. ‘‘But you know, I would never do that to you right? You’re everything I want. I love you.’‘ he whispered, pulling the ice pack away and sofly placed his lips on the soon visible bruise

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so I saw the mr au for bmc and i realized that that one scene where satine and christian meet in the red room gets like a thousand times funnier when its with jeremy and michael. thE INNOCENT BOYF CANT TAKE IT


Jeremy trying to seduce Michael who is REALLY CONFUSED and has no idea how to respond, Jeremy being extremely dramatic and loudly proclaiming his love while Michael’s standing there like “I?? I’m so confused but I’m also really sort of liking this and wow you’re really…prETTY”


Like Jeremy’s wearing these really fancy, expensive but also raunchy robes that Michael hides under while he’s meeting with another client just like Christian does when Satine is talking with the Duke, and Michael is trying so so hard not to just pass out because HOLY SHIT this is the closest he’s ever been to another person, and is it really hot in the room or is it just him?? Lol

Before now Michael has never had any sort of…experience with another person so even this, when Jeremy is still fully clothed, is enough to freak him out. And like Jeremy is desperately trying to hide him and making these loud noises and motions to get the client to leave the room and it’s really really funny. Meanwhile we have Rich and Jake who are trying to eavesdrop on them and AS FAR AS THEY KNOW Michael and Jeremy are the only ones in the room so it’s not hard for them to imagine what’s going on and they’re like. So proud because their boy is finally getting lucky when in reality Michael’s trying desperately not to get caught hiding behind Jeremy’s legs while the other is dramatically claiming he’s ill and needs the client REALLY NEEDS TO LEAVE NOW

And finally when the client leaves we get serious. Michael almost collapses and has a panic attack and Jeremy calms him down, apologizing like, I’m sorry and I didn’t mean for that to happen are you okay? Deep breaths. And Michael goes into this rant like, how he’s so out of the loop and he has no experience with these things whatsoever but he really likes Jeremy and thinks he’s just lovely and “Maybe we should try this again from square one” and gives that heartmelting smile and Jeremy is just like. SHIT. This boy is cUTE OH NO

Heehehe this is some good shit we’re comin up with here I APPROVE

Winchester Tradition

OMG I loved your last imagine so much!!!! I’m honestly worried about Mary coming back because I write myself into the show as Sam and Dean’s younger sister and I’m hoping I can still do it with Mary (or mom) back. Yes… I’m that weird. Anyway, if your still doing requests, I was wondering if you could do one similar one where your Sam and deans little sister who’s 16 and meets Mary, her mom, for the first time? So that Mary died in her nursery instead of Sam’s. Thank you so much!
Weird? I ahve aN ENTIRE BLOG dedicated to it xD. Thanks for requesting and I hope you don’t mind I chnged it to a written as I got a tad carried away whoops

A/N: Just a heads up that in this Sam didn’t get “shot” and that weird English lady (remember her?) doesn’t exist.

The drive back to the bunker was silent. Not awkward, though. A comforting silence broken just by Baby’s low hum. You stared out of the window, it was dark out and that somehow made everything so much more unreal. Amara. Chuck. …Dean…Even Cas was with you both. 

Sam drove, focusing on the road and no doubt thinking as much as you were. Cas was in the back with you, maybe out of respect. You appreciated it either way. 

When you arrived back you got out and headed to the front, not waiting up for anyone. You walked down the steps and slumped your backpack on the floor before Sam or Cas had made it in the building and headed off to your room. Sat on your bed, staring at nothing, you heard what must have been Sam’s footsteps as he neared your room. He paused outside for a bit before opening the door. You didn’t look up but you did feel a dip in the bed when he sat down next to you.He then wrapped his arms around you and brought you in close. You hugged him back, closing your eyes in attempt to fight back tears but it didn’t do much. Crying, you felt him hug you tighter and he pressed a kiss to your head. 

After along time of silence you spoke up. “Where’s Cas?”

“I don’t know…he said something about a matter of importance and just went…”
“He’s coming back, right?” You looked up at Sam for the first time. Your wide eyes needing someone to tell you someone was gonna stick around. He’d been crying too. “Course.” 

Almost five days had gone by and you hadn’t seen Cas since. You were reading one of your favourite books. You’d been busying yourself more lately, wanting something to take your mind off things. You smiled when you thought about how Dean would tease you for reading. 

You’d been in your room for the last four days and only now had you ventured into the library, You were sat on one of the comfy chairs, your legs hanging off the arm rest. You hadn’t even noticed Sam come in but he got up to go get his laptop charger. You looked up from the pages and he shot you a smile as he walked across the room.“Sam. Y/N.” A gruff voice made you both turn your heads to see Cas. Only, he was covered in blood. Hopefully not his.

“Cas, where the hell have you been?” Sam sounded more concerned than angry.
“It’s Dean.”
You stood up.
“He’s alive. And that’s not all-”
“How? How did he survive that?” You ask.
“Because it never happened. My Father and Amara sorted themselves out.”
“So why hasn’t he called?”
“He’s been in Hospital. Look I need to tell you something else.”
“What is it?” Sam gave up on hovering in the door way and came to stand next to you.

“Your Mum’s back as well. She’s with Dean.”
You stared wide eyed at Cas. Your Mum had died when you were three years old on your nursery ceiling. You’d always blamed yourself for this and sometimes you wondered if your Dad did too. But this was…no…this was insane.

You and Sam sat impatiently in the waiting room. Sam was bouncing his leg up and down and you didn’t have the energy to tell him to stop. 
A Doctor walked out and nodded at you two, managing a “He’ll be fine…” as you both hurried past him and raced off to Ward 25.

You almost fell into the room when your eyes didn’t know where to look first. Your big brother was strapped up to so many machines it was terrifying. One blip in the system and his life could go down with them. He had tubes aiding his breathing and he looked strangely peaceful for being in such a dangerous state.

You then saw Cas, he was talking to…”Mum?” Sam sounded so taken back to be saying it again.Your Mum stood up, her blonde hair neatly sitting round her shoulders and her heartmelting smile making you want to cry with relief and confusion. Only at this point, the questions could wait. 

Sam raced over and hugged his Mum. You watched and couldn’t help but feel slightly awkward. You couldn’t remember her at all. After all, you were only three when she died. And it was sort of your fault. You’d never had the chance to say ‘Mum’ to her and now it felt…wrong.Y

ou walked over to Dean and watched his heart monitor. He was still out cold but the Doctor said he’d be okay. You focused on the beeps it made, not wanting to make things awkward when your Mum’s kind voice broke the steady rhythm. “Y/N?” She sounded so hopeful you wanted to apologise for being such a mess but before you could even turn to look at her she embraced you in a hug. You stood frozen for a few seconds before hugging back.
“Look at you.” She whispered to herself in amazement.
She broke apart and tilted her head “You hunt too right? I’m not down for my kids growing up to be hunters but if the boys are gonna do it we need a girl to keep em in their place.” She smirked.

Sam laughs and you nod “Yeah I do.”

“Good.” She smiled.

You sat in Ward 25. Perched on the end of the bed as you stared into the steady monitor. You couldn’t look away, it was as though your stare was controlling it. If you stopped maybe his heart would too.

You knew it was stupid. But you still went with it.

Sam had gone back to the bunker with your Mum to get her settled in. He came over with Cas sometimes to make sur eyou and Dean were okay. You stayed however, the Doctors had put out a bed for you but you didn’t really sleep. 

You had a hot chocolate from the machine, Cas had been watching over you for Sam and insisted you drank something.
Your gaze on the monitor was broken by slight movement in the corner of your eye. You glanced down at your older brother and his hand twitched again.
“Dean?” You whispered, watching his eyes.

Slowly but surely, they blinked open and you sighed with relief, letting out a breath. “Dean!” You grinned.

He frowned, pulling the tubes away from him and sitting up slightly before grinning back. “Hey, Kiddo.”
You hugged him and he hugged back. You didn’t want to let go. You and Sam had convinced yourself he was gone for good this time.

Winchester tradition.

“Where’s Sammy? And Cas?..And-” He paused as though considering whether to drop the ‘Mum’ word.

“Mum?” You finished for him, smirking. “They’re at the bunker. Cas is normally here with me. Sam comes sometimes but Mum needed a proper bed to sleep in. After all she’s been dead for a few years or so.” 

“So everyone’s okay?” He sounded amazed at that.

You nod.

“And you stayed? Y/N…”

“I wanted to.”

“You’re adorable.” He chuckled before ruffling your hair. 

“Dean, I’m sixteen not four.” You roll your eyes.

“You’re still my little sister…Come on then squirt,, let’s get out of here.”

“Y/N! Dinner’s ready!” Dean called.

“Okay!” You shout, pausing the game. You stand up and stretch, not realising how tiring it was lying around all day.

The moment you open the door you smell the familiar takeaway aroma. You slip your phone out and swipe through your notifications as you ambled over to the table.

You put it back into your pocket when Dean lightheartedly hit your head, shot him a pout and sat down opposite Sam, Dean next to Sam and your Mum came and sat next to you.

You dug in, you and your brothers filling your Mum in on how you managed to start the apocalypse, free lucifer, become somewhat allies with the king of hell, and die about four or five times each.

She listened in amazement, laughing as you and Dean did your usual sass-off with each other. 

“John raised you three right.” She smiled and you said nothing, sharing a glance with Sam.
You hadn’t taken in the fact she’d lost someone too.

“He sure did.” Dean nodded.

A/N: The ending isn’t John hate. It’s just some writing. Not my opinion.

I do not own these gifs

Most precious

Fandom: Assassin’s Creed

Pairing: Edward Kenway x reader

Genres: Fluff, light heat

‘’Imagine being like a daughter to Blackbeard and in love with Edward Kenway.’’

Words: 1362

Hot Caribbean sun shined upon the deck of the Queen Anne’s Revenge. A soft summer breeze blew, dancing with the sails of the infamous ship. The crew sang sea shanties, making the whole atmosphere joyous. Edward “Blackbeard” Thatch was standing behind the wheel, gazing to the horizon as the ship sailed easily on the open sea.
Ten years ago, when you were just a small kid, your parents were killed by pirates, for no reason. Blackbeard found you from the empty and dangerous streets of Kingston and took you with him. Now he was like a father to you. He was caring, and made sure that no one laid hands on you. Even a wrong look towards you would get to his nerves. You were his most precious treasure, and you still were. He had tensed up after you had been introduced with Edward Kenway, a fearsom dog who fought like a devil, dressed as a man. It was said that he could put down a Spanish ship in a blink of an eye. You had a hopeless crush to this infamous man. But you had to keep the feelings on you since he was already married, at least in God’s eyes.
“Ah, Y/N, have you taken care of my fleet?” Blackbeard asked softly as you made your way next to him on the upper deck. “Aye, I got few ships sailing to Florida, after a priceless plunder.” You replied, feeling quite proud of yourself. A ship, few hundred meter away from you caught your attention. You lifted a telescope to your eye and tried to see the ship. Familiar name at the end of it brought a wide smile to your lips. The Jackdaw. “It’s Kenway.” You told as you looked at Blackbeard, who immediately glenced his jaw, which was quite hard to see trough the thick black beard, but you know when he was troubled. You ignored him and ran to the head of the ship as the Queen gained up some speed.
“Y/N!” Edward shouted as the Queen anchored next to the Jackdaw. Edward took a firm grap of a rope and swung properly from his ship and landed almost without a single sound. You walked up to him, wrapping your arms around his torso. “Sailing to Nassau?” Thatch asked suddenly, as he had made his way to you two. Edward let go of you and greeted Blackbeard happily. “Aye, gotta rest few days before chasing the sage again.” He explained. “Ye still going after that fairytale?” Thatch asked almost mockingly. “Your crew wont stick with you, know that?” He added as he crossed his arms to his chest. “ ‘Em? No, they’ll thank me after we found the Observatory, mark me.” Edward defended himself. He had been trying to find this so called Observatory for months without finding even a clue of it. Though the idea seemed kind stupid and mindless, you wanted to hope that Edward would find it. For his sake.

Nassau was filled with drunken sailors from all around the world. The streets and taverns were full of merry people, singing, fighting, kissing and so on. You walked towards the Old Avery, Edward by your side, already lightly drunk, which really didn’t surprise you. “Ah, Edward, you brought the flower with ye.” Benjamin Hornigold greeted happily, standing up from his seat and pulling you to a warm hug, which you returned immediately. His scent was filled with salty ocean air, rum and gunpowder, like every other mans who crossed the seas. “Glad to see you too Ben.” You greeted him, giving him a heartmelting smile before sitting down between him and Edward. Blackbeard didn’t like it that you were alone with the boys, ecpesially when they were drunk, but he wasn’t the one to make the decisions for you. He was a pirate after all. He cared for you, deeply, but he wouldnt protect you from everything. Not anymore as you were old enough, and knew how to use a sword. “Where’s Vane?” You asked glancing around, jumping a little bit as you felt an arm wrapping around your back. “I have no idea, love. You miss him?” Edward teased, now clearly drunk. He was holding you by your hip, lightly leaning closer to you. A light blush rose to your cheeks but faded away as fast it came. “Well, he has the best sass in this group of morons.” You played along. Edward grinned widely, moving his body closer to yours. You enjoyed his attention, though he was drunk, but you didn’t mind it. Not today. “Darlin’, you ain’t even seen me in action.” He tried to say back, but you already had a line to push him down. “Are we talking about sex or sass, ‘cause I’ve never heard tha you would have done either.” You said, now moving closer to him by yourself. Hornigold slammed his grog to the wooden table, his drink spilling over the edges. He laughed loudly with the others that were sitting around the table. “What is it, Eddie? A cat got your tongue?” You continued, earning once again a burst of laughter from the fellow sailors. Edwards cheeks were burning from the sudden embarrasement, and the alcohol in his blood. “I’m gon’ take a walk, don’t get back to the ship without me, aye?” He said before quickly leaving the table. You looked confused as you watched him walking away, towards the inner streets of Nassau. “You got him good!” Hornigold laughed and tapped your back gently, still trying to calm down from the laughing. “I should go after him.” You said and stood up. Hornigold nodded in agreenment and continued to chat with the others.
“Edward?” You called as you walked around the streets, glancing around the silent houses. The cheerfull singing echoed from the shore as you walked further. A branch snapped somewhere near you, getting you to your toes. You placed your hand to sheat of your sword, ready to pull it out.
Suddenly you feel two arms around you, one blocking you from pulling your sword and another on your mouth, stopping you from shouting. “Easy there love.” A smooth voice travels to your ear, your tension vanishing immediately. “That’s better.” He continued before lightening his grip just enough for you to turn around. Once you were facing him, he closed his arms once again. Edward’s face was covered by his hood, making him look mysterious, even dangerous, which you definitely enjoyed. You placed your hands against his chest as you looked straight up to his piercing blue eyes. “You’re amazing.” He whispered, slowly pushing you against a nearby wall. “Beautiful.” “Precious.” He spoke sweet nothings one after another, sending a burning temptation down your spine. You gasped quietly as your back hit the wooden wall. Edward noticed his chance and pressed his lips to yours, sliding his tongue to your mouth right away. After realising what was happening, you grabbed his collar and returned the kiss, heating it up.
“Gett off her.” Blackbeard said powerfully, grabbing Edward by his collar and pulling him away from you. You looked at the bearded man with confused expression on your face. “What the bloody hell you think you’re doin’? He asked angrily, looking down at Edward who was even more confused than you. He stood up slowly before speaking up his mind. ’'I love her. That’s it.” He said bluntly. You looked at him your eyes and mouth wide open. Blackbeard was also silent for a while before laughing quietly. “I know mate, I know.” He said shaking his head lightly. “And I’m glad that it’s you that loves her and not bloody Vane, or Hornigold.” He added, earning a soft laughter from Edward. “Go on Kenway. And remember, break her heart and you’re dead man.” He finished before walking away. You stood there, trying to figure out what happened. Edward brushed dust out of his clothes before taking you by your hand. He brought your hand to his lips, pressing a sweet kiss on it. “What was that?” You asked, still little out of the moment. “Love, darlin’ ” Edward said softly. “Just love.”

Bts reaction to you thinking you were talking to your friend

A/N: Sorry for not posting for a very long time and really  I don’t have excuses. Sooo yeaah… I blame my laziness. Thank you all for waiting for me though. I really like you all. You’re so cute. I hope you enjoy this one.

Scene: here is the thing. When you’re talkikg to a friend and suddenly your friends stops walking because he or she sees something but you don’t notice and keep talking. We all had this once right? :p

“No thats not it. Yeah the strawberry one was good but I really think we should take the carrot cake. So please let’s get the carrot cake” you begged and laid your head on her shoulder for extra persuading. But once your head didn’t reach her shoulder and you were sure she didn’t wear men perfume, you jumped away and lifted your eyes. You’ve got to be kidding me! You mentally facepalmed yourself. Kim Seokjin? Really? Of all the people, him? “I’m so sorry! I thought you were my friend. This looks so weird. I’m sorry.” You apologized over and over. “ It’s okay. I Figured.” Jin laughed and patted you on your shoulder. “I think you’re right though” you looked at him weirdly. “Right about what?” You responded. “The cake ofcourse. Carrot is the best. Please enjoy it! And eat a piece for me too.” You both laughed at this and you stuck your thump up. “Seokjin Fighting!” Was the last thing you said and ran over to your friend.

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“Uhm. What are you doing?” You heard a deep voice next to you. “Woaaa f/n! How do you do that??” “I’m not f/n?” You heard it again. Okay maybe you should see what is going on? “Oh my. You’re not my friend!” You said and held your hands infront of your mouth, shock written all over your face “well this is embarassing” you laughed and bowed in apology. “I’m sorry” “aaah it’s okay. You made waiting a little less boring’’ he smiled. You blushed at the sight. “’Didn’t you mistake a person once for your friend?’’ you asked him, hoping your cheeks would regain their color. ‘’No I have not’’ he immediatly answered, looking at you with a straight face. Taken aback with his quick answer, you clasped your hands together and stood up. “I.. I think.. I should go look for my friend. Stay healthy!’‘ ‘’I was just joking. Who did not mistake a stranger for their friend? People who tell you that are lying.’’ He laughed. ‘’I know exactly how you feel so don’t be embarrased and as I said earlier, you made waiting less boring.’’ You couldn’t help but blush again and smiled at the ground. ‘’Well I really think I should look for my friend. I will cheer you guys on and stay happy and healthy yeah? Bye bye!’’ you waved at him and before you turned around you caught a glimpse of his heartmelting smile. 

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‘’You know I hate that. I mean if people are looking at you I automatically say hi, but what pisses me off is that they turn their heads without a smile or something. Come on! you were looking at me first, just a slight smile is enough. You don’t have to greet me back if you don’t feel comfortable but a smile can, right?’’ You were ranting towards your friend about the frustration you felt at the subway this morning. ‘’Yeah I know I am not Korean but why stare? If you don’t want me to notice you staring, you actually should greet me first to make it seem like you weren’t staring.’’ You sighed. ‘’I totally, 100 % agree with you.’’ A man’s voice answered you back. Whippig your head to your side in confusing you made the discovery you have been ranting to a total stranger. You were already horrified, but once you recognized his features your eyes widened and a groan left your mouth. You faced the ceiling and literally facepalmed yourself. ‘’Aahaaa haha I am so sorry. I’m sorry you had to hear me rant about, you know. ‘’ You awkwardly laughed and apologized as you kept bowing in apology. ‘’No it’s okay. It was actually fun.’’ you looked at him confused. ‘’Fun?’’ you questioned. ‘’Aah I mean, it was refreshing, Most of the time the conversations are about me If I meet people but it was nice to hear a stranger rant.’’ He laughed while he had grabbed your hand and motioned for you to sit down. ‘’Well keep on going. I have to wait another fifteen minutes, so you can rant all you want until then.’’

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‘’When you think about it, it is actually weird. In english you call a mandarin a mandarin and I mean the fruit. But Mandarin is also a language in China. Also here in Korea you have a lot of people with the last name Kim right. But where I come from Kim is not a last name but someone is actually called Kim. So I have been thinking what if a Kim is going to marry a Korean with the last name Kim? Would her full name be Kim Kim?’ That would be pretty funny.’’ you laughed, slapping your friend on her arm several times but you instantly stopped once you heard her laughing. well her would not be the right term. It would be a him. Looking up towards the source where the laugh was coming from, the wheels in your head started working when you realized you slapped Kim Namjoon’s arm. Several times might you add. Now since he seems strong you were sure it did not hurt him, heck you weren’t even hitting hard but still. If people had been filming this, this will be on the internet and people will assume you were hitting Namjoon for the wrong reasons. ‘’Well shit’’ you spoke loudly. Before you could apologize, he was already talking. ‘’Don’t you dare to apologize. I already figured it out you thought you were talking to someone else.’’ He chuckled  ‘’Why didn’t you say anything when you heard me talking.’’ You whined. He could have saved you the  embarrassment. ‘’At first I was going to tell you but once you started on the mandarin story I actually was thinking about it too and when you started with ‘Kim’ I couldn’t help but laugh to. I think it would be better if people first call her ladiesname and then her husbands.’’ He smiled. ‘’Yeah, thats a solution. eventhough it’s a bit funny, if you really love him you wouldn’t really care right?’’ You smiled aswell. Namjoon made you feel at ease and he laughed your embarrassment away.  ‘’It was nice meeting you. But I really think I should go. you know looking for my friend before she is going to report me as a missing person. Keep up the good work but don’t forget to take breaks. Army’s rather see you healty and happy and a bit less than seeing you guys everyday on tv, tired and injured.’’

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You really really really wanted this book and since your friend needed a book for her essay she tacked along but once you stepped inside the store, you wanted to turn around and leave but unfortanutely for you, your friend stopped you and dragged you further inside. ‘’Can you let go please I’m bumping into a lot of people and they’re shooting me really really dark looks.’’ You complained as you once again winced when the girl you bumped into shot you a dirty look. ‘’I’m sorry but I really need this book for my essay and if we leave right now and come back in a couple of hours who knows if that book is still there. I am really sorry, I know you hate crowds, but I won’t leave your side, I will grab the book, pay for it and we will leave immediately after okay?’’She explained. ‘’’Fine but please hurry, I am already not feeling well.’’ you closed your eyes to try to calm down but when you felt your friends her hand leave yours, your eyes shot open, desperately looking for her again. ‘’Okay I am outta here.’’ turning around you tried to get to the entrance in the sea of people. Well a sea of women. ‘’I’m sorry can I get through?’’ you asked the girl who did not move an inch when you tried to get past her. ‘’No! You will have to wait till its your turn.’’ she snapped. ‘’My turn? No no no, I just want to get out of here. Get out of this freaking store?’’ You were already panicked and felt suffocated, but once this girl was just right out refusing to let you get past, plus that she was cursing at you under her breath, ticked you off. You really really wanted to get out of this store, because you already felt how your breathing became harder and people seemed to get closer and closer to you. Before you could scream, a hand circled your wrist and led you through the crowd. ‘’Seriously f/n.. You told me you wouldn’t let go of my hand.’’ you angrily spoke, letting your friend drag you out of the store since your vision was blurry from the tears. ‘’Sometimes I really don’t like you.’’ you confessed when the fresh air of outside hit your face. ‘’You don’t?’’ An unfamiliar voice asked. Your eyes traveled upwards and when they landed on his face everything seemed to click. Pointing a finger at him in understanding you said ‘’No shit this store was filled with people. Because you were there. Aaaah now I get it.’’ ‘’I’m sorry.’’ Jimin spoke softly. ‘’Sorry? No need to be sorry it’s not like you want people to follow you everywhere. it’s not your fault. Besides it’s my friends fault’’ you laughed. ‘’I just get like this in busy crowds. I just need a lot of space around me to feel comfortable.’’ You smiled at him and he gave you one in return. ‘’It’s okay, thank you for saving me.’’ you grinned while giving him a playful shove on his shoulder. 

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‘’Aah love? You know I never have been in love right so I really can’t describe it to you but I think that if you look at that person and you can feel your heart melting, I think it feels like nice warm water sliding down your heart. I think thats when you know you’re in love. I mean I feel like this when I look at my dog. He is so cute I just… ughh!’’ You giggled. ‘’Yeah I know I know what you’re going to say loving your dog is different than loving a person but is it really? You would want your dog to be happy right? All you want to do is cuddle the fluffball and kiss it on the nose.  You would want your dog to be happy and comfortable eventhough you’re not comfortable as long as he is comfortable. You just can’t imagine leaving your dog behind without breaking your heart. Love is love.’’ Once you were done talking about love or well your dog, you did not expect this kind of reaction. Why was your friend clapping? Did she agree? That was not possible, she is always telling you that love for your pet is different than love for a man. So you looked at your friend to see your friend turned into a male. A cute male though. You kept looking at him, you could not look away for two reasons. reason 1: you told a stranger about your love for your dog. Fine maybe just a slight obession for your dog and reason number two was that he was very handsome and that you figured it out why he seemed familiar. ‘’Hi?’’ You greeted him hesitantly. ‘’Hello!’’ He greeted you back cheerfully, shaking your hand fast. ‘’I am Taehyung.’’ He smiled and let go of your hand. ‘’I think you are right. You want your dog to be happy and comfortable around you, you want to cuddle him allday long if you could. Shouldn’t that be with your favorite person too? Wanting her to be happy and comfortable around you. To kiss and cuddle her every chance you get? It makes sense. Totally makes sense.’’  

‘’Right? Right? That’s what I am telling her but she just doesn’t believe me. But I am happy I found someone who also thinks like that.’’ you smiled and laughed out of joy. ‘’Thank you Taehyung-shi. Thank you. You made my day.’’ This time he gave you his famous smile and patted your shoulder. ‘’ I should thank you. Now I know when I’m in love and thank you for keeping me company while I am waiting for my friend.’’ ‘’ I am waiting too. Do you want to see my cute dog?’’ You asked him, fishing your phone out of your pocket. ‘’Really? Can I? wait. you should see my cutie too.’’

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‘’No I tell you oversized shirts are the best. Skinny jeans and a oversized shirt on top are the best. And you can finish it very cooly with a leather jacket. You know I love to eat and If I were a tigh shirt and I know I am going to eat lots there is a chance that your tummy will stick out a bit if you ate to much. That’s not comfortable at all. So oversized shirts are the best. If I am wearin a tight shirt I really don’t feel comfortable and you know that. The first thing I do when I get home is get out of that shirt and slip on those comfortable loose fitting shirts. It feels nice and trendy at the same time so please stop convincing me. I know what I like. And know let’s go home we have been for over 2 hours already. I am getting tired and hungry. I know it’s weird that I don’t like shopping but I am more of a person who grabs what she needs, pays for it and leaves.’’ Just when you were about to link your arms together you felt her flinch and you hears a gasp. ‘’You don’t have to be angry just because I like oversized shirts.’’ 

‘’I agree with the oversized shirts but I don’t think I know you well enough to eat with you.’’  A soft male voice left her mouth. You raised one eyebrow in confusion so you turned your head to meet eyes with Jeon Jeongguk. ‘’I’m pretty sure I was walking next to my friend couple of minutes ago.’’ You told him, actually you told yourself that. He just smiled at you. ‘’I’m sorry I bored you with my story.’’ you laughed when the situation sunk in. ‘’And I’m sorry for disturbing your shopping. I really thought I was talking to my friend.’’ ‘’It’s fine. It happened to all of us once.’’ this time he chuckled and grinned at you. ‘’I should go back to my friend. Once again I am sorry. Enjoy your free time.’’ bowing at him, you turned around and made your way towards the store you passed by while talking to your ‘friend’. She must have been distracted by the pink shirt she saw in the window of the shop. ‘’Keep wearing oversized shirts!’’ Jungkook’s voice made you stop in your steps, turning around you saw him holding his thump up. you could not help but laugh as you held yours up too.

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Finding out you’re ticklish

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“Baaabe,” you whine, tugging at his hand. “I want to get some ice-cream, get a move on!”

Ashton rolls his eyes at you before sending you an adoring grin, and you can’t help the butterflies in your stomach. You only met him a few months ago but you fell for him so fast, for his stupid dimpled smile and his adorable giggle and the way he’s so passionnate about everything he does.

He finally got the guts to ask you out two weeks ago, and it’s your third date, the one where he promised you’d get to choose the place. So of course you chose to go to the fair because who doesn’t love clichés, but now Ashton’s been trying and failing to win you a teddy bear at one of the booths forever, and you’re getting a little impatient.

“You’re so stupid,” you say as you finally manage to drag him away. “Now buy me food.”

“So demanding oh my god,” he says, pretending to be annoyed, which only causes you both to laugh.

You lean your head against his shoulder as the both of you make your way towards where you can buy ice-cream, but suddenly he wraps his arm around your waist and you jump away from him with a sharp gasp.

He looks up at you in shock, his mouth falling open as worry fills his eyes.

“D-did I do something wrong? Was that too much? I’m sorry–”

You cut him off before he can ramble on, muttering a little:

“I’m just really ticklish.”

There’s a few beats of silence before he realizes what you just said and a huge smile lights up his face.

“You mean you’re so ticklish I can’t even touch your sides?”

“Yes?” You say in a little voice, peeking up at him through your lashes, a little embarrassed.

“Oh my god!” He yells in exhilaration, and before you know it he’s running towards you, making grabby hands towards your waist.

You scream, half in fright half in delight, and start sprinting away.

“Don’t you dare, Irwin,” you yell behind your shoulder. “Don’t you fucking dare!”

“I’m coming for you!”

And true enough he’s on you in no time, tickling your sides, which makes you scream and laugh way too loud and probably attract the attention of everyone around you, but neither of you can bring yourselves to care when he finally stops and looks at you fondly.

“I hate you,” you whisper, the smile at your lips contradicting your words.

He grins brightly and pecks your nose sweetly.

“Let’s get you your ice-cream, yeah?” He say, grabbing your hand again.


“Mike. Mikey. Michael. Clifford. Cliffy. Gordon.”

Finally he snaps and fixes you with a dirty glare, finally looking up form his phone.

“Don’t call me that.”

“Give me love!” You yell dramatically before letting yourself fall to the ground.

He barely spares you a glance, still lounging in the bed, caught up in what’s probably a really shitty videogame.

“Honestly, Michael, I come all the way to here from Australia to visit you because you said you missed hanging out with me, and then you just ignore me? Talk about a shit friend.”

“I’m not a shit friend! I’m just finishing this level of–”

By then you’ve already tuned out. You’re used to this, of course. Mike was this way before he even started the band, so it’s no real surprise to you. You’re actually secretly happy that fame didn’t change him that much.

“Whatever,” you huff. “I’m sure Luke will cuddle me or something. Maybe he missed me more.”

At this Mike whips his head towards you.

“What do you mean you’ll go cuddle Luke?”

You shrug, getting up to your feet.

“Yeah well, he’s nicer than you anyway, and yesterday he actually–”

Mike grabs your arm and makes you fall on the bed before tackling you in a huge hug, basically just lying on top of you.

“There you go now stop taking about Luke,” he huffs, and you can’t help the small smile playing at your lips.

Of course talking about his bandmates would be the way to get his attention. He’s always been a possessive guy. You hide your grin in his neck and raise your arm to play with his hair a little, soaking up his warmth and just his presence after being apart for so long. He makes a little satisfied sound and his hands go down the length of your body, probably to pull you closer but you let out a little squeak and he stops his movements.

He leans backwards a little to look at your face, a disbelieving smile slowly lighting up his face.

“No way,” he breathes. “I completely forgot how ticklish you are.”

“Pfff, I’m not ticklish anymore,” you blatantly lie.

“Right,” he smirks, and that’s all the warning you get before he literally attacks your sides, causing loud giggles to fall from your lips.

“Stop!” You yell, which only makes him laugh more and tickle you until you can’t breathe, tears falling from your eyes and hair all messed-up from shaking your head side to side in an attempt to get away.

Finally, finally, he stops, looking down at you with a smile on your face and you feel your heart squeeze a little, feelings you pushed back years ago trickling back into your heart. You swallow and fight the blush rising in your cheeks, trying not to concentrate on how green his eyes are. Just friends, you remind yourself, just friends.

But then his lips delicately brush against yours and he whispers a soft:

“I really really missed you.”


Your heart is beating wildly in your chest as you notice him sitting at the café, typing something on his phone as he waits patiently for you to show up. He looks just like he did in your numerous Skype sessions except…better somehow. More real. You hurry your steps and stop in front of the table, a small, timid smile at your lips.

“Hi Luke,” you say almost breathlessly, and he looks up to your quickly, a smile lighting up his features at the sound of your voice before he even really registers your presence.


Before you know it you’re engulfed in a huge bearhug and that’s when you know Skype really didn’t do him justice because how could you have known that he would be so broad and warm and smell so good. He squeezes you in his arms tightly beofre letting go, a small giggle escaping his lips.

“I’m so excited to finally meet you oh my god!”

And you notice how bluer his eyes are in real life, feeling butterflies in your stomach as he looks at you like you hung the moon in the sky.

“Me too,” you grin sheepishly before you both sit down and you can’t help a snicker as you see what he ordered for himself.

“A caramel macchiatto? You really are a white girl, Luke.”

And then he pouts and it’s like all the awkwardness is gone, you’ve found your internet best friend and it’s comfortable and hilarious and even better than you could have possibly imagined. After the coffee, you take a walk in a nearby park until he suddenly collapses in the grass, grandly declaring he wants to watch the clouds.

“You’re so cheesy oh my god,” you can’t help but chuckle, but of course you plop down beside him, trying not to stare too much at the sliver of golden skin where his shirt has slightly ridden up.

“Shut up, you bully!” He exclaims and pokes you in the stomach, which immediately causes you to curl onto yourself and bark out a laugh.

His eyes widen impossibly and the blue somehow becomes even shinier as a heartmelting smile forms at his lips.

“You’re ticklish?” He asks, like nothing has ever caused him more joy in the entire world.

“Um, yes?”

“Perfect!” He exclaims and pokes your stomach again, making you choke up in laughter. “Now I have the perfect leverage over you!”

He pokes you once more, claiming it’s revenge for you mocking him, and as you stare up at his face, you can’t help but think that you’ve never seen anything as beautiful as him, and you’ve never been as lucky as that day you randomly got a text from a wrong number. And unbeknownst to you, looking at your messy hair and smudged make-up and shining eyes, he’s thinking the exact same.


The room is dark and warm, and it feels like a coocoon, the perfect hide-away for your few stolen moments with Calum. The Maori boy tenderly runs his fingers through your hair, sending you a small smile that has your stomach tingle with nervousness.

Because you never thought of Calum as someone who could be tender. He was funny, arrogant, cuddly, obnoxious, flirty and confident, until you got closer to him and suddenly he was so much more. Ever since you first had your serious conversation with him a few weeks ago, souls laid bare under the starry sky as you both foudn yourselves outside on the porch after struggling to find sleep, he’s been opening to you more and more, and you’ve realized just how interesting and deep a person he is.

And now you’ve been spending the nights together, confessions about dreams and fear whispered in the dark as you find your solace in each other’s arms, just cuddling the nightly anxieties away, until he kissed you a few nights ago and sudddenly it wasn’t just platonic anymore.

But he’s leaving to LA tomorrow morning after this break and you’re going to miss him so much and you try to tell him through your kisses, loving the feel of his pouty lips against yours. He sighs against your mouth and his thumb traces your cheek.

“I’m gonna miss you,” he whispers into the darkness, and you raise a hand to tangle your fingers around the curly, inky strands of hair, until he leans his head against your hand like a puppy in need of petting.

“I’ll miss you too,” you breathe out.

He ducks his head to place a dust of kisses on your jaw, your collarbone, your neck, and despite the soft sadness of the situation, you can’t help a small giggle as his lips traces the sensitive spot.

“What?” He asks, unable to control his smile at the beautiful sound.

“Tickles,” you grin, and he chuckles.


He kisses you in the crook of your neck a few times more, loving the breathy giggles it causes you to emit, and slowly feeling warmth filling his veins as he looks at how good you look on his pillow, in his arms.

“Come with me to LA,” he rushes out, not even thinking but knowing he needs you by his side, always.

“Yes, yes of course,” you whisper, the words falling from your lips before your brain even connects and understand the implications of what he just asked.

But then he kisses you again, softly, and you realize you don’t really care about the implications as long as you can keep him in your arms.

Lena Luthor is working from home on Christmas Eve. She’d prefer the office, but Denny - the night security guard - already gives her sympathetic looks since she stayed late on Thanksgiving so Lena’d rather avoid that. She consciously slacked off a little during the week so she’d have more than enough to do over the holiday weekend. 

There is low classical music playing, mainly to mask how quiet and empty the penthouse feels. The only Christmas decoration she has at home is a small crystal snowman Lex gave her when she turned 16. When the light hits it, it reflects various colors and she loves it. It sits on the corner of her desk. 

7:30: Lena is grateful she installed those soundproof windows, because one look to the city below tells her that people are already celebrating with friends and family, setting off fireworks and whatnot. She sighs and turns back to the memos at hand.

8:30: She turns off her phone. It’s not because she’s gonna get a lot of calls and texts distracting her from her work, but because every year the fact that her COMPLETELY CHARGED PHONE never rings or vibrates during Christmas stings. Not this year, though. That phone is not gonna be turned on until Monday morning. Also this way, she isn’t constantly keeping track of the time. 

9:00: Her workload is very light already, so Lena decides to distract herself coding (ever since college, this is her most favorite activity because it quiets her head). 

10:15: There’s now an animated bunny hopping across her desktop. Lena stands up to stretch and roll her shoulders a bit. A few laps around her office later, she’s back in her chair going over next year’s budget. 

10:30: The intercom buzzes, and Lena’s first thought is that it’s loud. She freezes, pen inches away from paper. It’s probably just another courier with a generic holiday gift basket or something like that. If she ignores it, then the front desk will just sign for it, instead.

10:40: Her doorbell rings. Lena sits straight up and frowns. The security in her building is supposed to be very strict, so she can’t understand how the doorman allowed someone to come up to her floor without authorization. Lena briefly considers grabbing her .45 from her office safe on the way to open the door, but honestly, trouble wouldn’t ring the door bell, right? She’ll just take whatever the delivery boy has and deal with security in the morning.

Lena runs a hand through her hair before opening the door just a crack. She is met by unmistakeable blue eyes and a heartmelting smile that she’s dreamed about more than once. She smiles so genuinely that tiny crinkles form around her eyes and she breathlessly lets out a “hey” as she opens the door wide to let unexpected trouble in.

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Hi~~ Can you do the skinship timeline with Jimin, please? :) Thank you! ♥️

I haven’t started writing or even thinking about this yet but I predict I will die of bias feels midway. SO. Lets get started. This is going to be long.

Holding hands: everyone knows jiminnie wants to hold hands and he will definitely really want to hold hands – so much so that he will practically be…I don’t know how to say this…hungry for it? HE’D JUST REALLY REALLY WANT TO HOLD HANDS SEE everything else be damned and he really really wants to do it as soon as possible because he strikes me as the type to want to show off to the world HEY LOOK THIS IS MY GIRLFRIEND with the help of PDA and literally the only thing that would probably be a halting factor would be the fear that he’d come off as too pushy and that you’d leave him because of that which hah why would you because excuse me um Park fucking Jimin but back to the point. He’d think and think and think and just about kill himself over how badly he wants to hold your hand but IS THIS THE RIGHT TIME HAVE YOU PROGRESSED ENOUGH WITH YOUR RELATIONSHIP?? Eventually it’ll get so much he’d just ask you like hey can I hold your hand? Which you wouldn’t refuse because like I said, PARK JIMIN and then he’d give you this smile this really cute heartmelting smile that reminds you of a kid who you just gave candy to and then he’d reach out shyly and take your hand AND HE’D BE SO CONCERNED ABOUT IT TOO LIKE WHAT IF MY HAND IS TOO SWEATY OR CLAMMY BUT I CANT GIVE UP THIS OPPORTUNITY and it’d be so awkward and so embarrassing and you’d practically feel the awkwardness and the insane amount of happiness radiating off of him and basically here starts the time where your hand practically belongs in Jimin’s

Hugging: skinshippy boy who just needs all sorts of physical contact BUT JUST CANNOT BRING HIMSELF TO INITIATE IT– he’d gather up all his courage to hug you when you’re not looking but just then you’d turn and smile and he’d feel it all drain away and he’d hate you so much for reducing him to such a desperate state. He’d keep trying to convince himself hey its okay she wouldn’t mind BUT OH GOD WHAT IF SHE DOES until eventually he finds himself sitting next to you watching a movie or something and he just stretches and does that arm around hug thing AND HE TOTALLY DOESN’T MEAN TO but you think he did it on purpose because he wants to hug you and you’d shift until you’re leaning against his shoulder AND THAT IS WHEN HIS BRAIN PROCESSES WHAT IS HAPPENING oh she’s leaning against me and my arm is over there and oh shit oh shit oh shitttttt and then he’d force himself to pull his arm down until it’s around you and you’d snuggle closer and then he’d just be elated like I HUGGED HER FUCK YEAH I’M THE MAN

Kissing: I think this won’t take much time tbh. Most likely he’d take you out on what would be like your fourth maybe fifth date and you’d just be sitting there and laughing about something and he’d lean across the table and kiss you – yes in front of everyone – and you’d just be so shocked and embarrassed and happy and he’d apologize to you like I’M SORRY I COULDN’T HELP IT and you’d just smile and laugh at him and everything would go back to normal but he’d spend the rest of the date being worried about it until he leaves you at your doorstep and you stop him when he turns to go by pulling at his collar and kissing him full on the mouth. He’d definitely make some greasy comment about it like “you just cant resist me at all can you” (to which you should be sassy and reply with “you cant resist me either” and tease him very sexually – I’m sorry back to the the point..) but he’d be shy about it and would still be shy with every kiss you give him for a really long time after that and he’d TOTALLY be into giving you small cheek kisses in front of the rest of Bangtan (something that would embarrass you, disgust them and give jimin an ego boost)

Cuddling oh baby he’d want this so quickly he wouldn’t even wait too long he’d be all for showing up at your place on what he deems are “good cuddling days” and he’d just sit on the couch/bed and pull you with him and wrap the blanket around you and tell you how much he loves you and just give you these really cute kisses and make greasy comments (he’s so famous for that jimin you shitface) and you’d just really love him so much at that point you’d kiss him all over his face to see him grin shyly at you and basically cuddling with jimin would be something you would look forward to every week ALSO I THINK YOU CAN MOST PROBABLY GET HIM TO AGREE WITH WHATEVER YOU WANT HIM TO AGREE WITH YOU ON WHILE CUDDLING because skinship is jiminnie’s weakness and he’d do anything for you at that point

Making out this would take time. He’d think about it frequently but he wouldn’t really dwell on it as such. It’d be a thing he’d expect to happen sure but it might not necessarily happen in a relationship. It’s a semi-sexual thing to do and he wouldn’t want to go too far with someone he might not really last with. He’d hold out as long as he can and I think he’d probably wait for at least 5 or 6 months before he just cannot hold himself back one day and it just happens. He’d DEFINITELY be intensely greasy about it oh my god he’d so so so smirk at you when you part all breathless and panting I can almost imagine it—it’d still be pretty infrequent at first but then as your relationship progresses and you become more serious about the thing then I guess it’d get more of a recurrent thing

Sex would be a HUGE deal for him. It’d be something almost taboo until you’re at a certain point in your relationship. Tbh I think Jimin would actually be the most aware of the sanctity of sex - that’s just my opinion tho, that sex is a kind of sacred act, people might disagree with me on this, but I feel idk that Jimin would agree that sex is a big big big thing. It wouldnt necessarily happen in a relationship, like with making out. He’d actually sit and weigh the pros and cons of going that far with someone – are you the right person? Has your relationship gone that far? Would you be okay with it? Is HE okay with it? Eventually, when he decides that sex with a certain someone is something that he’d actually be okay with at a certain point in time, he’d still delay the matter and most probably hint something about it, until he finds out that you’re okay with it too. Now there’s mutual consent and he can actually go ahead and have sex with you. And this is where his greasiness and teasing starts oh god there would be no end. He’d get his fair share of teasing from your side, sure sure, no doubt about that but he’s so cheesy god help me he’d be so gentle and sexual and inappropriate at every moment of the day. He’d go for sexting at first – when he knows you’re in public – before slowly progressing to phone sex and basically just telling you how much he’s desperate and just you wait and then eventually naughty touches during cuddling which would also be taken outside of cuddling and in public, LIKE EXCUSE YOU JIMIN GET YOUR FUCKING FOOT AWAY FROM MY PRIVATES WE ARE AT A RESTAURANT—but the actual sex would be carefully planned and gentle and cautious. First time. Second time. Third time. And now you are in for a regular feeding of your sex drive get your vaginas ready goddammit jimin how dare you destroy me like this

I knew I’d die. Hello guys this is my soul.