If there is one thing I know..

I think I know that I’ve made and that I’ll continue to make mistakes. Truth is at times I feel fucked up about the shit that I’ve done in the past. But I don’t really need someone to constantly remind me of the fucked up things I’ve done. Trust me I know. I go to sleep at night, staring at my ceiling remembering things I’ve done in the past. But if it’s another thing that I definitely know it’s that I have to live for myself, I have to be happy, and anyone who can’t accept that, doesn’t need to be in my life. So many people THINK they know who you are, and they don’t even know themselves. They stare in the mirror, and they really have a hard time describing what they see. Difference between us, is that when I look in the mirror, I see someone who’s getting older, someone who knows himself better than I know anyone that I could just judge by word of mouth. And them? They’re so focused on finding flaws, and mistakes, and shortcomings in other people, they lose their pattern of thought and they lose themselves. Then Eventually all they know how to do is criticize, and worry about other people, and in the process of that, everyone is getting better, everyone’s moving forward. Everyone’s accepting their mistakes. Everyone except THEM.

"Tumblr Famous"

Something I wanna say, There are people seriously FUCKING OBSESSED  with becoming tumblr famous. It’s a website, seriously a fucking website. You’re not getting paid you’re not getting free shit. And most of all, you’re not getting PAID. If theres no money in it, wtf are you going that hard for it for? ( I was gonna say HAM, but It doesnt sound cool when i say it ) There are people who get followers on here for just reblogging everything they see, if you want that then do YOU   do that. Or you could try to be a little creative and let things happen. Either way, tumblr fame isn’t getting you anywhere. Let go of it. Then again, lmaoo. Keep chasing it.

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