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7 Magical YA Romances You Can’t Miss

Falling in love and magic often feel like one and the same, but when both elements are present in a story, it’s impossible to resist the spell. From elaborate fantasy worlds to familiar places with secret charms, prepare to be swept away by these ten magical YA romances!

1. Night of Cake & Puppets by Laini Taylor, illustrated by Jim Di Bartolo

In Night of Cake & Puppets, Laini Taylor takes readers back to the Daughter of Smoke & Bone universe to experience Zuzana and Mik’s magical first date. Zuzana has a handful of wishes and the perfect plan to entice Mik on a scavenger hunt through the city…if he’s willing. It turns out that Mik is more than willing—and he has a surprise for her, as well. This adorably fierce novella is whimsically illustrated by Jim Di Bartolo, and proves that life and first dates don’t need magic to be magical—but it certainly makes everything sweeter!

2. Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood

In Born Wicked, Jessica Spotswood transports readers to an alternate 19th century, where three witchy sisters must hide their magic from a fanatical Brotherhood that has outlawed witchcraft. Cate is determined to protect her younger sisters and maintain their façade of normalcy, but when the kind and charming Finn Belastra comes along, he becomes a snag in her best-laid plans. Not only could Finn betray them if he knew their secret, but his life could be in danger as Cate and her sisters grapple with a magical destiny beyond their control.

3. The Finishing School Series by Gail Carriger

In the steampunk Finishing School Series, Gail Carriger takes readers to new heights when 14-year-old Sophronia is sent to Mademoiselle Geraldine’s Finishing Academy for Young Ladies of Quality—an espionage school masked as a finishing school for young ladies…aboard a dirigible. Sophronia acquires a delightful assortment of new skills, involves herself in all sorts of conspiracies, and is curiously never far from a certain boy who works below deck. Their romance is star-crossed and not without its trials, but Sophronia is never one to let etiquette dictate how she lives her life.

4. When the Moon Was Ours by Anna-Marie McLemore

In When the Moon Was Ours, Anna-Marie McLemore creates magic in the mundane—a world where pumpkin fields are menacing, water towers hold secrets, and roses bloom in the most unlikely places. The novel follows best friends Miel, who is searching for answers about her past, and Sam, who wants to leave the past behind to forge his own daring future. In each other the teens find love, but they must fight for it—and their true selves—against all odds.

5. Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor

In Strange the Dreamer, Laini Taylor spins a new fantasy world of libraries, lost cities, gods, and dreams. Lazlo has been fascinated by the lost city of Weep since childhood but he never dreams he’ll actually get to see it. Everything changes when he is given the opportunity of a lifetime—a chance to journey to Weep. As Lazlo learns of Weep’s mysterious past, he also discovers that some of his wildest dreams—including a mysterious blue-skinned girl—are real.

6. Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones

In Wintersong. S. Jae-Jones plunges readers into the underworld. When Liesl agrees to marry the Goblin King in exchange for his sparing of her sister’s life, she finds herself ensnared in a dark world ruled by ancient laws and customs. To her surprise, she’s actually drawn to the mysterious Goblin King, who at times seems to be just as much a prisoner as she is. Liesl must rely on her own strength if she’s ever to escape the Goblin King’s domain, but leaving behind the husband she’s beginning to love may prove to be her most difficult challenge yet.

7. The Hearts We Sold by Emily Lloyd-Jones 

In The Hearts We Sold, Emily Lloyd-Jones sends readers to boarding school, where Dee will do anything to avoid her home life—including giving her heart to a demon in exchange for tuition. Her bargain aligns her with other “heartless” teens, including the charming but secretive James Lancer. In the midst of doing the demon’s dangerous bidding, Dee finds herself falling for James in this delicious slow burn romance.

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Care (Felix x Rebel!Reader)

Requested by @ajxunknown, sorry it took me so long, but now here it is.

Prompt #44 If you die, I’m gonna kill you.

Felix felt at home with you. He felt like he was still a good guy, just like he was years ago, before being the heartless, charming and poisonous snake he was. You were something else. Of course, if things went wrong he would have to kill you but it’d leave an ache on his chest.

Well, at least he tried to keep you as safer as you could be, but at the end, your death would be around the corner. Might as well enjoy you while you lasted. But he cared about you, maybe not so much more than his money, but he cared. 

That day you were going on a mission with some others that Kimball had sent. Felix had the chance to say goodbye to you. 

“If you die, I’m gonna kill you!” He had said, and you smiled, giving him a small peck on the cheek before leaving.

“I’ll try.”


Youu tried, and you made it, maybe you were a bit hur, but you made it. 

And now, you wwere lying n a bed on the med bay when Felix came to see you. He was lacking his usual smirk, but his gaze had something as he approached. 

“What did I tell you?” He sounded like he was annoyed.

“i didn’t die…” You smiled, trying to sit down on the bed, and when you did, he was sitting right next to you.

“And I’m glad for it, you’d have me mourning otherwise.”

A small laugh escaped you, and he smiled. “I really doubt the Great Felix would be mouring for a soldier like me.”

“If you died, and I’m being honest I’d lost someone I cared for.” from his smirk, now he was sounding dead serious. 

“Do you care for me?”

Felix leaned in and kissed your forehead, arm envolved around you. 

“I do care…more than you think.”


caspian called the kings and queens of old to help put him on the telmarine throne. but the kingdomless children had other ideas. the pevensies called on the forces of the white witch to defeat the telmarine army and the lion who had forgotten them. they were known as the rulers of the golden age, but their light turned dark. righteousness no longer followed them, only destruction. the kings and queens were no longer known as the valiant, magnificent, just, or gentle. though lucy was still brave, the deceitful suited her better. you would think lucy was the same lighthearted girl she was from thousands of years ago when you saw her dancing around. but there were no dryads there, just the dead bodies of her enemies. peter became a ruthless killer. he felt no pain for his army, nor any pity for the innocent creatures he had slain. he was dubbed the bloodthirsty, but not one dared to call the high king anything other than magnificent to his face. edmund was drawn under jadis’ charm, but this time he wasn’t afraid of her power. susan began to admire the woman who reigned over narnia for so long, and desperately wanted to learn her secrets. under the counsel of the white witch, edmund and susan were taught the art of dark magic. edmund learned, and was later known for, ripping the hearts out of his enemies and crushing them. that is when people started calling him the heartless. susan used spells, charms, her beauty, and her mind to lure men and creatures to were they would be killed. it was a deathtrap, but she seemed so honest that the men couldn’t resist. susan would be called the enchanting for ages. years had passed and there was no longer any resemblance to the four children who stumbled into a wardrobe on a rainy day. no, these were experienced warriors who reclaimed their kingdom, tamed a wild lion, and did whatever it took to stay in their beloved land. (insp)

OUAT Recaps by Someone Not Watching the Show (6x07)

I decided to do this–recap the show based on what I learn from flailing on tumblr and the gifsets I see–as a fun, light-hearted thing, nothing more. I will probably eventually watch (I’m actually currently caught up!), and I’m curious to see how much I can infer just from being a spectator. Please keep in mind this is just supposed to be a bit of silly fun and is in no way intended to cause any harm, eye-rolling or harm from eye-rolling.

Without further ado, everything that happened this episode, based on gifs, screencaps, and opinions!

Heartless (6x07)

1. Tank top Charming. I’m really glad this runs in the family, btw.

2. Emma has a nightmare…pirate snuggles? 

3. Still no Kanye. But the EQ made a speech, even if she didn’t interrupt Taylor Swift to do so.

4. Regina protects her pals!

5. Please don’t make me write the thing about Golden Queen, it makes me queasy.

6. Mary Margaret:

Originally posted by mildtorturedsoul


8. Blue is back, looking shady and fierce as ever in jellyfish couture.

9. What is the timeline even.

10. WHERE IS KANYE? (Hey, wouldn’t it have been awesome if Mark Isham had done an instrumental cover of “Heartless” for this episode?)

11. “Rum would never do that.” ~Killian Jones (This episode seems very Pirates of the Caribbean, I mean really.)

12. PUP PUP!

13. Dan Scott is here to pressure Charming into playing on the EF basketball team. 

14. Belle is invited over, and so is Blue.

15. More Kanye, less Golden Queen please. 10/10 pirates would agree.

16. Ooh, magic to counteract the water from the River of Lost Souls! (MILAH AND AUNT EM!)


18. Honestly my dash is just picture after picture of Hook’s reaction to the Golden Queen scene.

19. Snow is defiant about things. Hopefully about David ever growing his hair out again.

20. Killian Jones is Mufasa, but also gives adorable true love/ hope speeches to Emma while holding her hand.

21. Emma is so pretty??? I can’t.

22. We are Grooooooot.

23. “Heroes don’t kill.” LMAO

24. Charming doesn’t understand the concept of using an ax on wood instead of iron, but he’s v cute with Snow.

25. This show is like the Oprah of stabbings.

26. Wilby is babysitting Peanut and baby Neal.

27. There was a sleeping curse. Honestly I have no idea what’s happening at this point. It could be Blue, it could be David, it could be a fucking gremlin. This is the chaotic neutral of episodes.

28. Belle kicks ass.

29. The sleeping curse is learning. [suspenseful cyber thriller music]


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