another side

I drew some KH fanart during the Kingdom Hearts 1 speedrun on the “Awesome Games Done Quick” charity livestream.

The Kingdom Hearts games were honestly what got me to start drawing and making stories in the first place, which is odd considering I have barely done any art OF Kingdom Hearts itself. IS that weird? I think it’s weird. Anyway, have a Darkside, it’s a cool enemy, ye.

I don’t know much about love
but the sky becomes an
aurora of pinks and blues when
I talk to you. maybe it’s
just a picture I’ve painted,
but the clouds aren’t as grey
and the darkness clears
away, and I start to understand
what it must feel like not to
be heartless. I know that flowers
bloom in spring and that it feels
good to be healing
and now I even know what
heaven looks like, I think.
I don’t know much about love
but one day you turned up
and since then I haven’t felt
quite as lonely.
—  love // r.e.s