heartland ranch

Uh~Oh... (I started thinking ,again)

I have read all of your thoughts regarding 1104  “How To Say Goodbye”
(and I’ve read the questions & answers from us to mslepp)
I am not going to put my hopes out there for *JISA*
Who are married, living separately, with Lisa gone much of the time in France. That they could possibly say goodbye to the Heartland Ranch and finally move into Fairfield (full time) or at least Lisa could move into the Heartland Ranch -full time?
I’m also not going to put my hopes out there for *Tamy* to find a house of their own, in which they would be saying goodbye to the Heartland Ranch (but living close by).
Those 2 story lines are way to much for me to be pouring out my aches & pains (of which, all of you have made quite clear…..yes include me in there too. I can’t hope that big anymore because the heaviness of being disappointed is way to hard to speak about)

What if 1104 “How To Say Goodbye” is about Scott, What if Scott (our fav Vet, and our Fav choice *romantically* for Lou). What if he is the one saying *goodbye*, and by doing so leaves the Clinic to Ty?

This would open the door for Tamy to work more closely with each other. Yes, *if * that happens, Ty would be called away at times, but Tamy could still work with each other. (This also makes room for *other, new story lines & direction of the show* {gaaaaaa}) (if he is called away, then more storylines for the younger gen folks) {gaaaaa}
The new directions might be:
Lou & Mitch become a serious couple {sighing}
*IF* Tamy moves, Ty could run the clinic from their new place {too much hope required; like their Little Ranch ‘Oh Dashed’ Dreams} 
Jade & Clay could find *love* idk, maybe {gaaaa}

What if the goodbye comes from Caleb & Cass {triple sigh}
because we didn’t get to see anything lovely, about their growing relationship , and now their married? What If !

Just me thinking  


rustic_ranch: Win a Set Visit to CBC’s Heartland! Here is your chance to visit the primary location for the filming of Canada’s longest running series! The Heartland Ranch is located just 45 minutes from Calgary, and if chosen you will experience what it’s like to be a part of the making of this beloved series.

You and up to 3 guests (maximum 4 people) will get to visit the Heartland Ranch, and meet series lead Amber Marshall! You will have the chance to watch part of an episode being filmed and will receive a signed Amber Marshall Calendar, Amber’s Lifestyle magazine and a Heartland poster. If you are in the Calgary area, or are going to be (transportation is NOT included in this package) this is a rare opportunity to see what it is like on the set of your favourite television show!

The visit will take place on a mutually agreeable weekday, between August 20 and October 1. Maximum 4 persons, one of whom must be a parent and/or legal guardian of any accompanying minors.

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Tending to the Heartland ranch

With an audience that’s hugely involved in social media, CBC’s Heartland extended its show into Facebook with it’s own “Farmville” type game, where audiences become ranchers. In “Heartland Ranch,” you’re given a farm house and a plot of land, and from there you plant crops, build silos, shop at Maggie’s and because this is “Heartland,” you spend a great deal of time with horses, from healing them, to training them and taking wannabe cowboys out on a dude-ranch trail ride.

Illustrated versions of characters from the show appear in game to give gamers tips on how to run their ranch, and give them a variety of challenges they need to complete. Weekly challenges are tied into episodic content from the show, so if Jack is seen riding on the tractor picking up hay in one episode, players are tasked to harvest their own hay for rewards. 

However, the game can’t be played in a bubble, friends need to have other friends involved in the game to really get the most out of it, in order to request items from their in-game neighbours to complete various elements.

The ranches also changes with the season, with bright red and orange colours decorating the trees in the fall, and white coats of snow descending in winter. There are special accessories you can purchase as well.

CBC created the game in partnership with OverInteractive Media Inc. (OMI), SEVEN24 Films Dynamo Films and the Bell New Media Fund.