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octoberbebz  asked:

I remember some of the questions being: 1.) Will we see Jessica Steen's interview sometime soon? 2.) Will we see Amy's pregnancy tracker like you promised? 3.) What were some of the challenges you faced with the Ty-Mongolia storyline (something about it going on longer than expected)? 4.) What was the ending that was going to make confessions-heartland explode, and maybe my personal addition 5.) Will we hear more about the Heartland connections in Ice Blue movie? :)

1) Yeah for sure. I was swamped last year and have a pile of videos in the queue. I had two for her. I somehow lost my digital copies of Season 7 and I needed one episode and had to wait until the office re-opened to get them. So we’ll start putting out some videos here hopefully in the next month or so (probably sooner).

2) We will not see Amy’s pregnancy tracker. Unfortunately it opens us up to too much scrutiny. My question to the fans on this one would be, did you think it looked natural throughout the season? I know there are timeline issues, but those aside, how did it look?

3) I’ll answer this on another post.

4) I am not allowed to say this unfortunately :( 1018 went through so many changes right up into post-production believe it or not. At one point, we weren’t even going to reveal the sex of the baby!

5) Ice Blue went through many changes as well. Michelle Morgan is of course one of the stars and I had such a blast working with her outside of Heartland. She’s so incredibly talented and I can’t wait to show off her work. Heartland’s editor Ken Filewych is currently busy editing Ice Blue. And some of the other connections had to drop out due to commitments that Ice Blue conflicted with. But I’m so excited for Ice Blue and I think many in the Heartland community will enjoy it, even though it is on a much darker and more mature level of content than Heartland.

“My favourite thing about Heartland is that it’s so easy to just get lost in it. You can forget that it’s all scripted and there’s cameras filming everything and just believe you’re a part of this crazy family. It’s so nice to be able to relax into the Heartland world.”

“I will never get over how funny Ty’s reaction to Amy’s question in S1EP3, “Why did you ride on [Ashley’s] bike?” and he responds, basically, “ITS THE GREATEST BIKE OF ALL TIME AMY HOW CAN YOU EVEN ASK THAT.” Literally the most boy-ish response to a question I’ve ever heard and it was hilarious (and adorable)“

“I understand Jack and Lisa a lot more the older I get, since they have their own lives and dreams. They love each other, but they aren’t each other’s entire world’s, and I respect that.I have a feeling if I ever get married, it’ll have to be like Jack and Lisa’s—independent. Not as far as living at separate houses but as far as I’m concerned, I’m like Jack and wanting to stay in one place. I want to be left to do my own thing. And frankly, I don’t see it as a bad thing.”