Do you remember how we danced when we missed your high school formal?

Yes, I do.

Well a lot has happened since then. And we’ve got our whole future ahead of us. And we need to enjoy every minute of it.

Review Ep. 1101: Baby On Board

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Loving the ultra-widescreen opening sequences, as always. I think my heart was in my throat at that near-miss with the Briar Ridge trailer and the big rig truck and pickup. Yikes. Glad there was no actual collision (like in the Season 3 opener, ‘Miracle Girl’.) Nice CG with the reflection in Flame’s eye as the rig flew by: it gave a visual impression of the traumatic experience being imprinted on the horse’s memory. (I like that the same effect was utilized later when Georgie was first trying to bond with Flame.)

I liked seeing Amy’s unabashed joy at riding Spartan again, and Spartan looking as handsome as ever.

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“Tim! Tim! Tim! He is so lonely, so sad, being hurt for so many times, and all his being unbearable is just a protection. He loves his girls like crazy, and sometimes the decisions he makes aren’t the best ones for the girls, but they are for him at the very moment for sure. I absolutely love him and Chris Potter is doing excellent job portraying Tim. The show would be so much poorer without him in the picture.“

Heartland 11x01- Baby on Board review

Here we go!! 

It begins with a quick recap of the season: Amy has the baby, Caleb & Cassandra get married but we don’t see it because they’re used as plot points, Mitch and Lou is a thing… until he disappears. Which is actually kind of accurate.

I’m also trying to do less recap, more review.. but whenever I try to do this it always turns into more recap less review, so. 

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This was the first Horzoi that I made.  She lives with Helen Lee in Kamloops at Savladai Kennels.  "Horzoi?“ you ask?  I came up with the name one night in Borzoi Chat.  The first one I tried to make looked more like a horse, though it was supposed to be a Borzoi!  Hence the name "Horzoi”  - Part Horse, Part Borzoi! This poor Horzoi was ripped apart so many times until it was perfected…