Dreamy Days in West Tokyo x Free! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

Traceover involving the DDiWT child forms over a piece of the Free!ES ending heheh. Boy this was fun. The Shounen Hop issue is feat. some old art I did of a friend’s OC haha ty for letting me use it Puri.


Platform: PC
Demo Release Date: TBA
Language: English
By Senhai Group

- High school junior Iria is both dreading and anticipating the demands that come with art school applications. An aspiring artist with endless enthusiasm, Iria wants nothing more than to dedicate every hour of the day to drawing. However, Iria’s confidence is shaken after she receives harsh criticism from Ferdinand, a first-year student at the LaBelle School of Fine Arts – which happens to be her top choice! Down but not discouraged, Iria decides to buy crayons and return to her roots. What she doesn’t know is that these crayons have a secret…

☆ Gather Critique Points from various tasks in order to transform your crayon crush into the guy of your dreams
☆ A few CGs per route, including alternative versions
☆ Multiple endings
☆ An unlockable fourth character (fifth pending)
☆ Bonus easter eggs

Additional details can be found here!


Hahahahaha this is in a bit of a mess cause I insisted on including three forms of the lyrics but ye –

March 5th! Happy birthday Seiji Goto!

Sort of a sequel to this fancomic here. Both comics are based on events in Goto’s Gree!MSB route. And because March 5th is significant in Persona 3 ha.ha.ha. – I ended wanting to make a strip based on lyrics of Kimi no Kioku/Memories of You from the P3 OST woops.

You can hear the specific portion of the song the comic uses [here].
Lyrics and translation came from [here].


Caught Takuto looking at food porn on my computer…!!  ゚Д゚)
++ feat. something from an old comic of mine haha. 

Wheezes wanted to do something kind of in response to the preggers!spin-off for IYAT and. uh. yeah.
Genji with his two biggest fans!!

Tell me that I got it wrong
Tell me everything will be okay
Before I fall
And tell me they’ll play my songs
Tell me they’ll sing the words I’ll say
When darkness falls
Then all of the stars will see
Just me and my guitar [x

Laughs instead of sleeping I just wanted to draw something and.
uh. yeah. … (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ … … //goestoclass