heartbroken quotes

I never understood why people said love wasn’t enough
Until I realized that it wasn’t
We loved each other
There was no denying that
But he wouldn’t let me in
No matter how hard I tried
But I could see clear as day
How much he loved me
Sometimes love isn’t enough
It makes your heart heavy
In a way that never quite goes away
—  Chapters from my life
part of me is mad that i wrote you into my stories. because i can no longer read them without falling in love, and breaking my heart at the same time. but part of me is so glad i did. because it reminds of how beautiful our love was, even if it destroyed me.
—  i still miss you
Take me back to when we didn’t fight
To when we didn’t hurt each other
To when we were happy all the time When we appreciated each other
When we didn’t let life get in the
way of us
Just take me back to when things were so good and effortless
Where we didn’t have to try so hard to hold on
I deleted a picture of you off my phone tonight along with some texts you’d sent months back. Ones telling me how much you missed me and how you needed to see me soon. I don’t get those anymore, in fact I don’t hear from you at all. I still miss you from time to time. When my eyes are heavy in the early hours of the morning or at the bottom of my 9th pint. I wonder how you are and if I ever cross your mind. If you ever see things that remind you of me and no one else, like my favourite band on tv or that film I hated so much. I still think about you but not as much anymore.
—  I maybe still love you.