heartbreaking moment is heartbreaking


We’re setting up to do this shot, we just wanna see Cate sort of tugging this child along. He’s forgetting how to walk. And she walked off down the sidewalk and they kind of edged over to the edge of frame and disappeared behind the tree and then right at this moment the little boy tugs on her hand and then she bends down to find out what it is that he wants and he puckers up his lips and gives her this kiss. And I’m watching this on the monitor and I’m going “Oh my god, that’s amazing!”

David Fincher, Director’s commentary
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)


“ for summer, we learn the ferryman’s yawn. let’s being our practice. imagine it’s early afternoon, by the pine on the bank of the sumida river. one customer in the belly of the boat, one ferryman at the stern, lazily smoking a cigarette. ‘hey, ferryman. take the boat upriver. i like the boat, but being on it all day gets so boring, so boring… no good at all…’  ”

It’s rather astonishing how fragile the human heart is.

How easily it is shook into the depths of despair.

How a single unanswered message, can cause a spiral of emotions. 

How the ‘read’ feature on social media can cloud one’s better judgment.

How completely ruining your first car can devastate you beyond repair.

How such mundane phenomena can cause an individual to lose faith in everything they know to be fundamentally true.

It is also rather astonishing how resilient a human heart can be.

How a simple afternoon out, with someone you care about, can make the world feel like it’s in full bloom, even in the depths of winter.

How coffee on a sunny Wednesday afternoon, as the sun dips just below the horizon, and the wind brushes against your skin, can  make you feel alive again.

How being surrounded by the people you care most about in the world, watching flickering images of some movie no one is paying attention to on a run down old television at four in the morning, can make you grateful to be alive.

It’s true that some moments have the power to destroy you.

But it’s also just as true that these very moments, will make you stronger.

And lead to the moments you were born to live

—  SKY
Being Lyrically Left

Forever & Always: One second it was perfect now you’re half way out the door

You’re not Sorry: Could’ve loved you all my life if you hadn’t left me waiting

Haunted: Stood there and watched you walk away from everything we had

If This Was a Movie: Six months gone and I’m still reaching

The Last Time: You wear your best apology but I was there to watch you leave

The Moment I Knew: What do you do when the one who means the most to you is the one who didn’t show ?

This Love: Your kiss, my cheek, I watched you leave, your smile, my ghost, I fell to my knees

Wonderland: I reached for you but you were gone

Rarely I catch a scent, not really a smell and I cannot put it into words, but it comes unexpectedly and leaves like it was never there. For that split second though, I reminisce. I reminisce a certain time in the past and how I used to see the world. And then I realize how much I have changed.

These are my beautifully sad moments.

—  me being strange [seran.b]

To the one I love the most,

The sad part is, I’m right for you. You know that. You’ve always known that. But as much as you could picture a future for us, you couldn’t handle our present. And I understand because you need time to find yourself and not being tied down by us, no matter how perfect our future together could have been. Today is what matters most. And today, I let you go.

But letting you go was easy because I love you. I love you for everything that you are and everything you’re going to be. You’re not meant to be caged, my love. You’re meant to soar and let the world see you. And if they could see just a glimpse of you, the way I’ve always seen you, they should realize how iridescent you are. And yeah, one day you’ll see yourself in the same light. I’ll always root for you.

I have no regrets. There’s nothing that I’d like to take back. Because even though our story ended, it doesn’t mean the journey wasn’t a splendid one. You’ve made me the happiest and I’d like to believe I’ve done the same. For now. Because I hope you’ll find other happiness, a better one. You deserve that. And I’ll love you for always, in the most genuine and selfless form of love. You deserve nothing less than that.

We’ve learned from each other and you might not believe this, but I am more of myself, the person I’m meant to be because of you. And you are better now, please believe that. Don’t let your past keep bringing you down, don’t doubt your own strength to save yourself. It’s time to let go and reach for that light, it’s there, you just have to see what’s in front of you. And just be patient. You don’t need to rush just because you were fumbling while everyone was running.

And when you’re ready to take a step forward, you’re most probably going to meet someone new and you’ll be better for her. And you’ll know that you deserve to be loved and fought for even more fiercely than how I loved and fought for you. Don’t ever settle for someone who can’t love you easily. Even on your dark days. The right kind of love will stay even when the world turns its back on you. It’ll stay and persevere.

I love you. And my love lingers even when we’re not us anymore. So if you ever find yourself needing to lean on someone who would understand, who would not question, who would not run away from your demons, who would only welcome you with warmth and salvation, I’m here. I’ll always be here for you.

But today, I am letting you go…

—  Dev