heartbreaking but pretty

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i was disappointed charlies character mark was kind of a douchebag in 'as you are'

Wait, really? I’m actually so curious why you think that. Imo, Mark is a sweet, kind person with a lot of heart.

He’s also a person in immense inner pain, but he’s never cruel to anyone. He has a self-destructive streak that spirals out of control and it’s really sad to watch, in part because he’s basically just this person craving love and affection that he’s never had before–his home life has provided the exact opposite. And you can see him constantly fighting himself and these expectations and the specter of his father’s violence. But he still has this kind heart. 

Pretty Girl doesn’t talk about much. Pretty Girl doesn’t
think she’s ‘pretty’. Pretty Girl has scars on her body he
says he doesn’t understand why they’re there. Pretty Girl
hears from Pretty Boy, ‘you shouldn’t do this, you’re so
beautiful, you’re so full of light, you’re such an incredible
thing.’ Pretty Girl says to Pretty Boy, ‘sweetheart, I am the
embodiment of a shooting. You will be a victim, you will
break, and I will be the culprit every time.’ Pretty Boy tells
the Pretty Girl he doesn’t see why she’s so fearful of her
own body. Pretty Girl replies, ‘dear, you’ve no idea the
damage I’ve dealt to this vessel that has pulled me away
from everyone around me;
I am not safe.
I am not safe.
I am not safe.’
Pretty Boy sighs. Pretty Boy caresses his fingers over my
thigh. Pretty Boy sees my reaction and holds me tighter.
‘You’re okay.
You’re okay.
You’re okay.’
Honey, do you understand that this Pretty Girl doesn’t
know the meaning of feeling whole? She never has.
Pretty Boy likes Pretty Girl, supposedly.
Pretty Girl likes Pretty Boy, definitely.
There is no solid ground here. Not yet. Everything is
quicksand, and I am
sinking into this Pretty Boy.
There is no branch for me to grab hold to and escape
this kind of pull. There is no safe word, no warning that
things won’t be as they have always been;
good, great, okay, and then nothing.
Pretty Girl cannot do this again.
But she will let herself anyway.
—  PRETTY BOY vs. PRETTY GIRL // Haley Hendrick

there’s a fair amount of talk in fandom about taako being touch starved but simultaneously avoiding contact (which is pretty heartbreaking on its own; consider kravitz spending the night for the first time and waking up surprised to find taako clinging to him in his sleep) but have we ever talked about whether that would change after they get their memories of the stolen century back

magnus, used to taako sitting in chairs or on the floor when he’s on the couch, suddenly finds taako settling beside him and leaning against him when he sits down. magnus isn’t even sure he knows he’s doing it. or angus, used to taako drifting around him, finding himself the eager recipient of nose taps and gentle cheek pinches, and taako’s hand running over his hair when taako thinks he’s asleep. the first night lup has her body back, taako wedges himself into her bed between her and barry and doesn’t move. and they don’t ask him to.