It hurts, so much
Watching you fall in love again
It fucking stings
You’re still my best friend
And I wish you the best
But I also wish the best was me
Yet it wasn’t
I wasn’t the best for you
And now you’ve moved on
I guess that’s what you're​ supposed to do
Yet I didn’t
I’m still as in love as ever
And you’re clearly over me
Me and my petty feelings
Me and my annoying habits
Me and my fucking love
I hate you, so much
Except I don’t
And I can’t
Because I broke it off
I pushed you away
When all I wanted was for you to stay
But now you’re gone
You’ve moved on
And I don’t blame you
He’s perfect
Everything you’ll need
But he’s not me
And I hate that
Yet I have to live with it
With the hurt and pain
Of watching you fall in love
From a distance
We’re still friends, we’ll always be friends
Yet sometimes I want more
Sometimes I want to hold you’re hand
Sometimes I want to say I love you
Sometimes I want to kiss you
Sometimes I want to cuddle
Sometimes I just want you
Yet that’s the one thing I’ll never have
And I hate it
But I don’t hate you
I couldn’t
You’re my ray of sunshine on a dark day
You’re my closest friend
You’re my favourite maybe
You’re my favourite what if
And you’re my favourite almost forever
But he’s your everything…
And he’s not me
—  He’s your everything( and he’s not me, have you noticed?)
Pray for the people of Syria

Something absolutely horrendous happened in Syria there was a chemical attack
If you are strong enough try to watch the video is absolutely fuck up but I think is that necessary people see the horrible reality of this crimes against humanity
I’ve never seen something like that I’m in tears I wish I could switch places with any of the victims, please keep them in your prayers

Learning to be okay without him is weird.
I swear I’ll be fine for weeks,
but one morning I’ll wake up
and my heart feels heavy for no reason at all
And I feel like I lost him all over again.
It’s just hard, you know?
Thinking you’re making all this progress only for it to be ruined when you see someone else brush their hair out of their eyes the same way he used to.
One little thing, and bam-
You start thinking that you’ll never be able to live without hearing his laugh ever again.
—  I’m okay, but I’m not really okay

I don’t think you’ll ever stop being the main character in my story. You might never think of me, maybe one day in October when coffee burns your lips like I do. Maybe when you wonder why you don’t like the smell of bubblegum anymore but love it all too much. Maybe that will be the extent of it. Maybe I’ll be a passing thought.

But not you. Every song is going to whisper your name, every lovely thought will feel like falling asleep in your arms and every new relationship will remind me of all the ways that they could never be you.

You won’t be my past. You’ll be my present and future and all the darkness in between. I’m never going to stop wondering if you’re looking at the same sky, I’m never going to stop wondering where you’re waking up, and who you’re waking up beside.

Maybe I’ll be bitter, nostalgic, angry, happy or just excruciatingly lonely. But I’ll never stop writing about you. No day will go by without remembering the things you made me feel, and the ways you made me myself.

One day you will be long gone, and somehow you’ll be everything but.

—  the air that I breathe ~ blue-delusion