I swore I wouldn’t let a person define my happiness, but fuck..
—  1:28am

I don’t think you’ll ever stop being the main character in my story. You might never think of me, maybe one day in October when coffee burns your lips like I do. Maybe when you wonder why you don’t like the smell of bubblegum anymore but love it all too much. Maybe that will be the extent of it. Maybe I’ll be a passing thought.

But not you. Every song is going to whisper your name, every lovely thought will feel like falling asleep in your arms and every new relationship will remind me of all the ways that they could never be you.

You won’t be my past. You’ll be my present and future and all the darkness in between. I’m never going to stop wondering if you’re looking at the same sky, I’m never going to stop wondering where you’re waking up, and who you’re waking up beside.

Maybe I’ll be bitter, nostalgic, angry, happy or just excruciatingly lonely. But I’ll never stop writing about you. No day will go by without remembering the things you made me feel, and the ways you made me myself.

One day you will be long gone, and somehow you’ll be everything but.

—  the air that I breathe ~ blue-delusion

We just have our first school shooting in Mexico!!!!!
Weirdly enough I think it’s was on a private American own elementary or secondary school
Everything was caught on the security cameras!!!! The video is absolutely fuck up!!!!! We are all in shock, even though there’s a ton of violence and crimes in Mexico we’ve never experienced something like this, seeing a young boy shooting at his classmates in cold blood it shocked me to the very core
Please pray for the victims who are in critical condition right now. UPDATE: the shooter was a 15 year old boy and some reports say he was suffering from depression, he was pronounced brain dead so his family decided to donate his organs. The 3 victims who got shot in the head (the teacher, a boy and a girl) are still in critical condition please keep them and their families in your prayers