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ok that last Captain Devil set...absolutely heartbreaking. So, thanks for that. *cries* I don't know if you take requests, but I would sell my soul for a "brothers" set with Killian/Liam and Luci/Amenadiel. Thanks for making these, darling. You have no idea how much I anticipate each new one :) *mwah*

Thank you, love! <3 Oh god yes, I love their bromance! I will do it (tomorrow i guess).

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31, 42 Xxx

31: ever had a heartbreak? Oh hell yeah I’ve had quiteeee a few 😂 nah I have had friendship ones and relationships and kinda relationships (idek) but I’m kinda glad I went through all of them bc at the end of the day that’s what made me me and if some of those things hadn’t happened i wouldn’t have met the people I have and the friends I have may not have been the same so yeah it’s made me grow as a person and shit like it sounds cheesy but I’m kinda happy where I am rn and don’t get me wrong those things fuck me up occansionally and i have my moments but at the end of the day I know who I like and my friends and who likes me and that’s all I need and I’m kinda happy where I am now so
42: are you okay? What is okay? Ooh deep nah I’m fine I’ll live 😂 today was hard but hopefully tmrw will be good and I’ll do more work and it shall be FINE


“Help me,” I want to scream, “Please God don’t leave me alone with my mind.”
I bite back my yell, blink twice and take in a breath.
“I’m fine,” I reply, smiling weakly, “How are you?”
You spill all the colours of your mind on me and I scramble to help you rearrange them into a picture we can contemplate together.
“I feel like such an idiot,” you whisper hours later, your cheeks still wet with tears.
“Don’t you dare say that, it’s better that you tell me than you battle it by yourself. If you’re going to wage war on your dark thoughts, you can’t do it without an army,” I joke.
You laugh and thank me. Maybe for some weird reason you ask me once again if I’m doing alright.
Irony smiles down upon me as once again, I say, “Honestly, I’m fine.”
With my head erupting and the sky burning and the stars crying and the world spinning and all the colours of every hue forcing themselves into my eyes, I give you a ‘carefree’ grin and walk away.
—  K.T// Too many colours

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    Sitting up from the hospital bed, Zayn sighed at his now blood stained t-shirt. Pulling on the bottom of it he looked at his sister and rolled his eyes. “This was my favorite shirt and now it’s ruined all because some guy was jealous he couldn’t give his so called girlfriend what she wanted.” Zayn didn’t have a chill level, he just said and did things which was a big reason he got into so much trouble. The trouble he was in now was all due to his stupidity and it was a way to cause trouble for the sake of causing trouble – the attention, that’s what he wanted, he was almost addicted to it. It was why he ended up agreeing to let the doctors call his older sister, but he’d never admit to actually wanting her there with him – at least not yet. “Look sis, you didn’t have to come. Some guy beat the living shit out of me. I’ll be fine, the docs will take care of me, and there won’t be a scar on this cute face of mine.” Zayn said giving her an almost sarcastic smile. “Why’d you come anyways? It’s not like you care.” The words came out petty, which was exactly what he was going for.

Thank you for breaking my heart. It was because of you that I am finally learning my worth. I have realized that I do not need you. Each day as I recover from heartbreak, I grow stronger. Although the circumstances of which I have come to this realization are unfortunate, I am grateful to have had my heart broken.
—  Nicole White

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Funnnnnn things! :D

What I associate with your blog is mostly the tags. I have never seen tags that are more on point, funnier or truer than yours. You know you’re my Marvey Queen, but you’re also my tag queen! It’s not always fun, sometimes it’s dark and heartbreaking, but when it’s fun, it is FUN. You have a great sense of humor and it reflects through your tags. <3

Boys like him aren’t capable of feeling love. He probably really cared he just didn’t know how to show it. Girls think with their hearts & that’s just our problem. I know it seems like forever & ever to get over him but one day you’ll wake up & his name won’t taste bitter sweet anymore, it’ll just be a name. & remembering everything you did together won’t give you chills or bring tears to your eyes, it will just make you laugh at how naive you both were. & then you’ll find a man you truly sees you for you & who doesn’t take advantage of you ever & you’ll think it was silly to ever imagine a life with someone else. See, heartbreaks make the world seem like it’s going to spin off its axis, especially the first one. That’ll make you feel like it’s never going to end. It’s a long process but life does go on. That’s just the hope that you have to grab on to because without that hope that there is something better in this world, which there is, you’ll never get out of this hole that he dug & shoved you into.

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11 and 31

11. Last time you cried?

Today when someone told me I was gonna do good someday.

31. Ever had a heartbreak?

Listen up kids lemme tell you a story about this one tim- [disconnected]

Three Neglected Films, Three Great Soundtracks

Mike’s Murder (1984) Music by Joe Jackson

Heartbreakers (1984) Music by Tangerine Dream

Rampage (1987) Music by Ennio Morricone