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The way he looked at me. Oh my, I’ve never felt such things. Here… I guess it was like this. You know… When you feel an unexpected gust of wind come by you and you shiver? That’s what it was like when he looked at me except my body didn’t shiver. My heart did.
—  She talked about him like he put the stars in the sky.


But if I could name this feeling, I’d call it
the road home is longer than it looks.
I’d call it, plane tickets and loose change
are caught in my throat.
I’d call it, screaming skin and my heart
taming its wilderness in you.

The first time I slept in his bed,
he asked me if I liked the smell of lavender.

I do now.

And if I could name this feeling, I’d call it
memories of my week with you.
I’d call it, asking the cards ‘what the hell am I supposed to do
with these now?’
I’d call it, there isn’t an answer, only sore lungs
soaking up an aching heart.

The first time I slept in his bed,
he told me the distance between us might be louder
than anything we have to offer.

So I wrote this poem in his sheets 
and it isn’t going to silence my skin
or bring my heart back

but it will put my hopes out into the universe that one day
we will wake up to the smell of lavender
in a town we both call home.

—  Alessia Di Cesare, The First Time I Slept In His Bed
Why Danny Phantom is the most angsty cartoon ever

I watched Danny Phantom when I was younger quite a lot and I felt like nothing was wrong with it. But then I recently re-watched the series (nostalgia! :V ) and everything became clear.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love the show (maybe even more so cuz of all the angst) this isn’t criticism, it’s just sorta summing up all the angsty shizz from the show that you probably missed as a kid. There is a lot of it. A lot. Like seriously. ANGST AHOY!

(And I don’t say all this show had was angst, it also was verry witty and clever at times, and has loads of puns and humor. don’t hate) 

also feel free to add stuff to this that I missed! I made this list from memory only and there are probably a lot of angsty things I didn’t remember and shizz

so, here we go! 

- The main protagonist got electrocuted and Literally half-DIEDD SCREAMING IN PAIN AND IS SOMEHOW SORTA DEAD BUT NOT QUITE….?

-almost all the villains are ghosts and must have DIED at some point, and some of them are still kids…It’s f*cking heartbreaking yo there’s this little ghost kid that play cowboy and pirate and then suddenly you realize HE MUST HAVE DIEED F*CKKKK FEEELLS.

- he only person that could possibly understand the protagonist’s situation is the main antagonist, who is seriously f*cked up, wants to bang his mother, and wants him as a son in some twisted way, he even tried to CLONE  HIM BUT THE CLONES MELTED AND THEY WERE SENTIENT AND SCREAMING IT WAS TERRIFYING.

-The protagonist’s parents are ghost hunters, and hold a grudge against his ghost-half personally  (he was framed for something), and almost every episode they scream about how they are gonna rip that EVIL GHOST (aka their son) APART MOLECULE BY MOLECULE and the weapons they make constantly affect him and he is TERRIFIED to live in his own house sometimes because if his parents ever find out about him THEY WILLL HURT HIMM.

-  His dream is to become an astronaut, but because of the ghost hunting his grades dropped and now he will probably never become one… NEVER  AN ASTRONAUT. NOT WITH THOSE GRADES. NO.

- His parents and teachers get super mad at him all the time for missing class and curfew because of this too, and they are all just super disappointed in him but he tries so hard, it’s just so hard to live two lives AT ONCE AND HE CANNOT STOP CUS PEOPLE WILL GET HURT BUT HE CAN’T TELL WHY HE’S GONE TO HIS PARENTS EITHER AND FUUUCK ANGSST YO.


-He knows about this future and is terrified that he will turn evil and just….. ANGSTT

-In the beginning of the series the whole town thinks he’s some evil ghost wreaking havoc instead of helping and they all just HATE HIM FOR TRYING TO HELP (the towns opinion’ of him slowly changes throughout the show though)

-He constantly has to put his HUMAN friends in danger and cancel his NORMAL HUMAN PLANS with them because of ghosts constantly attacking him he NEVER ASKED to become WHAT HE IS AND HE CAN NEVER ESCAPE IT.

- He gets bullied almost EVERY DAY and can’t fight back cus it will blow his cover, everybody at school is super mean to him (exept Jazz, Sam, Tucker and eventually Valerie) and STILL HE WOULD GIVE HIS LIFE FOR ANY OF THEM WITHOUT A THOUGHT.

- Did I mention this kid is fourteen? FOURTEEN.

The worst thing about it is that none of these things really get the breakdown they deserve in the show because LOOK MORE CLEVER PUNS! Gotta keep it child friendly!

Though it was too bad for the show, I feel like this is one of the main reasons the fandom is still alive after all these years.  There are just so many things that could be canon that the show never explored that endless headcanons, fanfictions and fanarts are still being made long after the series ended! 

At this point I enjoy being in the Phandom more than acctually watching Danny Phantom to be honest.

And with that I close this ridiculous long post! Bye dudes!

One moment someone can be the most beautiful human you’ve ever experienced, inside and out. They are breathtakingly gorgeous and have an incredible personality to match…
Until they hurt you so badly that one day you look at them and they appear ugly to you. You stop seeing their good looks & qualities because all you can see is this cold-hearted, cowardly disappointment. A complete stranger who morphed around the person you used to know and consumed the sparkle you used to see in their eyes.

I think it’s all part of the healing process.
Being abandoned leaves you scrambling for answers & looking inward for which of your faults or mistakes are to blame. Without closure we can drive ourselves absolutely crazy & it does terrible damage to our self esteem. It’s like, if I KNEW I’d done something which led to the end of a relationship, then I could work on that quality to better myself for my future. I could use that information proactively, instead of self analysing, nit-picking at every little thing I’ve done in search of something to blame.

Eventually the frustration of it all transforms your thought process from being about blaming yourself, to blaming the other person. You start to become angry with their way of handling the situation, and then the nit-picking turns their way. That’s when they lose their sparkle, and I guess that’s where I am on the road to healing.

Getting past the torture of needing an explanation is extremely difficult, but if you’re not given one you kinda have to try to accept that you may never know. This doesn’t mean you can’t move on. You can and will, but it will take a lot of time & self love.
Don’t put any pressure on yourself to heal quickly. Let every emotion happen & get it all out of you. Bottling it up in attempt to be strong will only do more damage.
Then when you do have a better day, take it with both hands and do something to nourish your soul! Treat yo-self!

Spark (Pippa/Reader)

FOR @the-and-peggy for asking for Pippa! <3

Prompt: “You walked away. Not me.”

Length: 1170 words


Note: yo i may have a prequel sequel thing planned but idk whether or not to do it. let’s see how this goes before i write anything:

Reviews are like Lin winning an Oscar (which, holy shit, I am so pumped for)

You slid down the doorframe, your head in your hands, tears choking you. Pippa stood on the other side of the room, tears dampening the corners of her eyes yet no tears fell. She was stoic and cold, unlike the Pippa you were used to. Sweet, loving Pippa, who had torn your world apart in a matter of seconds.

“It’s best for both of us,” she told you in the strangled voice, holding her suitcase as if it were to protect her. As if you were about to lash out. You weren’t. You could never hurt Pippa, you could never want to hurt Pippa. Not even now, her eyes brimming with unshed tears. “I don’t want to hurt you like this, Y/N.”

“We can sort this out,” you said in a choked whisper. “Together. You don’t have to turn your back on me like this, Pippa.”

Saying her name seemed to break something inside of her. She looked at you, her expression as desperate as you were. “I can’t, Y/N. Ending this—” She gesticulated wildly “—is best for both of us. You just don’t see it yet.”

You opened your mouth to protest but found that you couldn’t. A plead escaped your mouth but Pippa, hair falling in front of her face as she shook her head, teary eyed, and turned away. Leaving the building, leaving you.

Pippa had been your spark in an endless sea of darkness. Your light, your guidance, your love. Pippa had loved you, she had said as much. Now, she had turned her back and walked out the door.

It had been a year and three months since that moment in time. You had learnt to get back on your feet, to move on. You had other relationships, other friendships, though none ran quite as deep. You could look at pictures of you and Pippa now without breaking and that, you decided, was progress.

Your life seemed incredibly calm nowadays. Calm, or impossibly boring, You worked in the local bookshop, you had a modest apartment in a comfortable part of town, and you had taken to writing. Calm, simple, boring. Every day was the same routine, the same actions repeated again and again. That was until Pippa walked back into your life.

You hadn’t expected to ever see her again — in person, at least. Of course, you saw her interviews on the television, or the major hype surrounding her latest Broadway musical. It filled you with a sense of pride, of comfort knowing she had got somewhere in life, even if you hadn’t. Best for both of us, she’d said.

It had been an average day at work. You’d been early for the bus, the Starbucks lady had spelt your name right for once, and, by the time you reached the bookshop, you felt borderline invincible.

This all came crumbling down the moment you saw a familiar face browsing through the bookshelves.

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You’ll fall for her. I’m warning you now. I can tell you this because everyone she’s ever kept in her life has thought at one point or another she might end up being the one. You won’t know for a while, thinking it’s just a usual friendship. But then you’ll realize you’ve never been this close to someone before. You’ve never been willing to be there for someone whether it be 3pm or 3am. You overthink everything and exaggerate every situation. So you’ll distance yourself, especially after she tells you that she thinks about you more than anyone else. But the thing is, you weren’t afraid that she might be falling for you, you were afraid you might be feeling the same exact way.
—  (j.e)
31 de marzo de 2015

Fue dramático y emocional cuando le conté a mi mejor amiga que me gustaban las mujeres. Pero no me sentí mal como cuando se enteraron mis compañeras del colegio. A la distancia pienso que fue una boludez, pero sé que vivirlo puede ser muy traumático.

Un día, a la salida del colegio, iba hablando del tema con María, mi mejor amiga y nos escuchó un grupito que empezó a correr la voz. Era el último año, tenía 17, pero eso no hacía que fuera horrible que todos hablaran mal de vos y te señalaran como si tuvieses una enfermedad terminal. Tenía pánico, TERROR, que el rumor le llegue a mis viejos. En el pueblo del que vengo las noticias corren rapidísimo.

Un día llegué a decirle a María de no juntarnos más porque sentía que mi mera presencia la perjudicaba y no quería que se le arme quilombo. Me dijo que era una locura hacer eso y seguimos yendo juntas a todos lados, a pesar de que también la “acusaban” de torta a ella.
- ¿Así que sos tortillera, Jimena?
- ¡Y la cantidad de veces que me desnudé adelante tuyo!
- ¿Te gustan los pitos de plástico? ¿no sentís que te falta algo?
- ¿Por eso venías a casa todas las tardes a hacer la tarea? ¿estás enamorada de mí?

Ese tipo de frases escuché miles. Una, incluso, me quiso llevar a hablar con el cura del pueblo. El último año fue duro. Todo el colegio me hizo a un lado, menos María. La ignorancia en sociedades pequeñas es terrible puede causar mucho daño. Ese año moldeé mi personalidad, tuve que defenderme muchas veces, educar gente que no quería ser educada, luchar contra el desconocimiento, la falta de información y la no apertura mental.

Sé y estoy segura que en otros lugares es incluso peor de lo que yo viví. Que el bullying es aún mayor, que las/los intentan “curar” y que la violencia es tremenda. La homofobia, desgraciadamente, existe todavía y en muchos lugares incluso algunos mueren por el simple hecho de ser como son.

En ese sentido, creo que internet es una herramienta enorme para darle apoyo a esas personas que la están pasando tan mal. Si alguna persona que lee esto está atravesando una situación similar, quiero que sepa que lo que está viviendo es una mierda, sí, pero que va a pasar. Que las cosas, por más que suena a cliché, se ponen mejor. Que ahora parece que el dolor, la vergüenza y el sufrimiento no se van a terminar, pero sí se termina. Ánimo :)