heartbreak lyrics

we will break the rules
a forbidden love, but somehow it grew
amidst cracked ground
they said there was no chance for us
but we proved them wrong, didn’t we?
and we are fighters
did we make this work simply to rebel?
but its real
more real than this façade we live day by day
they called us liars for loving
they called us thieves for stealing each other’s hearts
but how is it a burglary when we are both so willing?
so different, yet alike
we should not compliment each other, and still
a deviant kind of love
yes, that is what we have created here
they said that this would end swiftly
nothing more than a daring dalliance
so brightly burning, and then out when the wind threatened to blow
they expected us to be fickle with the affairs of the heart
but we are misfits, not matchsticks
and we do not love lightly.

misfits, not matchsticks, brydie ❤︎

prompt from @the-dahlia-lama

When he saw her, he realized how much she had changed.
Her stomach had flattened and her body gained more shape,
Her hair longer and darker than ever, falling in large curls.
Her usual scars and imperfections had left her face,
Revealing even more of her sun kissed skin.
Her laugh was louder and her smile was brighter.
And for the first time in 8 months he noticed her beauty,
And realized he had lost her
—  A.P
life may or may not be about finding true love but it certainly isn’t about begging for it from someone, so i’m just going to keep doing what i’m doing and one day i’ll find someone who wants me the way i wanted you.
—  Flannel// 4am

“Thought that I was dreamin’
When you said you loved me.
Yes, it started from nothing.
Had no chance to prepare,
I couldn’t see you coming.
And it started from nothing
Oh I could hate you now,
It’s quite alright to hate you now.
But we both know that deep down,
The feeling still deep down, is good.
You broke my heart last week.
I’ll probably feel better.
But if we can still remember how you’d hold me,
As you’re screaming my name,
The feeling deep down is good.
It’s all good, all good, all good…
It’s all good, all good ….”