“It’s quite ironic, how our hearts still get hurt by something we’ve seen coming”

- (C.B)

it might’ve been their favorite drink, but at the end of the day, it’s just a drink. tons of people love that drink. tons of people drink that drink. they weren’t unique for ordering it, even if you think of them everytime you see it on a menu.

same thing with music; it might’ve been their favorite song, but it’s just a song. it’s not special or evil or powerful just because they liked it. it isn’t them. nothing is.

try not to give drinks, or songs, or movies, or colors, or places, or anything power over you just because someone ruined them temporarily. someday, you will be able to see those things and hear those things without aching in your heart.

— alhwrites

“The bravest thing you will ever do is love again”

- (C.B)

heartbreak isn’t just missing someone.
heartbreak is the feeling you get in your chest that makes you wanna rip out your heart to make your whole body stop hurting. It’s like someone is just putting stones on top of stones on your chest and all you can do is look at the sky and think I did this to myself.
—  I’m doing this all to myself - k.k (speakquotesx.tumblr.com)