i know this is hella old news now but just imagine being dirk strider and growing up alone in a post apocalyptic world with a small handful of friends to talk to but who youve never met

and over the years you sort of feel like you screw everything up. you feel guilty because you cant return the feelings of a friend who is in love with you. because you fall in love with a different friend, then push him away. then alienate your other remaining friend in the process. you’re overcomplicated and intense and overbearing and manipulative and you know all your flaws but youre confused and lonely and 16 and you hate yourself so much and 

youve modelled yourself your whole life on an ancestor. your bro, who was brave, and talented, and important, and heroic. and you can meet him. a version of him thats your age. and itll be a blank slate and youre so excited to meet your idol.

and you meet him

and one of the first things he says to you is 

and he tells you all about your abusive alternate self who you cant seem to detach from your identity and

all you can think is that everything you touch you destroy

5 Seconds of 5SOS songs
  • 5 Seconds of 5SOS songs
  • 5 Seconds of Summer

So I made this medley of all 5sos songs!! (that ever exist. I hope I’m not missing any songs). Each song duration for 5 seconds (obviously lol) including the latest, Just Saying and Long Way Home Acoustic (and Pizza too!). I exclude live songs and Jasey Rae (basically I put studio version songs haha). Enjoy and please don’t steal!

UPDATE: Good Girls acoustic

With the…and the….I am frustrated in a sexual manner…