heartbeat line

Opening - hidden meaning..?

Let’s see the opening song’s lyrics. While Yuuri is on the screen:

Can you hear my heartbeat?
Tired of feeling never enough
I close my eyes and tell myself that my dreams will come true

While Victor:

There’ll be no more darkness
when you believe in yourself you are unstoppable
Where your destiny lies, dancing on the blades,
you set my heart on fire

And everything else while the three skaters on the screen.

So, I think the beginning of the song is a dialogue between Yuuri and Victor. Yuuri with the “ Can you hear my heartbeat? “ line, and after when he says “my dream will come true”, Victor comes! Awww… And of course Victor says “ you set my heart on fire “.

I love it.

was blood
flowing through my veins
you knew this
from the very beginning

words no longer
in my lungs,
ink no longer
in my veins,
my heartbeats becoming
a straight line

white noise
blurred visions
falling into unconsciousness

are air
all poets know this
finding out…
…one way or another 

she was suffocating
drowning in the same ink
that she used to breathe
choking on words
she would have swallowed whole
not too long ago 

i will not allow her to die
supplanting her words 
coaxing her breaths
prolonging their deaths
i will spoon-feed if necessary
until she learns how to breathe
…once more
my words hers
my ink flowing
within her veins
my love, it rains
soaking her to the bones 

…it’s easier to breathe when she
knows she’s not alone


- A Kevin-saving-Madi collab. Thank you. Muahz! @takingstockofwhatmattersmost

She understood why people talked about hearts “breaking”; she felt as if hers were made of cracked glass, and the shards were like tiny knives inside her chest when she breathed.
—  Cassandra Clare, City of Fallen Angels

okay i’m going to freak out any second now. over several years my little sister, Meri has been sleep walking. when she was younger, it happened almost every night, but it was just mumbling about weird, funny things. but then, it stopped – until it started again around two months ago. at the middle of the night she walked into my room, opened my wardrobe and whispered something like “what did you want to tell me”, facing the wardrobe. hell, those chills i got were real.

well, everyone was just laughing about it – we even named the ‘thing in the closet’ as ‘Meri’s wardrobe buddy’ and kinda blamed ‘it’ every time as something weird happened.

well, the sleep walkings started to became more and more regular, but why am i telling you this now? bc it’s almost 5 am, she just walked into my room, tapped the fucking door of the closet with her nails several times, before opening it and whispering “i can’t hear what you’re saying”, facing the closet. and as i called her name, she just turned around, mumbled something about mom, and walked calmly away from my room and i’ve never, ever been this afraid of anything before.

Eurovision 2016 vs 2017

Albania: Fairytale vs World
Armenia: LoveWave vs Fly with Me
Australia: Sound of Silence vs Don’t Come Easy
Austria: Loin d’ici vs Running on Air
Azerbaijan: Miracle vs Skeletons
Belarus: Help you fly vs Historyja majgo zyccia
Belgium: What’s the pressure vs City Lights
Bulgaria: If love was a crime vs Beautiful Mess
Croatia: Lighthouse vs My Friend
Cyprus: Alter Ego vs Gravity
Czechia: I Stand vs My Turn
Denmark: Soldiers of Love vs Where I Am
Estonia: Play vs Verona
Finland: Sing it away vs Blackbird
France: J’ai cherché vs Requiem
Georgia: Midnight Gold vs Keep the Faith
Germany: Ghost vs Perfect Life
Greece: Utopian Land vs This is Love
Hungary: Pioneer vs Origo
Iceland: Here them calling vs Paper
Ireland: Sunlight vs Dying to Try
Israel: Made of Stars vs I Feel Alive
Italy: No degree of separation vs Occidentali’s Karma
Latvia: Heartbeat vs Line
Lithuania: I’ve been waiting for this night vs Rain of Revolution
Macedonia: Dona vs Dance Alone
Malta: Walk on water vs Breathlessly
Moldova: Falling Stars vs Hey, Mamma!
Montenegro: The Real Thing vs Space
Netherlands: Slow down vs Lights and Shadows
Norway: Icebreaker vs Grab the Moment
Poland: Color of your life vs Flashlight
Portugal: Há um mar que nos separa vs Amar pelos dois (I DON’T CARE THEY ARE TOO GOOD)
Romania: Moment of Silence vs Yodel It!
Russia: You are the only one vs Flame Is Burning
San Marino: I didn’t know vs Spirit of the Night
Serbia: Shelter vs In Too Deep
Slovenia: Blue and red vs On My Way
Spain: Say yay! vs Do It for Your Lover
Sweden: If I were sorry vs I Can’t Go On
Switzerland: Last of our kind vs Apollo
Ukraine: 1944 vs Time
United Kingdom: You’re not alone vs Never Give Up on You

“Is the baby ok?”

They ask, hope in their eyes, dreams in their hearts. They can see the ultrasound screen, but it just looks like TV static. You know though. If there was a baby in there, they would have seen it by now- a giant alien head with tiny arm and leg nubbins, and a little fluttering fuzzy spot in the middle with a reassuring whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh heartbeat.

The lines on the pregnancy test, once so solid and strong, fade away as the patient’s beta-hCG levels fall. The hope drains out of their eyes, and their dreams are flushed down the toilet or suctioned in the OR, a mixture of blood and coagulated tissue. Products of conception is what tests call it. My baby is what they called it.

The worst were the REI (reproductive endocrinology and infertility) clinic miscarriages. These patients had notations in their chart like “G8P0″ (gravida/pregnant 8 times, para/gave birth 0 times) and they were supposed to be 12 weeks- almost to the safety of the second trimester- but they woke up that morning covered in blood and knew it had happened again. These patients wailed.

To be fair, some days on REI were good days: we got to tell patients who had been trying for 10 years that they were having twins, all the babies were growing like they should, the lines on all the pregnancy tests were solid and strong, dreams blossomed and happy tears wet cheeks. Some days were ok- twin A is alive and growing but twin B is gone and is slowly being reabsorbed, we can fix your hormone imbalance and that should enable you to ovulate, your cervix is just shaped different but we can help the sperm get in the uterus.

Did you know that there is statistically only a 25-30% chance of conceiving every time a person with female reproductive organs ovulates? People get pregnant all the time. People miscarry all the time. It’s just part of it, the cycle of life and death, all in one person.

If you asked me
if I still loved you,
I would have said, “Of course I do.”
If you asked me why, I’d reply something among the lines of
your heartbeat replaced my missing one and although
we were two dying figures,
our combined light
was so brilliant and warm,
even if for only a month.
I’d mention something about how
I didn’t have a type, but if I did,
you were it.
I’d end it with,
“You deserved love that I thought 
I could give you.”
But you asked why I meant so much to you, instead,
and so I replied that it was because of love,
and that seemed to be
a short enough answer for you.
I don’t think you realized
you were asking the wrong question.

I was talking to Kat @the–tomlinsons and she said

“I always say that it wouldn’t really surprise me if their hearts beat the same. ” And I thought: AU.

So we talked so more and came up with this:

What about an AU where you and your soulmate share the same heartbeat. And only you can hear it. Harry and Louis keep going to the same events, like The Script concert. They can hear each others heartbeats (I’m thinking lines about how when Harry hears it it meshes with the drums) but there are so many people they can’t find each other. This keeps happening, these almost meetings. Maybe one is at the X Factor, although they don’t make it in the show.
Then, one day, after staying at Gemma’s Harry goes to get them coffee and hears the heart beat. He looks up, and there he is, the one, Louis, his soul mate.

Ft loads of “I know he’s here” moments, grousing to Gemma on Harry’s end and Grousing to Lottie or Liam on Louis’ end because “I just want to find him”, extra Soulmate pining.

If someone wrote this we’d be beyond happy!

Music is one of those things you need to feel in your soul. It’s one of those things where you need to lay in bed or on the floor in the dark and turn your volume up as loud as you can take for. Nothing feels better than drum kicks in your heartbeat, a bass line in your veins, or lyrics to set your soul on fire. Music is an experience we live and an experience we feel.

im going to write a fic abt this after finals but. i just need to yell abt it for a minute so come on yall and let me tell u about les mis and TATTOOS

  • grantaire is the first one to actually get a tattoo, a heartbeat line across the length of his wrist that he got after six days exactly of being cold turkey sober – he was pacing down the street, trying not to think about the liquor store a block away, when he saw a woman watching him from the doorway of a shop.
  • ‘you look like you need a distraction,’ she says. he nods, and realizes it’s a tattoo parlor. she smiles, and beckons him in. (he hadn’t planned on actually getting one, but despite having little hope for human nature itself grantaire does genuinely like people, themselves; so he follows her into the shop and they talk about nothing for a little while, and she sketches out the beating line of a heart on the inside of his wrist, and says ‘for when you need some reminding that you made it.’ her name is floreal.
  • grantaire doesn’t make a big deal about the tattoo for a while, it’s not as much of a thing just then as trying not to drink is, but sometimes he will find himself tracing it with his fingers and imagining his heartbeat pounding along with it, and it feels like a promise; not one he made to floreal, not one he made to anyone, just one he made to himself, and he keeps it. 

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