What I’ve realized about hiding an unbearable amount of pain is that it makes you both the strongest and weakest person. Strong because you learn to cope with and handle all the suffering. Weak because it wears you down until all of you is broken.
—  tara love 

“In my dreams you’re touching my face

And asking me if I want to try again with you.”


and no matter
how much
you miss a toxic

for fuck sake

don’t call
don’t write letters
don’t buy flowers
don’t stop the wedding
don’t get into a relationship.

allow yourself to heal.

find yourself.
consider counseling.

true love will find you someday.

—  juansen dizon, it’s going to be okay

There is nothing more bittersweet and heartbreaking than a character who is deeply in love with another but entirely convinced that despite their current romantic relationship (established or not) that they won’t get a happily ever after because they aren’t good enough and the person they love will realize that and leave them but they aren’t bitter or angered by this idea but calmly resigned. Like they love that person so much they’re okay with just being a placeholder for someone better, as long as they can stay by that person’s side despite believing one day they’ll be replaced.

«I haven’t stopped loving you. But it’s a different love. I carry you with me but I have come to terms that some people don’t belong in my life and you are one of them.»

—D. M.