Recently I’ve made the mistake of falling of falling in love with a Greek god.
And I know Gods do not love, but I couldn’t help myself.
His eyes are liquid ember and his smile is pure unrestricted sunshine.
How could I not fall in love?
His hair is dark enough to be mistaken with the night sky and the stars seem to get tangled around his fingers.
It’s foolish of me to have believed that he would ever look at me at all for I am just a mere mortal offering myself up to a god.
Everything about him screams perfection that was crafted among the heavens.
Who am I to believe he will ever love me back?
I should have known that to love a God is to condemn myself to heartbreak, because he will never love me back.
—  s.i// How to love a God: Don’t.

It’s so easy to drown in love- to be so surprised and engulfed by all your emotions and longing that you forget to breathe, forget to swim, forget to save yourself.

I’m so in love that I lost myself in it and became half of a whole instead of whole independently.

Love passionately, love desperately, love with fervor- but don’t let it consume you and turn you into someone you’re not. Don’t become so in love with someone else that you fall out of love with yourself.

Je regrette.

She moved on, and
I feel sorry for you,
because she thought
you were the most amazing boy ever.
If she could have had any guy
in the world,
she still would have picked you.
Now, you’re just
another part of her past,
a memory more faded every day.
And someday, she’ll find the one
she deserves, and he will make her
the happiest girl in the world.
—  Words to live by