I miss you.
I miss the idea of you.
I miss your voice calling my name.
I miss you taking my hand when you need reassurance.
I miss you taking care of me.
I miss your look of playfulness. Your look of carelessness. Your look of crazed rebellion.
I miss everything about you.
—  you
A heart is not something you wear upon your sleeve
It is not something you share with anyone and everyone who asks
Guard it.
Guard your heart
Put up a gate so that there is constantly a barrier between your extraordinary heart and each and every teenage boy that passes by
Because I’ve learned from experience
He’ll come and knock twice.
He’ll be chewing gum and whisper something like “what’s up babe”  
You’ll look deep into his eyes and think to yourself “what’s the worst he can do” and that’s where the mistake is made
You trusted this boys ocean blue eyes that seemed to withhold the oceans blue glow
His caramel hair that reminded you of a sweet treat on a hot summer day
Keep the gates to your heart locked, build them out of steel
Don’t open them until you find someone that would wait outside of those rugged gates for months on end if it promised him access into your beautiful head and precious heart
—  I wish I understood this concept earlier
Tonight I sat in the shower for an hour and cried over you. I don’t even remember why I started, I just know stopping was near impossible. That’s sorta what loving you feels like. I can’t remember exactly when I fell in love, but I know it’s been 8 months since you left and I haven’t stopped.
—  I don’t know if I’ll ever will

If I showed you my teardrops would you collect them like rain. Store them in jars that are labelled with pain. Would you follow their tracks, from my eyes down my cheeks as they write all the stories, I’m too scared to speak.

Would you stop them with kisses and bring their flow to a halt. As you teach me that pain isn’t always my fault. Would you hold my face gently as you dry both my eyes and whisper the words “you’re too precious to cry”.

If I showed you my teardrops would you show my your own. And learn though we’re lonely, we’re never alone.

I don’t know what it was that made me love you or what it was that made you hate me the way you do. I remember what you said and compare it to what you did and it never made sense. You were there and then you weren’t.

You had my heart and I had yours. You said it was love and so I stayed. Maybe it was too much. Maybe it wasn’t enough.

But I will never forget the way you made me feel, like I was everything. And I will never forget the way you made feel, like I was nothing.

—  Antonio M Arce
My nature

You will slip through my fingers

as soon as your name slides off my tongue.

It doesn’t matter if you’re adequate, 

it matters that I’ll be done.

There isn’t enough desire,

to clot your blood in its tracks.

You’ll leak out through my pore

and drip down my back.

You can pour yourself into me

and try to pump through my heart.

But I think I’m meant to be empty

It’s in my nature to fall apart.