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Is it that demon? The one that comes when you say its name? The one who is a feeling, the feeling you get when numbers rise? Do you know what its name is and any way to show us its name without summoning it?

Frisk seems to dislike this entire situation…and Sans is uncomfortable.

That moment we were naked together
nothing happened
                               (except the spilling of insecurities)
and god damn
                                 I hate this birthmark
the discolouring of my skin
the fragility of my hips and thighs

I hate I hate this
                                 god damn body
always rejecting what it wants.

I HAVE never felt the reality of breaking
before this.

I mean I mean
I am whole
                                (if that exists)

but I can feel the fall from here.

And you wouldn’t carry me. And I am so tired.
So overwhelmed with the unloving;

So raw porcelain
So trusting
So moved by you
So unsophisticated with myself  
                                (always open) (and honest)

you would have shown me
how capable of loving you are.
you would have unravelled me
outside of your head
                                 (so I could have seen)

how beautiful
we could have been.


Alessia Di Cesare, Naked Unloving

(I am v annoyed with tumblr fucking up my stanzas lately but it should look right on your blog if it doesn’t look right on your dash?????)

My Friend The Rain.

Last night,
I could not sleep,
into my pillow,
I did weep.

I walked this morning,
in the icy rain,
just me and my thoughts,
just me and my pain.

Alone again,
after time untold,
alone in love,
alone and cold.

Yet memories,
I hold so dear,
invade my mind,
bring you so near.

Inside of me,
my heart doth sigh,
while in the rain,
my eyes doth cry.

The rain’s my friend;
no one can see,
the salty tears,
I weep for thee.

Ambrose Harte
Scattered Thoughts

My god, did I love you
I loved until there was nothing left of me
I loved you until I tore myself apart even after you left
But now I’m ready to love myself
so don’t you dare try to come back
now that I’m whole again
I’m up late again. And somehow the cloudiness in my brain and the comfort of my bed bring back memories of you and the way you made me feel.
—  MK Ireland #91 : this is the kind of dream you can’t wake up from
It’s funny how after your life changes, you start to miss the little things from the way things used to be. You start to miss the things that really didn’t have much value to you before.
—  don’t take advantage of the simple things in life; you could have them one day, but not the next.
A lot has changed since we last spoke. I started driving, I started going barefoot more often, I started being softer to people and sweeter with myself but tonight I began to text you, I wrote to ask you if always really meant always like you said it did and I slammed the send button before I chickened out again, but just as I sent it (I had already committed a cardinal sin of texting while driving, in the rain to add also) I pulled directly in front of a car much bigger than mine and then it hit me right before that truck did and much much harder, loving you will be the death of me.
—  Kate Nickole Shif livingthoughbrokeneyes
And as the painkiller started to kick in,
I could feel the pain go numb.
I felt it getting better.
Only the physical pain though.
Why don’t they have painkillers for heartaches? To feel the hurt go away? Will there never be an escape from the mental or the emotional hurting?
I guess I’m all alone to survive this battle.
—  //The heartache.
It seems like every time I show an interest in someone, they don’t reciprocate it. But when I stop showing it, their feelings becomes louder? Like what is up with that? Am I not suppose to show someone I like them even when I do? Am I suppose to ignore someone who makes me happy in hopes of making them want more of me ultimately?
—  Why is playing hard to get with someone you want a thing now?