heart: my queen

i wanna talk about chloe and my weed headcanons for her

  • she has weak ass lungs so she cant do smoke tricks or anything without wheezing for twenty minutes
  • texts max ‘haha blaze it’ every day at 4:20 pm
  • rachel taught her how to roll joints but chloe ended up being even better at it than her
  • she’s very proud of being the only person max will smoke with
  • keeps her weed in empty pill bottles cuz its convenient
  • queen of making apple pipes and then eating the apple afterward like a heathen

the big gay kate gifset

“even in high school, i thought maybe there was a chance it would go away and i wouldn’t have to tell the world about it. once i knew for sure i was going to be this way my whole life, it became necessary to have everyone know.”

Friendly (Reassuring) Reminder

No matter what happens in ACOWAR, no matter what shit Tamlin or Hybern or Jurian pulls, always remember:

We have Amren.

We have Amren, and the promise from SJM that we’ll find out her true nature. 

And when we do, those boys better run