“The last night of JG ASIA TOUR “thank you” in Seoul has ended. With the intensity of the cheers and fans excitement, I felt very happy, you guys are amazing! Because I got your precious love as a charge booster, I will repay this love with a even warmer heart. I worried that there was something not done well and would cause disappointment. Thank you. See you again! Love U all so much~! ❤”

-2016.12.04 LJG instagram update

(this is my rough English translation of a Chinese translation of his original Korean post)

  1. Wake up really early one morning, like 4am, and take a drive to your nearest park/ beach/ city centre/ town centre. I find the world looks a lot different and a lot more beautiful when everything is still asleep. Admire the beauty in the things around you: the different shades of green on the leaves of the trees, the crack on the pavement under your feet, the way the sky changes colour just before the sun rises. 
  2. Compliment someone. It sounds weird, but by complimenting someone or simply making someone smile it makes your heart feel warmer. Watch how their eyes crinkle when they smile; notice how when they blush their cheeks go the colour of lake hillier; recognise how their lips curve when they laugh. Realise that you made that happen. Keep doing it to different people.
  3. Look at pictures of puppies/ kittens/ fluffy animals and let yourself giggle.
  4. Go to your mirror and look at yourself the way you look at your friends. Love the way that your hair falls on your shoulders and the fact that you have smaller boobs than most other girls you know. Realise that beauty doesn’t have a category, and you should treat yourself like a work of art.
  5. Go shopping by yourself. Buy yourself a cute dress or a new book or both. Ask the person in the shop if you can change into the dress you just bought and be surprised by how friendly she is. Grab some lunch, read your new book in the park. Watch how people interact. Look at the young families and how they try to entertain their new baby. Look at the group of friends who are so happy in that precise moment. Look at the old couple sitting on the bench and wonder about their lives. Count the clouds in the sky and feel the grass in between your toes.
  6. Laugh at yourself. Life is the hardest thing you will ever face and we all make really really stupid mistakes sometimes, but that’s okay. Learn to laugh at the things that you have learned and tell others about them. Listen when they laugh with you and tell you about a similar mistake they made once, too, and realise how nothing is permanent.
  7. Don’t like your hair? Cut it. Is there someone in your life who makes you feel really low? Drop them- you need to surround yourself with radiators, not drains. Want to start a new hobby? Go do it. Life won’t wait for you, you have to reach out to life. Once you do it, you will never stop wondering about why you didn’t do it sooner.
  8. Do whatever you fucking want. We’re all on this planet for a reason and that’s to carry out our own individual journeys. Don’t get thrown off your path by someone who hasn’t walked down it themselves.
  9. Sit outside one night and look at the sky. Think about how big the universe is and how whatever is bothering you right now will soon go away. Realise you can only take things one step at a time, and know that that’s okay.
I hope you all meet someone who treats you like no one else does. I hope their voice sounds like home to you. I hope they make your cheeks hurt from smiling so damn much and your heart warmer than the sweatshirts they let you borrow. I hope they kiss you everywhere and tell you how much they love you. I hope they care about your day and ask about your thoughts. I hope you all find what you’re looking for exactly when you need it most.
—  I love the idea of falling in love // d.m.
Oikawa has sense, and doesn't lack effort, but when you compare him to the mass of talent named Kageyama that's two years younger than him, Oikawa is an efficient player, but not a genius. I can say with confidence that, at this point of time, the one who is a better setter.... is Oikawa!
[FROM EXO-K] 140320 - Chanyeol “Hello! It is EXO's voice Chanyeol”

Spring spring spring spring Spring came….
and now the weather is back to being depressingㅠㅠ
The final cold spell also visited a few days ago..

Everyone’s doing alright, right!?
I am doing well!!

The new semester has started, did you guys make a lot of friends!!

As the weather is slowly starting to get better, I feel my body and heart is getting warmer as well..
However!! You know that the more the weather is like this, you have to be careful not to catch a cold right!?
Eat a lot of vitamins.. You can’~t kick your blankets saying it’s hot and then fall asleep all cold!!

Then everyone, see you soon~~ Bye!♥♥

source: EXO-K’s Official Website
translation cr; nahbit @ exok-trans
please take out with full credits
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I really felt this strong chemistry between Newt and Tina, it made my heart become a little warmer. Because the looks, a bit of uncertainty when they talk, the little touches, it reminded me of how it is to start developing a crush – it’s not love yet, but it’s something, and it makes them feel so good. It’s a pure sentiment and I definitely want to see more of it in the next film because damn, these two are going to be canon!

Oath. (12.04 ficlet)

Pleasant-something, Missouri. A rest stop. Feet on pavement, heart warm, eyes ahead. Wounds still raw but step light with something foreign—maybe hope. 

Door closing. 

Crunch of gravel under tires. 

Crosses on hands, weapon drawn, door opened. 

Two silenced shots squelch momentary terror and pain.

Steady hands on the grip and around a phone. Blood pooling on a cold, hard floor; dry, unblinking eyes cast to a heaven that doesn’t care. 

Sam bolts awake in the passenger seat of the Impala, tears in his eyes, head ringing. The light of a passing car lances through his skull and makes him cry out, but the flashes of memory are worse because he can’t deny what they mean.

“Dean,” he chokes, and then, “Magda…”

He feels the telltale tickle of blood slicking a line out of one nostril.

Dean swerves onto the gravel-strewn shoulder with a screech of brakes as soon as he flicks a glance at Sam, hands all over his younger brother before the car is all the way stopped.

Sam tries to explain, hands shaking half because the day has left him bare and half because of the migraine beating against his skull. He wonders if he’ll see the same fear in Dean’s eyes that he saw so long ago.

He doesn’t. Just concern.

We’ll fix this, Sammy, and Jesus where is all this blood coming from, fuckin’ nose like a blood hose, man— turn into chilling promises as Sam relates the whole story: 

“We’ll kill him, Sammy. For what he did to her. We’ll kill that bastard.”

more fic | AO3


First couple of commissions for the dreamy glamorous Leversa! The summery colours and concepts she suggested totally pulled at my warmer-weather heart, ha~ And Felicity and Anicotti are the most lovely little characters, I adore everything about their designs.

I hope you like these, they were uber rad to draw and paint~