I don’t know how but this AU got heavily inspired by what Shimizu san said before-
Yuuri being earth and Victor being the moon who keeps drifting toward him.
I find these words so beautiful.

Highschool!AU Jeno

find college!nct (here) & hs!haechan (here)

  • favorite subject: art 
  • least favorite subject: pre-calculus 
  • voted most likely to: win a noble prize 
  • jeno is,,,,quite far removed from the detached art student trope that like everyone in his highschool thinks he 100% totally is
  • secretly, he loves laughter and corny jokes. he likes playing video games with haechan and jisung, betting on basketball games in the gym, and doing what any other highschooler likes to do
  • unfortunately, probably due to his almost always stoic expression and the sketch book under his arm - people get the wrong idea
  • and don’t get me wrong, he isn’t bullied for it or anything - people just think he’s unapproachable ,,,,,,,
  • handsome looks at such a young age, so much artistic talent, it’s hard to approach someone who just seems more mature
  • “mature my butt, jeno can’t even make fried rice.” haechan snorts once when another classman asks him about jeno
  • aside from spending countless hours sketching, wrappers from snacks and half empty cans of coffee littering around him, jeno likes sitting in the art room after school is over
  • the lightening pours in through the big windows and it’s quiet, jeno sometimes listens to music or just enjoys the silence
  • apparently people made up a rumor that countless people have come to him and tried to confess - but he cooly shrugged off their letters and presents with a cold glare
  • this rumor of course,,,,isn’t true,,the only person who even knows that he’s in there is the art teacher and jisung who puts his nose in just about anyone’s business
  • plus if someone did confess to jeno, he’d become a stuttering shy mess - seriously he wished more people knew he was a down to earth guy
  • he’d even confided this to jaemin, when he and the others visited him in a different town
  • “why don’t more people want to be my friend?”
  • jaemin had weakly smiled “are those idiots not enough?” he was referring to haechan who had gotten pen marks all over chenle’s arm and was lying that renjun had done it instead. in the corner, jisung was chatting to mark - puppy eyes to the eldest in the room (probably asking him embarrassing questions about college)
  • jeno had shook his head, “they’re more than enough - but apparently i come of,,,,”
  • jaemin smiled and it made jeno’s heart feel a little warmer when he said “you’re not cold jeno. you’re just reserved, you protect yourself. nothing wrong with that.”
  • but yes, jeno is a real angel!! like he’s always helping the art teacher carry supplies and clean up spilt paint
  • he isn’t very good at math, but goes to tutoring when he can - the senior who helps him is absolutely in awe of how cutesy jeno can be
  • with a half-moon smile, little chuckles, and moments of cluelessness which makes them go “you must be popular with the ladies?”
  • jeno just sinks down in his seat,,,,,,,mumbling that he’s far from it
  • he likes history too, especially korean history even though most of the class is him kicking jisung under the desk to wake up
  • his uniform is always neat and he looks well-put together 
  • someone had made a nickname for him,,,,cold hearted prince from a manhwa ,,,,,,,
  • haechan had thought that name was a RIOT and did not let jeno live it down - not until it all changed,,,,,,because of you
  • you had just transferred to the school, you weren’t aware of jeno until you realized your elective class was art
  • and the, obviously best artist there, was jeno
  • who on the first day, you couldn’t help but walk by his canvas - you were all supposed to be doing portraits of animals
  • and the face of an almost perfectly realistic kitten stared back at you on his half-done canvas
  • you had stared at it for god knows how long till jeno looked over his shoulder
  • “yes?”
  • you snapped out of it, almost dropping the paint in your hand
  • “oh, um i ,,,,,,, i came over to ask if i can use your brush?”
  • shakily you pointed to the large brush that rested on his easel
  • jeno blinked, but handed it too you before he could think to ask why
  • you bowed your head, and rushed away with a thank you trying to save face and not look like a fool
  • as the bell rang for the next period, you scurried up to the person who had been working beside you
  • “hey, who is he?”
  • you asked, one hand on your backpack strap, the person looked over to see you were talking about jeno
  • they gave you a sad smile
  • “lee jeno, cold hearted shoujo? no wait, manhwa prince.”
  • your eyebrows knitted at the sound of the weird nickname
  • the person just shrugged “he sticks only to his friends and apparently doesn’t even react when people confess so - don’t get your hopes up.”
  • you nodded, but still from the corner of your eye watched him
  • he had hung back and was talking to the teacher,,,,,
  • he didn’t look cold at all
  • your first month passed rather boringly, you’d made friends and all of them were keen on jeno being next to unapproachable
  • but you didn’t get it,,,,maybe because you hadn’t grown up around these parts like everyone else
  • but were you the only one seeing his cute little smiles while talking with the art teachers, the way his laugh sounded light when he hung out with his own group of friends, how he seemed really passionate about drawing
  • one afternoon you had walked past the art room on your way to make it to the book club you signed up for
  • when you saw jeno,,,,
  • he was hunched over a large drawing pad, his bangs falling over his forehead and the light making his figure look like it was outlined by a soft glow
  • he seemed to be humming to himself, very low and sweet
  • again you found yourself staring - it was hard not 
  • you heard someone call out his name somewhere else in the room, and quickly you hurried to hide behind a set of lockers close by
  • a minute or two passed and jeno walked down the hall, probably to get supplies for the teacher
  • cautiously, you made your way into the room. the teacher was in the connected office and wouldn’t be able to see you
  • so while jeno was gone, you were practically alone
  • you didn’t dare touch the drawing pad, but you did look at what he had been working on
  • to your surprise, it was a sketch of a vintage car - a mustang maybe? something that looked like it came straight out of the 70s
  • to your surprise, the details of the drawing were neat and spot-on
  • it looked like it had been traced from a magazine
  • “do you need to borrow brushes again?”
  • you jerked at the sound of the voice, reddening cheeks when you saw jeno standing at the door
  • you thought for a moment he was mocking you, that you’d look into his eyes and they’d be iced over with something mean
  • but they weren’t
  • they were a warm chocolate brown, his mouth was up in a small smile. he was,,,,,joking around with you
  • “o-oh i just,,,,i just,,,,,”
  • you didn’t have a quick excuse so you pointed to the sketch of the car “is this yours?”
  • he laughed “the drawing is, not the car. i wish it was the other way around.”
  • he came over and pulled out the chair where he had been sitting, he got comfy and picked up his pencil again
  • you watched in amazement as he easily filled in more details almost effortlessly,,,,,,, “are you a robot?” you mumbled thinking he wouldn’t hear it but he did and he laughed again
  • you couldn’t believe that the boy in front of you was supposedly ‘cold’ ,,,, he was nothing but cheerful 
  • “it took a lot of practice, i still have more to go.”
  • you wanted to say something like i think you’re perfect right now,,,but decided against it,,,,afterall this was your first real conversation with him
  • you realized only ten minutes after watching him work some more that book club was basically over - jeno was also finishing, packing up his pencils and getting up
  • “do you take the train?” 
  • he suddenly asked and you shyly nodded
  • he called out a goodbye to the teacher and motioned for you to follow him 
  • “i take it too, want to go together?”
  • you couldn’t believe it,,,you were walking out of the schools gates with lee jeno
  • and he was making easy conversation, with jokes, the handsome features on his face less serious and more relaxed
  • you were sure no one in school would believe you if you told them - the students who were still there and spotted you two looked shocked beyond belief
  • “i actually just remembered, i have to stop by the store before i get on the train!” jeno grimaced, smacking his hand against his head as if he’d forgotten something extremely important
  • “why?”
  • “ive gotta get some stuff for my halloween costume, jisung wants us to do the scooby doo gang,,,,,”
  • your eyes widen “,,,,who are you supposed to be?” 
  • jeno gives you a slightly sad look “haechan is going to be fred, jisung wanted velma, chenle daphine, renjun said shaggy before i could so -”
  • you put your hand over your mouth,,,,,,,, “you’re going as scooby???”
  • jeno made a pouting face, so cute it almost made your stomach turn, but you were too busy trying not to burst out into laughter
  • the cold prince of your high school,,,,,,,,,,dressed up as sooby-doo,,,,,,,,
  • jeno tried to tell you it wasn’t THAT funny,,,,but you couldn’t lie - it was
  • before you even knew it, you had silently agreed you were coming along and once you walked through the doors of one of those pop-up costume shops you pointed to the set of brown dog ears that hung on display
  • “i think you’ve met your match,,,,,”
  • jeno cringed, but took the ears off the shelf and put them on
  • “woof!” he exclaimed, then hid his face in his hands as you stifled a giggle
  • “it’s ok,,,it’s very cute!!” you tried to cheer up jeno but it was beyond hard to keep from laughing
  • you two spent a good hour in there, picking out silly costumes, trying on fake vampire teeth and wigs, just having a good time in each others company
  • and at some point, with you shifting through funny looking outfits on one of the racks, jeno noticed for the first time that he was getting along with someone so easily
  • someone that was outside of his immediate friend group
  • and you looked,,,,,adorable,,,,,your uniform slightly messy from all the costumes you’d tried on, your backpack had a swinging charm from of it that jeno hadn’t noticed before, and your small smile - the one you had just for yourself
  • jeno was sure his heart had made an extra loud thud in his chest,,,
  • “maybe you should convince jisung that you guys can go like,,,,pac men,,,,,or,,,,,,vampires?”
  • you said suddenly and jeno snapped into reality with a faint smile “ah,,,maybe”
  • you noticed the change of tone and check your time “it’s getting late, we should get to the train.”
  • jeno agreed and you two left the store, the guy at the entrance shot you a glare - probably angry about you two spending a good hour in there with nothing to show for it
  • but you and jeno just giggled to one and other
  • the train was even more crowded with people coming home from work, so you and jeno found yourselves closer than before 
  • practically smushed against the pole you were holding onto,,,,,you each gave each other nervous glances and then chuckled
  • “do you want to go into art?”
  • you asked curiously, to try and ease the embarrassment of standing so close
  • “maybe,,,,,what about you?”
  • you told jeno of some of you dreams, noting how diligently he listened
  • again - you didn’t know how people thought he was detached, unapproachable ,,,, it just didn’t make sense
  • so you asked,,,, “why is your nickname cold manhwa prince?”
  • jeno blushed at the nickname, but also rolled his eyes “did jisung tell you that? ,,,, i don’t even know myself. i think im just,,,,”
  • he thought back to jaemin’s words “reserved?”
  • you made an oh sound and nodded, thinking about it till you heard that your stop would be the next
  • “well,,,i had fun with you today. i don’t think you’re cold at all,,,,” you said, the last part a little bit quietly
  • jeno felt that loud thump in his chest again
  • you were so close so he could hear you, but he could also smell the scent of your hair, feel your elbow against his
  • “i had fun too,,” he added and the door signaled that they were opening
  • you pushed past the crowd and heard faintly that jeno said goodbye
  • when you were out on the platform, you couldn’t see him through the sea of people but you waved anyway
  • the warm feeling of his arm pressed against yours followed you the whole way home
  • the next day in school you had art again, and unlike usual you set up your spot near jeno
  • he seemed both shocked and happy that you did,,, the rest of the class just exchanged whispers and wide eyes
  • but you didn’t care, you and jeno talked easily
  • he made a comment about how he’s never had someone in art class to chat with and you just gave him a silly thumbs up “im that person then!”
  • over the course of the week, you and jeno grew closer and you’d even had lunch with him and his friends
  • jisung had looped an arm around you and went “jeno has never made a friend on his own - you are a REAL gem”
  • haechan had chewed his food slowly and leaned over to jeno “a friend? or is it something more?”
  • jeno bit back his tongue and the table turned to face him,,,,you almost dropped your chopsticks
  • sensing the tension, renjun coughed “pass me your leftover rice chenle you ate too much already.”
  • but even with the distraction,,,the thought crossed your mind,,,,what did you think of jeno? and what did he think of you?
  • the night of halloween,,,,you found out
  • because instead of going to a party being thrown at some students house with his friends, jeno had asked to meet you in the city
  • you were waiting outside of the train when someone tapped your shoulder and you turned to see jeno,,,,
  • but instead of his uniform he was wearing a cheap gold crown and a cape of red velvet
  • “im the cold hearted manhwa prince” he said with a straight face and then burst into laughter
  • you joined him only to stop and point to the fake horns on your head “a demon,,,,,,,,,the pre-calculs demon if you would” you joked, knowing jeno hated that subject
  • he made a fake gagging noise and you asked finally why you were here
  • “i want to go to the party, i want you to come to.”
  • you blinked,,,,you’d love to go by why hadn’t he just asked over text
  • jeno seemed to stutter a moment and then added “i want you to come,,,,,as my date,,,,if that’s ok?”
  • you felt the world freeze for a second,,,,date,,,jeno’s,,,date?
  • but before you could think of what to say your head was nodding - because of course,,,,,of course you liked jeno,,,
  • how could you not like him? not after seeing him in that art room, a glow like an angels halo around him
  • not after laughing with him in the halloween store
  • not after watching the boy everyone said you couldn’t even be friends with open himself up in front of you
  • your hand felt nothing but perfect when it held onto jeno’s
  • and at the party you were greeted with other students staring at you two in awe while haechan slid down the handle of the stairway, messy blood painted over his collar and fake fangs crooked in his mouth, “i called it! i knew they’d fall in love! congratulations to your first day~~ a halloween anniversary!!” he laughed and vanished into the crowd
  • the rest of jeno’s friends reacted more or less without surprise, renjun said he knew jeno was in love. he was smiling more.
  • dating jeno,,,,was like opening a new chapter in a book because there is so much more to him than what you see
  • the love of art, the cute laughter, the serious work ethic, the easily flushed red embarrassment,,,,all of that was just the icing on the cake
  • the actual jeno was even a little clumsy, a complete nerd who housed one piece figures over his desk, could play guitar and had the voice of an angel
  • better yet, you found out about his chocolate sweet tooth and highscore on literally every mobile game you ever knew off
  • “i didn’t know i was dating a gamer,,,” you joked seeing him beat yet another level of some game on his phone
  • he stuck his tongue out and asked if you were going to finish your chocolate shake
  • you laughed and held the straw out for him “here you go, cold manhwa prince”
  • he scrunched up his nose “not you too,,,,jisung never lets me live already,,,,,”
  • your first official date after the halloween party ,,,, which btw you would have kissed at if chenle hadn’t walked in on you two,, was sitting in the library bookshelves afterschool watching ‘howls moving castle’ on a borrowed laptop
  • you had been shocked that jeno never watched it seeing as he liked animated movies, but then you’d leaned against his shoulder and woke up to your head in his lap while jeno sketched some doodles on his notebook
  • you’d sat up, completely embarrassed but jeno just showed you the little doodle
  • it was of you snoozing, a big air bubble coming out of your nose
  • you playfully pouted and he’d ruffled your hair - it was nice,,,,it was warm
  • sometimes you watch jeno sketch,,,,you might do it between studying or listening to music,,,,,but seeing him at work is so relaxing
  • he looks serious - but not cold,,,,,,,just hardworking and admirable
  • jeno has sketched you,,,,but you don’t know because he’s too shy to show you
  • (of course haechan knows about this and pesters jeno about possibly gifting them to you one day,,,,,but jeno keeps saying he has no idea what haechan is talking about)
  • but also you know when to let jeno have space,,,you don’t hover and you let him be alone with just paint and paper,,,,jeno is so thankful for that
  • you guys both are kind of new to dating ,,, so when jisung asks to see your couple shirts or rings or phonecases you just stare at him
  • and he orders you to to go down to the shopping distract and pick something out that matches
  • you end up getting charms of jeno’s favorite anime character,,,,,it’s corny but,,,,,,,jisung accepts it
  • but texts jeno like ‘get them an actual present next time!’
  • sometimes you and him meet up to go to the museum and jeno tells you which artists he’s grown to like,,,,sometimes - like most highschoolers - you end up spending more time in the gift shop than the museum
  • you start saving up to buy jeno some fancy brushes which when you gift him makes him a stuttering mess and he apologizes for the price and you’re like no no it’s ok
  • you learn he likes cats,,,even with an allergy,,,,,so you guys just coo at them from petshop windows
  • jeno wants to kiss you one night,,,as you’re taking the subway home and it’s just you two in the corner seats
  • but you get up too fast and he misses, falling first into the seat were you were just sitting
  • “are you ok??” you asked, hurrying toward the door. he waves it off and then spends the rest of the ride telling himself he’s got to get it together
  • when he does kiss you ,,,,, for the first time,,,, it’s because you’re both are trying to take a cute couple photo for jeno’s instagram
  • it’s near the big christmas tree they have up at the mall
  • and as he has his hand out with the camera, you try to focus on it and smile but then right before you know it - he leans in
  • and with his free hand cupping your cheek he kisses you,,,,
  • the sound of the camera click breaks you out of your dream like state and when you pull back you touch your lips
  • “did,,,,,did you just?”
  • he grins sheepishly and looks at the camera preview,,,,,, “it’s blurry should we do it agai-”
  • you beat him to it, putting both hands on his face and kissing him agai
  • he tastes a little minty,,,,,it’s nice and you feel like you could kiss him forever
  • jeno feels the same way about you 
  • the amount of times you’ve had talk jeno out of wanting to get a pokemon tattooed on him later in life is: too many
  • when jeno throws away a sketch he did in frustration, you always get really sad - sometimes you pick them up and you have some hanging on your wall
  • which jeno tells you you don’t have to do,,,he’ll give you some of his better ones but you say that these are just as good
  • when jeno calls jaemin to tell him about you,,,,he can almost hear jaemin smiling on the other line
  • “see, you’re not cold. you’re just reserved, but it sounds like you let th right person in.”
  • jeno lets you wear his sweaters 100% and then he grins to himself when the sleeves are too long on you
  • people in school still can’t believe it’s true, not until you and jeno are walking hand in hand out the gate and even though he tried to hide it
  • his kiss on your forehead basically made everyone in your grade swoon
  • you guys don’t do a lot of pda,,,,,,but jisung still makes faces when you drop by jeno’s class to give him a snack or just tlak
  • and jisung is like “ugh,,,i can feel the love and it’s crawling all over my uniform!!” ,,,,, you and jeno ignore him and chenle just goes “its cuz you’re jealous bro”
  • jeno once tells you his favorite season is winter, when you ask why he lists off a couple of basic things: the pretty snow, the holiday cheer, the sweaters
  • but then he looks at you and smiles mysteriously, you ask what it is
  • “i think i might change my favorite season to fall though,,,,” 
  • “why?”
  • “because that’s when i met you.” 
Kinktober2017 Day 14: Role Reversal with Klance

*Releases Day 14* *It’s supposed to be Day 15* *Hides in corner*

Altean Prince Lance x Galra Guard Keith AU

I know this isn’t exactly what role reversal normally means, but hey, I went with it.

Lance let out the dirtiest sound he had ever made in his entire life as his back arched against the bed, looking up at his bodyguard with a red face and squinting eyes.

“K-Keith…” The Altean Prince muttered weakly, writhing about as the Galra pinned his arms above his head with one hand while the other spread his legs apart, running his fingers up and down Lance’s thighs.

“You know, I’ve always thought your skin looked so smooth…now that I finally get to touch you in all these wonderful places, I can confirm just how right I was.” Keith’s teasing voice just made Lance’s face even redder as he willingly spread his legs apart wider. He knew he took very good care of his skin, not just because he was a prince, but because he liked being able to be confident in it, so hearing Keith compliment something he worked hard for made his heart warmer than it already was.

“Spreading yourself willingly for me, now, my Prince? I must say, I’ve been observing you all this time, but I never could have guessed you were so naughty.”

Lance’s face was growing red all the way up to his pointy ears as Keith continued teasing him, and he hated that getting him flustered was a specialty that the Galra bodyguard possessed. He wanted nothing more than to hide his face in his hands, but obviously that wasn’t possible right now, so he instead tried to deny it by closing his legs again.

“Ah, ah, ah, not so fast, Prince Lance.” Keith spread his own legs from in between Lance’s to spread his apart again, grinning down at him in that sexy way that showed off his fangs. “You can’t hide it anymore, Prince; and you don’t need to.” He leaned down until their chests were parallel, pressing soft kisses to Lance’s forehead, and if those made him melt, the words he spoke next made him implode. “I’ll take good care of you, always.”

Honestly, Lance was ready to start tearing up from how sweet Keith always was to him, always more than a bodyguard, always there for him physically and emotionally, and he wanted to express all his gratitude, but his emotional outburst was cut of as Keith’s finger prodded his hole.

“Oh!” Lance gasped, body suddenly tensing up at the sudden feeling. Keith immediately began kissing every inch of his face, showering him in claims of “you’re so pretty” and “you know I’ll never hurt you”. Lance did know. He knew Keith would never hurt him, and in the end, that was what relaxed him completely as he let the Galra slip his finger inside, squirming a bit at the unusual but welcome sensation.

“Keith…” he whispered, already panting from how hot his body felt.

“Shh…” Keith shushed him soothingly, hand moving from his wrists to stroke his white hair. He didn’t have to hold Lance down anymore and he knew it, doing whatever he could to show the Prince his love as a second finger slipped inside of him, and the two appendages began working together to stretch Lance’s walls in two separate directions, covering themselves in his Altean self-lubricant and slicking up his walls.

“Oh god Keith…” Lance was finding out that he was very verbal during intimate sessions, and that he apparently loved crying out his lover’s name as he squeezed his eyes shut and focused on the feeling of the fingers moving around inside of him, getting him even wetter than he already was. Being Altean, he was pretty sure his hole would just adjust to whatever size was needed for Keith’s dick before readjusting to give him pleasure, but Keith wanted to go the extra mile and prepare him like this anyways, which only strengthened the sentimentality of the gesture. God, Lance loved him more than he ever thought it was possible to love anything. He wanted him more than he ever thought it was possible to want anything.

“Keith…” His hands weren’t being held down anymore, so he moved them to grab the wrist of the hand that was stroking his hair, opening his eyes to look up at Keith pleadingly. He forgot to speak for a second when he met those yellow Galra eyes full of so much care. Only the beating of his heart reminded him that he was alive, and remembering that he was alive made him remember how much he wanted a certain something. “Keith, I’m okay…but you’re gonna kill me if you don’t get inside of me soon…”

Keith blinked in surprise for a tick before grinning, digging his fingers in deeper. “Oh, I will, will I? I suppose they’ll arrest me for treason for killing the Prince of Altea.” He snickered, and Lance hit his arm playfully, face reddening more.

“Keith…please, I…I need it.” Relief flooded through Lance as he felt the fingers pull out of him, replaced by something much larger and hotter pressing against his entrance. Just feeling it made Lance shiver and whine, hole gaping wide and ready for Keith’s large Galra dick. He waited…and waited. And then, he curled his back to look up at Keith.

“What are you doing? Why aren’t you doing it?” To his surprise, Keith’s face didn’t like teasing at all; he wasn’t even smiling as he stared back at Lance. Frustration took hold of him as he desperately pushed against the head of Keith’s cock, needing it inside of him. “Keith, just do it! That is an order from your Prince!”

“You’re not my prince.”

Lance’s eyes widened, and his entire body was seized by fear as he stared at Keith’s unforgiving eyes. “I’m…not your…?”

“You’re revoking your title as Prince and giving it to me.” Keith said, voice completely serious. “You’re going to call me ‘your highness’, and you’re nothing more than a peasant now. Understood? If not, I’ll just go ahead and let you tend to your own needs.” He began slowly pulling back, immediately making Lance’s arm shoot forward in panic.

“No!” Lance gasped out, gulping. “N-no…please…your highness.” Just hearing those words leave his mouth directed towards Keith made both of them shiver in satisfaction. It wasn’t that they weren’t happy with their current roles, but the power swap that came with reversing their roles was just so exhilarating for them both.

“In that case…” Keith pushed forward, sliding his cock into Lance’s dripping hole and groaning as the walls contracted in response to his thickness immediately.

Lance’s breathing was already picking up pace as he gripped the bedsheets and clenched his teeth together, a long, drawn out whimpering sound escaping him as he felt his hole being filled up. It wasn’t long before Keith’s cock was completely buried inside of him, and they stared at each other for a bit, unmoving. Then, Lance got impatient and tried rocking back.

“Please…move Keith…” The glare he got quickly reminded himself of the role reversal as he squirmed. “Please move, your highness…”

Finally, the smile returned to Keith’s face as he cupped Lance’s face. “You’re going to have to beg your Prince a lot better than that, darling. You have to beg me to fuck you.”

Lance’s heart pounded against his chest in humiliation, but his pride was one of the last things on his mind as he felt Keith’s cock pulsing from inside of him, offering to move if he could just convince him to. He gulped and took a few deep breaths, preparing himself for the filthy language he was about to unleash.

“Fuck me…your highness.”


“Fuck me, your highness!”

“Is this how you treat royalty?”

“Please fuck me, your highness!”


“PLEASE FUCK ME YOUR HIGHNESS!” Lance was shouting at the top of his lungs, his body a mixture of frustration from how much he needed something he wasn’t being given and lust from how hot Keith was making this. To his relief, his final screams had been enough, and Keith started to really fuck him, wasting no time in going slow simply because he didn’t need to.

Huge sparks of passion and pleasure were flaring through Lance’s body repeatedly, and the process was unlike anything he had ever experienced before. He tried to focus on breathing so that he wouldn’t just pass out, but it was proving impossible for him to remember how to focus on anything anymore as his body spasmed and shook with each massive thrust of Keith’s cock.

“Lance, fuck!” Keith grunted with each thrust, slamming deep inside of Lance and into his prostate, which only added onto the pleasure he was already receiving just from being filled up.

“Fuck me your highness, please fuck me harder, make me lose my mind, your highness, I NEED YOU TO FUCK ME!” Lance was crying out and screaming so many things he couldn’t even comprehend it all, couldn’t even be sure if he was speaking coherently as he begged and begged his royalness to fuck him more. After all, Lance wasn’t royalty in this situation; he could say as many dirty things as he wanted to. As a result, constant streams of “Fuck me!” were coming out of his mouth at the top of his lungs, only encouraging Keith to do exactly as he begged.

Keith was literally making him lose his mind by fucking him, and he was even forgetting that not being a prince was just a role reversal thing, completely submitting himself into his new role beneath Keith.

“Fuck me your highness, bless me with your seed, please, I need you inside of me!” He begged, eyes wide with lust as he did his best to thrust back to meet Keith’s hips, although he could barely feel his legs from how hard his body was being pounded. He was clawing at the sheets and trying to express the insane amounts of pleasure shooting through his body in any way he could, including screams, but he just couldn’t seem to get ahold of himself as he lost himself in the lust and passion and ecstasy of Keith’s cock.

The Galra on top didn’t seem to be doing much better with his self control, letting out constant growls and roars as he went back to pinning Lance down, hips ramming forward with everything he had, balls slapping against Lance and making obnoxiously loud slapping noises. He was definitely close - too close for either of them to stop now.

“Lance…! Fuck, Lance, I’m gonna…cum! Gonna fill you with my…royal seed! That what you want?! Come on baby!” He smacked Lance’s ass, causing a shaky yelp to escape him.

“Ah! Yes, please! Please your highness! Fill me up, I need you! I…PLEASE!” All Lance could do in the end was plead and beg and scream as he felt Keith cum, his hot, sticky Galra seed flooding Lance’s royal Altean body and staining his insides. The sensation of being stuffed sent Lance over the edge, and he came alongside Keith as they both screamed and pressed their bodies as close together as possible. Keith’s cum filled Lance completely while the Altean’s cum shot all over their chests, the bed shaking and squeaking from all their passionate bucking.

They slowly began coming down from their sex high as their orgasms died off, leaving both boys panting and staring at each other with passionate looks that also said ‘what just happened’.

Keith slowly pulled out of the prince, wincing at the squelching sounds that followed his dick before he shuffled off to the side and fell down next to his lover. Silence ensued between them, just listening to the sound of each other’s heaving chests and relishing in the pleasure they’d just experienced.

“…I love you.” Lance honestly didn’t know what else to say, so he just blurted out his feelings out, snuggling backwards into Keith’s chest. The Galra immediately wrapped his arms around Lance, kissing the back of his neck.

“I love you, too.” He assured. Lance keened at that, smiling wider than he ever had as he sighed.

“Oh, also, that was amazing. Thank you, Keith.”

“Don’t you mean, ‘your highness’?”

Lance scowled and shoved back against Keith playfully, and they both laughed tiredly as they lay on the bed to go to sleep.

j a n u a r y  2 0 1 7 : r e f l e c t i o n s

i . buddha said: “a jug fills drop by drop”. trying to keep in mind this quote helped me so so much starting the year the right way!

ii . don’t be harsh on yourself. change isn’t something that occurs within days, and habits need to be formed. but keep some balance in your daily life. you can forgive yourself if you are too tired to tidy up your room before going to bed, but try to mantain the level of clutter low by doing small things when you feel like it!

iii . procrastination is something i have to deal with everyday. but i found out that when i just can’t control my discipline, i just need someone else to do that for me! it works all the times.

iv . listen to your body. sometimes you just have to trust your instinct and your intuition. feel the moment and do what’s better for yourself.

v . when times are a little darker and you feel the winter blues, you need something to make your heart feel a little warmer. please, please, please, go and watch yuri on ice. please. just do it. it will make your life like 10000 times better. it saved me from winter depression. it saved me. just trust me. i don’t know how many tears of happiness i have cried because of yoi. go. and watch it.

vi . this month i realized one little thing. i have so so many mental schemes. and the majority of them are really bad for me and for my mental health and for my life in general. for example, when i wake up in the morning to go to school my brain decides that i have to feel stressed. and that i just can’t enjoy the morning. even if i don’t have any tests that day. when i realized it i started paying attention to what i feel and why, and decided that i wouldn’t have let my brain ruin every single morning! and it worked!!!

vii . at the end of the day write a done list. this has been one of the best thing for my happiness levels lately. list every single good thing that you did, even if it’s a small thing. and feel proud about it!!

viii . sometimes i just can’t get started with a specific task because i set goals that are too high and that scare me before i even start. if i tell myself that i’m going to revise all of my notes i can be sure that i won’t do it. but if i set the goal to revise for a limited space of time, or to just study some chapters, i don’t feel overwhelmed and eventually when i’m finished with the goal i have set, i’ll just keep on working!

ix . when i’m feeling really down or there’s something that bothers me, i know that the only thing i have to do is writing. i take out my journal and start scribbling what’s on my mind. i feel completely free and in touch with myself, to me writing is like a therapy. many times i got to understand a problem that i couldn’t solve… just by writing. sometimes dancing and singing to my favourite songs works as well. just try to find what’s an activity that has the power to calm you down or to make you see things more clearly, or something that can be an outburst for feelings you have been suppressing.

x . this month i learned that i. have. to. throw myself away and just do things. i have many ideas but i’m always too shy to do anything. but in these past weeks i tried really hard to escape the prison i have built for myself. i started interviewing some of my classmates and recording them as they talk, which is something that i wished to do for a long time. i made a group on a messaging app to talk about some more serious topics with them. i took all the courage i had and clearly expressed my feelings about some stuff to my best friend, and we are happier now. i went out of my comfort zone and experienced new things. even if i didn’t always feel perfectly comfortable, i tried to avoid panicking, and instead i took a deep breath and reminded myself that failing was always better than not doing anything at all!

xi . and last but not least, here is some of the music i’ve been listening to in january. enjoy!


I'm a walking contradiction

Aries: My self-esteem is lower than the deepest depth of tartarus, I speak louder than god. 

Taurus: My love is for all of everything, but I’ll give everything of all for only one.  

Gemini: I’m the one who speaks every word that’s on my mind, with a head full of unspoken words. 

Cancer: I’m as cold as ice; you’ll never know a warmer heart. 

Leo: Let me be the one at the top; please don’t let me be alone. 

Virgo: I’m soaring to perfection faster than light; I’m standing still, I’m not moving a toe. 

Libra: I’m the fairest judge, you’ll never see me sentence a man. 

Scorpio: Tell me the harshest truth, please give me your most beautiful lie. 

Sagittarius: My name is apathy, please now that I love you; please love me back. 

Capricorn: I obey to the rules of society, I myself am my only god. 

Aquarius: I’m the center of society; I am the lone wolf. 

Pisces: I’m the oldest spirit - the youngest child at heart.

touken’s wedding night headcanons ((mini-fic)) 💖💍

i’ve said on my twitter (you should follow me there as well! 👀 ) that i was going to write a fic about their wedding night, but the truth is that the plot itself is extremely generic, the structure of the fic feels too weak for me to get inspired and start writing, so i decided to write down some of the headcanons that i have for it instead, this could be considered as part of my mini-fics series (read those here!), but in the end this is just a list of all the headcanons for their special night… although at the end i got a bit carried away and it ended up looking like a fanfic 😂 so i don’t know anymore…  enjoy!! ///


“This is what I’ve chosen, Kaneki,” she weeps quietly, feeling his lips on her skin. She’s smirking as she cries. “I want this, I want this so badly, and I’m really happy today, I really am… y-you have no idea how badly I wan—”

“I know,” he whispers, quieting her with a kiss. “I know.”

They stay silent for a while, kissing on the lips, kissing each other’s hands, cuddling until Touka feels her body slowly falling into slumber. She’s not quite asleep yet, she can still hear Kaneki’s words whispering “I love you” to her, firmly and desperate, he wants her to hear him. And she does.

She does.

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Just Once - Yoongi/Suga one-shot

Warning: graphic descriptions of drug use and heavy angst. 

Words:  2,733

It was your mother who’d provided you with first taste of heroin.  You were fourteen then and she’d been a junkie for as long as you could remember, a habit left to her by your absentee of a father, and it hadn’t taken long for you to become addicted too.   It was odd, but sharing that nasty had actually served to bring you and your mother closer together. It’d given you a common ground you’d never had before, and it’d taken both of you working together to ensure you got your next fix, working crummy part-time jobs that just about paid the rent and secured  your drug of choice with not much left for anything else.  You wasted away years like that, lost to oblivion, ashamed but unable to find the will the stop.  Take the heroin away and what were you?  A high school dropout with no prospects, no dreams and a bad reputation.  

It was your mother who’d gotten clean first, too.  She’d fallen in love with a man from your local church; a stranger who’d shown her rare kindness and compassion, a better way to live.  With his encouragement, a whole lot of help and her fair share of relapses, she’d finally rid herself of it.  After that, she’d dedicated herself to getting you clean too.  You’d resisted, at first, despite wanting nothing more than to return to that sweet, innocent girl you were once before.   You were so convinced that you’d fail, that you’d only let her down, that it took months for you to even try, and years to actually manage abstain for more than a few months at a time.  

Now, four years on, you’ve been clean for three, and life has never been better.  You’ve got a steady job, and though the pay cheque isn’t the biggest it’s more than enough to make do after so many years of living on nothing.  Your mother is still clean, and married now, too.   You’ve got a small handful of very good friends and  your own  little apartment complete with a sweet, albeit slightly  aloof, feline friend.  The best of it all, though, is your boyfriend; Yoongi.  

You’d met him two years ago as a customer in the restaurant where you work, and soon became friends.  He liked your dry, sarcastic sense of humour, and you liked his grumpy, old man attitude.  Together you made quite the pair, grumbling and griping at one another but knowing there was affection lurking underneath.  Eventually, that affection spilled over into something more and you’d been together ever since, inseparable most of the time.   

It’d taken you a little while to open up to Yoongi about your past and tell him all the sordid little details about that darkest of times.  You were terrified that it’d change the way he saw you or the way he treated you, but if there was one thing you know about Yoongi, it’s that he’s full of surprises.  Behind that distant, slightly cold exterior is a heart warmer than anyone else’s you’ve ever known, someone so loving and compassionate that he’d barely even blinked when you’d spilled it all.  All he’d done was stroke your cheek, telling you how proud he was of you for ridding yourself of those demons, and how you trusting him enough to tell him had only made him love you all the more.  

You’re convinced that you don’t deserve him - not at all - but he seems to think you’re some kind of perfect, always complimenting and praising you.  It’s a stark, unsettling contrast to the years you spent feeling so worthless, to the way you still feel and think about yourself even now.   You know that Yoongi would think the same, too, if he knew how weak you really are, if he knew the way you still long for a hit every single hour of every single day.   

Today is a particularly bad day.  There’s no reason for it; your boss gave you very little hassle, the customers were polite.  Even the weather’s nice, promising a warm summer’s evening for you to spend with Yoongi on your date tonight.  There’s no reason for you to want it, none at all, but God, you do.  It’s like an itch you can’t scratch, a constant craving that’s had you biting at at your pencils and pens all day and forgetting people’s orders, and no matter how you try to fight it you can’t silence that little wayward voice in your head.  It whispers reassurances and lies, telling you that just one hit won’t hurt, that no one would have to know.  And it’s not like just one time would get you addicted again.  People don’t become alcoholics from just one glass of wine, right?  

Before you know it, you’re seeking it out midway through your walk home.  Contrary to popular belief it’s really not that hard to find, especially for someone like you who knows exactly who and what to look for.  It’s not even always the people you’d expect, either, and when you finally spot a likely looking dealer it takes you less than five minutes and even fewer spoken words to score and be on your way again, a little packet of brown powder in one pocket and a syringe and needle in the other.  

It seems to take forever for you to get home after that.  It’d been too easy and now you’re too eager, fiddling with the packet inside your pocket with shaking fingers, biting your lip in anticipation.  You practically run up the stairs of your apartment when you get there,  flinging off your coat as you shut the door and retrieving the paraphernalia as you check the clock.  Yoongi said he’d pick you up at seven; that gives you six hours to get high and come down again.  Plenty of time.  

Grabbing a spoon from the kitchen and a lighter from the drawer you rush into your bedroom, breathing rapidly as you spread it all out on your bedspread and begin the little ritual of preparation.  It comes back to you far too quickly, like it’s been no time at all, and within minutes you’ve melted the powder into a liquid and drawn it up, a pair of your pantyhose tied around your upper arm to get at your veins.  

You’re just about to slide the needle into your arm when your phone vibrates, making you pause with the bevel of the needle poised ready to slide through your paper-thin skin.  You glance over at where it rests on the bedside table to see Yoongi’s name flashing on the screen, and for a moment you almost come to your senses, hesitating for a minute more until your phone goes dark again.  You missed his call, and now it’s just you, the needle, and the brown murky liquid inside which promises such ecstasy.  

No one will ever know.

Just this once.  

A sharp scratch, your finger pressing on the plunger of the syringe and then the warmth of it entering your veins as you exhale.  You place the needle and syringe on the table, untangling the pantyhouse from your arm and managing to sink back into your pillows with a blissful sigh as it hits.  It’s instant euphoria, a feeling of weightlessness that you’d forgotten how much you missed, and once that initial high has gone the drowsiness comes next, your eyes and limbs heavy, your mouth dry.  You vaguely think that you should’ve set an alarm as your eyelids slide closed, sleep pulling you under deep and swift. 

Yoongi knocks at your door, a small smile on his lips and rocking on his heels as he waits for you to answer.  He knows he looks like a schmuck stood there with a posy in his hand, but he also knows they’re your favourite and he knows the way your face lights up whenever he brings you flowers, so stand there like a schmuck he does.    

After a couple of minutes he starts getting impatient - you’re usually really quick to answer to door, practically throwing yourself into his arms - but tonight he can’t even hear you moving around inside when he leans closer to the door.  He knocks once more but doesn’t give it long before experimentally trying the handle.  It’s unlocked, which is odd in itself, and Yoongi can feel the hairs on the back of his neck starting to rise as he steps into your silent apartment.  He’s not sure what it is but something doesn’t feel right, and when he calls out your name to no reply that feeling only gets stronger.

Yoongi pads through your living room, abandoning your flowers on the coffee table and almost jumping out of his skin when your cat suddenly rubs around his ankles.   Hopefully you’ve just gone out and forgotten to lock your door - that way you won’t have heard the girly way he just screamed.  Still, he’s not sure if it’s just his imagination but he could swear even your tabby looks concerned, eyes wider than usual as she turns her back to him and slinks off towards your bedroom, pausing at the door to cast a glance back at Yoongi before slipping inside.  

Instinctively, he follows, trying to fight the panic he can feel rising in his chest.  Your bedroom is dim when he walks inside, your curtains drawn and the lights off.   Your cat jumps up onto the bed, meowing quietly, and it’s then that he notices the  shape of your body underneath the covers.  Yoongi chuckles, the tension from his shoulders disappearing as relief floods through him.   Of course you’re just napping; you’re always napping, and he has come over earlier than you’d originally both planned. Yoongi sits himself gingerly on the edge of your bed, placing a hand on your shoulder and squeezing gently, calling your name.

“Wake up, sleepy head.”  He keeps his voice soft and playful, jiggling you a little more as you fail to respond, smiling down at your sleeping face.  “Time to wake up.”   Again, he gives you a little shake - one that gradually gets harder and more urgent the longer you say nothing.  Your eyelids don’t even twitch, not even when he touches your face, brushing his thumb across your cheek.  In fact, now that he looks closer… are you even breathing?  

Fear’s gripping his chest so tight that Yoongi can barely shout your name as he yanks back the covers, his voice coming out tight and strained.  He grabs at each of your limbs, climbing onto the bed and shaking you as he kneels beside you, brushing your cat out of the way.    

“Wake up, c’mon,” he growls through gritted teeth, taking hold of your chin and turning your head from the side to the ceiling to frantically scan for any signs of life, but when he lets go your head just lolls to the side again, your beautiful hair falling across your face.   His fingers fumble at your neck, groping around to try and find your pulse, his own thundering in his ears, so loud that it’s almost deafening.  Eventually he finds it, and when he does he has to choke back a sob.   

You’re alive, thank god you’re still alive, but by the thready feel of your pulse under Yoongi’s fingertips he’s not sure it’s for long.  It’s so slow and weak, your breathing just as slow and shallow - you need an ambulance, and you need it now.  He gropes for his phone in his pockets and then curses when he realises he left it in the car, both of his hands raking through his hair as his eyes scan your room to finally land on your phone where it lies on the bedside table.  

Yoongi makes a grab for it, hands shaking, already dialling when he notices what else was sat surrounding your phone before he so hastily snatched it up.   A spoon, a needle, a syringe, and a packet holding the remnants of a brown powder he doesn’t recognise.   Oh, he can guess what it is though, he knows all too well.  

“I think… I think my girlfriend has taken an overdose,” he states to the operator, gazing down at you and taking your hand in his.  His voice is suddenly entirely emotionless, as though he’s in a daze, momentarily detached from the situation.  Your skin… it’s so clammy.  


The operator asks him a series of questions which he manages to answer even though he’s only half listening, his eyes fixed on your chest, obsessed with watching the shallow rise and fall of your chest.  It’s stupid, but Yoongi feels like if lets his gaze shift even for a second the next time he looks it won’t move at all, and that sends a chill down his spine so potent that it freezes his insides, making him physically shudder.   

The kind, softly spoken woman on the end of the line tells him to stay with you - as if he’d go anywhere else - and that an ambulance is only minutes away from the address he’d croaked out.   She asks him to stay on the phone, too, just in case anything changes, and though Yoongi keeps the line open he places the it back on the table so that he’s free to touch you with both his hands.  He rolls you onto your back and lies himself down next to you, placing his head on your chest  as he repeats your name again at again, the dull thud of your heartbeat in his ear the only thing keeping him from keeping him from breaking down completely.  

Or so he thought.  On the other end of the phone the operator hears a man begin to sob, and lying there at your side Yoongi’s whole body begins to heave; great, wracking cries ripping through him as he clutches at your body.  He wraps you up in his arms as he has so many times before, his tears soaking through your shirt and turning it transparent, begging you to wake up so many times that his throat becomes hoarse.  

“You can’t,” he tells you fiercely, clutching the fabric of your pants in his fist and roughly tugging at it, punctuating every word.  “You can’t leave me, you can’t, please.”   Yoongi presses his face into you, inhaling your scent and filling his lungs till he can no longer, a broken wail falling from his lips to be smothered by the soft swell of your stomach.  

“I can’t do this without you, baby… I just… I can’t.”

“Please… you can’t leave me here all on my own.”  

“Nothing makes any sense without you.”

“Just… don’t.  I need you.”

“I love you.  Please.”

“Please, baby.”   

When the ambulance crew mercifully arrives, only minutes later, it’s to a harrowing sight.   A girl lying prone on her bed, pale and barely breathing, limbs limp and unresponsive - a boy curled around her sobbing his heart out, rocking the both of them as he pleads over and over for anyone, someone to listen and not to take her away.   They almost have to wrestle you from Yoongi’s arms, so desperate is he not to be separated from you, uncaring that so many strangers are witnessing him cry and scream, tearing at his hair.  

One of them stays with him as they wheel you into the ambulance, standing together on the pavement watching on as you disappear inside, an oxygen mask covering your pretty face.   It’s silent tears that streak Yoongi’s pale face now, an unfamiliar man’s arm placed comfortingly around his shoulder.  The sirens start and then they’re speeding away, taking you with them, and Yoongi can no longer watch.  He closes his eyes, pressing his lips together as he says a silent prayer that that won’t be the last memory he ever has of holding you in his arms.   

He gives himself barely a minute before climbing into his own car and starting the engine, roughly wiping his tears on the sleeve of his jacket and taking hold of the steering wheel, clenching his jaw. Yoongi makes himself a silent promise as he chases after you through the busy streets, driving way too fast but barely hearing the protesting car horns around him.  

Where you go, he’ll follow; whether it be hospital, rehab or something more lasting, more permanent… as long as he’s by your side.

Where you go, he’ll follow.  

Gifs are not mine - credit to owners.

Five More Minutes

Request: “Draco having to deal with a pouty, stubborn reader?” + “can i request a really fluffy draco imagine?”

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Word Count: 1.5k

A/n: @dej-okay hope this makes you feel a little bit better!

“But I don’t wanna!” Were the first words to bless Draco, tumbling in a murmur from the lips of his love.

The blinds had been peeled back, and you grabbed needily at the sheets to cover your squinting eyes from the harsh rays. But Draco simply tutted, grasping them firmly, bunched up in his fist as the other hand worked on running tender touches to your face.

“Come on, love. If I remember correctly, it was you who insisted on doing this.” He retorted, smiling brightly as your eyes slowly opened. The way your pupils dilated, showcasing the exit of lethargic annoyance in place of pure affection, it never ceased to make his heart soar.

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I like you better as a dog -  Sirius Black x Reader

[Request: Hiii can I request a Sirius x reader where she is super cute and he as Padfoot finds her in the woods reading, and she doesn’t talk but pets him and he eventually falls in love with her, so then tries to find her in the school but she doesn’t trust him?xo
Hope you like it nonnie!  
Warnings: um, one swear word?my English? Idk!
I don’t own the gif nor the photo. Credits to their original owners!]

You have always found solace in the forest. It was like everything fell into place. Peaceful-somehow you were always searching for serenity.  You were currently sitting under a tree, reading a muggle book you loved and hated equally.
It was about two young star-crossed lovers whose deaths ultimately reconcile their feuding families. But why did they have to die? It was frustrating, to love someone that much but not being able to be with them. Damn you, Shakespeare, you thought.
You were so caught up in that beautifully chaotic world of his, that you weren’t paying any attention to your surroundings.
“These violent delights have violent ends
And in their triumph die, like fire and powder
Which, as they kiss, consume” you murmured out loud. It was then that you heard a low bark. Your head snapped towards the direction of the sound. Standing there, was a huge black dog. It looked a bit familiar to you, but you shrugged it off. It was sitting there, next to you, eyes never leaving your gestures. In all honesty, it made you think that the whole scene was awkward, to say the least. But when he came closer and placed his head on your lap, your heart grew a little warmer. It was a stray, you thought. It had never felt the love of a human being. All alone in this world. It kind of reminded you of yourself. Sometimes the world didn’t seem to get you.
“Hello there” you said quietly. The dog was staring at you like it could understand what you were saying. You smiled widely and returned to your book. Without even realizing it, your right hand was petting the fluffy excuse of a dog. You moved your hand through his fur, surprised by how soft it was. Your movements gradually stopped and at some point, you noticed the dog poking you with his paw, demanding your attention. You rolled your eyes causing the dog to bark. Sure, animals were sensitive to that kind of things but this particular one… was more human than many humans you’ve met. If you wouldn’t know any better you would have sworn that he smirked at you. A smirk rather familiar.  It might have looked a bit terrifying at first, but really, it was just a marshmallow. Definitely a boy, you thought.
A couple of hours later, after spending almost all afternoon under that tree, petting the dog and reading, you figured that you should give him a name.
“Do you have a name? No? What about Noir? It’s French for black, you know since you’re… black” you rambled while you could have sworn you saw a mischievous spark lit up the dog’s eyes. So familiar… weird. Was he smiling? Pull yourself together, you thought to yourself. Dogs don’t smile or smirk or stare. But here he was.
“Okay, I am terrible at naming. Bear with me” you said to Noir, apologizing for your lack of imagination. He just licked your hand. You burst out laughing.
“You’re disgusting” you mumbled between your laughs. Noir was just wiggling his tail like a propeller. However, you had to get going since it was almost dinner time.
“I have to go but um… never mind” you trailed off. You were talking to a dog for Merlin’s sake. You stood up and walked away, but not before glancing once or twice back at him. It was strange.

Τhis soon became a habit; Every time you would sit under the tree inside the Forbidden Forest, the dog would appear, out of nowhere (you haven’t figured out of which direction he came) and sit down next to you. Usually, you would read a muggle book, and ruffle through his fur absent-minded, sometimes reading to him, while he was sleeping or just being there. Other times you would tell him about how crap of a day your day was or stories of your childhood or even some of the feelings you held for a certain heartbreaker and he seemed to smirk approvingly. Honestly, you could have sworn that this dog smirked more often than most humans did.
After a while, you started bringing him all kind of treats, cookies being his favorite.
Yet, the past couple of days, you have waited and waited under that particular tree, but Noir never showed up.  You wouldn’t admit it to anyone, but you were actually sad.
Today was a rather gloomy day. You had just finished your breakfast but stayed in the Great Hall a bit longer, because you desperately wanted to finish off the last chapter of your book.
“Come on Pads, you can’t be serious!” you heard the familiar voice of James Potter saying. Who was Pads? You stopped paying attention to the book but never raised your head.
“I am always Sirius”. You wanted to facepalm yourself. Sirius Black. Annoying, arrogant, narcissistic little git. Handsome as the devil with eyes full of secrets and a smirk-wait a second. You knew that smirk. Yeah, but how? Where?
“She is cute, but she hates you” Peter stated. Of course. It was a girl-oriented problem. But since when does the infamous Sirius Black have a problem with a girl?
“Nah, she doesn’t. She is just like Lily, really. And you are whipped” James continued. Who was that girl? And was that jealousy that was boiling inside of you? 
“Have you even talked to her?” Remus reasoned. By that time, you had closed your book and started rising from your seat. You really didn’t want to listen to anything more.
“Y/N!”. You were pretty sure your insides froze. That was Sirius. You halted and looked at him. Those eyes. That smirk.
And your eyes widened in realization. Your mouth shaped an “O”. You turned around and exited the Great Hall, heading towards the Forest. It couldn’t be. It just couldn’t.
Somebody was calling your name. THAT somebody.
“What?” you snapped turning on your heels and facing him. Extremely close.
“I-I… look, I want to come clean. Can I?” huh? You were left utterly puzzled.
“No. I don’t trust you Black” you said in return. How could you trust him?
“You don’t trust Black but you trust Noir. Ironic, isn’t it?”. Your jaw hit the ground. How on earth did he know about Noir? How – Everything fell into place.
“You are an Animagus, aren’t you?” you whispered. You really wished to take back everything you’ve ever told him. He was the black dog you thought of as a friend.  Merlin, you even had admitted that you had feelings for him when he was in his Animagus form. Well, not exactly… but you were pretty sure he had put two and two together.
“You’re cute when you blush” he breathed out. You batted your eyelashes abashed. What exactly was going on?
“And I enjoy it very much when you read to me” he continued while he took a step closer. And another. And another. Until your back was pressed against the tree trunk. You couldn’t regulate your heart beating and you knew that he knew it.
“But I love it when your hands are on me” he whispered against your lips. He kissed you and you melted into his touch.

It was perfect. 

s u r r e n d e r | jjk | 2

“Never again, Jeon Jungkook, in your life, try to make me feel like a fucking useless person for all I’ve been doing was sticking with you through thick and thin.”

✧pairing: fuckboy!jungkook x reader
✧genre: angst + touch of smut
✧summary: he’s been suffocating you, but you’re already fallen dangerously in love with your whole being - or what’s left of it.
✧warnings: abusing relationship, cursing, cheating, alcohol, quick changes in behaviors, full of angst, slight smut in this chapter 
✧keep in mind: English is not my first language. I can, and I’ll make mistakes, but I’m trying my best! Feel free to correct me.
✧author’s note: I’m sorry for everyone who thought “surrender” was a cute, romance story. It’s not! I’ve said it in the warnings :’)  Don’t murder me if this is too much!! I hope everyone can forgive me! Please enjoy!
✧wordcount: 11k

The 3rd part will be on in a week. Don’t forget to follow and check the person who’s correcting my bad grammar in the middle of the night because you’ll love her & her writings as well.  → @jimngii | her masterlist 

Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4  - highly recommended to listen to this playlist while reading.

2 | The Milestone

Jeon Jungkook was never a man of his word.

You probably think that each person makes mistakes. That each human has the potential to make another human feel small sometimes. That every human has the potential to hurt another, simply because they’re humans; right?

But do humans have the right to break a heart into a million tiny pieces, without a decent reason?

Do humans have the right to be the reason for your lack of sleep? Imagine if the only way for you to get some sleep, was by imagining him near you; smiling, embracing you, holding your waist against his muscular body?

Did Jeon Jungkook have a right to leave you? Leave you each and every time, alone in the apartment that you wanted to call home so very desperately; leave you with your body longing for him so deeply?

Does Jeon Jungkook have the right to make you suffer, in his presence and absence both?  

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Among The Beasts: Prologue

Reader x Kol Mikaelson



Synopsis: You and Kol Mikaelson have known each other since you were both kids. Now, being almost a teenager and also a Hale, you have to struggle with the fact you turning into a werewolf without having any clue about what to do. Kol comes up as a sweet best friend and helps you through it. 

A/N: HELLO! I know I’ve sort of disappeared. However, last monday was my high school graduation prom, so I didn’t have any time to update the blog and I am deeply, DEEPLY, sorry. Anyways, back to the story I’m publishing now. I have been requested awhile ago to do a long fiction about Kol and Reader. I thought it was a great idea and I decided to do it. So, it will be kind of a crossover between teen wolf and the originals. I truly hope you like it. This is just a introductory part. And I know I talk too much. hahaha :)

Word Count: 1637

[11th century]

“Kol, where are you? Please, don’t leave me all alone here!” A girl cried, running around in the woods. “I mean it!”

The twelve year old, knowing she would not get a solid answer, just sat against a tall and strong tree. Warm tears rolled down her face as she hugged her own knees, providing the realisation of how cold her own hands were; aside the obvious shaking.

Playing hide and seek was a bad idea, she thought, feeling helpless. Kol was the girl’s best friend and was perfectly aware over the extension of her loathing towards the merely concept of being alone. Especially in the woods, where her father warned her she should be extra careful. It was the burden of being a Hale: to always live hidden and to always be careful.

“Can’t you be nice to me?” Once more her high pitched voice yelled. “You are supposed to be my friend. Best friend. Answer me!”

“You’re no fun, Elizabeth.” A voice came out from between two other trees, making she jump, scared. “We come here everyday to play and you’re still scared I’m going to leave you.“

“That’s because you always hide so well. I never find you!” The girl shook her head. “Also, one of these days you will, once I become…”

“A wolf?“

Mary Elizabeth nodded her head, lowering her eyesight. Kol chuckled and walked towards her, cupping one of her cheeks and lifting her chin in order for the girl to look at him. She had puffy and red eyes from the crying. At that sight, he felt something inside him break. It was awful to look at her like that. Knowing she was hurt and scared. The young Mikaelson wanted to keep her safe and far way from her family problems. Like a best friend should do.

“Listen to me, please.” The boy said, firmly. “I don’t care about your past or what you will become in the future.”

“It’s not that and you know it. Honestly, I’m only scared that one day I might feel the urge to hurt you.”

Kol sighed, pulling Elizabeth into a tight hug. She instantaneously wrapped her arms around his waist, feeling the boy’s soft squeeze. He rested his head on hers, her scent invading his nostrils. Even though it was awkward, as boys and girls usually tend to not get along when young, they loved every minute they spent together.

That moment, especially, felt endless. Both of them under the sunset, feeling their skin’s warmth… Perhaps it was right that second they had fallen in love with each other for good.

“You won’t.” He said, his voice muffled by her hair.

“Excuse me?”

"Hurt me.”

“You can’t possibly know that…”

Kol placed two of his fingers on her mouth, not allowing the girl to finish the sentence. Mary Elizabeth could be very pessimistic when she wanted to be and he hated that. A smug grin curved his lips until, suddenly, he felt the tip of her tongue against his skin. A disgusted glare showed up on his eyes, while she laughed out loud.

“Better now?”

“All better. It’s always amusing to see you like that.”

“I’m glad you’re happy.” Kol said, sarcastically.

Eventually, he caved in and joined her, chuckling.

“It’s getting dark. How about we go home, Lizzie?”

“Yes!” She placed a hand on her stomach. “Oh, Lord, I’m starving.”

“Me too! I feel like I could eat a horse.”

“And, since you’re my best friend, we could share this horse.”

“No way! It’s my food.”

“Alright, Mr. ‘It’s my food’.”

They giggled and started to walk home.

Since the village they lived was bit far from where they were, night fell before Elizabeth and Kol got home. The sky was beautifully clear, which allowed them to appreciate the pale light coming from the moon. Definitely a moment they would remember for the rest of their lives, as they would perceive later on.

“Kol, can I ask you a question?”


“Why did you become friends with me?”

“You were the prettiest little four year old I had ever seen.” She giggled, looking away. “I mean it!”

“Don’t play dumb with me. I am a Hale, sure your parents did not want their son hanging out with my kind.”

“I’m pretty sure they don’t know. But again, I don’t give a shit. Soon we’re old enough… I don’t know. Maybe we could leave this place.”

“Of course!” She said undoubtedly. “And don’t you dare leave me behind.”

“I don’t think I made myself clear: you’re stuck with me.”

“Don’t make those kind of promises. You’re thirteen. I bet when you’re older, you get yourself a girlfriend and forget all about me.”

Kol frowned and then stopped walking.

“Why are you saying that?”

“Well… It’s true that you’ll probably get a girlfriend. But I was joking about the part where you leave me. It doesn’t have to be like that.”

“I wouldn’t… Never… I mean… Damn it. I just want you to know I like you. And no other girl will ever take your place.”

Mary Elizabeth narrowed her eyes and gave him a small nod. She got confused by his words, but, somehow, it made her heart warmer. It was good to know he liked her just as much as she liked him.

“Promise you will be with me? No matter what?”

“Yes, Kol. I promise.”

“What if you find a boyfriend?”

“I guess I feel the same way you do.” Her voice was unsure, for they never had such type of talk. “Let’s no worry about this now, okay?”

“Right. We don’t have time, anyway. Your mum is already waiting by the door.”

“Wait… Correct me if I’m wrong, but it isn’t you mum there as well?”

“Huh? What is she doing here?”

Kol furrowed his eyebrows as she pulled him to a bush, in order to hide and listen to what the women were talking. The girl had so many unresolved questions about what she was and her parents would not say anything. All she knew was that her older brothers became wolves and she would be one herself, in the future.

“What are you doing?”

“Well, remember what I said about being fully aware of what I am?”

“Yes.” He mumbled, trying to keep himself hidden.

“Well, I lied.”


“Shut up, I’ll explain later.”

Kol’s complaints were muffled by her hand, which gave her an opening to concentrate. A few months earlier Elizabeth started to change. Sounds became louder and her sight improved so much she could see miles and miles away from where she stood. Also her reflexes were faster. The healing quickly was a thing as well. According to her brothers, that was normal. First those stuff, then, on the full moon after her thirteenth birthday, she would turn.

Are you sure Kol is not here?

Yes, I am. But Mary Elizabeth isn’t here too. They’re probably playing in the woods.”

Oh, well then. If he comes here, send him home immediately.

Are you afraid my family will do your son any harm?

Not your family, your daughter. Do you even know what she is? What she’ll become?”

You don’t have to worry about that. My Elizabeth is a sweet girl, she could never do anything to anyone. No matter what you say she’ll become.”

If you believe so…

I do.

Very well. I must leave now. Send him home.

Then the Mikaelson matriarch left and Mary Elizabeth sighed, frustrated. She desperately wanted to understand, go deep within her origins. Knowing she had failed one more time to figure out made an urge to hit something come up, which induced the girl to close her eyes and take a relaxing breath. Only to keep it together.

“Care to let me know what the hell just happened?”

“It’s complicated.” She shook her head. “I mean… These things are all new to me. And I so don’t understand it. Yet, nobody is able to explain what  is going on with me.”

“I don’t get it.”

“The wolf part of me is surfacing. I’m pretty sure my change will occur soon.”

Kol looked confused.

“Why didn’t you tell me that?”

“I was scared. So much was happening… Also, I didn’t want to be worry you.”

He stood up, cleaning the dust on his trousers and started to move towards the village again, obviously mad. She huffed, rolling her eyes and running to catch up with him. Even though Kol understood why she had hidden that, he still wished she would have told him. After all, they were best friends.

“Wait up!”

“You don’t trust me.” The boy said, almost snarling.

“I do. I do! But I didn’t want to bother you before I was sure… Before I freaking know what I am.” Elizabeth grasped his arm and captured his eyesight with hers. “That’s why I was so preoccupied with you. I don’t even know what is going to happen after I turn thirteen.”

“Well, you have to be damn sure I’ll be with you. I told you I don’t care.”

“Then let’s forget about this and go home.”

Hale used the five minutes left to arrive their homes to explain her subtle changes. Her friend looked stunned by it. Kol saw himself wishing to be like her. Perhaps not a wolf, but definitely something just as powerful.

“I guess this is where I stay.” The girl stated, biting her lower lip.

“Will we see each other again tomorrow?”

“Like we do it every day.”

“OK, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“You will.”

Kol, then, leant in and kissed her right cheek, which made the girl blush, embarrassed. He whispered goodbye and left, a cocky smile shining on his face. This time more confident than ever about his future.

Castle on the Hill

Made friends and lost them through the years

Everything looked the same, the houses the streets even the sign that held the towns name looked the same. Riverdale like all small towns never change, maybe that’s why your heart felt warmer as you passed the welcome too sign. You hadn’t lived in Riverdale for ten years yet as your parents drove down the roads you still remember all the memories you had here as a child.

Passing Betty and Archie’s house made reality hit you the fact you hadn’t been here in ten years all your friends would of grown up without you. All the promises you made to keep in touch disappeared when you left the small town. How was you suppose to face them in school tomorrow when they had probably forgotten you.

“I can’t believe we managed to get the old house back, how crazy is that Y/N you’ll be back in your old room before you know it”

You don’t acknowledge what your father had said instead you kept staring out the window. Your old house, your old room being able to see the treehouse the one thing linked to the one person who you hoped forgot about you.

~“Jug I don’t want to leave you, your my best friend in the whole world”

“I know Y/N I wish you could live here with me but you gotta stay with your parents but promise me you’ll write”

“I promise Jughead I promise”~

Just kids you’d managed to keep writing to him until you stopped. You were too busy or well you knew the truth you’d forgotten. You hoped that Jughead had forgotten you that way him seeing you would hurt less.

Unpacking wasn’t hard you made sure the curtains of your room were shut so you wouldn’t be met with the pain of what was, what could never be again. By the time everyone had unpacked no one was in the mood to cook so there was only one place on your mind.

“I’ve rung Pop’s Y/N do you mind going to pick it up if you remember the way” you roll your eyes at your mother how could you forget the best joint in town.

Like everything else in Riverdale Pop’s hadn’t changed the dinner was radiating light in the almost dark night. Once inside you felt once again at home remembering the burgers and the shakes you use to stuff down as a kid.

“Hi um pick up for Y/L/N”

“Be just a minute Hun” you nodded to the cook before taking a seat in a booth. A few rows down you could see some kids your age the three of them looked like they were having a good night. But something about the back of two of the heads seems familiar.

“Order for Y/L/N” you stood up ready to grab the paper bag but before you could something, well more like someone caught your eye.

A blacked hair boy that had a crown shaped beanie on his head, as he went to climb over the girl and sit next to her his eyes caught yours. It couldn’t be but of course it was you knew that at some point it would happen maybe better here then in school. The boy and girl opposite him turned to look at you as well, it was the three of them. The three people that in your childhood life meant the most to you.

“Y/N?” Betty was the first to speak up scrambling over Archie she ran towards you engulfing you into a hug.

“Hi Betty” your voice sounding thin as if you were ready to brake down into tears. Archie was next not saying anything he pulled Betty away from you only to have her join again once his now strong arms were around you.

The raven haired girl just stood confused as to why her friends were acting this way. Archie and Betty finally pulled away from you though Betty kept your hand in hers to make sure it was actually you.

“I can’t believe it” his voice was the one to brake the silence, he moved around the girl to stand meters away from you. You was ready for whatever the boy was going to scream at you how he would react.

“Hi Jug” you breath out a name you thought a few months ago you would never say again.

“Ten years and all I get is a hi Jug” you bite the inside of your cheek ready for the rest of the words to come falling out of his mouth. But instead of harsh words you get him hugging you holding you close to him, something new as you still remember that he was never much of a hugger. When you pull away he has somewhat of a smile on his face. Yours showing completely as you stand in-between all your old friends.

“Y/N I’m Veronica since these losers would introduce me” you take Veronica’s hand shaking it before you realise that you should of been home ten minutes ago with food for your parents.

“Guys is love to stay honest I wish I could but I gotta get these burgers back to my parents, Betty, Archie catch up tomorrow I swear we have to walk to school like always” you smile squeezing their hands.

“Veronica I can’t wait to get to know you more, come on Jug be the gentleman and walk me home?” In your heart though you knew you just needed to talk to him more.

He waves bye to the others who completely understand why you asked him Betty and Archie probably filling in Veronica on the relationship between you and Jughead. Both of you saying a finale goodbye before Jughead grabs the paper bag and your hand and walking out the door.

“I’m sorry” both of you say at the same time, a small blush creeping onto your cheeks.

“Let’s not talk about it,kinda both our faults but you’re back now that’s what matters, what I hope is for good”

“I don’t think I ever want to leave this place again, I don’t wanna ever leave you again Jug”

“That’s good enough for me” and like that you was walking hand in hand like you did as children chasing the sunset.

GOT7 Reaction To Seeing a Black Girl at Their Fanmeet

jaebum: “hey what’s your name?” grabs her hand and looks into her soul. he’s smiling like really hard the whole time really.

bambam: he’s gonna try to act out lowkey. he might turnip (turn up, get lit) just a little bit. he’ll let her know that he think she’s pretty and basically treat her as a long time friend. touching her if she lets him which she most definitely will.

mark: his deep voice…lord. pray for her cause he’s gonna sound so sweet talking to her. he’s flirting ofc. “i like your hair” “can i..?” he’ll ask before touching it. when he touches her hair, he bites his lip while looking into her eyes. she dead.

youngjae: this sunshine apple face pie heart warmer will make her smile and laugh (because of his randomness) so much. holding onto her hand. doing random shit cause why not?

jackson: “hey girl”. he’s biting his lips at her. being a fucking freaky flirt level up 2.0. that is all.

jinyoung: cutie. that engrish tho. he’s using that..well duh. she’s gonna die making it obvious that she’s…dying. he’ll be a blushing and cheery mess. “you are so pretty!”

yugyeom: shy as fuck. lowkey lost for words. choking. shookt. staring. “you’re so…oaahhh” he’ll accidentally say to her. face palms cause his engrish. cuteness overload.

Tony’s arc reactor is warm.

When Steve wakes up, gasping for breath that won’t come and feeling the lingering phantom of ice forming on his skin, his hair, his eyelashes; choking him and shrouding him in horrible, never-ending cold- Tony is the one who anchors him back down to earth. Tony’s heart is warmer than his nightmares.

Steve always runs hot.

When Tony remembers how cold deserts got at night; when he thinks about how he could see his breath and feel the unyielding freeze of the car battery he carried under his arm- he always reaches out for Steve. Warm skin and soft hands that will always fight off the ghosts when he’s not strong enough to.