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Hey Im really proud of you for starting to get over depression and it's okay to get days like that you're doing a great job

!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!! I guess bad days are unavoidable… Maybe having bad days is an important part of the treatment.. Thank you so much for encouraging me!!!! I feel my heart warmer!!


▕ * ░ ◆ farrah

The sky melts together – an array of colors staining the innocent blue. As she creates her own breeze, right leg pumping and pushing against the pavement to propel her body forward, her mind drifts and thinks in metaphors. Watching a simple sunset feels emotional. Everything’s present – the anger, the love, the happiness, and the fascination. It makes her feel connected to the very Earth that supplied her surroundings – the breeze wraps around her with a blanket’s comfort and warmth despite its cold feel. Compared to how frigid Elisabeth’s ice, glass heart is, anything feels warmer. The skate park comes into view as the petite brunette slows down – her wings along with the flying sensation disappear. Her poetic thoughts combust, leaving room for the monster to worm its way back into her head – the control her realistic outlook on life. Securing the snapback that rests upon her dark chocolate tresses, Elisabeth scans until she spots a familiar figure – one she feels so close to, yet these past few days, they’ve been strangers. Her sneakers pad softly against the concrete, skateboard dragging behind her so Farrah can hear her approaching. Once next to her bubblegum pink - haired friend, Elisabeth sighs, “What’s new? We gonna need a smoke or a drink for this conversation or what?” She gazes into the distance, the color of the sky now a slightly pastel shade of Farrah’s hair as if reflecting the loving care Elisabeth is capable of feeling for Farrah and her alone. 

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You are an awesome friend and a wonderful writer and a genuinely good person and I hope you get the job of your dreams and are really happy where you've ended up <3

anon…. ^///////^
Thank you so much, I kinda needed this.  You’re so kind. My heart feels warmer than Ifrit’s burning booty. <3
You deserve the world, friend. 

AlienJoshNetwork Intro!

Hi, I’m Brooke!

I’m eighteen years old, I’m a cis female (she/her), I’m an Aquarius, my MBTI personality is ENFP, I’m straight edge, and I am a 100% full-fledged loser. (((:

My favorite bands are My Chemical Romance, The Used, Taking Back Sunday, and (you guessed it) Twenty One Pilots.

I also love horror junk; everything from movies, to urban legends, to creepy true stories, to all of the classic horror characters (Dracula being #1). ◕‿◕

Another huge passion of mine is animals, and I’m starting college in the spring to major in biology and hopefully become a veterinarian. Speaking of animals, my cat, Chloe, is my daily heart-warmer and best friend.

You can usually find me in a bookstore, a pet store, or my bed most of the time.

Gerard Way means everything to me; I could rant about my love for him for days and still have plenty more to say.

AND I FR icKING love E AutumN And HallOwEen!!!1 ! 1??1 ! ##AESthEtic##

OKAY, moving on, never hesitate to ask me for advice or just chat to me about your problems, because I’d love to try my best to help, friend. ♡

[TRANS] 2015 Kim Jaejoong J-Party – Letter to Fans

The first number of my age changed to 3 today,
Come to think of it, many things have changed
and some disappeared altogether while that number was turning.

But you guys never changed and were always there for me.
This is the third time, right?
You guys ran here at once to celebrate my brithday together.
The winter wind seems to get colder and harsher each year…
Yet, our hearts are getting warmer and warmer.
Let’s love each other more fervently as the years go by,
I became more ambitious as I spend time with you,
I realized that I have much more to accomplish,
Much more than what I have achieved in the past,
Instead of doing what I want to do for myself,
I want to do more for you.
My once distant dream has been realized,
So I firmly believe that the time we will spend together in the future will also be precious.
Since we were so happy together until now,
I believe that we can become even happier,
I am so excited today, because we are going to make more memories together,
Being with you today made me happy.
No one else can make me happy except you,
Thank you for staying by my side always,
And.. I’ll be forever your man…
“I Love You”


Source: @jaejiyongi
Translated by: @crystalmoon64
Shared by: JYJ3

I’m Not Yours comes from an up and coming indie rock quartet from London named Pure Youth. The new single is a glowing heart warmer with a meandering, languid dreaminess. Pure Youth gives off plenty of British electro rock charm on the song, reminding me of Spector, The Maccabees, and The Wombats, all at the same time. You can download I’m Not Yours from Pure Youth’s bandcamp.