Castle on the Hill

Made friends and lost them through the years

Everything looked the same, the houses the streets even the sign that held the towns name looked the same. Riverdale like all small towns never change, maybe that’s why your heart felt warmer as you passed the welcome too sign. You hadn’t lived in Riverdale for ten years yet as your parents drove down the roads you still remember all the memories you had here as a child.

Passing Betty and Archie’s house made reality hit you the fact you hadn’t been here in ten years all your friends would of grown up without you. All the promises you made to keep in touch disappeared when you left the small town. How was you suppose to face them in school tomorrow when they had probably forgotten you.

“I can’t believe we managed to get the old house back, how crazy is that Y/N you’ll be back in your old room before you know it”

You don’t acknowledge what your father had said instead you kept staring out the window. Your old house, your old room being able to see the treehouse the one thing linked to the one person who you hoped forgot about you.

~“Jug I don’t want to leave you, your my best friend in the whole world”

“I know Y/N I wish you could live here with me but you gotta stay with your parents but promise me you’ll write”

“I promise Jughead I promise”~

Just kids you’d managed to keep writing to him until you stopped. You were too busy or well you knew the truth you’d forgotten. You hoped that Jughead had forgotten you that way him seeing you would hurt less.

Unpacking wasn’t hard you made sure the curtains of your room were shut so you wouldn’t be met with the pain of what was, what could never be again. By the time everyone had unpacked no one was in the mood to cook so there was only one place on your mind.

“I’ve rung Pop’s Y/N do you mind going to pick it up if you remember the way” you roll your eyes at your mother how could you forget the best joint in town.

Like everything else in Riverdale Pop’s hadn’t changed the dinner was radiating light in the almost dark night. Once inside you felt once again at home remembering the burgers and the shakes you use to stuff down as a kid.

“Hi um pick up for Y/L/N”

“Be just a minute Hun” you nodded to the cook before taking a seat in a booth. A few rows down you could see some kids your age the three of them looked like they were having a good night. But something about the back of two of the heads seems familiar.

“Order for Y/L/N” you stood up ready to grab the paper bag but before you could something, well more like someone caught your eye.

A blacked hair boy that had a crown shaped beanie on his head, as he went to climb over the girl and sit next to her his eyes caught yours. It couldn’t be but of course it was you knew that at some point it would happen maybe better here then in school. The boy and girl opposite him turned to look at you as well, it was the three of them. The three people that in your childhood life meant the most to you.

“Y/N?” Betty was the first to speak up scrambling over Archie she ran towards you engulfing you into a hug.

“Hi Betty” your voice sounding thin as if you were ready to brake down into tears. Archie was next not saying anything he pulled Betty away from you only to have her join again once his now strong arms were around you.

The raven haired girl just stood confused as to why her friends were acting this way. Archie and Betty finally pulled away from you though Betty kept your hand in hers to make sure it was actually you.

“I can’t believe it” his voice was the one to brake the silence, he moved around the girl to stand meters away from you. You was ready for whatever the boy was going to scream at you how he would react.

“Hi Jug” you breath out a name you thought a few months ago you would never say again.

“Ten years and all I get is a hi Jug” you bite the inside of your cheek ready for the rest of the words to come falling out of his mouth. But instead of harsh words you get him hugging you holding you close to him, something new as you still remember that he was never much of a hugger. When you pull away he has somewhat of a smile on his face. Yours showing completely as you stand in-between all your old friends.

“Y/N I’m Veronica since these losers would introduce me” you take Veronica’s hand shaking it before you realise that you should of been home ten minutes ago with food for your parents.

“Guys is love to stay honest I wish I could but I gotta get these burgers back to my parents, Betty, Archie catch up tomorrow I swear we have to walk to school like always” you smile squeezing their hands.

“Veronica I can’t wait to get to know you more, come on Jug be the gentleman and walk me home?” In your heart though you knew you just needed to talk to him more.

He waves bye to the others who completely understand why you asked him Betty and Archie probably filling in Veronica on the relationship between you and Jughead. Both of you saying a finale goodbye before Jughead grabs the paper bag and your hand and walking out the door.

“I’m sorry” both of you say at the same time, a small blush creeping onto your cheeks.

“Let’s not talk about it,kinda both our faults but you’re back now that’s what matters, what I hope is for good”

“I don’t think I ever want to leave this place again, I don’t wanna ever leave you again Jug”

“That’s good enough for me” and like that you was walking hand in hand like you did as children chasing the sunset.

I really felt this strong chemistry between Newt and Tina, it made my heart become a little warmer. Because the looks, a bit of uncertainty when they talk, the little touches, it reminded me of how it is to start developing a crush – it’s not love yet, but it’s something, and it makes them feel so good. It’s a pure sentiment and I definitely want to see more of it in the next film because damn, these two are going to be canon!

  • Dazai: I love it when you stroke my hair. I feel as if we can understand each other through the contact between your hand and my hair. I love your voice. Just hearing you say one word makes my heart feel warmer. I love your eyes. Normally, they look stern, but when you’re being kind to someone, I love the way they soften. I love your fingers. For a boy, you have such lovely fingers. But when they clutch me, I know they are the strong, slender fingers of a man. I love the way you look when you sleep. You look unguarded, like an infant, and your eyelashes are on the long side. When I touch your cheek, you calm down… And when I playfully touch your lips, you don’t even notice… And it makes my heart ache terribly. I love you.
  • Chuuya: I love Atsushi.

Sometimes when I realized how much I love GOT7 (like watching today’s got7ing and seeing them genuinely happy and smiling and laughing and stuff) EVERY PIECE OF MY SOUL AND HEART FEELS WARMER AND COZY AND UGH I CANT EVEN DESCRIBE THE FEELING

Dear Megan,

Right now, we’re under the same night sky and looking at the same stars. You wanna know what I’m wishing for under these stars?

I wish that you could love me as much as I love you.

I fell in love with you for a long time. I didn’t realize it until after you saved me from plunging into despair after Selena’s death. In that time, you took time out of your life to make sure I was okay even though I pushed you away at first. You were patient and stayed, listening to me vent. You did your best to cheer me up by taking me out to aquariums, and zoos and beaches.

And in that time, I felt my heart grow warmer and yearn for you more. I found myself smiling at you just by seeing you. I enjoyed and treasured every moment we spent together.

I love how you make me feel so happy and welcoming with your kind heart. I love it when your adoring eyes are directed at me. I love the way you pout cutely when you don’t get your way. Once, twice, more than a dozen times I have thought about being with you. I’ve practically lost track since I realized I was in love with you.

I’ll admit, it’s going to hurt if you don’t return my feelings. But even so, I will still be your hero. You saved me, so I owe you.

I’m also aware it seems like there is a gray future for Lucis and nothing seems to be getting better because of Niflheim. But know that I’m here to protect you with all I can, I’ll always be here to save you. I’m going to make sure you still have a bright future with color, even at the cost of my life.

If you return my feelings and everything somehow goes back to peace, let’s go a restaurant or just take a long drive somewhere, shall we?

Send me your answer as soon as possible.

Faithfully yours,

@fenriswaifu @nyxswaifu Here’s your love letter from Nyx! Gladio’s will be coming later ^-^

“Here begins the tale of a frozen boy, who possessed  a heart warmer than the sun.” 

Book cover I designed for fun!

I hope you all meet someone who treats you like no one else does. I hope their voice sounds like home to you. I hope they make your cheeks hurt from smiling so damn much and your heart warmer than the sweatshirts they let you borrow. I hope they kiss you everywhere and tell you how much they love you. I hope they care about your day and ask about your thoughts. I hope you all find what you’re looking for exactly when you need it most.
—  I love the idea of falling in love // d.m.

He is the most gorgeous person I know. Sometimes looking at him hurts my heart because it gets flooded with feelings. However, this could never keep me from looking at him, in fact, I could look at him for hours, even days. I’d stare at him forever, finding more and more details that I love about his physical appearance. When he smiles, I feel a little lighter and my heart feels a little warmer. When he hugs me, it feels like coming home. It has never felt so right to hug someone, to lie down with someone. Our bodies perfectly match. I love the way he looks at me, no one has ever managed to make me feel safe and loved simply by looking at me. He’s the one I want to tell good news to, he’s the one I want by my side when I’m feeling miserable. I want to know everything about him, his dreams, his hopes, his fears. I love his flaws for they complete his perfection and I crave his shaded, tainted self. His heart is golden, he’s such a good person. Sometimes thinking about all the good things he does makes me cry because he always seems to forget his own needs. I will never get tired of reminding him to put himself first sometimes, I will never get tired of showing him how much he means to me. He is one of the most impressive and adorable people I have ever met and I will not get tired of trying to make him believe that. I could spend the rest of my life finding new things that fascinate me about his personality and the way he thinks.