Yuuri has an innocuous notebook that spends its life on one of the overfull bookshelves in his and Viktor’s living room and it used to be a place to write down notes to himself but somewhere along the way it became dominated by the “Things my Husband Has Cried About” list.

A sampling of the Things Viktor Has Cried About:

  • The puppy crawled into his lap by herself
  • Yuuri oiled the hinges on the bathroom door, which has been squeaking since Viktor moved in
  • The corner store was out of red caviar
  • Makkachin and the puppy sleeping in the same dog bed together
  • Yuuri told him that chartreuse is an ugly color
  • Yuuri accidentally reciting his vows in his sleep
  • The snoring noises that Makkachin makes when he’s under the blankets
  • Anya and Dmitri’s kiss at the end of Anastasia
  • The way Yuuri’s belly looks in a crop top
  • Every dog that has ever died in any movie, ever
  • He was very drunk and couldn’t get his shoe off, and kept telling Yuuri that he didn’t want the doctors to have to cut it off.
  • Yuuri removing his shoe for him.
  • Yuuri’s mom including him in the care packages she sends
  • The first time Mari called him her brother-in-law
  • They discontinued his favorite Starbucks drink
  • The puppy’s nose leaves a heart-shaped print when it’s wet
  • The sound Yuuri makes when he’s sleeping and his nose is stuffed up
  • Yuuri let him paint his toenails for him
  • Someone told him that he was listed under ‘Family’ in Yakov’s contacts
  • He was sick and his soup was too hot
  • Watching Yuuri do calf stretches
  • The day he realized he’d been too happy to cry lately–and started crying
  • He came home and Yuuri was asleep on the couch wearing his jacket and hugging his pillow
  • When Yuuri held his hand in public for the first time
  • Yuuri growing his hair out
  • Yuuri saying “I love you”

the 100 yards thing has so much potential for great moments

but mostly I just keep imaging Kardala towering over some bad guys, incredibly terrifying and threatening, lightening flashing behind her, scaring the living hell out of them, when one of the others moves just a little too far away and suddenly Irene’s there, wearing a pastel cardigan with like little hearts printed on it, standing like a full foot and a half shorter than the bad guys, just like “So, uh, turn yourself in now” in that freaking adorable voice of hers

Headcanon: Dragon Age Inquisition Romanced Characters during St. Valentine’s day

Cullen: he organizes a wonderful dinner in the gazebo in the garden, after asking Josephine to keep the place just for him and his Inquisitor. The Inquisitor thinks that’s the present, but he smiles, blushing and rubbing his neck, holding out a packet. It’s wrapped simply, with a little bunch of her favorite flowers carefully tied there. “I hope you like it, I wasn’t sure… I can buy you something different if you don’t like it!”. Inside an exquisite leather bag, there is compass “For when you’re far away, so you’ll always find your way back to me.” he explains, smiling while she kisses him.

Cassandra: she blushes furiously, handing out to the Inquisitor a little packet, clumsily wrapped in an adorably cheesy pink paper printed with hearts. “It’s just a little thing.” she mumbles, shifting on her feet “If you don’t like it, tell me. I wasn’t sure what you might prefer.”. It’s a book. A book of love poems. Her own copy. The inscription tells simply “To my beloved.”, but the Inquisitor knows she spent hours thinking about it, pouring all her affection in the words.

Dorian: he gives the Inquisitor his present during the breakfast, as if it isn’t such a matter. But he’s holding his breath, and when his amatus opens his mouth, surprised and delighted, Dorian is radiant. In an elegant jewelry box, there is a solid gold bracelet, composed of two snakes wrapped together “I enchanted it.” Dorian smiles, smug “It’ll keep you warm when you are in cold places and vice versa. And look inside!” he urged. Where he points there is a single word “Together”.

Blackwall: of course he has carved something. It’s a little chest, easily transportable during her travels. He has surely worked for weeks, the Inquisitor realizes, looking at the complicated arabesques carved all over it. “I thought you might like something useful.” he explains, with an embarassed laugh. Inside, the wooden trunk has different compartments, and a secret one that he shows excited. Carefully carved in the precious wood, it’s written “My heart lies in your hands.”.

The Iron Bull: he gives to the Inquisitor two gifts. The first one is for both of them and the Inqusitor smirks seeing the complicated underwear, all laces and buckles. “Well, this is just for you instead, kadan.”. It’s a little dragon, made by a shining ruby. As little as the sculture is, it’s extraordinary detailed, but the Inquisitor can’t recognise the race. Bull smiles “It’s not one of the ones we fought. This is you. Well, you as I think you’d be in that form.”.

Solas: the packet is perfectly wrapped, with a sober cream paper. He smirks, when the Inquisitior opens it, finding an agenda. It’s handcrafted, with the Inquisitor’s favourite flowers dried and pressed on the cover. Inside, he has left some pages for her to full as she prefers, but the others are drawn. Flowers, scene from ancient places, and suddenly her portrait. She’s beautiful, radiant, and he caresses slowly her face “It’s how I see you, venhan.”.

Sera: she is super nervous, almost throwing her present to the Inquisitor. It’s a series of little notes, carefully tied with strings in the Inquisitor’s favorite color, placed inside a basket full of fresh flowers. “Look, I don’t say smoochy things. So I wrote them.” she mutters, blushing. Every note has a compliment or a witty consideration about the Inquisitor. Sera kisses her “I wrote everything I like about you.”.

Josephine: she has a little present, of course, a marvellous embroided new coat for them when they travel, but her true gift is a day to spend together. They have a lovely pic nic full of smiles, kisses and delicious dishes she serves personally. Josephine has made sure to have cooked all the Inquisitor’s favorite foods, as a bottle of the finest Antivan wine is ready to be shared.    “I thought the most precious present is giving you a break from our busy life.” she blushes, kissing their cheek.

Finally got the chance to edit this drawing. 

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