@jimmydepaul: Maddox is always first in line to meet @emmykinney #emilykinney. Today he nearly fainted after she remembered him from her last trip to boston. She blushed as he gave her a wooden blue rose. 🌹 #WSCboston #walkerstalkercon


so i tried this thing where i put itunes on shuffle and draw whatever comes to mind when a song plays and this happened // tho there were more but most were failed tries so i put the least ugly ones here// and please ignore the weird ass drawing style i have no idea what was i thinking…

nooooo but imagine like a buddy comedy with Harry and the NASA robot on their craaaaaazy wacky trip to Mars !! Two mismatched partners on a mission to save the world: one is an uptight robot who doesn’t understand human emotions and is tired of his partner’s antics. The other is a loony popstar-turned-astronaut who always quips terrible jokes to get his partner to lighten up. Harry and Robonaut must put aside their differences to train and work together. Along the way, Robonaut teaches Harry responsibility…while Harry teaches Robonaut how to be human. 

They thought they were saving the world, but really they were saving each other.