she has galaxies inside of her,
a whole universe contained within herself,
self-sufficient and transcendentally graceful.

hands worn away by too hard of work,
eyes glowing with the joy of beauty,
nothing can touch her until she lets it.

you have never met someone,
so in love with the very poetry of the world,
with the simple beauty of life.

she adores art in every form,
bright pastel paintings and clear voices raised into loving notes,
words spread out like dancers on a page.

the scorpion zodiac,
a passionate bravery inside of her,
railing against the system.

her heart is golden inside of her,
stars running through her veins,
pulsing in her body.

she is art herself.

—  art; l.m.

sweet boy of golden hair,
son of the king and son the raped sea lady,
your story even began with tragedy.

i am sorry for the evil that has claimed your story,
for the loss of patroklos,
no one should suffer the loss of a friend.

i am sorry for the grief of war,
for the grip of hubris on your golden heart,
for the pain of the arrows in your chest,
even for the weakness in your heel.

there is a terror in what you were built for,
for the battle and the blood,
a battlefield was no place for a boy,
but you went anyway.

fate seals us into paths that we do not want,
even a prince is no exception to that rule,
no leniency provided for royalty,
yet people have been lamenting you for centuries.

this is a cruel world,
that even you could not stand up in,
for that i am sorry.

—  even strong princes are fair things; l.m.

anonymous asked:

So Regina's Snow, Robin's David and Zelena's Annabelle? Wow A&E should just say "OQ is so badly written that being a cheap knockoff of Snowing is the best we can do"

All of which makes even less sense if you realise that Emma aside (because she’s in-between saviourdom and darkness now, so she’s probably going to be a pirate with a golden heart or something) Regina used to be a villain so she’s a hero now (rather Snow-like, if you like) but wasn’t ForestDung supposed to be a good guy back in FTL as well? Because if we ignore that one time he prattled on about “knowing darkness so profoundlyhimself (yes, that’s the sound of my dripping sarcasm) which was just his sniveling way to “be the only one who understands and accepts Regina”, darkness and all (and yes, it is pouring now) JUST so he’d get to peek under her skirt–wasn’t he robbing the rich and giving to the poor, and living by his honour (don’t laugh, I’m being serious here) and code? So shouldn’t he be one of the bad guys in this reversed rewrite?

Not that anyone gives a flying fuck about him, but you know. SOME logic and continuity would be nice?

I’m reading up on Mesopotamian civilizations and I just walked out to the kitchen to look for snacks.

After opening several cabinets and finding nothing I hear my dad say “WHAT is your quest?”

My heart leapt at this golden opportunity. “I seek the Holy Grail.”

Dad continues “What is your favorite color?”


“What…. Is the capital of Assyria?”

“NINEVAH!!!!!” (as of where I was in the reading)

My brother then handed me a piece of paper as my certificate of dorkiness.

I don’t care. I had been reading that section WISHING someone would quote Monty Python to me.