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Imagine the main reason Bruce opposes Superman so much is because you, the girl he was in love with, died in the Metropolis tragedy.

——— Request for anon ———

“Bruce, I’m not surprised I can’t get you on the phone, but—” your intake of breath breaks through the audible sound of screaming in the distance, probably from a nearby building, “but I had to call you just in case I could talk to you. Bruce, I-If I don’t get to see you again after this, I wanted you to know that I lov—”

A single crash before the sickening sound of twisting metal and screams all drown out the last words of the hasty message that you’d sent him. Your last moments documented there, in his voicemail box, where you’d spent them thinking of him.

Waiting for him to listen to after it was all over.

requested by @jvng-soheok (sry i got super carried away w/ this..)

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5. you are my sunshine, hoseok.

Moonlight streams through the crevices of the blinds, gently kissing every surface in the room with its soft glow. All is peacefully still, the only sounds being the rustling of blankets as you flip over to your other side. You’re not one to wake up randomly at night; no, you’ve been blessed as a heavy sleeper and almost nothing disturbs you but when you reach an arm out and feel nothing but the absence of his warmth, it’s enough to stir you from your slumber.

You squint your eyes open and aimlessly search your surroundings, only to see that Hoseok isn’t strolling around in dreamland like he should be but instead is sitting up right against the headboard, an elbow resting on his propped up knee as he cards a hand through his dark locks. The melancholy look in the pools of mahogany that stare off into space grips your heart, immediately pulling you out of your drowsiness.


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