Wang So’s aching gentleness

He’s been using those hands to hurt and to kill his whole life; he didn’t even know what it meant to be touched with tenderness until he met Hae Soo. But when So touches her he is always so unbelievably gentle - each touch an intimate caress that reveals his love and desire for her, each time trying to prolong it, loathe to let her go - THE TOUCH OF A LOVER


“This is scary, and hard, and maybe the world is about to end, but–
If it is then I want us to have something good to hold on to.

I love you.

Poor Eun… He literally lost his marbles at the announcement of his impending marriage.  


Day 5: Favorite Angsty/Heartbreaking Steroline Scene in Season 7
- 7x13 - This Woman’s Work

When I’m with you, I’m happy.
I totally get it if you want to run for the hills.

I’m not going anywhere. Because I love you.

Once a vampire’s been marked, she’ll chase you to the ends of the earth.