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Mickey & Minnie HSC Guide!

New High Score Challenge!  Though this HSC actually has a pretty fun design, SENA keeps our spirits low with terrible multipliers, no mercy pulls, and only two chances at trait rolls.


Mickey & Minnie and Pluto B.  M&M is General Defense Down by two tiers for one turn.  Which is great.  But it’s single target.  Pluto B is Power Defense Up by two tiers for one turn.  In short, M&M is pretty damn good (situationally) and Pluto is pretty damn bad (situationally).

To get M&M, score in the top 5k.  To roll for traits, you need 8 million, which will probably land you in the top 1k for guilt.

To get Pluto, just score a million points.  It’s pretty easy.  To guilt Pluto, score 4.5 million and land in the top 2k.  

Honestly, neither of these medals are going to do you any good guilted.  You’re basically fighting for the right to have a chance at rolling the Extra Attack trait.


Five medals you’ll never get and one 14% medal you can snag for 3k jewels.

I’m a little upset over the “no mercy” for HD Namine or Illustrated Roxas (21% each).  But I’m even more upset that the other three newbies (Yaoi Hand Ansem, Cat, and Ugly People; 10%) aren’t even guaranteed!  AND I AM EVEN MORE UPSET that we have no 7% multipliers!!

Anyway.  The enemy list:

First Room:
Lv. 50 Shadow [P]
Lv. 50 Soldier [S]
Lv. 50 Blue Rhapsody [M]

Pick your path:

Lv. 100 Dire Plant x3
Lv. 150 Large Body x3
Lv. 200 Armored Knight x2
Lv. 250 Mega-Shadow
Lv. 300 Large Armor x2
Lv. 400 Morning Star
Lv. 500 Red Copter Fleet

Lv. 100 Chomper Egg x3
Lv. 150 Wibble Wobble x3
Lv. 200 Armored Archer x2
Lv. 250 Stinging Bee
Lv. 300 Aeroplane x2
Lv. 400 Cannon Gun
Lv. 500 Yellow Copter Fleet

Lv. 100 Bag O’ Coal x3
Lv. 150 Darkball x3
Lv. 200 Wizard x2
Lv. 250 White Rose
Lv. 300 Fire Plant x2
Lv. 400 Dark Plant
Lv. 500 Blue Copter Fleet

~*Target*~ Lv. 50 Shadow [P]

I didn’t mark down buffs and debuffs this time because by now we are all pretty well-acquainted with these enemies.  I’ll say that the Speed path definitely has the most buffs, so bring a cleanse if you think you’ll need it.  Other than that, go with whatever works best for you.  The Copter Fleet is obviously the biggest hurdle: Second Chance and really strong single target will be your go-to for this one.  Remember to build as much Str Up and Def Down as possible.  Take a friend’s KDG if you aren’t using a multiplier friend medal.  

My 0% run ended at 4.78 million.  Based on the magic of math, that means you’ll need 67%, but I’m sure absolutely no one will agree with me.  Since there is no guarantee in the entire medal draw this time around, getting anything over 14% (35% with a friend medal) is just sheer luck.  And for what?  Two chances at rolling Extra Attack on M&M?  I dunno.  Doesn’t seem like very good odds.  Even at 1900 jewels per pull, it’s still littered with Tier 2s.  

And so continues my unending decline into pessimism.  These HSC used to be fun, right?  Right…?

<3 KCM

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