Arashi Live Tour 2015: Japonism
└ Juntoshi + Matsumiya ♥


Arashi Live Tour 2015: Japonism
└ MatsuJun Appreciation Post (1/?) ♥


I thought this comic book was yours. Am I wrong? Yeon Joo didn’t appear, and I couldn’t do anything here so I read this over and over. I even memorized the lines. The story was fun & interesting. I felt bad for Kang Chul, but he also seem foolish…

That why I didn’t turn myself in… so that I could meet you. I couldn’t go to to prison without finding that out. Have you read the book after this one? After this one, what happens to Chul and Yeon Joo?

Does Chul… forget Yeon Joo for good? Answer me. Is your husband who suddenly disappeared… me?

Kang Chul

W - Two Worlds

Under the read more is #260+ [ 100 x 100 ] gif icons of PARK CHANYEOL from EXO as requested by myself :-)❣

  • None of the original gifs belong to me, I’ve only cropped/edited & resized them❣ All credit goes to full owners.
  • If you see one of your gifs and would like specific credit or for me to take it out just throw me a message❣
  • Likes or reblogs would be hella if you use these❣ Have fun, cupcakes.

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