Ok SO I’m going to try and sum up my cockles weekend calmly. So Vancon. I went up to the Misha panel on saturday (as it looks like you all know) and asked Misha to elaborate on the boat story as Jensen said, to which he said basically the same thing as Jensen except a lot more clear, and ended up talking more about West terrorizing crabs. Later that day I went up to Misha with this printout and we exchanged hellos. I told him that I usually draw things for people to sign but this was a cute pic, and he gave me a knowning smirk as I took it to leave. A day passes and I am near tears waiting for Jensen’s auto. As soon as I walk up to him my heart explodes with warmth spreading across my chest trying to contain my emotions. We exchanged hellos and he looked down at the pic and took it in. I then said that I asked Misha to elaborate on the boat story. He laughed and shook his head and was like ‘and’? I said ‘he said basically the same thing you did except more about West terrorizing crabs’, and he chuckled and did the crinkly eyed smile and looked at the pic for another couple of seconds and I said thanks and left with my happiness. I just thought I should share as I as cocklestrash myself would appreciate this.

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They were too far from me to hear their exact words but they were being dorks trying reenact each other's goal using their arms as their legs & I could see Alex say to Tobin, "I'm so proud of you Tobes" then Tobin just hugged her and said something

My heart is exploding with happiness.

my vmas experience

so it all started out when fall out boy won best rock video right and I was like HELL YEEEAAAAH omg and then I saw Taylor’s new music video and I was like hell yeahhh and then nicki started to perform and I was like yaaaaaaaas BUT then Taylor showed up and I was like OMFGGGG and then nicki won best hip hop video and I was like YAAAS and then nicki called out Miley and I was like OH SHIIIIIIIT and then taylor got to present Kanye with an award and I was like BRUUUHH and the Kanye had his whole speech and said he was running for president and the he dropped the mic and walked off and like by this time and I was screaming and then they announced tøp was performing and my heart basically exploded and rn mileys singing about how she smokes pot but guys I’m dying I’m dead I’m done this show ruined my life

  • Am I the only one who got the most Kaylor vibe from that video????
  • She fuckin flew away to some far away place for work..and while filming she fell in love with her partner.
  • And then when they came home,back to reality, he was already in a rs.

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theres this boy in my art class, and until 2day, i considered myself 100% full on straight, like an arrow, pure heterosexuality. never had an issue with homosexuality or any of that, but i was absolutely positive that i was straight. and then i saw this kid and my heart exploded and poured blood all over my ribs and it set my insides on fire. im in such extreme shock that it might be affecting my health. i didnt know this emotion existed. any advice? i hvnt the slightest idea how to handle it -n

Sooooo this happened to me with a girl who I considered a best friend. I realized I was in love with her in 8th grade, told her, she freaked out, I lied and said I was over it several days later and everything was “fine”, then in my junior year I couldn’t take it anymore and started writing poetry (I never do that) and making her mix CDs. And she was straight, but I thought maybe she could make an exception as I seemingly had. For a long time she wouldn’t speak to me because I royally freaked her out yet again and that was so much worse than anything. We’ve hung out here and there post high school and I’m not attracted to her anymore, but we’re also not close anymore. Our lives are very different, everything is different.

And the only real advice I can give you out of my experience is to say fuck it and let yourself feel how you feel. Attraction is so objective and sometimes oddly specific, like what even is gender, idk, but if you like something you gotta roll with it and see where it takes you. You might fuck some shit up along the way, but the lessons we learn from our mistakes make us better people as “adults”. Sorry if this isn’t helpful.

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Woah so many of us at the game but another anon here who was at the game and 1, I can guarantee you that Alex has an iphone and 2, I can also say that I saw the sandwich moment but idk about the otheres but don't doubt it bc they were pretty close

This is so cute guys. My talex heart is going to explode soon.

Darrow is like a stallion, one of the old stallions of Earth. Beautiful beasts that will run as hard as you push them. They will run. And run. And run. Until they don’t. Until their hearts explode.
—  Red Rising