Songs We Love: carseatheadrest, “Something Soon

“Something Soon” is a blown-out, four-on-the-floor power-pop song that races with an anxious heart waiting to explode. The chorus pounds with a desperate euphoria, like Beach Boys harmonies rammed through Julian Casablancas’ distortion mic.

have you guys read The Sound and The Fury? it's… so good. like, it’s SO good. I feel like my heart is gonna explode. I’ve read 95 pages of it today alone. I wanna cry bc I feel so connected to this family that isn’t even real. tomorrow I’ll be really tired bc I have a doctor’s appointment at 8am, and then class from 9am-6:30pm, and I already know I’m gonna stay up all night reading this book and hugging it.

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do u think to binge was kind of a nudge to noodle and 2d? if u watch little dragon and damon's heartachingly beautiful performance at la musicale its kind of suggestive to it. but idk it might have just been them telling a story

Omg that performance I swear to god my heart exploded.

Hmm, okay let’s get practical here if we take the “2D wrote it for Noodle” view:

“Waiting by the mailbox, by the train
Passin’ by the hills ‘til I hear the name
I’m looking for a saw to cut these chains in half and all I want is
Someone to rely on as
Thunder comes a rolling down
Someone to rely on as
Lightning comes a staring in again”

Okay, so inevitably this could be 2D talking to our Noodle. Wishing she were there. Believe it or not, they were best friends. It’s confirmed. We also know Murdoc was a total asshole on Plastic Beach. The bassist (and you know, the actual thunder as it would storm over the ocean) could have been the thunder rolling down on him. He and the Cyborg. The “chains” binding him to the island. Making him want to see the real Noodle more and more. The comfort he knew and loved.

“I’ll wait to be forgiven
Maybe I never will
My star has left me
To take the bitter pill
That shattered feeling
Well the cause of it’s a lesson learned
Just don’t know if I could roll into the sea again
Just don’t know if I could do it all again she said, it’s true”

2D will wait to be forgiven for allowing her to board that Windmill. Imagine the utter guilt all three of them would’ve felt afterwards. Not stopping her knowing it was dangerous. Now imagine being her best friend and knowing there was nothing you could do for her. He would have been shattered. Causing his inevitable need to forget the pain. To take a bitter pill. The rolling into the sea bit could be his interpretation of what he thought she’d say if she were to return to him. She wouldn’t want to do something like that again.

“Waiting in my room and I lock the door
I watch the coloured animals across the floor
And I’m looking from a distance
And I’m listening to the whispers
And oh it ain’t the same, when you’re falling out of feeling and you’re
Falling in and caught again”

Waiting in his locked prison cell captured by the man he hates only left to his thoughts of how alone he is. Hes going to be distant. Hes going to hear whispers. Hes going to remember her and how things used to be. Slowly falling into a pit of nothingness. When you’re falling out of feeling.

“I’m caught again in the mystery
You’re by my side, but are you still with me?
The answer’s somewhere deep in it, I’m sorry that you’re feeling it
But I just have to tell that I love you so much these days
Have to tell you that I love you so much these days, it’s true”

He’s caught yet again in the mystery of how she died. What truly happened? Why couldn’t I stop it? Thoughts that would make sense for him during a depressed after death time. He sees Cyborg Noodle by his side but it is not truly her. He knows that too but has to try and force himself to live with it. Missing the true Noodle more and more. Loving her so dearly more and more every day.

“My heart is in economy
Due to this autonomy
Rolling in and caught again
Caught again

My heart is in economy
Due to this autonomy
Rolling in and caught again
Caught again”

Now most don’t actually know what autonomy means but it means to be within yourself, to be selfish in a way. Only think of you or your feelings. He could be saying that his heart is feeling the pain due to his self hurting thoughts of her. His many memories of them together and how he may feel guilty for missing her knowing Cyborg is the “new Noodle” as Murdoc would have put it.

And he’s caught again in this cycle. Over and over. An endless pain.

So in conclusion, yeah I can see that. It’s totally plausible. Sorry for the heartbreak but that’s To Binge lol

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Nathan has a secret crush on Warren and everytime he sees or talks to him he's all awkward and he feels like his heart will explode bc he's so in love with Warren. Warren doesn't realise any of it. (this is pretty how I feel right now)

I feel like Nathan would eventually slip up and Warren would totally notice but he wouldn’t say anything and Nathan is so worried like “FUCK he totally noticed he definitely heard that *shit*” but Warren just smiles and now every time Nathan interacts with him he smiles and thinks its super cute that Nathan is so flustered and awkward around him and Warren would eventually just be like ‘you are too cute’ and Nathan would fucking blush to high heaven and tell him to shut the fuck up

This Land - Happy Birthday, Kadan

A lot of the Shepherds were surprised. They’d assumed, like Tharja, he’d continue his studies in dark magic and become a sorcerer. Well, continue his studies in non-curse-related dark magic. They never thought he’d abandon it, trade it for a sword and a horse.

If only they knew.

The feel of the blade was so different, so wonderful than the feel of a tome. The blood he’d always seen fly from afar was right in front of him, and it made him grin to see it splatter his arm, trickle down his hand. To be so close to the fighting made his breath catch, his pulse skyrocket to the point he gleefully wondered if his heart would explode. And in the event that his sword couldn’t prevail, he still had the other magics. Fire, thunder, wind… those were still available to him, as a dark knight.

Then there was his horse, a gift from Frederick when he learned of his choice. He’d always loved animals. They were more honest, and treated him better, than humans ever did. To be by an animal at all times made him smile in nostalgia, remembering the loving wolf who took care of him as a child. And there was also the sheer power of the horse that captured his attention. The hooves beating against the ground, harder and stronger than an earthquake. 

But the most important reason was… his son. His smiling, laughing son. He did not want dark magic around him as a child. He did not want his son to become twisted, broken, as he did, and not even realize it until he went to another land, and met wonderful friends, and a more beautiful love. When he is older, perhaps, but his son is still young, and picks up bad habits with a frightening speed. Dark knights were safer for children to emulate than sorcerers. 

“Wow, we’re up high!” his son laughs, drawing him from his thoughts. He smiles, warm and soft, at the bright eyed, awestruck wonder on his son’s face. “Look at everything!” Yes, this is the tallest hill around, and on a horse, you could see even farther. He had brought his son up here to watch the sun rise. “Why are we here, though?” So many questions. Always curious. “Daddy?”

“I wanted you to see the land,” he answers after a moment. Puns and jokes filter through his head, but he decides, for once, to be very serious, and to pick his words carefully. This moment is important. “This land is home for us three.” This land is where he is finally happy, happy in a manner that leaves him content, instead of simply gleeful and cackling. “This land… is important.” His son looks confused, and he laughs, ruffling his hair. “You’ll understand when you’re older.” Why this land, this country, means so much to him. “Come on. Let’s play with the crows today.”

“Can we have them steal Mommy’s earrings again?” He pretends to think for a moment before nodding, already grinning at her reaction. “Yay!” 

He turns his horse away from the view, glancing back. Yes, this land is important. He’s glad, for reasons he never expected, he wanted to join the Shepherds that day. Death and battle to… well, this. He’s content, and it’s thanks, ultimately, to this land. And he’ll never forget that.

Harry just curled up into my neck and sweatshirt and started licking my ear then fell asleep; my heart is about to explode from cuteness overload