Even though this pregnancy has been a pain in my ass towards the end, I’m happy that I managed to make it to a full 40 weeks and keep him nice and healthy inside ☺️ hoping and praying for good news at my appointment. I need to meet this little dude or my heart might explode.
I love all y'all for putting up with my ridiculous complaining and talking to me through all my stupid questions that I’ve had. You da best 😘



System: PC, PS4

Status: In Development

Year: TBA

Developer: Ground Shatter

Website: groundshatter.com

Video: Trailer

Description: “SkyScrappers is a classic, arcade-style, multiplayer platform-fighting game set in the heart of an exploding sky scraper. There exists a secret group of international thrill-seekers, who meet up at sky scrapers planned for demolition to race and fight one another to reach the top before the building hits the ground… or they do.”

sugary-mint asked:

Hey I m not sure if this has been asked, but any fluffy headcannons/scenes for s3?

Honestly, I think the most realistic “fluff” scenes we can hope for are cute moments between Akane and Gino and Akane and Hinakawa (all friendship-based). I don’t think those are actually too far-fetched considering that several already exist in the series.

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Whenever he smiles I just can’t even comprehend why in the world God would put so much beauty and so much perfection into one person. When he laughs and makes me laugh I feel more at home with him than I ever do in my own bed. When he looks at me and smirks and I can see his dimples the hurt in my heart of not being able to call him mine pushed through and it takes all I have not to burst out in tears. His entire person puts so much love and so much happiness into me I feel like my hearts going to explode. I just always want to laugh at every joke he tells and I want to be there to make him laugh and take away all this pain that I can tell he’s suffering from and I want to be the one that teaches him to let go. I want to be the one that teaches him to live.

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I just wanna say, I love how your boyfriend proposed to you! It made my heart explode with happiness :D

thanks boobies :D

Aliweto {Self Para}


August 27th 2015

Attila looks down from the walls of Covaire as the wooden coffin is carried into a truck. He says nothing, nor will he come down to greet Elisedd, this is not the time. He’s silent, but his eyes bleeds red like his city. 

The hunters found a way to take his Cub from him, one he hadn’t expected. Who would have suspected a lost child in the woods after the invasion? One single silver bullet to his heart that had exploded on impact. It had left a hole that almost went through Pierce’s chest, but the most important organ had been missing; his heart. The child had easily been found and slowly ripped apart by Attila, forced to stay awake through the compulsion of a vampire that had been with the Alpha when he found them…

His pack was safe at the cost of his own Cub. He’s Alpha, he won’t shed a tear, but he’ll hurt and grieve for a long time. He’ll let him have his final rest in Aigneis and Elisedd’s pack. He deserves it…

He closes his eyes, not wanting that image to be the last he’ll have of Pierce.

Attila prefers to imagine another end, one that doesn’t hurt as much as this; one that he sets his Cub free. Watches him embark into another journey, one without him. Silently gazing at each other; Pierce looking up from among the civilians and the Alpha looking down from high above the wall. One last moment before he’s gone.

Goodbye my Cub.

One of my favorite silly photos of us. I am pretty stressed out today. It is so hard to believe that this time last year was our final day together. He took me out to lunch and wanted to buy me a purse. I told him we would do it next time, and that was that.. How I wish there was a next time. I’m afraid my heart is going to explode out of my chest. Learning to deal with this pain has been the biggest struggle of my life.