The Signs As Star's Spells/Attacks

Aries-  Rainbow Fist Punch

Taurus-  Mega Narwhal Blast

Gemini-  Dagger Crystal Heart Attack

Cancer- Glowworm Blast

Leo- Super Rainbow Dolphin Slam

Virgo- Syrup Tsunami Shockwave

Libra- Honeybee Tornado Swarm

Scorpio-  Rainbow Flytrap

Sagittarius- Jellybean Hallucination Mist

Capricorn- Mending Heart Hurricane

Aquarius- Winter Storm Hyper Blow

Pisces- Glitter Dragon Escalation

This series will always have a place in my heart but I wanted to slam my head against the wall reading all the pop culture references in The Shadows. I’ve read less OMFG’s & trends in YA novels. Maybe I’m overreacting a bit but… they are adults. Immortal adults at that. I just wished they’d act a little more like it from time to time instead of Ward proving to us that she’s hip and on the scene. Every serious conversation had at least one trendy acronym. It was repetitive to say the least.


I FINALLY REACHED 1K YAAAAAAAAAAY!!! I can’t believe I have that many followers. I’m not cool… BUT ANYWAY, I love all of my followers and mutuals so much I have made this thingy!!!

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:))))))))))))))) And all my followers I didn’t mention, I’m hugging you really tight you just can’t see me (wow that sounded really creepy((why am I typing this)))


Too much cosplay lately. I mean, that’s kind of a relative thing, its not like cosplay is bad but I’ve got such a crick in my neck from being bent over that armor with my Dremel. I wanted metal.

So I did that one throwing star almost a year ago, but Thursday I decided to chop up the other two edger blades I had. Might even be able to do a little bit with the scrap off them. 

Then I decided that I wanted to start shining up those little decorative daggers again. The steel one is going much slower than the brass but I suppose that isn’t a huge surprise. Maybe its for the best they cracked the first time since I really didn’t have the metal prepped properly.

And lastly I was fiddling with my bowie knife a bit again. Its…kind of ridiculous. I’m not sure if I should do something about that, or…can.

Temperatures are starting to get into the 90′s again, so if I’m out there with my safety gear on its pretty miserable. I still have a lot to do but I might be slowing down a bit. Guess its really time to pick up sewing and make progress indoors lol.