I’m so pleased he’s turning ‘the white, hot, burning rage inside of [his] soul’ into something good!  
$3,700 to a charity of the fan’s choice :) I, personally, suggested an animal welfare charity (simply because animal welfare is extremely close to my heart). But wherever it goes, it’s a lovely thing to do!

Niel and Drury to produce charity booklet for HEART UK
External image
External image

MK’s poet laureate Mark Niel

City Fiction is has announced that romantic thriller writer Tony Drury is collaborating with Milton Keynes’ Poet Laureate Mark Niel.

They are producing another charity booklet for HEART UK – The Cholesterol Charity.

It will be published in September 2014 and available from Amazon with all publisher’s profits going directly to HEART UK.

Half of all heart attacks are…

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anonymous asked:

Everyone keeps saying this article won't gain traction because the outlet is so small, but why can't we do what we did with Alan's article on Louis' charity/kind heart? We tweeted that to more legit news outlets, and they wrote their own articles.

Ahem. If people would like to respectfully tweet this to larger news outlets, I see no reason why not. 🙃

Those clipboard wielding people who harass you to give money to a charity are the meatspace equivalent of “IF YOU SCROLL PAST THIS YOU’RE A BAD PERSON” posts

Day 230: Hitting things!

Well, people. Apparently that’s the focus of tonight’s lesson. It’ll be good to be back at roller derby lessons after two weeks off with labyrinthitis (from which I am completely recovered)!

This dress (which doesn’t have tags, and I haven’t worn in over 200 days!) is from a BHF charity shop. The tights are from Tesco, and the earrings were made by Fran. Now to go change out of this so I don’t get it all sweaty! (Also, this is the third day in a row I’ve worn polkadots. Maybe toward the end of the project, I’ll try to do it for a full week. It won’t be difficult!)

I've got a sweet tooth for you

My mother always told me that my sweet tooth

would be my downfall, the reason that, someday, I’ll lie awake

at one-thirty in the morning, watching my lover

lay beside me and think to myself

I don’t love you anymore.

We met on Valentine’s Day and you were sweet;

sweet on me, sweet on my smile, my laugh, my hands

enveloped in yours. I was sweet on you too.

We married on Valentine’s Day and it was sour in our mouths.

Your mother resented me, whispered vehemently in my ear

how dare you, you’re taking him, taking my boy away from me

and her necklace left a pretty bruise on my collarbone and

you laughed when I told you, said that I’m being silly and dreaming

like I always do, and I think – no, I know – that was

the first time that I hated you.

Something happened next Valentine’s Day. We don’t talk about it.

But there was happiness the three months before

and our little walnut inside of me and your fingertips

would brush against my stomach at night when

you thought I was asleep, whispering I’ll love you always and

you don’t know it yet but you mean everything already.

There was more red dripping from me than red on the rose

you would always leave somewhere special for me to find.

But, like I said, we don’t talk about it.

Four Valentine’s later and you stumble in at one-thirty in the morning,

you’re laying in bed and you smell of a perfume I’ve never thought

to wear before and I’m laying here too, watching you breathe,

and I don’t love you anymore.

I don’t love you. I wonder if I ever did.

I wonder if I buy that perfume, wear it around you,

maybe you’ll mistake me for her or them, however many it is;

maybe you’ll hold me and fuck me softly, gently, tenderly, like all those years ago.

I don’t know if I want to love you.

Mother always told me my sweet tooth would be my downfall

but I didn’t realise I was sweet on you

until seven years too late.


A wonderful program called Tab for a Cause. You open a tab on your computer while surfing the web (go tumblr) and MONEY IS DONATED. Look at this awesome thing!

It does change your homepage, so be warned, but it still has a variety of features. You can make your own links to whatever you need. Youtube, Tumblr, Facebook, Email, the Pokemon website–you choose.

You can also choose from a variety of other widgets–getting charity news, charity pictures, or a clock for ex. 

You can check out the stats of all the users. 

Even join groups to get competitive about it, or see the impact you’re making.

And here’s how you earn $$$. Hearts. You earn them by opening tabs or recruiting friends! It comes from the ad revenue. 

But the best part:

When you click “Donate Hearts” YOU CHOOSE WHICH CHARITY TO DONATE TO. Out of these 8 charities, you get your pick!

Click boom then it happens–you’ve donated to your charity! Team Aqua just donated to Water.org! 

Click this link and download tab for a cause! It’s a super easy way to donate to charity at no cost to you! 



Red Heart Supports the Red Cross Charity

Red Heart, America’s Favorite Yarn Brand, is teaming up with the Red Cross to bring comfort to those in need! Red Heart is donating $250,000 in 2016 to support the American Red Cross, the Canadian Red Cross, and the Mexican Red Cross. When you buy Red Heart yarns, you’re supporting the Red Cross in providing emergency shelter, water, food, first aid, and other vital disaster relief services. To learn more and find out how you can help, please visit redheart.com/redcross.

Open Heart Surgery for Lola by Sam Keeler - GoFundMe

I feel really weird posting these things but my brother and his girlfriend adopted a dog, named Lola, who has a heart deformity. Her surgery is scheduled for Monday (January 25, 2016) and the surgery legitimately will be what she needs in order to live a normal life or she dies. Unfortunately with life everything that can go wrong happens at once so any donation will help. I’m sorry to post this and be another person asking for donations because most of you are broke college kids and have your own financial troubles, but this dog is honestly so happy and adorable. Dogs are apart of the family and Lola has definitely found hers, it would just really suck to have her life end so soon. Thanks for reading this and if you do end up donating it’s extremely appreciated.

Pippa Middleton's dress for sale at British Heart Foundation charity auction

The Middleton sisters certainly know how to make a fashion statement. While everything Kate wears flies out of stores in minutes, Pippa Middleton is hot on her elegant sister’s heels in the fashion stakes.

She famously made headlines in a figure hugging Alexander McQueen gown, when she turned bridesmaid at the royal wedding. Her shapely derriere caught the attention of the world and replicas of the £20,000 gown were snapped up in Debenhams at a fraction of the cost.

The party planner is now attempting to make good use of her reputation as a style icon, all in the name of charity. Last year, the 32-year-old created a limited edition tea dress and matching scarf in collaboration with designer Tabitha Webb.

While the sought after £295 silk dress is officially sold out, the item will now go on sale as part of a charity auction for the British Heart Foundation. Fans of the royal sibling will be able to replicate her style as the dress goes up for grabs at the Roll out the Red auction which was launched today. (28 January)

Pippa, who has in the past turned her hand to a number of professions, including writing a column for The Daily Telegraph, described the design process as both ‘fun and creative’ and revealed she drew on favoured styles from her own wardrobe for inspiration for the £295 dress and £95 scarf.

“As an ambassador of the British Heart Foundation, I’m delighted that all the profits of the sales will go towards their lifesaving research into heart disease,” she told Hello! magazine at the time. Creating the limited edition pieces was a fun and creative way to fundraise for the BHF London to Brighton cycle challenge.“

Pippa wore the dress to Wimbledon last summer, and much like her sister who sparks a buying frenzy for everything she wears, the two-piece floral outfit sold out in minutes. The profits from the sale of the items, which were available on Tabitha Webb’s website and her London store, went towards Pippa’s 54-mile London to Brighton bike ride in aid of the BHF.

According to Mail Online, other exclusive items featured in the auction include a Keepsake sleeveless coat belonging to The Saturdays’ Mollie King, who hosted the charity’s Roll Out The Red Ball in 2015.

For those less sartorially inclined, there’s also something for TV enthusiasts, including the chance to win a date with Made In Chelsea’s Ollie Locke and a Valentine’s weekend getaway to Highclere Castle, made famous in Downton Abbey.

The online auction closes at midnight on Thursday, 11 February and the money raised will go towards life saving research into heart and circulatory disease. Pippa Middleton will also give the welcome speech at the charity’s annual Roll Out The Red ball, which will be hosted by Natasha Kaplinsky.

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I was tagged by @tsundere-albino to do this and because i have literally nothing today i’m doing it now ooohhhhhhh

rules: write the first 10 songs that come up on shuffle (no skipping) and quote your favourite lyric from each song, then tag 10 people.

1) The Prophet’s Song- Queen

“I dreamed I saw on a moonlit stair, spreading his hands on the multitude there. A man who cried for a love gone stale and ice cold hearts of charity bare.”

2) Voices of Violence- Billy Talent

“Don’t wait for a knight in shining armor. Your savior’s reflected in the mirror. These flowers have grown from bloodstains on the ground.”

3) Shrinking Universe- Muse

“Give too much attention and I’ll reflect your imperfections.”  

4) Agitated Screams of Maggots- Dir en Grey

“Your song’s drenched in blood and it’s full of shit.You can’t shoot the silver bullet into me.”

5) Just Good Friends- Michael Jackson

“Hoo Hoo!! Dancin’-HEEE! Doggone Lover!” (no joke)

6) Depeche Mode- Question of Times

“Until I look at you and then I condemn them. I know my kind, what goes on in our minds”

7) That Vandals- Little Weirdo

“Planet earth never offered much, just culture shock and and a lot of strange looks from the native assholes. Ground control there’s no one there, we haven’t heard a word from his interstellar patio chair.”

8) Specimen- Lovers

“We could have been lovers. An oasis in grey.”

9) Manics Street Preachers- Your Love Alone

“I could have seen for miles and miles, I could have made you feel alive, I could have placed us in exile, I could have shown you how too cry”

10) Smashing Pumpkins- Try, Try, Try

“Down in the heat and the summer rain of the automatic gauze of your memories. Down in the sleep at the airplane races.Try to hold on to this heart a little bit longer”

I tag @luubluu @tiniest-punk @plupluru @gearsmoke @sarah-the-invaderchin @ocarinaprince @flamboyantjesus @jenmadison @venus-rabbit and anyone else who feels like doing it

Sir Terry Wogan: The TV star who was the face of Children in Need for 35 years

Sir Terry Wogan’s warm and gentle style provided the bedrock for Children in Need for more than three decades as it amassed hundreds of millions of pounds for charities.

Despite his advancing years, he fronted the gruelling six-and-a-half hour telethon for 35 years alongside an ever-changing supporting cast of household stars.

His ever-present record only ended in November when surgery on his back saw him drop out at the last minute on the advice of doctors, to be replaced by Dermot O’Leary.

Sir Terry Wogan receiving a cheque on behalf of Children In Need (David Jensen/PA)

Sir Terry was a trustee of the Children in Need charity for many years, before becoming its life president in November 2010.

Children in Need’s chief executive David Ramsden said: “Sir Terry Wogan has been at the heart of the charity for over 30 years raising millions to change the lives of children.

“We have lost a wonderful friend and we will miss him so much. Our thoughts are with his family at this sad time.”

with Sue Cook and Derek James at the launch of Children in Need in 1989 (Daivd Jones/PA)

Gaby Roslin, who co-presented Children in Need alongside Sir Terry for more than a decade, tweeted about her sadness on her colleague’s passing.

No no no! In total shock. Goodbye my cheeky chum. Forever in our hearts. #RIPTerryWogan

— Gaby Roslin (@GabyRoslin) January 31, 2016

What would become Sir Terry’s final show as a presenter in 2014 saw it raise a then record total of more than £32 million.

The star-studded marathon effort featured One Direction, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and the cast of EastEnders.

Sir Terry posing with Pudsey bear (Yui Mok/PA)

He presented alongside a younger generation of BBC stars including Tess Daly, Nick Grimshaw and Rochelle Humes from the pop group The Saturdays – who paid their respects on social media.

So sad to hear about Sir Terry, what a man! Funny, sharp, warm, inspiring and so much fun to be around. We’ll miss him. rest in peace ❤️

— nick grimshaw (@grimmers) January 31, 2016

Such a sad day today. The loss of such a legend…had the pleasure of being around such a warm welcoming person. Such a inspiration..

— Rochelle Humes (@RochelleHumes) January 31, 2016

My thoughts are with Terry’s family at this very sad time X

— Rochelle Humes (@RochelleHumes) January 31, 2016

So so sad at the news Sir Terry has passed away.He was the funniest,kindest man,it was a huge privilege to work with him & a joy to know him

— Tess Daly (@TessDaly) January 31, 2016

Terry was a true gentleman on &off camera.He never stopped working tirelessly for charity.A legend is lost.My thoughts are with his family x

— Tess Daly (@TessDaly) January 31, 2016