Yoga today was good. It was a restorative hot yoga session specifically designed for grief management and therapy. Small group of women. Lots of heart opening poses. Boxes of tissues placed around the room for when sobbing broke out. We sat in a circle after and shared memories. Talked about Abbey’s legacy. What we can do to make sure nobody loses another daughter to something like this. How we can live our own lives using her compassion as motivation. I still can’t believe this happened. I can’t look her mother in the eyes without crying. But every time I see her she tells me how happy she is to see me. How much I mean to her. And so I will always go to hot teary yoga if she invites me.

@fatal-plastic-kiss tagged me to do this.  Thank you!

Five things you’ll find in my bag:  
1.  Whatever medications I’m currently sticking into myself.
2.  One or more dolls or stuffed animals
3.  Arthur Rimbaud‘s A Season In Hell
4.  A notebook
5.  A bottle of Shalimar

Five things in my bedroom:  
1.  My collection of heart-shaped boxes
2.  Several dolls in a state of undress as I sew their clothes
3.  A picture of Alan Cumming with his tits out
4.  Sequins
5.  Halloween decorations

Five things I’ve always wanted to do in life:  
1.  Get up on stage and sing I Wanna Be Your Dog (which I’ve actually done, but I’m very proud of myself for it)
2.  Achieve some level of recognition as an artist, or for whatever it is I actually do
3.  Have someone attractive be romantically interested in me
4.  See Peter Murphy live
5.  Have a collection of really good wigs

Five things that make me very happy:
1.  Morphine (the drug)
2.  Morphine (the band)
3.  Gary Numan
4.  Cats
5.  Leopard print coats

Five things I’m currently into:  
1.  What my book on the subject calls puppets and performing objects
2.  The Black Rider
3.  Kathy Acker
4.  Wigs and hats
5.  Opiates

Five things on my to-do list
 1.  Finish my dolls
 2.  Finish my current art project
 3.  Finish the pants I’m sewing
 4.  Fix the fucking hat that I thought I’d finished, but does, in fact, still look like shit
 5.  See about getting my work shown

Five things people may not know about me:
1.  I speak four languages!
2.  I’ve had my colon removed!
3.  I can’t whistle, snap my fingers, or jump rope!
4.  Though I sing well- if I do say so, myself- all of my attempts to learn to play a musical instrument have been for naught!
5.  As a child, I was thrown out of two movie theaters, two circuses, and a petting zoo!  As an adult, I’ve been thrown out of a diner, the Huntridge Theater in Las Vegas, very nearly a drag bar, and been carried out of a Denny’s!

I would like to tag @millicentcordelia, @linotte-melodieuse, @shabbydoll, @putridmarmalade, @motherfistandherfivedaughters, if they’d like to do this.