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Fanart for “For The Love Of Football” by olddarkmachine on AO3 (read here)

Because DAMN. DAAAAYYUUUUMMM. I came for the smut but stayed for the feels. I’ve read both parts in one go and I had no idea how much I needed this football!AU in my life. You should all go and read it. Now!!!


“I wouldn’t say Arthur is stuck up because he is posh, posh does not equates to stuck up. Posh is just someone who speaks RP and went to private school and whose daddy buys them a horse for their 10th birthday.” - Danse


Football Edits Challenge: Day 2 {Favorite Player}
↳ Thomas Müller:

When you watch Müller, you catch yourself thinking, I could probably do that too. But of course you couldn’t. Hardly anyone can. That’s why Müller is one of the most valuable and coveted players in the world. Indeed, he might just be the most valuable of them all.

Portugal national football team by Insónias Em Carvão (x)

Nothing but respect for MY Royal Family! @official-portugal


Part of the prestige and tradition of the beautiful game; it’s a tradition that other sports have copied. The sport of soccer worldwide has only one captain. Vice captains will take over the band when the captain is subbed out, injured, or card suspended. But there is only one captain on the field at a time.

A captain is the coach on the field. She represents the team as a whole to answer or dispute any officiating within the game. A captain has earned the respect of her teammates. A captain will lead by example and doesn’t use a band as an attempt to stroke her ego. A captain will lead her team and pick them up when they are down. A captain wears the armband on her left sleeve. a symbol of wearing your heart on your sleeve.