You were different than everyone else to begin with, Seol. You’ve always observed me, and it was always obvious whenever you didn’t like something. This may sound funny, but I always found that helpful. No matter how minor they may have seemed to you. It might have been because you were scared of me. Scared that you might end up provoking me. I don’t like that. But it’s not like that now. Now…I’m scared that you might leave me.


“As also someone who’s making a deal, I will do my best to fulfill my duties.”


What, When, Where and How x 

So I didn’t know what to do for Jimin’s birthday, i really wanted to do something because he’s really important to me. So i drew him for the first time. It took me a lot of work and time but i’m happy with the result. Happy birthday to my sweet prince Park Jimin, i’m really grateful for his existence, he makes me so happy, more than i can explain. I just want him to be always surrounded by love and happiness, to be always healthy and to never doubt about the light in his heart. I love him with all my heart and i hope i can support him and BTS for a long, long time. My moon and stars, thank you for being the light when it’s dark for me. Thank you for bringing so much happiness and strength to my life. Thank you for being born. I love you, forever and always. ♡


So Woolie told everyone to look up ‘Kingdom Hearts Parking Lot’ on the newest episode of the Super Best Friend Cast

…I gotta stop immediately doing whatever these guys tell me to do. 

Meet me in the parking lot

hearts thumping, pulse pounding,

our young hands everywhere…

you reach for my zipper,

and kiss me urgently. deeply.

the asphalt shines

bright under the full moon,

its surface slippery with pounding rain:

pulse. pulse. pulse.

i can feel your hand slide

through the warm darkness

with teenage ease:

softly. slowly. slyly.

I breathe you in…

my nose deep in the crease of your neck.

I fill my lungs with your scent:

warm and fresh, manly and kind.